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Thursday, October 29, 2009 ♥

AzuraBestie introduced me to this song and i fell in love with it from the first second! hahahahaa.
this song is so touching lorrrrr.. haizz. almost cried. chehh emotional eh! lol.

anyways, sorry for the lack of updates. busy with o's.
so ermm. monday, had english paper 1 and paper 2!
errrrr..... i think i did okay but mcm not satiesfied with paper 1. haiz. paper 2 was alright.
then tuesday, had maths 1. it was pretty easy i must say. but obviously some question mcm...... -_____-
left some blanks cuz i really didnt knw what to do!
nk sembarang buat pon tk tau ape nk tulis. HAHAHAHAH.
yesterday, had maths 2 paper.
ohh yahh, i was sick. urghh. fever and sore throat. damn.
sooooooo not the right time ehh.
brain cracking sehh doing the paper.
the paper was quite challenging uh but i think i did okay for it.
when i reached home, checked temp and it was 39.2 ! LOL LOL !
so anyways english and maths over !! YES !! hahahaa :D

next will be chemistry and social studies. -.-
never liked them. hahaa. my enemy ahh. chehh. hahaa.
shall go and study again later cuz i think my temperature has gone down :D
but still have sore throat. haizzz..
kay tkper. i can do this! heheheh!

k going off now.
take care poeple! :D

okayy random. hahah.
byebyeee !!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009 ♥

okay it has been a loooooong time since i've updated this blog eh?
sorry laahhh.. busy preparing for o's mahhhh..
speaking of which, had O'level Science Practical Exam today..
it was fine. not too easy not too hard lahh.
but my state of mind was abit haywire.
didnt understand the physics question at first and got panic.
FOR AWHILE AH. hahaaa. then i read2 again.. baru understand. yay me eh?
anyways, im soooooo glad science prac is overrrrr !!
but now comes the papers. argggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
blom habes blajaaaaa!! hahaaaa.
klah. should be going off now.
till the next update! which should be around next friday? insyallah. :)

okayylahh. TAKE CARE! :D

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009 ♥




ME & IBU @ the auditorium

No comments -___-


Random snap.

From left: Efenddy , Iskandar , Ewin , Ed Hardy , Me and Ikhsan !

my account: NurulCherrydoll
rate.comment. thank you.

i should be sleeping right now but i just dont wanna delay my post bout yesterday.
hahaha! okay anyway,
yesterday, 11 October 2009...
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTSSS ! i so excited lorr. but now sedeh ah cuz the day dah over. back to studying and o'levels. sigh. sigh. HAHA.
anyway, went to Republic Poly TRCC at around 5.30pm !
gedebak dedebuk , went into the auditorium then show starts at 6pm+
host is khairudin samsudin. HAHA. he very funny siaa. all of us was like kekek-ing and the audience also very gila2. made funny2 comments! but fun lah no doubt!
so anyways, Still Youngz was the opening act of the konsert lah.
HEHEHE. tk yah tunggu lama lama ... ^-^
then when he appeared right, mygawdd. only Allah & My mother knows how i felt.
HAHAA. yeah i was like orang tk betol. my mother saw. hahaa.
kept screaming softly to myself. haiyaaakks. K ANYWAY!
ask brother to record cuz i want to concentrate tengok Still Youngz :D
i lazy elaborate lah. dah malam . k i cut short.
after they performed, met Iskandar and Still Youngz outside the auditorium for awhile.
take pictures and talk2 with Is for awhile before going in back to see the rest of the konsert.
I'll rate this Konsert a 8/10 :D
semua band power2 lahh! especially Still Youngz, NSA & Klutz . i like i like.
after everything dah habes, mcm sedeh gitu. haha.
i miss rockstar already laaaaaahhh..

before heading home, ate at Jalan Kayu nyer tempat makan. idk the name.
sempat eh. pastu kan. tgh makan, felt vibration kat bag tau.
check check, rockstar message!! HAHA. happy giler!!
ahahaa. k stop it ehh. -__-
sooon , HOMED.

