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Sunday, November 30, 2008 ♥

hmmm ... have u been noticing that my font colour is always white?
somehow , I CANT CHANGE IT ! i cant change the font either.
i dunno where the panels have gone to. so boring sehh !
usually , i like to edit the colours & such . haizzz..
anyways , it is now 12.57am ..
maybe i'll be sleeping soon uhh . didnt get much sleep lately.
yesterday slept about 3am+ ! and the nights before also.
i dunno why i always sleep late -.-
bad for my brains ... HAHA. random seh ckp pasal brain.
nevermind (:
so yerrrpppppppppp .. i dunno what else to say lah.
im trying to make this post long tapi tk menjadi -.-


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Friday, November 28, 2008 ♥

Just chatted with AYUU SAFFEE ! hahaaa.
kau buat aku gilerr lah siollx xD
dah lame tk jumpe kau ehh ! soon ahh ! soooonn ~
anyways , just heard that theres one woman( singaporean!) was killed in the terror attack at mumbai. haizzz.. and her body was found on the 19th floor of the hotel and she's killed tragically cuz she was held hostage.
whats with people nowadays?! can't they just put down their f***ing guns & bombs?!!
violence is NOT the way to get what they want. and what do they want anyway!!! -.-
pfffttt ! im so sad that innocent people are injured or died cuz of those stupid and uneducated people who involve themselves in terror attacks !! or any other stupid attacks. its really really disheartening okay !



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Monday, November 24, 2008 ♥

On 23rd Nov , went to the zoo ! heheh .
well , ignoring the temperature that was so hot & the crowdedness ,
its was quite fun. especially the polar bear feeding time & the animal show.
its so fun watching those cute little animals ! :D
hahaa. okay i'll stop here. lazy to elaborate -.-

Today , went to the movies with dear naqiyah ! hahahaa.
so we actually watched winx club. HAHA. childish right ?
but the movie is actually quite interesting lahh .. and the animations are superbly nice & cool too ! the sound system is also superrr when they fight. xD
hmmmm ... oh yes and the background music is melodious. inspirational songs. lol.
and theres also parts that will make u laugh. hahaaa.
its not that obvious but u have to listen carefully and get the joke ! haha.
anyways , after the movie , bumped into nadiyah , diyana & amalina.
haha. unexpected much ~
then we continue to walk around the mall and talk bout stuffs that we see. xD
we have seriously no directions.we didnt wanna go home as its still early.
anyways , theres a pasar malam & a funfair beside TM .
the funfair looks so fun seyhh ! if i was still young , i would have joined the other kids.
HAHA. theres bumper cars , flying swings that goes round&round , water boats & even balloon playgrounds. the balloon playground seems lots of fun sehh .
i missed jumping around and climbing in them. HAHA.
ohh yes ! theres this part where kids have to go inside a plastic ball , then the ball is floated into the pool of water ! hahaaa..
its so fun lah siaoow ! i want to go inside. xD
then its as if u can walk on water and lying inside that ball without getting wet.
so cool ahhh .. u guys should visit the funfair. HAHA.
anyways , soon after , naqi's shoe got mud then go KFC to wash.
then saw some junior damaians. abehh stare kat kite. -.-
ape stare2 huh ! hahaaa .. cheyhh marah ehh xD
okayy , so after the wash-up , otw to the interchange but i suddenly remembered something..

Nurul : ehhh jap2 !! stop jangan bergerak !
Naqiyah : ape2? * stares at me *
Nurul : nak beli sushi kat ramen ten ! hahaa..
Naqiyah : ohh .. haha. okay jom.
Nurul : kau nk beli sushi ? ( i asked so i wouldnt feel guilty )
Naqiyah : nak !
Nurul : okay! hahaa..

yupp. thats the story. so we walked to ramen ten and bought some sushis.
we took a loong time choosing sushis. HAHA.
and it was funny when the box are weirdly designed that u must adjust abit to put the sushi inside. hahaaa.. cuz the box quite small .
and me and naqi at first , is like.. what the.. hahaa ! okk nevermind.
so anyways , went back to the interchange and waited for bus 65.
then suddenly out of the blue , saw muzakir & naufal. -.-
another unexpected thing. lol. ok whatever.
soon the bus came by and we board it. duhh ~
talked about the winx movie. HAHA!
and people's hair and stuff.. and naqiyah was so into my bracelet !
haha. its like the whole day she was like looking & touching it.
hahaa. i just laughed everytime she does that xD
anyways , had a great time naqi ! ;D
lets wait for another outing ..
weeeeeeeeeee ! ~

