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Thursday, July 17, 2008 ♥

Konnichiwa ! Konnichiwa !
heheheee (:
ohkayy , finally i have time to update my beloved blog ! haha.

Yesterday after our study hour , me , naqiyah , arina & amalina decided to decorate our classroom for the Racial Harmony Class Decoration Competition. So , me and vainist Naqiyah went up to the classroom while Arina and Amalina went to take the materials. After me and Naqiyah went up the " glorious " flight of stairs , we found out that the classroom was LOCKED ! Luckily , Atan( the uncle who locks doors & stuff ) was around. heh. He lended us the keys sehh ! hahaa . Well , actually he thought that we were just going to be an angel and use the classroom like for .. 5 minutes or so ? haha xD
We're not angels okayy . haha. We use the classroom for quite a long time . hehe. Anyways , soon Arina and Amalina arrived . We started to use our brains , mind and the power to DECORATE ! okayy , im exagerating. hahaaa . Yeahhh , after around 15 minutes , Zul , Izzat and Nicholas came to help us . While doing work , we talked alot ahh .. and the jokers IZZAT & ZUL was like freaking funny. I swear i can't stop laughing. My brains are on the verge of exploding just looking at their faces. HAHA !
YUP ! After around 5pm , ATAN came to our classrooms and asked for the keys ._. So we had to stop everything but im quite satiesfied with whatever we have done though. Well , we can continue some other time right. So yahh , me , Naqiyah , Arina , Zul and Izzat went home together . Bought some stuff from the shop before heading home. And the usual jokers are driving me crazy. haha ! But I got to admit , its nice having them around. SO THANKS GUYS ! (:

Today , nothing really happened actually. We had our Geography test. It was okay . I hope to score for this one. Oh well , see how it goes. Now im waiting for " America's Next Top Model " to start ! Its like one of my favourite shows ! xD HEHE. 1 hour seems so long. Guess i'll just have to start grabbing my snacks and wait. haha. Im hungry anyway .
Going off now . TOODLES !

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