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Tuesday, December 30, 2008 ♥

didnt know what happened exactly.
i know i went to causeway point to eat with family.
then 2 guys ni kept watching me. eeee. disgusting seriously!
nk kene mintak tampar. obvious siakk dorang. -.-
then walked around. dad wanted to search for furnitures after that.
so went to somekind of building. hahaaa.
scary sehh . its like almost haunted..
ohmygod. why am i scaring myself?
im blogging in the dark siaow.
k nevermind. end of story! hahaa.

woke up early !
showered and got ready..
only ate a little before going out with ice-cream in my hands! ^ - ^
ate ice-cream otw to bus stop. hahahaah..
went to azura's house first to see her new kitten. hahaa.
so cute ! kawaii ne !! hahaa. mcm phm aku ckp jepon xD
anyways, watched tv & talked about stuff.
we straightened our hair and head off to naqi's house with azura.
took 65 and dropped at macpherson. from bedok . so far. i know.
hahaaa.. then bought ice-cream and walked to naqi's home.
no one was at home. yay. hahaaa.. can make noise xD
then we played with her cat & hamster :D
we actually wanted to do our homeworks but got distracted.
then talked and laughed at usual..
after that , around 6.30pm. went home !
actually i didnt. hahaa.
board the same bus but i went to bedok inter to return library book.
then bought cookies&cream love ice-blend coffee.. hahaa.
panjang siakk name. hahaa.
small cup , costly ! $5.
actually naqi gave me this coupon so i got it for free.
so good kan ? hahaa. thanks naqi ! ;D
then meet family at KFC . didnt eat. waited for dad to arrive.
dad fetched us. then go eat at tampines area.
after that , thought of fetching abang ilham&friend from work.
but abang say its okay. hahaa.
then we went home.
now im blogging while chatting with :
- izwan
- farhan
- dino
- yanti

yerrppp.. there u go. hahahaa !

izwan : thanks for the chat and for the advices u gave me.
really appreciate it (:
and stop making those silly smileys lah.
make me laugh tau ! hahaaa.
farhan : kau boleh stop bebual mepek tk ? xD
abehh nk carik gadoh ngan aku pasal the past!!
hahaa. tk perlu kay. =p

ANYWAYS , im going KL on wednesday to attend cuzzin's wedding.
i'll be coming back next sunday. hahaa !
yup im gonna miss first day of school. so sad sia.
oh , and no internet for days .. hahhaaa.. byebye people !!
going to offline soon and do my homeworks :D

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Sunday, December 28, 2008 ♥

Above are some of the very random pics yesterday when azura came over to my house.
HAHAA... yeahhh .. we were bored. so there u go. hahaa xD
anyways,if u're thinking im wearing nail polish or something, its henna :D
so yesterday, azura camed over and we played ps2 . hahaa.
then we eat sume and talked and LAUGHED ! heheee..
then we went online and webcammed with AMIRAH!
actually she was the one who has webcam. lol.
it was pretty entertaining.
then i straightened azura's hair with my hair straightener!
she was amazed with the results! hahaaa..
see i told u the hair straightener is good ;D
azura stayed until 9.10pm like that. from 1pm !!
hahaa.. so long right? xD
hahaaaa.. had fun lah basically...
cant wait to meet her again.
u know i know azura ! ;D
hahaa.. cheyhh mcm secret mane gitu ehh xD
tk lahh .. its nothing.

Today !
woke up then found out tkde breakfast ! urghhh..
then dad said we're going out later.
so i showered then siap2.
sent abang to work then head to kampong melayu!
actually, my makciks&pakciks ade jualan kat sanerr..
so we were just dropping by to see how it goes. hahaa.
anyways , went jalan2 around there.
then got this persembahan kuda kepang !
oh my god . its amazing ! hahaa.
i thought it was quite boring at first.
then suddenly the guys was rasok-ed by the setans !
hahaa. then the guys were behaving like crazy animals!
serious sia. some of them were spinning around like mad ,
and others were running around the area with that freakin face.
hahaa. quite scary but interesting.
then the setan controlled their body sumerr. haizz.
the guys got canned cuz they were like out of control like that.
its a good experience lah cuz i never seened this kuda kepang b4.
hahaaaa.. the pity thing is , after the guys sedar diri ,
they were like in pain because of the canning. HAHA.
kesian eh korangs. nk sangat masok kuda kepang ni kan ...
hahahaaa.. the performance was entertaining :)
after that , walked around again.
then send some of my makciks&pakciks home and help to pack up stuff.
then went to eat at banquet sebelah city plaza tu. hahaa.
after that went to east coast park but didnt stayed long.
went home and on the comp ! hahaaa..
actually b4 that , tried on my new baju kebaye!
so nice lahh . its pink colour. hahaa. mcm tkde colour laen gitu eh xD
im wearing it to KL . hahaa. cuzzin's wedding soon.
anyways!!! hahaa. my brother just came back from his holiday with friends!
he showed us the stuff that he bought. mostly HIS stuff..
so unfair lah. nevermind, i'll wait for my turn. sooooon.. xD
so yapp, now im blogging. already 2.04AM.
hahaaa.. klah. goodnight !! :D