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Saturday, November 22, 2008 ♥

okay so today i watched " miss celebrity indonesia 2008 " at SCTV .
im so happy that STEVANI NEPA from manado won !
it was like unexpected lah cuz she's kinda shy on stage but her actings good !
her hosting is also good ! so i guess thats why she won.
not mentioning that she's like the prettiest girl i've ever seen.
hahaa ! im exagerating ~ but its true ! she's pretty , sweet & cute.
guys will just fall for her like an instant second. HAHA.
anyways , the part where she appears in the video starts somewhere in the middle.
so yupp .. hahaa. just telling..
hmmm ... i wonder whats it like to be in her shoes ?
no doubt u'll be one of the happiest people on earth. LOL.
ohkay i'll stop talking about her . hahaaa .
its just that i admire girls/woman like her . NOT LESBIAN OKAY !
hahahaaa .. its good to have some kind of inspiration from the same sex .
i mean .. unless you're totally crushing on guy idols. that'll be a different thing.
so the moral of the story is to get someone u look up to ,
and try to improve ur life by following someone's footsteps :)
wow im like a counselor.. HAHA. nevermind.
okok i stop here ! ( saying it for the second time )

so tomorrow , i'll be going to the singapore zoo !! hahaa.
random sehh .. well the story is , my mum's company is making an event there.
somekind of family thingy .. hahaaa.. so my mum bought tickets.
so yerrrpp. if u're going to the zoo tomorrow , u might just see me. HAHA.
im pretty excited actually. i wanna see all sorts of animals.
SPEAKING OF : I used to love animals so much that i wanted to work at SPCA or be a vet.
hahaa. cool or whuaaattss ?!
but now my life has changed abit but i still love animals :)
hahaaa.. im crapping lah kayys. nvm.


listened to the sweet sound @ 9:34 PM

Friday, November 21, 2008 ♥

QUIZ:A. People who have been tagged must write their answer in their blog.
B. Tag 8 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse.These people must state who they are tagged by and cannot tag the person that tagged them.
- lazy to write names. haaahaaa. those who want to do , feel free. haha !
C. Continue this game by sending it to other people .

1. What have you been doing recently?
hmmm.. babysitting , reading books , chores/cook & surf the net !

2. Do you ever turn your cell phone off?
when my baterry is flat ? HAHA.

3. What happened at 10am today?
laze around~

4. When did you last cry?
yesterday. when i watched a touching scene on tv. haha

5. Believe in fate/destiny ?
yup. sure..

6. What do you want in your life now?
im not sure. HAHA .

7. Do you tend to make relationship complicated?
no ?

8. Are you wearing anything u borrowed from someone?
nope ..

9. What was the last movie you caught?
HSM3 :)

10. Does the person know you like him/her?
i don't think so ..

12. Do you speak languages other than english?
DUH! hahaa..

13. Favourite Websites?
hmmm ... im not sure. youtube perhaps.

14. What are you doing tomorrow?
probably breathing in oxygen ..

15. What do you think you are like?
hmmm ... i dunno.

16. who will you choose to die with?
wow ! do i have a choice ? hahaha.

17. Where have you been today?
at home .

18. What game do you play often?
didnt played any games lately..

19. Who are you missing right now?
my friends :)

20. if you have to choose a friend and a love, who will you choose?

21. What are you doing now?
doing this quiz , duhh ! hahaaa ..

22. Which primary school are you from?
Damai Primary School :)

23. Name 3 colour that you like.
this is hard . hahahaa ... i love all colours ^-^

24. What emoticon do you like to show?
it will be this one --> :) / :D

25. What is life to you?
something that we should treasure..

26. If you have something troubling you, what will you do?
get that thing solved and move on with my life.. haha!

27. Who did you last chat with msn today?
haohan ? surprisingly.. O.O

28. Who do you admire the most?
hmmm.. i admire lots of people. LOL.
29. Which month were you born in?
FEBRUARY ! i love this month.. hahaa. its so feminine&cute. xD

30. How are you feeling right now?

31. What is the time now?

32. What kind of person do you think the one who tag you is?
hmmmm.. she's a sensitive soul. HAHA.
33. What colour do you use to dye your hair?
i dont dye my hair. hahaa. i'd like to keep it naturelle ! :)

34. Why are you doing this test?
because azura tagged me and im bored anyways. hahaa.

35. What do you do when you're moody?
i probably read a book or go to youtube..

36. At which stage do you wish to get married?
i wanna marry at the age of 23/24 . latest 25 ! hahaaa..

37. Who is more important to you?
Allah & my family& friends.

38. If today is the last day of your life, what will you do?
I'll do good deeds and spend the last minutes of my life with loved ones :)

