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Monday, December 28, 2009 ♥


YESTERDAY, went to Singapore Indoor Stadium For SI !!
so awesome. just PURE AWESOME!!
i lazy to update lah what happened yesterday.
so today, just a short update eh? :)
hahahaa. dont really have the mood to blog laa.
and today... didnt do anything productive. =(
i should really spend my time wisely now cuz 2010 is so near already!!
im not ready. i hope time would just slow down.. sigh..

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Saturday, December 26, 2009 ♥

heyyoo heyyoo!
went out with family today. went to marina square.
then at around 6pm, azura bestie called whether i want to go esplanade. LOL!
and esplanade is like.. right infront of marina. HAHAH!
cool laahh.. sempat sehh kau nk ajak aku kluar ehh.
stakat nk tengok eherrm eherrm2! you and kak ira =p
haha. kay so at Esplanade Waterfront theres this hip hop gig laa.
oh my god so awesome laaaa!!
Moira & Freaky Z was the bomb!! ;D
Moira's music was so cool.. the lyrics of the songs were deep. o.o
and the lead singer sang it so " feelingly " . LOL!
and Freaky Z was great and he's a funny guy! hahahaa.
he really knows how to entertain people.
oh yeahh, Alyph suddenly appeared out of nowhere and sat around our area. LOL.
terperanjat oi. hahahaha! kan azura kan? xD
jyeahh so after their performance, i had to go home =(
i really wanted to stay cuz theres another set at 10pm.
Moira performing their 2nd set. but OH WELL!
then ermmmm... met Alyph for awhile. took pictures, then ciaooo!!
oh yahhh. but paiseyy lahh tadi!!
Alyph asked me how am i. then i was like " ah... ah... ah.. im ok?? "
HAHAH! stutter or whatsss?! paisey seh.
starstruck -.-
cehh no laaaaaa. i also dont know why i was like that. daa lama tak talk gaknyerr.
yeahh so part ways with azura and kak ira soon after that. =(

tomorrow.. singapore diol finale!! yeeehaaaa !!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009 ♥

Had an AWESOME time with Azura Bestie & her cuzzin Kak Ira today! ♥
we went to tampines gym first then off to watch avatar!!
you guys should definitely catch it. yup yup :)
after movie went to the open plaza and took pictures! HAHA!
and we went on the stage since only a few ppl was there. and it was dark.
hahaaa. kononnya nk perform la eh.. xD
really had fun today! lets go out together again someday bestie n kak ira! :D

anyways, on top of all the great times i had these few days,
im still quite miserable inside. haizzz..
the feelings just seems to fade away day by day.
its so hard for me to say that i love you now.
cuz the feelings just died and its all because of you.
you werent there for me when i needed you.
i guess its best that we go our seperate ways.
things are never the same as it used to be.
but, i've never regretted to have met you and i appreciate all the things we've been through. and i wanna thank for all the happiness u've given me.
i'll always miss you.
and i'll always remember you.

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HELLOOO!! im back again with another post!!
kay who reads my blog anyway? -_-

anyways, i forgot what i did on monday. so skip that!
on tuesday, went to Viva Muzik Singapura !!!! WOOOTS!!!
SleeQ was awesome!! like always!! ;D
Rancour's performance was amplifying too! i love loud live band playing! ;D
Hyrul Anuar also put up an energetic performance :)
and the three ladies from E.V.E was great too :)
the rest of the performers.. didnt watch laahh. LOL!
kay the night was just.. BEST LAHH. hahaha.
pictures are uploaded at my FACEBOOK :)

today, accompanied ibu to bedok to pay some bills and stuff.
then off i go cut my hair!! hehehe!! ^^
no more long hair people. now dahh shorter abit but still below shoulders? lol!
i love my hair. really. hahahaha!!!
oh yeahh, i watched zoom korea just now.
and the part where hyrul appeared was so touching laahhh!!
maiya was surprised that hyrul was in korea, like just around 1 metre from her.
then she ran to hyrul and hugged him. awwww.. i think thats so sweet! ;D
i want to hug someone too. HAHAHA!!

okay da daa. GOODNIGHT PEOPLE!
gonna be another day tmr. or should i say later?
since its like hmmmm.. 1.31am in the morning?
yay cant wait!!
gonna go to tamp gym and then to the movies with....