Today, i swear i very tired. after yesterday lorrr.. hahaa.
maths remedial tadi after school mcm nk tetido siaa.
abeh cikgu tanye maths question pon mcm.. sial ah tk masok otak.
kene marah plak .. haiyaaaaaa.. HAHA.
then, HOMED. aqilah was watching tv. alone .wow. mum sleeping.
then standard, die mintak bukak computer. -__-
i open for her. then i go bath then rest !

Iskandar msged soon. again. hahaa!
then now tgh online. he msned me. wah piang !
gerek per these few days. back to back ehh :D
so just now, was uploading pictures and stuff while chatting with him. :D
happy happy lah.
have u guys ever felt that a person just seems so special to you?
nice feeling. and i love it. HAHA.

kayyy. i better offline now. LOL.
dah 1.04am.
K GOODNIGHT! or good morning? haha.


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Saturday, October 10, 2009 ♥








*more pictures kat sufri nyer facebook album. HAHA :D

*wipes comp screen* eeeeeee. so dusty. CHEHH. mcm phm. -.-
ANYWAYS, friday was a short but great day!!
after recess, had this english workshop thing.
it was cool. one of the workshops that was actually quite relevant! :D
after school, head down to tamp kfc to meet aryna to study together!
have i told you that you're so smart? hahaaa!
after studying, me,azurabestie and aryna talked+laughed ALOT AH!
hahaaaa.. cakap situ habes situ ehhh?
its only between the 3 of us ehh? heheeeeee.
enjoyed myself yesterday. will meet u again after o's kay! *winkswinks* ;D

after that went to tamp inter to go back home.
then ade satu budak ni pops out from nowhere asking where's his gf.
like wth.
firstly, we werent hanging out with ur gf.
secondly, u dont have manners. kalau tgh marah tu maintain ah sikit ehh?
tak ckp hi. tk senyum. tk ckp bye. just walk off ?
irritating betul. and dont always jump to conclusions lah pls.
u dont need to be so sensitive can?
sikit2 jer marah. sikit2 jer merajok.
pls lahh. kalau nk kahwin dengan kawan aku, kau better sedar diri sikit ah. benci.

HAHAA. k after that, rushed home and siap mcm FLASH! xD
then went to AliffAziz's house to RAYAAAAA !! WOOOHH ! ~
dapat jumpe semua angels2 yg tersayang and of coz, the man himself!
hahaa.really enjoyed myself yesterday :D
and the food was awesome. i like i like =p
sent suriah&nadiah then kaliesa home since abg hadi drive. lol.

TODAY, woke up with a question.
" smalam nurul karaoke kat rumah aliff eh? " -________-
aku tgh syiok2 tido, kluar question tk perlu sehh.
yer memang saya karaoke ibu. sungguh sumbang. HAHAA.
ibu ni kpo lah. sumer nyer nak tau. questions after questions.
then after that, had breakfast then talk2 with mum and abg hadi.
then teros siap2 nak kluaaarrrr..
kluar kul 3+ then study kat mac tamp.
i sat kat luar. yg tkde aircon. but got angin !! syiok i tell you ^^
azura came at 5+. then we went SHOPPING !!! HAHAAA.
best best best! i bought a hair band,a dress and a cardigan! :D
total money spent, $54 . -__________-
hilang gitu saje. sedehhh. chehhh! but its okay. nice u know!
after shopping, went to mac again to study!
well not me lah. azuzu yg study. i ate McChicken and Applepie =p
then suddenly some old man knocked hard on the glass door.
and everybody was like staring at him.
then he walked like some drunken fool, finding his way to the toilet.
and i saw him looked at the sign which shows the lady's toilet.
and he WENT IN OMG! -_- selengerr bacen. dah namakan org drunk lah katakan.
then this auntie keje macdonald panic semacam then ask the guy to go guys toilet.
hahaaaa. the whole situation was like freaky plus funny at the same time. wahliao.
anyways, soon after, got this part. which involves a guy.
HANDSOME GILER DOKKK ! hahaaa. and azurabestie saw my face expression after i saw the guy. priceless kan azura?
hahaa. sorry lah. abeh mcm shocked gitu nampak that guy kan? ^^
then soon after, when i turned around, coincidentally he was like. looking at ME. HAHAA. fuuyyoo.. mcm fate gituu kan?
then bestie goes " cheh eye contact ahh " -____-
hahaaa! but mcm cool gitu. padahal dier dudok quite far tau.