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008 ♥

today, went out with azura,amirah,naqiyah&omairah !! :D
wanted to celebrate omairah's belated birthday. hahaa !
so met up at GV tamp to buy tickets.
bought bolt 3D ! oh my god so expensive seyhh..
paid $13 for the tix cuz its christmas eve. wth!
anyways, went to Shin Tokyo for lunch :D
had sushi buffet !! so fun ahh . hahaa..
well, the plan was to treat omairah.
but then only me&amirah have extra money.
so we paid for omairah's expenses and some of naqi's&azura's. haha!
but in the end omi had to pay the some of the tax and all. hahaaa~
but amirah had to pay the most O.O
she paid $30+ .. i paid $22 .. and azura&naqi paid whats left of them(around10bucks) lol! haiyaaaa ...
but nevermind.. im quite scared at first cuz total payment is around $78.
and we miscalculated and thought it was around 65. hahaaa!
anyways, the sushis were so delicious!!! ate until full xD
then they gave ramen also. i didnt finish mind. too full. hahaaa..
so the above are some of the pics we took. yup.
after that, went to GV tamp to watch movie.
azura&omairah thought it was at CS then they go up the escalator of CS!!
hahaaaa.. funny stuff.. then we rushed to GV cuz we're late -.-
LOL. time management somehow cocked-up .. lol.
so watched bolt for the second time. but this time its 3D ! :D
i had to wear the 3D glasses over my glasses! hahaa.
the effects we nice. some were frightening cuz of the sound. hahaaa.
after the movie, walked around abit then saw some random people. xD
i enjoyed myself today... especially the ShinTokyo :D
ok,so this post is just a brief description. lazy to elaborate. hahaa.
hmmmm.. tomorrow,abang hadi is leaving for holiday with friends.
SO UNFAIR! hahaa. this is the second time they went for holiday together.
i want to follow!!! hahaa. but all guys. wth.. xD
anyways, tomorrow is christmas!! yay.. everyone will be at home then.
except for my brother. hahaaaa.. hmmmm ..
most probably i'll be going out .. heheheee :D
k then. end of post ! (:

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008 ♥

lets flashback ! ~

Sunday, 21st December 08
went to khairul&dian's wedding !
khairul is my dua pupu.. yerrppps.
didnt take pictures though. forgot to bring camera -.-
anyways, arrived there then salam2 sumerr..
then can eat ! :D hahaa..
got fondue !! i likee.. very nice sia. xD
then got ice cream also ! lol.
so hmmmmm... the pelamin&decos quite nice ahh.
khairul&dian look so sweet togetherr ~ awwww..
hahaaa. dian so pretty !
after that, hang around for awhile then go home. hahaa.
yada yada ~ around 5pm like that, abang say he got extra tix for soccer.
hahaaa. then i go ah ! hahaa.
Went to Kallang Stadium with Abang Hadi,Abang Ilham,Fauzan,Hazuan,Aida,Shafiq,Sufri&Zaini.
hahaa. okayy aku tk perlu sehh list sumerr namerr XD
so yupppp. arrived there around 6pm like that? hahaa.
so waited and waited until the show start..
ohmygod , this is my first time lah watching kat stadium.
SO KECOH SIAKK ! hahaaa..
and fauzan was so damn funny lah with his comments xD
tak leh anggggzxxx .. laughing like hell. hahah.
anyways, irritating seyhh singapore make alot of mistakes.
then in the end vietnam won. its like what the hell lah seriously.
* toot * toot * toot * toot * toot *
hahahaa. then kite campak2 benda clapper tu. haha. tkde keje.
abehh orang pijak2 bende clapper tu lagik. urghh. bising seh meletop sound.
hahaha. so after that got out of the stadium.
BANYAK ORANG ! tk suke seyh. especially got banglas and all that. eeee.
aku lagik suke mat reps daripada banglas ! hahaaa.
so got out of the place then abang sent aida&hazuan home.
they're cuzzins and they live at the same block. cool kan ? haha.
then abang sent me&abang ilham kat macdonald nearby.
abang ilham ngidam macdonalds. hahahaa!
so walked home.
bawah block , nampak the other guys.. (ingatkan drg dah balek) -.-
hahaa. so they all waited for me&abg ilham then abg hadi ikot kite balek.
so... byebye people! hahaa..