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Sunday, December 20, 2009 ♥


today, went to Naqiyah's Sister's Wedding !! hehee.
Kak Nadira so pretty!! :D
and and. i think the wedding deco and all very nice! mcm grand. heheh! ;D
oh and the food. yummeh! the black pepper prawn so big! haha ^^
kayy so overall the wedding was awesome laa but we didnt take pics with the mempelai.
haizzz.. boooooo.
pictures will be uploaded at facebook soon.
waiting for amirah to tranfer pics from her camera.

awesome day with Azura,Amirah,Hafsah,Arina,Riqa and last but not least..
Miss Naqiyah darling !! thanks for inviting us to ur sis's wedding ;D
muaccckkkksss ! oh and naqi, if u're reading this, ur sayang is too quiet!
ask him to talk to us laa ! hahaa. not sociable. only can smile. HAHA! =p

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:45 PM

Saturday, December 19, 2009 ♥


im a happy girl. yup i am. hahahaha!
the handphone so cute can?!
hahaaa. just for the sake of cuteness eh?
well, its worth. xD
but i still have my old phone. so much memories inside! ~

kayy tmr gonna go Kak Nadira's Wedding!!
kak nadira is naqiyah's sister. heeee.
long time never see her. haha.

okayy. gotta stop here since i've nothing else to say.

listened to the sweet sound @ 10:34 PM

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 ♥

these videos are my current favourites! enjoy!

Girls' Generation - Gee

SS501 - Love Like This

Girl's Generation - Genie

Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

I think they're HOT. HAHAHAH!

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:58 PM

Monday, December 14, 2009 ♥

yohaaaa ! ^^
today mum woke me up at 6am+ and we went for a morning jog!
but i wasnt really in the mood actually. cuz i prefer night jogging.
although i knw im breathing in less oxygen because of the trees that gives out carbon dioxide at night. -.- but its okay. hahah!
i also did some workouts somewhere around my house area. heee.
after that, had breakfast at macdonalds. my sister wanted too!!
oh yah, i dearest sister tagged along. hehehee.
bought hotcakes and sausage mcmuffin for the 3 of us.
hmmmm.. long time never eat at mac. me&mum talked alot&laughed alot. love u ibu! ;D
after everything, followed mum go pasar than homed!!
after awhile, i dozed off. HAHAHAHA! tired laaa.
yesterday slept at 2am+ ! only had 4 hours+ of sleep.
then now im playing the comp.yeehaaa!
da lama tk main. haha! mcm paham.

alrighty, till the next post!
take care readers! =]

listened to the sweet sound @ 4:52 PM

Friday, December 11, 2009 ♥

these few days... i had a hard time going to sleep! really really!
and my feelings. felt super down today. i've never felt like this before.
today,i wasnt really in the mood to help mum cook. i did it unsincerely. sigh.
mum noticed i was kinda different today and asked why. but i just kept quiet.
BUT. as a mum, she knew everything. everything thats going inside my head.
she said something like:
" ni laa jadinye kalau orang tengah rindu seseorang yg die cinta.. " HAHAH!
my mum is just super awesome laa. she understands me well. hee. i love her. ^^
anyway, she asked me to msg him and all that stuff.
i wonder why i didnt msg him. didnt want to disturb him i guess?
but since im already like.. orang tak betol, decided to msg him laaa.
at first, he didnt reply me. boo.
i really miss him at that point of time, and baru jek nk call him tau.
then he replied! :D
heart beating so fast lorrr.. hahahahahahahaaa.
kay i think i shouldnt elaborate any longer laa.
just wanna say that im very happy right now! :D
anyways, today didnt do much.
just continued reading my malay novel. a few more pages and im done!
i totally love the storyline so far.
and of course, a big part of the story is about love.
true love between a husband and wife. how i wish i could have that in the future =)
it will be a pure blessing. heee.

