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Saturday, September 27, 2008 ♥

Today .. woke up EXTREMELY late .. hahaha !
well i slept at 3am yesterday ! haizzz ..
Sahured at 2am .. But only little.. like extremely little !! Didnt had the appetide ..
I woke up again at 5.20am to drink a little before the puasa starts ! lol.
Anyways , today .. didnt really do anything ..
managed to clean my room & helped my mum buat kuih rayer... * tangan lengoh * -__-"
and errmm .. im not sure what i did after buka .. just slacked i guess...
and now ... im here ! hey but im supposed to study for malay paper 2 & social studies ..
oh well ... tomorrow !! hahaa ..

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Thursday, September 25, 2008 ♥

Had my Geography and English Paper 1 Exam !! hehe.
english was okayy ... geography was okay too. hope i can score well ..
so .. tomorrow , i'll be taking my English 2 & Malay 1 .. heheh.
Went home with AZURA today .. She followed be board my bus..
the ride home was super hilarious ! i came up with all sorts of jokes.
we laugh till our head spins ~ gagaagaagaa ...
Its fun having her around to share my lameness .. LOL .

FAREWELL ! heheh.

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Monday, September 22, 2008 ♥

This will be a very short post . hahah ! Anyways ..

Yesterday, 20thsept , break fast with Aliff , Aliffangels & Aliff's family !
Had a really really really great time ! HEHEH :D
Today, played chop cili chop with naqiyah , hafsah & john ! haha.. so funny sia.. Silly us ..
hahaa .. but i had a great laugh during english lesson .. lols !
So anyways , 3 more days to geography & english paper 1 exam !! OMG!!
So NEAR ! Havent fully studied yet .. oh man ! And here i am blogging ?!
I dont know if i can do this .. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!
Well , gotta bulk up nurul ! and i have to go now ..
must get ready for BREAK FAST ! :D
then i'll go head the books !


* I'll update some pictures later * ^-^

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Monday, September 15, 2008 ♥

12sept, friday
After school , went to Naqi's house ! (:
First , we watched Wujud 2 CD ! hahaa .. hmmm .. not bad lahh ehh .
We can see the ghost very clearly ! hehe. abit scary .. But not to the extend.
& i kept laughing cuz the contestants kept tripping over .. hahaa..
Then we looked at naqi's brother's engagement album . So cool .. ^-^
So the times passed by .. We played PS2 ! XD
Dead Or Alive & Bomberman ! hahahaa .. The Dead Or Alive part was very fun lah !! Hahah.. We were very very very very engrossed ! xD then the bomberman was very lame but funny ! The sudden death was hilarious . heheh. Anyways , yeahh i went home around 6pm & the bus is packed as usual -.-"
So went to my uncle's house to break fast .. ^-^ Then head off to bazaar !
and oh , my friend saw aliff @ bazaar geylang that day ! & i didnt?! wth !!!

Woke up & cleared my room for a painting session ! lol.. Actually , my dad painted my room ! (:
Its pink & spectrum red .. hahaha .. Turned out to be so cool ! xD
~ dam di dam di dam di dam di dam di dam ~
Went to another uncle's house to break fast ! ^-^
Went to bazaar again after that. Bought curtains for my room ! yippie (:

Oh yeahh , I got my term 3 progress report back .
I must say i did very well ! muahahaha ... xD
Happy ! Happy ! Happy ! :D
Hope i could do the same for EOY

Ohkay , so my class didnt know that the POA test will be counted in the CA ! -.-"
But the tests was okay lah.. not that difficult. But i didnt get to balance some things . grrr !
Went home strait after school .. tried to study abit.. But i decided to catch with some sleep!
Havent been sleeping well these days.. haizzz ...
Woke up a few hours later and went to Eastpoint Mall Banquet to break fast ! yummy ! (:
And now .. here I am .. blogging ..
haizzz... Im so nervous siaooww.. Hope i can do the exams well . So near ~
Must study hard !!!! o.o
And i think , today will be the last day i'll be onlining ..
I'll be back after the exams are over ! maybe? haha.
omg. malay homewrk !! ~

tataz !