39. who is/are the people/person you trust the most?
My bestfriends ! :)

40. Do you believe in seeing the rainbow after the rain?
yarhh .. seen it before. duhh . HAHA.

41. If you have a dream come true, what would it be?
to be a successful person ? lol..

42. What is your goal for this year?
to be a successful person ? lol.. ( okay i know my answer is exactly the same as the previous one.. hahaaa.. )

43. Do you believe in eternity love?
ermmmm.. partly.

44. What feeling do you love the most?
the feeling of happiness !

45. Do you really think its global warming now?

46. What feeling do you hate the most?
the feeling of a failure.

47. Do you like doing quizzes?
sometimes. hahaaa.

48. Do you believe in god?

49. Who cares for you the most?
Family and Friends :D

50. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
My family and my health. hahaha.

51. What will you bring when you fight?
probably my bodyparts and my mouth .

52. What have you regretted doing in your whole life?
i dont want to look at my past..

53. What do you do if nobody cared for you any longer?
i dont know what i'll do. hope it doesnt happen.

54. What will you do if your boyfriend/girlfriend two-timed you?
I'll slap his bloody face and let out the words of anger ! HAHA.

55. How do you feel now?
i feel that this quiz is very long. hahaa .


listened to the sweet sound @ 3:52 PM

Thursday, November 20, 2008 ♥

Just came back from Changi Airport :)
theres nice decorations of disney characters and christmas ... hehee.
took some picstures with my sister. haha.
ohkay anyways , saw some students from kent ridge sec .
they're going to tasmania , australia for their geography trip ! so good right ? -.-
i want go geography trip !! haizzz .. budget school . grrrr ~
but last year's batch got to go sehh .. unfair unfair !
hahaaa. nevermind.
i'll end the post here ...

listened to the sweet sound @ 12:07 AM

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 ♥

Ohkay , i didnt had the chance to get to the comp lately. LOL.
u see , my hands was hurting from the LOOONGG bicycle trip. and yes my legs were indeed suffering from pain.
HAHA. but now im entirely okay so i can type on this black keyboard. xD
anyways , last sunday , 16 nov , ABANG FARID's ENGAGEMENT CEREMONY ! <3
hahaas. well actually i didnt want to go at first. cuz u know .. my legs were hurting -__-
but then i thought i wouldnt want to miss this chance to meet my cuzzins and the ceremony itself.
SO I WENT ! hahaa.. but the good thing is , my pain has subsided soon after :D
so yerrpp , reached there and eat with muaii bros & kassim outside where theres tables. lol.
it was so nice lah cuz the weather is cooling enough for us. HAHA.
talked & laughed & talked & laughed until the ceremony begins.
so yerrppp . after the doa2 ( cheyh doa2 keperr ) , we were supposed to bought the bus.
and yerp , it poured. hahaaa .. but its okay . theres some guys with umbrellas.. lol.
so niwaes , the bus ride was okayy. enjoyed the aircon forawhile until we had to go down.
haha. so yeahh .. then ceremony starts again.
and we got to see abg farid's tunang. she's sweet. heheee..
dam di dam di dam di dam di dam di dam di dam di dam di dam...
went back to abg farid's house.. the bus trip was quite fun .
listened to songs from kassim's handphone. hahaaa. i think half of the bus could here ? xD
yeahh talked talked talked and see videos and stuff .. (:
but halfway i rest and see the sceneries . LOL. nevermind.
so yerppp. at abg farid's house , talked talked talked , see videos of the engagement ceremony that was taken by dino( LOL ) , eat eat eat eat , talked talked talked until the end of the day ! hahahaaa..
took pictures and stuff ... & all of us headed back home .. so sad... xD
quite an elaboration right ??? HAHA. nvm.
oh yes !! the cake berkat from wak ina's family was yummy. i like the icing. HAHA.

so yesterday , went to bedok library at 5pm+ . LOL.
haha. so walked around to find some interesting books..
but when i want to borrow them , my card is not working much ! hahaaa.
and i forgot to bring my IC to see if its working.. haiyyaaa..
so already 6pm+ ... called my bro when will he end work & stuff and ask him to come here to use his card. HAHA.
so waited for him to drive to this very cold bedok library. LOL.. yerrppps.
and he arrived like 20 minutes-30minutes later. i think ?
borrowed some books then head off to NTUC as he wanted to buy some things. hahaa.
soon after we headed home and eat :)

