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Friday, January 29, 2010 ♥

but parents don't allow me to take motor license. haizzz~
it would be awesome if i were to travel with that pretty thing~
i've seen alot of finos in singapore already. omgee i so jealous!!
but nevermind laaaa. take private transport to travel lorrr..
im scared to take driving license. =x

anyways, today i woke up very late. hehehe. ^^
but after a loong sleep, im still tired when i woke up. -__-
slacked and watched tv. but all this changed at 6pm!
i became the housewife till 9pm. 3 hours of housework! hahaha!
now im very tired already. tomorrow still need to go to Fiesta Suria at East Coast with family. i dont really wanna go initially.
i have been going out quite alot these days. i want to rest at home. haha.
but oh well~ long time never go out with family.
and azurabestie, sorry cuz i wouldnt be going with you. but meet u there je lah k?
and please dont be angry with me. heh. u sounded angry at msn. =x

to all readers, enjoy ur weekend aites?
will update again soon!! :D

~ love and the others have already landed in singapore.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010 ♥

yesterday, had lunch with azura and deeyana!! :D
had a fun day lah overall. but something happened at the mrt.
its so freakingly horrifyingly phobiatic! -______-
urghh. hope this piece of memory will vanish soon. urghhh. disgusted.
anyways, ate sliced fish soup with rice fr lunch yesterday at the coffeeshop behind bugis junction. i forgot whats the name laa. hahaaa.
the soup so nice!! if only i know the recipe. then can cook it at home. haha! xD
hmmmmm... after everything, me&azura went to the floating platform at bedok reservoir while dee continued with her work. haha. =p
i love hanging out at the floating platform. so relaaaxing!

today, went out with azura again and kak ira! or should i say, SITI!
i know u're reading this kak ira! hahahaaa.. stalker! =p
met them at tampines inter then head to changi airport by bus.
yadaa yadaa yadaa yadaa.. hahahhaa!
lazy elaborate everything laaa.
BUT, i had fun today!! really enjoyed myself!! :D
hang out again soon loves! ;)

* SCREEEEEEEAAAMSSS * !!! hahahaahahahahha!!
actually he gave all his anak sedares who made it to poly.
so kind right???? but $100 is soo much laaaa! omgeee.
klaaahhh. going to sleep now. so tired.


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Wednesday, January 27, 2010 ♥

Diploma in Technology and Arts Management

About the Programme
This diploma has been crafted to provide students with exciting career opportunities in the creative industries initiated by the Renaissance City Reports (Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts). Through a balance of local, regional and international perspectives, the academic rigours of the diploma programme train students to be key personnel with multi-disciplinary talents in the management, design and technical domains.

Programme Objectives
The programme produces graduates who are industry-ready, resourceful, versatile and culturally sensitive. Through exposure to performing, visual and inter-disciplinary aesthetics, students are equipped with professional knowledge as well as industry attachment, training and experience in the following areas:
-Arts administration, management and marketing
-Arts facilities management
-Scenic and costume designers
-Technical theatre
-Stage and production management

Career Prospects
Our graduates will be ready for career opportunities as:
-Designers: Scenic, Costume
-Stage Managers and Technical Crew
-Audio and Lighting Crew
-Specialists for Stage and Screen
-Arts Managers, Arts Administrators and Arts Marketers
-Production Assistants and Managers
-Front-of-House Staff
-Arts Facilities Management Staff

Further Studies
Graduates may choose to further their education as the diploma programme meets the requirements for advanced standing in local and overseas institutions of higher learning. Some institutions that DTA graduates are enrolled in include National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, National Institute of Education, Singapore Institute of Management, LaSalle College of the Arts, and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

There you go people, MY FUTURE.
well, i can't say anything much about RP. i know this will happen anyway.
where can i go with 22 points right? seriously. LOL. xD
BUT. truthfully, i love the course that i got into! hahaa.
its a media course!! MEDIA.MEDIA.MEDIA! :D
die die media right Nurul? so this is the path that God has chosen for you.
so you must be thankful. yup i am :)
i can't possibly go media courses in other polys.
so i guess RP is alright? hmmmmmmmmmmm...

anyways, Congratz to the people that have gotten the courses that they wanted! ;)

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010 ♥

My new found lover ;)
hahahaa. yes. we're secretly attached and growing strong. *winkwink*
Long-distance relationship is hard but we'll try our best to prevail this Love.
right darling?