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Monday, September 8, 2008 ♥

6th September,
Went for Yellow Ribbon Concert with my brother , kassim & ema .. The concert was great actually! Didnt expect the ex-offenders to make an awesome performance. So yeahh , we sat with Aliff's family & Aliffangels. The atmosphere was great , with the light sticks and all .. Hehehe. After a long wait , Aliff performed 2 songs , More than words & a song that is written by an ex-offender. The song won the song writing competition. Well i thought the song was great ! (:
Anyways , after he performed , decided to go off first. Salam2 & Byes2 with semueorg and head off to eat @ simpang bedok ! It was drizzling/raining .. But it was nice lahh . So i ate fish&chips ! hahaa.. Then talk2 sumerr .. And its about 11pm or so ..? yeah it was late ! hahaa.. Then sent back ema & kassim .. Gedebak-gedebuk ~ reached home ! (:

am i dreaming or something ?! omg can't believe school has reopened and in 2 weeks , I'll be taking my EOY exam .. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH !! o.o!!!!
Nevermind .. Relax nurul .. breath in breath out ~ (:
I guess i better start studying soon .. must put a correct mindset ! I can do this ! ~ haha..
alrights .. i guess i'll stop here !


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Friday, September 5, 2008 ♥

I can't believe its already friday. 2 more days till school ! oh my .. Time just past by so fast. I hate it when school holidays end just like that. It'll be gone in a blink of an eye ! Well , theres nothing I can do except to spend the remaining days wisely .. And oh wow . I just remembered that I havent completed my homework yet ! oh great. Life couldn't get any worse ~
Anyways, I've just watched the movie " Another Cinderella Story " !! Actually , the DVD will be coming out next month ? I forgot . But thats too long ! I just can't wait to see the movie. I need my inspirations updated.. If not , I'll just lose my life. Wow. how dramatic am I? haha. anyways, my brain just sparked and I decided to watch it on the net ? Oh , the wonders of cyber world ! So , the movie is FANTASTIC ! I love how the story goes .. And not mentioning that Selena Gomez is playing the main character ! I so love her ! As in .. she's my idol lah . Its not like Im into her or anything . Im straight okay ? Anyways , I rate the movie 10 out of 10 ! Its just so awesome. Especially when they dance.. And you really feel like you want to be in the movie ! Its like a real life fairytale ! It just seems like a dream you can't live but at the same time , It seems possible . Oh yeah , i cried in some of the scenes. haha ! Anyways, Im feeling so energized after watching the movie. haha ! Well , I know this fairytale will never happen to me. But a girl can dream can't she ? hehehe. It would really be nice if it were to.. nevermind ! hehe. Well , I guess i got to go to work now. I've got some stuff i gotta handle.

* WINKS * ;D

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008 ♥

So , today ... went for chemistry remedial ! mdm yani was 8 minutes late ! hahah .
okayy , so the lesson was actually okay ? she's quite funny in her natural way .. lol.
so yeahh .. after remedial .. which is about 11.30am , when to bedok inter to top-up !
heheee. then went back home . haha. wth . then something happened at home ! fed-up sia.. nvm.
Anyways , i was suppose to be at bedok library for study group at 1pm & reached at 2pm ! hahaha. Azura was with me also . haha.. long story ~
anyways , yeahh . when me & azura reached there , amirah , izzat,idris & zul was already there!
ohkay obviously ?! hahaaa .. but zul only stayed for awhile ..
Idris & Izzat got help from amirah .. Doing POA ! hahaa.. funny story .
Me & Azura did maths and POA a little .. heheee ..
and Idris & Izzat is like making noises -.-" then the person beside our table ask us to lower down our volume ! hahaa. paiseyhh ~ haizz.. sumer idris & izzat nyer pasal . xD
Ohh yeahh , Izzat kept sneezing ! hahaa.. kesian budak tu. And half of my tissue is gone ! Donated to izzat .. LOL . hahaa..
so .. laughters & laughters & the times goes by ... before we all separate , idris said to me ,
Idris : Nurul , aku tadi nampak kau tau .
Nurul: Huh ? Kat mane sehh ?
Idris: Kat kedai saner tengah makan !! * laughters *
Nurul: -.-"

Idris is such a... nevermind ! hahahaa... I didnt eat ohkay ! FASTING ?! hahaha.
so .. yahh .. we all went home ! (:
on the way home , it was drizzling .. and guess what ?!
I n the mids of walking under the drizzle , the rain poured by the second !
and it got heavier and heavier !! -.-"
and i was drenched. haizzz.. nvm .. its okay . loving the rain xD
so .. break fast at 7pm + ? and now im blogging !! heheee.
Calefare & First Class was funny ! and now im waiting for " Raya @ The City ! " / Raya Gemilang @ Suria .
Can't wait can wait !! hehehee ... 3 more minutes to go !! heheheee ..
Alrights .. i guess i'll go now .. hehehee...

* second day of puasa * (:

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