today , im not sure what i'll be doing..
most probably ... i'll be using the comp! , read books ! & babysit aqilah !
hahaaa .. oh yes .. i havent do the survey that was tagged by AZURA! -__-
haizzz.. lazy ahh !! hahaa... i'll do it later lah ehh ^ - ^

listened to the sweet sound @ 12:44 PM

Saturday, November 15, 2008 ♥

went out cycling with AMIRAH :)
First , went to bedok reservoir 1 round .. hahaaa. Admired TEMASEK POLY ! hahaa.
and the forest adventure thingy seems quite cool. got flying fox. lol!
hmmm .. oh and it was funny cuz some of the HILLS/SLOPES was v.difficult to climb. gagaaa..
i preservered some hills but only made halfway for most others. HAHA.
Then head on to Bedok Town park to cross over to bedok north! hahaa. cool uh whuaatss ? we cycled until bedok inter area and head for Mr.Bean ! heheee..
yummy yummy. i bought the ice cream cone & amirah bought the cheese pancake =p
anyways , then it was amirah's idea to go to the terraces's near bedok north/chai chee area. i think ?
so anyways , it was so cool looking at all the houses ! hahaaa.
went pass victoria sec & opera estate pri . O.O wow man. nevermind. lol.
oh , and the road names are like weird! . eg. Dido st. , Revienzi , Swan lake , etc .. forgot . hahaa.

niwaes , wish i could live there lah sehh ! its like major nice ! xD
hahaaa.. so next we head on to East Coast Park !
stayed at the W.boarding / Jet ski-lined area ?? i dont know whats the name. HAHA.
although theres not much sun , we were darkened -__-
niwaes ! the sports peeps were like so cool sia ! especially when they're doing stunts. hahaaa.
but some kept falling down. LOL!~ funny sia..
oh !! and we were sitting by the side , and got 2 ang mos ( totally hot stuff ! ) sat beside us !
its like so ... MELTS ! hahaaa.. nevermind.
and there were talking about girls always watching them do the W.boarding thing.. hahaa.
its like they are proud of being hot . okay who doesnt.
and i kept laughing cuz of their accent! hahaa. it was cool ahh but sometimes its kinda difficult to understand what they're trying to say .. lols.
then when they left , i think its purposely !!
one of them walked directly infront of us ( at the slanted curb ? ) , and the other walk directly behind us!
LIKE SO CLOSE ! like wth are they trying to do .. ?? hahaaa !!
i guess they're trying to attract us or something like that . its like really really wth . HAHA.
nevermind. so next we continued our journey and kept on cycling @ east coast park .
and i liked it when theres hills or slopes. the wind super nice lahh eh :D

hmmmm .. oh and we're not as tired as we should be cuz our journey is like super long. hahaa.. ^-^
so after awhile , we went back to bedok with the same route. and we didnt get LOST !
cuz the route is like kinda tricky ya know. thx to amirah . HAHA. she lead the way most of the time.
and her bike got this bell . VERY efficient as we got people walking everywhere. hahaaaa..
so yerrpp , grab a chocolate waffle otw and ate at azura's house (:
amirah & azura used the laptop and i had to go soon after . already 6.15pm ya know ! LOL.
oh yes ! we started cycling at 12.20pm around there. so long right ?! xD
niwaes , yerrpp so i rode my bike all the way home ...

* i'll post some pics soon *

listened to the sweet sound @ 6:11 AM

Friday, November 14, 2008 ♥

Yesterday , helped my mum cook & stuff. hehehe.
cleaned the fish, prawns , crabs and other essentials. lol.
it was a little bit disgusting but its kinda fun actually.. haha.
i got to see alot of the seafood's insides. pretty interesting yet gross.
hahaa. then , helped my mum cook CRAB ! yum .. yum.. hahaaa.
so halfway , the salt has finished and i have to go down and buy some -.-
okay whatever. hahaaa.. niwaes , i think i did a great job ^ - ^
the crab totally hit the spot man.. lols !
oh and night falls soon after and got frustrated with my dad. urghhh !
what is wrong with parents nowadays ?! nevermind.

So today , woke up with a horrible state.
I hate it when my mum lets my sister in the room ( when im still sleeping ) !
cuz no one will be taking care of her ?! and my mum expects me to wake up and take care of my sister.
its like , wth . and the room will always be in a mess(cuz of my sister) when i wake up.
and whose gonna be the one who cleans everything ? that'll be me !