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. perasan nyer nurul. astaghfirullahalazim~
but anyways, meet you&the others this sunday kay love? sssshhhh. ;)
*blow kiss*

listened to the sweet sound @ 6:50 PM

Thursday, January 21, 2010 ♥

arghh.. today woke up, not feeling well. then running nose suddenly.
alaaaaamaaaaaaaaak.. spoil plan jerr nk gi gym dengan azura n kak ira! -.-
straightaway went to bath bt havent yet eat any medication. lol! mcm mane nk baik eh gini. kay today gonna rest. no more going out till weekends. lol?! xD

ANYWAYS, wanna blog about yesterday.
lunch with dee was cancelled. alamaaaak. haha.
so i went out at 3pm+ to meet someone. met at cityhall.
went to eat at marina square for awhile. then i gave him something that should have been given like MONTHS AGO. HAHAH!
benda tu menyemak jer kat my bilik. lol. basket!
but im glad that he liked the gift. though its nothing much.
and i guess, u didnt know that its a farewell gift.
thanks for being such a great friend all these while. *sigh*
anyway, he have to rush off soon cuz he has to go fr recording at 7pm?
after that went to meet dee!! haha.
dee finished work at 6pm+ . visit Amirah&Nadiyah at work @ JCO. HEHEH! :D
me&dee got 2 donuts frm them bt the manager/leader was there at that point of time. so only paid fr one donut.
then amirah also have this ice blend drink. mocha chocolate i think? haha.
omgee super nice! thanks for free stuff u guys! xD
i had fun at JCO yesterday. chilled at the cafe area.
had fun looking at amirah&nadiyah work. hehehe. :D
gave dee her very very very belated bday present. lol!
k then from raffles city, went to esplanade for ITE Show Choir! :D
went there to support kassim,ema and kamsani.
saw muhammad aka MBK there! hahaha. omgee.
had a short chat with him. nice meeting him there. hehe :D
k continueing, yesterday ite show choir was AWESOME.
awesome awesome awesome. hahahaaa.
they put up a great performance yesterday. good job guys :D

went home straighaway after that. abang hadi brought 2 helmets.
so i had to go home with him on his bike.
hmmm. i usually dont like to ride his bike. cuz damn noisy la pls! -.-
bt yesterday, since it was at night, the cold air was super nice laa! :D
enjoyed my ride home. hahahahaaaaaa.
till the next post. byebye~

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Monday, January 18, 2010 ♥

hahahaaa. drama ehh.. xD

anyway, today dad was on MC.
after cleaning up my room and stuff, head to Bedok Reservoir with mum,dad&aqilah!
walked around abit then rested at the floating platform. until night! LOL!
oh my god so nice laaaa!! xD
and the breeze. wow! hahaa. quite cold laa but its kinda nice =]
anyway, had a fun chat with that rockstar.
its been a long time since we're talking like this.
i guess both of us are too busy with our things huh?
meeting him for awhile on wednesday.
but before that, having lunch with deeyana!! aww i miss her so much!!
then at 8.15pm gonna watch ite show choir at Esplanade Concourse! :D
i miss kassim and ema!!
aww i miss alot of people! hahaaaaaa.
can't wait for this wednesday!! weeeeeeeeee~ :D
tomorrow nk buat ape eh? stay at home je lah yerr. =]
klahh. goodnight peeps! gonna layan my sweethearts up there! xD

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:59 PM

Sunday, January 17, 2010 ♥

HAPPY BELATED 17th BIRTHDAY IDRIS!! * his birthday falls on the 16th january*
wahhh.. the first person in the class to turn 17 sehh!
the second person is ME! haha. in february! gonna turn 17 like u too! :D
and anyway, smalam receive birthday msg, terharu eh idris?
tk leh angzzxxzz! xD

anyway.. sorry for MIA for abit.
didnt have the mood to blog. hmmm.. can say alot of things happened this week.
firstly, the olevel results. im really really disappointed but i cant do anything about it. im nt gonna say that life will move on and all that stuff cuz i cant really move on. but maybe later. time will heal =]
for now, im still thankful that i can go to poly.
secondly, got into a small fight with bestie's boyfriend. LOL!!
so random. but we're on good terms now. im glad. haha.
well, i guess both of us have our egos. thats why. -.-
thirdly, which happens today, family played a small prank on me.
well not exactly a prank laaa.
but family asked me out today. went to singapore expo.
mum wants to watch this amal show thing.
then then. i didnt know that "HE" was going to make a performance with his band.
all my family pakat to surprise me laa. WTH!
i was so shocked that he appeared on stage. walaooo.
i dont want to meet him sehh. i've already moved on bt they kept pestering me to meet him for awhile after the show and all.
but obviously i denied. please laaa. family so childish.
want me to baik baik with him. * roll eyes *