Monday , 22nd December 08
babysitted aqilah in the morning then followed mum paid the bills.
mum ask me to line up cuz she lazy to stand -.- wth.
then i lined up and paid the bills uhh.
but the banker said theres an error sumerr..
she ask questions sumerr.. leceh nyerr nk jawab. hahaa.
but naseb baek i have some knowledge to answer.
kalau tk tau lah ape akan jadi. hahaa !
so after that , went to banquet and eat. then abang hadi arrive oso.
mum ask abang to buy food for her. then abang push to me!
alerrsmakk ! haahahaaa.. so i go buy..
eat eat eat eat eat eat eat ...
after that walked around there.
saw baihakki kat tempat picit kaki ! HAHA.
mentang2 smalam maen bola ehh ... xD
ok , so far i've seen bai like 3 times already. lol!
so anyways , bought earpiece,a cheapoh watch(nice okay?) and other stuffs which u dont need to know. hahaaaa...
after that,went ntuc for awhile..
then go home !! hahaaa.
oh yarhh , kat bedok interchange, sempat beli belt. LOL.
cuz my seluar ni tk habes2 melorot ! hahaa. k tk perlu.

Today !
eat , babysit and babysit some more... -________-"
so yarpppp. no life lah ehhh.
yay! tomorrow going out insyallah ~~ :D

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Friday, December 19, 2008 ♥

yesterday, got ready and went to Changi Airport to fetch Pak Su from haji.
while waiting, went to Mac first to eat. also bought strawberry milkshake! =p
then waited&waited with the other sedares&makciks&pakciks xD
then finally pak su arrived and waved at us.. alhamdulillah~
took pictures and stuff and headed to Cik Noor's house.
then we eat and all that. pak su storied some stuff bout the haji~
pretty interesting..
then pak su brought back alot of goodies !! YAY!
so happy so happy. hahahaaa.
and the chocolates from arab is freakin nice lah sehh. heheh!
niwaes2, so crapped alot with cuzzin, AYUNI. hahaa.
then watched the soccer match between Gamba Osaka & ManU.
christiano! effin' hot siakkk ! xD
okayy nevermind. hahaa.
then doa selamat. then eat .. but i didnt cuz already 9.30pm like that.
so talked again then watched SUSUK! hahaa.
the " ghosts " appearance was sooooooooo not scary ! hahaa.
but the story is pretty interesting but i missed the ending cuz i need to go home.
haizz. already 11pm. send abang hadi home then we(dad,mum,me&sister) head to orchard.
dad need to settle some stuff at work. after that we head home. LOL.
so yuppp. washed up and dozed off ... ZZzzzzz..

Today , woke up by mum ! she said anak dara cannot wake up late lah. haizz -.-
so woke up at 10.44am like that. then washed up and had breakfast.
did some chores and now im playing the comp :D
oh yeah, just wrote my name on my hand with henna few mins ago.
hahaaa. hope it turned out nice! im still waiting for it to dry. heheh :D
so ohmygod , already friday -.-
about 2 weeks and then school reopens !! O.O
im freakin scared~