k stop it lah nurul. takmo excited sangat. dah. gi blaja.
chehhh ! mcm phm. after this im gonna sleep luh. penat ahh.
besok nanti muke mcm zombie plak kan.
ishhh! dahsyat tuhhh !
oh yes, otw home tadi, msg2 dgn iskandar rockstar tuh.
then now he msn me. ahahahaa!
talked about his Gegaran show besok kat republic TRCC.
opening act sehhh still youngz..... WOOTS! :D
confirm gempak kan? chehh wahh..
klah. see you guys tomorrow!

yayyay. besok! besok! ^^


listened to the sweet sound @ 11:59 PM

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 ♥


today, maths lesson, ms syarifah didnt come.
which means, free period! chehh no lah! hahaa.
anyway, showed amirah the video above through my ipod. got wireless ;D
and guess whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ...... ?!
SHE LOVE IT and kept singing the song till recess u know. hahaa.
she said she liked the lead singer. lead singer ajer eh? basket. -.-
hahahaaaa. nanti kalau ade drg nyer gig again, nak gi? after olevels eh?
but im attending their gig for the last time this sunday. already bought the tix.
wooohoooo ! can't wait to see them perform lahh. and iskandar! ~
sudah lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tk jumpe ehh u? xD
yay! later on sunday can see u on stage maen guitar u. HAHA.
k stop it siaa.

so later i have tuition. haiyaaakkksss..
tonight gonna do maths homeworks also.
maths night tonight. -.-

LOL ! ~
okaylah. byebyee !
enjoy the rest of the day people!

listened to the sweet sound @ 4:45 PM

Sunday, October 4, 2009 ♥

^^ I know the songs are quite long agoooo..
but i only find it nice last week. hahaa.
and now im putting it on my blogpost. wooohooo! hahaa.
anyway, dont judge a book by its cover.
apit can sing! although the song is mcm typical mat bawah block,
but i'll give it a thumbs up! :D
dont u guys agree with me? hahaahaaaaaa..

anyways, yesterday went jalan raya.
but only went to 3 houses cuz went out at 5pm+
lambat kan? hahaaaaa.
so yeahh. went to mum's friends house, wak jam & cik som's house.
i like going to wak jam's house. confirm will laugh laugh nyerr.
and wak jam and wak hassan tk perlu ehh!
mereka kata nk masok minang me with their son!
ya allah... sungguh malu tau tk?
naseb baek anak dia tkde kat rumah. kalau ada ehh.. tk tau ape nk react tau.
so yeahhh, after that, went to cik som's house.
first thing when i went into their house,
i saw this guy. and i was like. siape siakk dehni?!
then find out its their anak angkat. -.-
kept looking at me and sengeh2. eee geli tau tk? -.-
anyways, didnt talk to shafiq much lahh. nampaknyer die tgh concentrate tgk citer hindustan. hahaaaa. tk perlu ehh. actually all of us were watching lahh. quite funny lah the show! not the storyline tau, the trademark "special" effects and stunt dorang. hahaa. i already kekek one corner! xD
i think its called virasati oh what the title. ntahh.
then right.... haiyaaakkss.
cik som ask, " amirah dah pandai masak ke blom? dah boleh masuk meminang blom? "
2 consecutive comments. nvm. oh yes, cik som's kuihs sumer sedap2! HAHA.
soon, HOMED! :D