ANYWAY, i wanna congrats Kamsani for winning the singing competition just now.
and also congratulate AzuraBestie's abang sedare for winning second place. haha!
k so anyway, me&brother heading to the toilet laa.
then terserempak with kamsani. hahaa.
i just buat straight face and look at him. then he look at me mcm familiar. LOL.
then when he saw abang hadi then abang hadi tegured him, then he was like..
" ohh!!!! " HAHA. expression pricely..
then he say to me" patutlah tadi tgk2 mcm familiar je.. *smiles*
hehehehe. i very shy laa. i didnt talk to him.
only abang hadi did the talking.
but still, im very happy. eh bestie???! u knw i knw! ;)
and to you guys out there, i dont have a crush on him k. haha.
kamsani is actually my cuzzin,kassim's goodfriend. thats how we met.
im not kamsani's fan k!! hahaa.

k after everything, went to bedok corner to eat.
then after that went home.
i kept thinking while in the car. hmmmm. =(

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Sunday, January 10, 2010 ♥

woke up early in the morning to go johor to visit nenek.
she just came back from umrah. yeaahhhhh.
had breakfast there and all before going to mak su's house.
pretty bored at first until cuzzins came.
but then after awhile, me,abang,cuzzin ayuni and kak farahana go sleep!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! its just the environment la. very boring lorrr! i swear!
but at least gt ayuni cuzzin to entertain my crap. eh cuzzin? gorilla ah kau! =p
went to Giant after like around 4pm+.
homed at 9pm+ eh? haha.
anyways, tomorrow Olevel results!!! o.O
im damn nervouss right now. arghhhhhhhhhh!!
gonna get ready packets of tissue tomorrow. =(
okay. good luck to all taking the results tomorrow!
im gonna leave u guys with a conver with me & sean lim zi khai!
irritating guyyyyy! -_-
bt kind of funny laa. haha. go read! enjoy! =]

SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
good luck and relax ~
nurulamirah says:
relax??!! walaaaooo!! hahaaa. bt anyway, thanks. you too!! u sure do well one laaa.. =}
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
i think i get above 15 points can -.-
nurulamirah says:
u sure ? no laaa. ur face actually quite smart. hahahaa!! xD
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
face i know uh
nurulamirah says:
if u get below 15 points i smack u ahh! hahaa.
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
the brain different
no uh wont get one
that's why i earn money by letting people see my face
nurulamirah says:
haha! earn money? what u talking sia? model or what..
bullshit sia u..
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
face model
see handsome right
nurulamirah says:
hahah! can ahhh. after the braces are gone.
lol!! xD
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
!@#$%^& i taking out this wednesday man
damn it .
nurulamirah says:
HAHAAHAHHA!!! so sad! cannot show off ur teeth liaooo. xD
bt its okay. im sure we will have another class outing..
so dont worry sean! just dont die.
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
there will always be television when they interview most handsome people in asia
nurulamirah says:
-_____________- dang ~
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
nurulamirah says:
funny ah? presiden handsome meh?
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
president ?
whats the link uh ?
nurulamirah says:
president gt interview when national day. lol
forget it manzzxx..
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
i no need to be him .
handsome people always on television
most of the time , no need wait till national day
nurulamirah says:
wahhh! ur joke so funny .. i can laugh till 2pm tmr!
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
nurulamirah says:
hmmmmmmmmz. but okayla. i give u face. actually u're OKAY for a chinese. wah racist.
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
what okay
nonsense uh u
nurulamirah says:
then what? u want me to say handsome ah?!
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
what want you to say ?
is natural reaction
nurulamirah says:
wth!! -_-
im just gonna say nth to that.
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
you're amazed by my beauty
nurulamirah says:
talking to u makes me damn crazy. beauty ur braces la sean lim !
hahahaahhahahah ~
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
with braces alrd have beauty , take off alrd i think you kidnap me home
nurulamirah says:
what for i want to kidnap u home siaa. no benefit fr me! waste energy only.
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
and also attract other thiefs
and kidnappers
also attract superstar contracts
nurulamirah says:
-____- dowan talk to you anymore.
hahaaaaa. crazyyyyy ~
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:58 PM