okayy. shall stop blogging now.
and i can't wait for NEXT WEEK! ^^

listened to the sweet sound @ 10:31 PM

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 ♥

hahahahaha. woaaaah thats cool. but of course she's way way way more prettier than me laaa. duhhh ! who am i right? im just a nobody! :D

listened to the sweet sound @ 3:48 PM

watched it live at mediacorp studio with ma girls azura & amirah! ;D
LOVE YESTERDAY LAA ! no explanation. heeeee.
reached home at around 12.30am.
was suppose to go Simpang Bedok or Rasa-rasa Thai Restaurant but its already late ah.
from my bus stop, i quickly ran home. hohoo. da lama tk run. best2!
tu pon nasib baek pakai flats. kalau heels eh.. aiyoyo. haha.
so yeahhh. Top 2 Finalists are Sezairi & Sylvia!! YAY YAY!!

So this is the battle of the S&S. Sexs & " S " ! wooots ~
eh? mum just called me to go to the kitchen to help her. -.-
lazy laa. HAHAHAHAHAA. haiz. later laaa ehh ~ :D
kay im guessing today's gonna be my lazy day.
the weather is so nice. gonna read the book i borrowed the other day.
its a malay love novel. weeeeeee ~

alrighty, hope u guys will have a nice day!

listened to the sweet sound @ 3:40 PM

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 ♥

today's a nice morning aye? hmmm.. kinda bright outside.
the white walls on the opposite block reflected the sunlight to my eyes. glaringly painful actually. hahahahaaaaa.

ANYWAY! on sunday, went to Vivocity.
but before that, accompanied parents to mum's friend's daughter's engagement. LOL.
okay so the place is like at jurong west. brother driving.
and the cool thing is, mum&dad dont know how to go there!! WAH PIANG ! -.-
then brother asked me to read the map since he's driving. OMGEE! long time never read the map. or street directory?
okay so i guess i struggled abit trying to find the page laa.
but when im on the page, its actually pretty easy to read it. HAHAH!
so i directed abang hadi to the block at jurong west.
yay all thanks to me laa kan.. ? HEHEH! ^^
yadaaaaaa yadaaaaaa. me and brother didnt went up ah. lazy.
waited at the car, talking about relationships and girls. as usual.
brother always brought the subject up.
since im a good sister, i gave him a listening ear and advise him laa.
and i once asked him why he always talk to me about this, and he said girls are good at talking about this stuff. -.-
like hello?! dont boys talk about this too? HAHAHA!
kay anyway, after everything, went to vivo.
wanted to buy my bag at Tangs but but. too expensive laaa. bought my bag somewhere else. ^^ i like my new bag btw. heee~
then head down to Banquet and saw FEE DARLINGGGG !!
both of us was like.. SHOCKED plus EXCITED! hahahaa. miss u la fee. ;D
anw, ate at Banquet then homed.
* that night, i was happy cuz someone said that he loves me too. * ^^
hint: saya sayang kawan baik saya. weeeeeeeee ~
k stop it with the kawan baik. azurabestie will confirm nag me about this. =p
well he is my good friend right bestie? blueeekkk !!

YESTERDAY, went to pasir ris to make new ezlink card cuz i lost mine few months ago.
way way way before olevels started. HAHAA. so long right ? i know.
after that, decided to go job hunting. HAHAH! like out of the blue idea.
firstly, went to the shops at Whitesands and only got applied at Wanko.
its a clothing shop ahh. the rest, no space already and mostly looking fr full time.
after that, from white sands, walked to downtown and ehub.
walked around ehub at first. then i heard.. " nurul....! "
then i turned around and saw Idris !! HAHAHAA.
omg miss him sehhh! hahaaa. and he really have strong aura. can sure make ppl smile.
lol! so me&idris had a short chat before parting ways cuz Idris was actually working at that point of time. i think he went to the toilet. haha.
so yeah, i continued my journey.
Next i went to TampinesMall,CenturySquare and TampinesOne.
so as expected, most shops dont have vacancy!
i went to almost all the shops. haha! tired siaowwwww ~
but but. i guess its alright cuz i applied at 2 shops which has vacancy which is at erm... Mitkun(a shoe shop) and G2000(clothing). both at TampinesOne!
i hope one of them call me soon. i especially want to work at G2000 la pls!~
got this one cute guy working there. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA !!
no laaa. i want to work there cuz its big la. G2000 u know! ~ hahaa.
consider myself lucky. haha.
after job hunting, head to bedok library. i love bedok library =p
borrowed 2 novels then head home!