HAIZZZ ... what to do ... NOTHING ! i cant do anything except to do whatever they want me to do.
they expect me to be the very responsible and perfect daughter !
its really frustrating sometimes . most of the times actually..
i mean , i have to bulk up on my OWN life . and they expect me to do a major part for the family and act as if im an adult. while my brothers ?! they didnt do anything ?
and my parents didnt care that they dont have to do all the chores..
but the most frustrating part is . my dad alwyas keep telling me that im lazy and just stares at the comp all day.
like HELLO????!! he's only at home at like 6.30pm !
and who else helps around the house if it wasnt for me ? NEWSFLASH ! -__-
urghhh. its like they didnt appreciate what i had done all along..
and when i did what they told me to do , then they'll go all sweet on me. OH PUH-LEASE .

urghhh . i dunno why im writing all this crap in my blog.
its just that i need to let these feelings out or i'll explode any second.
nevermind me .
byebye people ... enjoy ur holidays while u can ..

listened to the sweet sound @ 2:42 PM

Thursday, November 13, 2008 ♥

Heyya . haha.
i now realise that i use " haha " like alot . haha..
see what i mean ? xD
nevermind. im crapping cuz im rotting in this house ! help me... ! hahaa.
i really wanna go out soon ! arghhhh ! haizzz -.-
i need some entertainment man .. ! hahaaa.. hmmm..
next week most of my friends are totally booked cuz of their camps & ccas .
and im stuck at home ! urghhh... guess i'll just go to the library soon. ALONE. lols.
somehow , i like going to the library alone. i dont know why ? hahaa. weird.
hmmm .. i guess next week , i'll start to do my homework (:
gaaaaaahhhhh ~ did i just say that ? xD
hahaaaa.. nebehmind !
niwaes , these few days i've been singing like alot alot alot ! hahaaa.
guess im just a bored little frog in a cave. -__-
speaking of frogs , i've been jumping around lately. O.o
yesterday , i went out to PP . then in the giant , i skipped around like nobody's business. HAHA.
crazy girl .. i know. and at my house corridor ( going to the lift etc. ) , i'll be like doing dance moves or something like that ? LOL.
yeahhh im reaaaaalyyy bored uhh . HAHA.
haizzzzz... i guess today , i'll be helping my mum to cook & babysitting my sister & sitting infront of this comp.
heheheheheee ~

listened to the sweet sound @ 1:54 PM

Sunday, November 9, 2008 ♥

recently bought the soundtrack cd @ popular. hahahaa.
u guys should really buy it. cuz the quality is more nicer and the length is also longer than the ones that you downloaded from the internet and stuff. oh and piracy is bad ! hahaa xD
anyways , it also contains the making of the musical : from the recording studio to the big screen!
An in-depth behind-the-scenes look at all of the music from this movie phenomenon.
oh yes , it also includes " Now or Never " music video & Official Movie Trailer (:
I hope they will sell a trilogy DVD of High School Musical.
Wouldnt it be so cool .. ? hahahaa.
Today , rained all day ! Cool or what huhs ?
Its kinda cold at the beginning but it the temperature turns normal soon after. lol ?
hahaa. hmmmm .. didnt do much today.
Learnt how to cook ( hehehe :D ) & babysitted my sister ( boring ) !
Guess this is just gonna be a short post .

listened to the sweet sound @ 10:45 PM


hahaaaa . alrights. it has been 1 week since i've blogged. so weird ! lol.
so the pictures are some of the stuff that happen these few weeks/days xD
hmmm .. so far.. i've watched hsm3 twice ! haha. cool uh whats.
lurvvveee the movie :)
niwaes , went to TM yesterday..
u know theres always buskers performing along the mrt and traffic light area ?
so yeah , theres this guy singing indonesian song with this uncle.
hmmm .. i didnt actually paid attention lah. then my dad told me to give $2 to them . lol !
so i did lahh . and then !
* jeng jeng jeng *
i put the 2bucks inside this box and looked at the guy.
AND BAM ! there he goes giving the perfect/seducing smile and those gorgeous eyes !
melts man ... not mentioning he winked at me!(he cant talk cuz he's singing)
ahahahaaa.. im in la-la land~
~ when you look me in the eyes ...... ~ LOL . nevermind.
so i thought , i've seen him before somewhere ..
so when i reached home , my brain sparked ! hahaa.
ohkay, so i found him at youtube singing & playing his guitar xD
hahaaaa . what a coincidence huh. lol.
haizzz.. nevermind.
~ YEARP HOLIDAYS BABY ! byebye extended program ! =p
planning to enjoy these few weeks and i guess i gotta study abit.
not mentioning the tons of homewrk -.-
ohh yes , sent pak su to changi airport cuz he's going haji.
so sad sehh . and some people were like crying and stuff.. haizzz.
nevermind. hope he's doing fine :)

listened to the sweet sound @ 3:31 PM

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