Saturday, January 9, 2010 ♥

yo yo yo yooo !!
just came back home yoo!! haha. okayy whats up with the yo! xD

anyways, yesterday went to NYP. the goodie bag so cool. i meant the sling bag la..
me and azura walked around for awhile then went to watch NYP jam.
i lazy elaborate laa actually. sleeq performed. hahaaa. k daaa. =]

today went to TP!!! :D
i was 15 mins late. azura,naqiyah and haikal was already at my bus stop. lol!
well, 15 mins is okay right? first time tau lambat!
that day, i waited for azura at bedok inter for nearly half and hour man!
HAHAHA!! azura tk perlu !! xD k information not needed. confirm nanti she tag me one. hahaaaa. =p
so ermmmm.. went to tp soon.
walked around the school. and gt this part ni laa. involves a male guide.
i dont want to tell here ah. those who know will know. HAHAHA!
but his friends soo not needed laa! go and " ehem2 " ! haiyo..
waited for jam&hop and yeahh. it soon starts at 7pm+
TP jam&hop was AWESOME LAAHH !!!
i wanna dance and go crazy. but must keep image. =(
HAHAHAHA!!! lame siaa reason. loser ah nurul. kental lah nurul. i know. LOL!~
so yeahh. sleeq performed. and theres other bands&performances also. SUPERB!
had a great day/night with loved ones. really enjoyed today. thank u lovelies!
went home with azurabestie & kak ira. :D

oh oh oh, today i sponsored syarif and alyph tissue. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAH!!
okayy da byebye!! =p

will upload pictures soon. or maybe in fb. hehe.

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:59 PM

Thursday, January 7, 2010 ♥

and i cant believe taemin is my age. bt he does look young though.
and very cute. hahahahaaa.
but minho will always be my first! hehehe!!

aaaahhh... finally i can update again! heheh! :D
it has been a tiring week so far. lol!
i dont remember what i was doing on mon and tue bt on wednesday,
went to the gym with azura bestie!!!
worked out for about 2hrs. BEST! ;D
then from tampines inter, walked back home man!!!
after 2 hrs of work out, walk from tamp to bedok for another 1hrs+ !
hahaha! crazzyyy or whattt.. ? lol!
and yeahh, we took a long time to walk back home. hahaaa.
and i had to walk an extra mile cuz azura's house is nearer from tamp -.- boo you!
hahaaa. k anyways, balek rumah jerrr, family tengah tgk KBS world.
i went to the fridge to get a drink. then....

me: *drinking*
mum: eh matair nurul ade kat cerite ni tau!
me: * tersedak and somehow air masok hidong!!!! *
me: * after recovering myself,* MINHO EHH?!!!!!!
mum: hahaa. sape lagi...
me: ape citer ni? dream team ehh?
abang hadi: a'ah. minho kan sports person. that time die kalahkan sumer org.
me: die daa lari ?!
abang: belom.
me: yessaaarrr !!! * quickly sits down infront of the tv *

HAHAHAH! so yeahh thats the story. xD
haizzzzz... gila bayang or what.
and i kept saying " eh cute eh die? " " eh cute nyer die.. " LOL!!
then suddenly dad asked about someone.
not needed seh. terus spoil mood. -.-
dad, i got over him already eh pls! stop asking me about him and saying that he's a good person and all! dulu kata lain, skarang orang da lepaskan, kata lain plak!


k anyway!!! hahahaaaa. ignore what i just said before.
so yesterday, me and azura went to singapore poly & ngee ann poly open house.
didnt get to meet up with amirah yesterday. =(
naqiyah also cant come yesterday. =(
double boo eh? hahah. bt both of them will stay in my heart always ;D
cehh. awwwww. hahahahaaa.
so anyway, SP is quite hyped la actually. not bad not bad.
saw some cuzzins,familiar faces and also eye candy. :D
so walked around the school and all.got free coke. nice. hahaha!

then head on to ngee ann poly.
the first thing we saw was paul twohill's performance with his friend. lol!
" cuz im mr brightside... " hahahaaa. nice nice.
walked around the schooooool.
went into this place to find Arts Business Management booth.
asked the person some stuff. and erm. i might be considering this course as one of my top choices. hmmmmmmm..
after that, gt this particular cute malay guy eye contacted fr quite awhile. hee!
kan azura kan ?!! first malay guy of the day! like finally. lain sume normal2 la.
and yesterday, i find that chinese guys are not bad as well. hahaahaaa!!!
i used to find them not attractive AT ALL. xD
hahaaaaa. got this chinese guy. look abit like korean2. xD
i mean the chinese is not like chinese laaa. lol! nvm2.
so continueing our journey, walked around the school and all.
oh yahh, after seeing SP and NP , i now find TP VERY small. -.-
like seriously. hahahahaaaaaaaa!!
anyway, was actually to meet amirah at ngee ann poly.
she came earlier and was with hafsah.
but me and azura left early cuz we were tired and all. so yeahh.
took a looooooooooooong bus ride home. scary sia. thought we were lost fr a moment.
hahaa. homed soon.