today, going to catch Singapore Idol live at Mediacorp!! yay yay!! :D

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Saturday, December 5, 2009 ♥

HELLOOOOOOO!! IM HIGH RIGHT NOWW !! hahaa. and its 1.55am in the morning!
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~ haha.crazy.
anyways, i just came back from mediacorp for RapsodiHitz.
actually no laa. reached home around 12am. LOL.
before that, saw alif&his friends under my block.typical mat mat lepakzzzz..
but surprisingly alif tegur-ed. i mean.. we're not close! xD
haha. but he lives infront of my block laa. alot of time see him also.
at first i dunno that he's calling me laa until he said damai pri and damai sec.
lol! hahahaaaaa. actually i wanted to talk to them forawhile la.
but my dad was actually on the phone with me at that time.
terus he was like " nurul tengah bebual dengan saper tu?! "
HAHAH. then i was like " ahhh.... kawan lamer ah. "
LOL. but its already late. so... yahh.next time lah talk to him when meet him again.

ANYWAYS, lets talk about yesterday first!
went to TM to initially buy azurabestie's jacket.
but end up, i bought myself a wallet from BHG and blouse from Isetan.
the wallet was a need lah. but the blouse was totally a want! HAHAH.
now im only left with ermm... around $30. omg!!!!! -.- haizzz.
anyways, after that head to Mediacorp to audition for a DRAMA.
no im just kidding actually. HAHAHAHA.
me and bestie went to collect SI tix fr next tuesday =]

TODAY, went to catch rapsodi, as u all know. haha.
i think the show went well! :D
cuz the songs sang all are like.. hit songs.
and of course, SLEEQ WAS THE BOMB! * winkwink *
no explanation for that eh people? :D

and and and. OH EM GEE !
i saw this particular guy who i've met at tamp mac with bestie before!
and i was like practically " eh azura!!! budak tu yg kite jumpe....!! "
HAHAHA. i was so shocked la. omg im so happy to see him!! xD
then he sat not far from us. and at one part, he caught me staring at him.
then he smiled at me. OMG PAISEH CAN? but inside very happy laaa. HAHAHA!
kk. i think its just a crush laa. im only gonna be hype just fr tonight.
and tomorrow maybe? when i tell the story to my mum/bro. heeee :D
oh yeahhh! saw kaseh also. kaseh if u're reading this right now..
sorry tadi malu2! but kite jumpe lagik eh? heee =p

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmz... kay the reason why i havent sleep yet cuz both my brothers are OUT! im not that surprised though. friday night?
sometimes, im jealous of my brothers u know!
my brothers dont really have a curfew. guys mahh. girl must always come home early.
right? right? -.-
but OH WELL. hahaaa.

kaykay. i shall stop here. till the next post! ;D
pictures will be uploaded soon.

listened to the sweet sound @ 1:55 AM

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 ♥

hello readers. hows ur day?
mine was boring. as usual, babysitting and just doing nothing productive!
anyway, i broke someone's heart yesterday :(
and the worse thing now, he doesnt want to talk to me anymore.
i seek for forgiveness, and he didnt replied me.
oh my god i feel so bad you knooooooww..
abang said today at work, his face was damn sad and depressed.
and he didnt talk much the whole day!
omg! this is all my fault lah. blame me ah blame me.
but im doing this for ur own good too right?
i dont want you to have any feelings for me. cuz i dont feel the same way as u do.
just look at what happened now?
i cant please everyone right?
i know you wouldnt be reading this cuz u dont have my bloglink.
just letting out my feelings.

listened to the sweet sound @ 9:02 PM

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