today, supposed to go to macpherson cc for hari raya celebration thingy.
sleeq,aliff aziz and taufik batisah ade. tix 15bucks.
but my parents tk kasi pergi!! -_-
fed up.
i know bestie feels like killing me right now.
i know i know. i cant go for today, but i can go for next sunday.
unfair. yes yes. all about him can. but for sleeq i have second thoughts?(not true)
but my mum&dad seriously tk kasi! u heard them through the phone right? -.-
IM SORRY BESTIE !! seriously =(

just now, abang hadi's friends came for raya.
kecoh. hahaaaa. and i got duit raya from one of his friends.
hahaaaaaaaa! yay!

ehh? tomorrow school. boooooo~

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Friday, October 2, 2009 ♥


sorry for the lack of updates people. been busy with alot of things.
basically school stuff la. hahaaa. im still not prepared for olevels. shit.
im taking a break now. its really a bummer to open the books on a friday night.
i love friday nights. my favourite time of the week ^^
actually, i just had my shower.
just now, went for night jogging around my neighbourhood.
and also used the exercise stations. so fun lah! :D
it has been long since i exercise.
suddenly i felt very enthusiastic to jog.
actually mum&dad&aqilah also accompanied me. but they didnt really jog.
they only walk abit. anyways, had a great work out! :D

today, went straight home after school..
as usual, after chatting with mum and playing with aqilah.
accidentally dozed off lahh. haiyaaa~
then wake up. then abang ilham's friends came!
well actually i thought its his ite friends. tk kenal. so like mcm tk nk layan.
so i stayed in my room the whole time!
bila dorang balik, tau tau, its his secondary school friends. wah piang!!
so sedeh gitu no one tell me its them lah. they're great bunch of people.
sad tk dapat meet them. partly my fault also lah. -_- but nevermind.
then kan! found out that abang ilham's friends(the guys), gossip about me!
abang hadi heard them. hahaa!
well basically they talked about me & one of their friend.
rahsia terbongkar! ni confirm abang ilham nyer kerja lah ni! hmmmph!
its a complicated situation ahh.
let me just tell ya guys the shell of the story k.

basically, my parents like one of abang's friend.
cuz he's quite close to us. somehow lahh.
that time slalu datang rumah jugak. okaylah he seems like a good guy.
and i dont know ah, that time dorang dtg rumah,
this guy asked abang ilham where am i? pffft!
and once this guy told abang ilham that one of my photo very sweet. dang -.-
got many many other stuff lah. tk kan nk bilang semua kan?

but im abit confused la. he's like.. very the mendak u know.
never talk to me. step shy konon.
i've had enough with shy guys. urghhh !
seriously mansss.. susah sangat ke nk talk?
senyum2 dah tk maen kay? HAHAHH !
ehh but i still wanna thank him for the lovely necklace he bought for my birthday ^^
okayy stop it sia. dah long ago. hahaaaa.


speaking of birthdays, i wanna wish my dad a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!
his birthday falls on the 29th of september actually.
but now then i have time to update.
so that night, abang hadi bought pizzas! had a great feast. thx abg for the treat!
and dad, even though i might not show it, but i love u very very much.
sorry for my wrongdoings and i hope happiness will always be with yaa.


my sweet and adorable friend, its not a waste to have met you through KazD. cuzzin.
hahaaa. you can really make cute comments to make us laugh.
i miss you lahh ema ! outing again soon k! but after my o's ah. teehee ^^

alrights, i think i'll stop here. will update soon if i can find the time.
and to those whose taking nlevels this monday, GOOD LUCK ! :D
all the best aites? and special lucks to cuzzin shasha!
i know you can do it girl. just believe in yourself k?

muaaaaaahhhhh ! xoxo

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