today, going to NYP!
meeting azura at 4pm!
time check : 2.09pm !
gotta get ready now! take care people! :D
will update again soon!

listened to the sweet sound @ 2:09 PM

Saturday, January 2, 2010 ♥

yohaaa! just had my dinner! :D
now im here to blog about today!
the plan was actually to stay at home to watch the repeat of Singapore Idol 3.
BUT i ended up watching KBS World from 2pm-6pm+ !!! hahaha!!
well theres this korean drama called " Full House " !
the picture above are the main characters.
the drama is so funny lah can?! hahaaa!
its mainly about love laa. comedic love story.
but obviously theres conflicts here and there.
its really a good series. gonna catch it everyday! ^^

so anyways, tomorrow morning heading down to sengkang sports complex.
gonna go for a swim with family.
and the reason why i wanted to go there cuz theres shelter. hehehe!
i dont wanna get dark or sunburn cuz my skin very sensitive ah.
cannot be exposed to sunlight that long. hahaa.
thats explains why my skin is like this! xD
im very sporty when i was in primary school.
and i dont really care much about my skin till i went to secondary school.
and now i regret having to be exposed to too much sun! -.-
i used to be fair when i was very young. hmpphh!
nevermind. i shall strive for fairer skin with body lotion. hahah!

okaylorr. till the next post peeps!
and im so not ready for whats coming this january. booo!

listened to the sweet sound @ 9:44 PM

HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! ( i knw im abit late to wish this. heee )
may 2010 be a better year full of hope and success! ;D
but 2009 will be missed greatly though. so much memories. heheh.

anyways, on new year's eve, me & family went out!
first we had lunch at rasa rasa thai restaurant.
had a feast!! obviously i enjoyed the meal ^^ bt ermm. u knw i hate it when i eat alot. cuz confirm chop gurantee gain weight!! confirm!!
anyways, after that went to marina bay.
walked around there and waste time until 12am !!!!
then boooooomz!! FIREWORKS BABY!!!
and OHMYGOD this is like my first time seeing fireworks real closely.
i was standing at the waterfront area laa. heeheee.
it was so beautiful i tell you!! lol!!
countdown was awesome. and everyone was like making noises and buat kecoh! ;D
hahaa. k then after that, we went back to peninsula. the car was parked there.
then otw, theres this group of mat reps and minah.
then i overheard a mat rep protesting while walking past them.

mat rep: eh skarang ni kau da langgar dier?! * pointing to his friend *

the place is damn crowded and its normal if someone accidentally hits u right?
like what the hell laaa!! getting upset about these kind of things?
please laaa. takmo step gangster laaa. umur pon tk cukop.
maseh adek adek abehh nk step fierce plakk kat sini.
gangster betol tk buat perangai mcm kau laaa ehh. -.-
serious shit man. so childish!!
i practically blurted a laugh man. HAHAH!
so the night ended off nicely. xD

today, me and family went to east coast to eat with wak yoh & wak ana.
and ermmm. i think i gain weight again laaa. haizz. stress nyer aku. HAHA!
i ate satay, ayam madu , tahu kicap and steal2 abang's mee. lol!
and omg the tahu kicap so damn nice can? my first time eating it. hahaa!
k after that, head on to rest somewhere. until 10pm+ !!!
so loooooong laaaaa. just sit down and talk talk.
but i had a great time laa. wak yoh very funny. HAHA.
k then homed and now im online!! :D
gonna offline soon though. heheheeee.

oh yesss! i've found a new song! well not actually new laah. lol.
the song is so emotional and nice laa!
got english sub. go hear this! u'll nt regret :)

to you,
you let me wait for too long.
and im not gonna wait for you anymore cause you've dragged me down too much.
i want the best for myself and clearly you're not the best for me.
i need you to be there for me when i needed you and truthfully,
you've disappointed me greatly. i dont need someone like you.
you've hurt me too much now. im sick of hearing my own tears.
im letting you go. and i'll never look back.

a brand new year. a brand new start.

listened to the sweet sound @ 2:44 AM

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