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008 ♥

ohkayy .. u might be wondering why i posted that picture. haha!
well , the bottomline is , i got that straightener that i wanted! :D
its called " Braun Satinliner " but its very ex -.- $129!!
hahaa. i paid my dad $50 and he pays the rest for me. lol.
thanks dad ! xoxo
hahaaa. anyways , i love that straightener!
at best denki , i tried to use both the braun's & philips's. well the sales person did for me. duh.
the philips one straightens magically but the one i bought straightens and made it softer&shinier. serious2!
and this straightener will give u the natural effect. so nice sehh !
people will say ... u're born with this nice hair! hahaa xD
yeahh .. i really like it. it has satin ions xD
anyways, today... woke up at 7am !!
dad wanted to sent bro to his camp.. so i had to take care of babysister.
haizzz.. but somehow , i didnt feel tired.
so stayed awake with her... and i finally finished the book i was reading.
officially finished! :D
then dad came back and bathed aqilah. then i also bathed to follow dad fetch mum from work.
so by then its around 9am. after that, went to alfiah restaurant for breakfast.
saw cikgu hadi ! but he didnt see me cuz im in the car. hahaa.
eat eat eat .... then go east coast. yada yada yada..
went to mustapha centre to find my sraightener but the one i want was out of stock! grr.
then go to the food section and shop for frozen foods and stuff.
ohmygod. its like ALOT sia. haizzz. i dont even knw how my parents are going to pay for it. but they did. duhh. hahaaa.
then went home and i took a short nap..
then dad wanted to fetch abang from camp& ask me to babysit aqilah.
second brother was not at home & mum is sleeping -.-
but then i wouldnt wake up. tired sia.
then dad said we could buy hair straightener @ CS .
then i quickly wash up ! HAHA. then went downstairs to the car.
suddenly , mum said she cannot sleep and wanted to follow us.
i think my mum is scared to live alone in the house. HAHA.
so waited for mum then fetch brother.
off to CS and yup. the story is at the first part.
hahahaa. im so happy im so happy !
then head home cuz didnt want to miss the soccer match between Singapore&Vietnam.
ohkay , the referee is such a dumbass lah ehh.
singapore deserves that goal ! fuck. hahaaa !
okay , here's the thing, im really excited for singapore's matches.
hahaaa. i like watching them play cuz duh im a singaporean. xD
so yerrp me,brother&dad kept shouting&shouting when watching it.
aqilah just laughed cuz of our outrageous behaviour. LOL.
hmmmmm.. well , its normal right? hope the neighbour is okay with us making noise xD
happens everytime lah peeps. get use to it kay neighbours ? HAHAA.
so after that , used the hair straightener and was amazed by the results.
the thing conditioned my hair with satin ions to make it soft&shiny. so cool.
and of course , straight but natural! :D
brother said the philips one made my hair super straight that it looks fake.
hahaaa. so yup. then brother ask me to do his hair also. LOL.
so i became a hair dresser for awhile. yada yada yada...
his hair is now straight and shiny&soft :D
thanks to the Braun Satinliner :D
you guys should buy it. if u want. hahaaa.
its a healthy way to straightened ur hair. waayyy less damage than the others.
so yupppp.. now im blogging and kept touching my hair.
hahaaa. im drugged xD

pak su coming back from haji tomorrow :D

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008 ♥

14 December 08
Followed mum get her new specs. hehee.
now 4/6 of my family members wear specs. hahaa!
haizzz... maybe its in the genes -.-
hahaa. crapp.
after that , when to joo chiat area.. mum want to find kitchen stuff?
hahaa. so yada yada.. went back to our block to fetch father&brother.
then off we go to novena square ! hahaa. first time xD
didnt know how to get there so called up paman for directions.
wakakaaa. yearpp so reached there to eat & jalan2.
we ate at " Magic Wok Thai Restaurant " . the place is cool :D
recommended by bibik sabah. hahaaa.
i bought thai belachan fried rice. i think? hahaa.
for me , its nice lah cuz the taste is very unique.
first try , tasted like sushi xD but i like!
then got the belachan.. hehee. makes it nicer ^-^
then parents bought kway teow something2.. hahaa. also veryy nice.
brother bought pineapple fried rice.
but i like mine the most. hehe ! =p
anyway , also bought the blackpepper beef hot plate something.
i tell u , the beef is like so freakin tender ! hahaa. i like again ^-^
then also bought the fish something2 , and lemon chicken. yummy dummy..
and the thai tom yam seafood soup eh? i forgot.
a must! hahaa. the taste is just so deep. haha ! & spicy.
so altogether is only $68.80 . isnt that so cheap for a restaurant ?!
hahaaa. i recommend :) but its quite far from here. lol.
haizzz.. yeahhhh.
after the very delicious feast , walked around abit then head home ! :D

15 December 08
i forgot what i did yesterday. hahaa!
but i know i read a book almost everytime. xD

16 December 08
Woke up ! And wandered around the house like a lost soul.
hahaha ! siaoo i know. xD
then aqilah&mum woke up soon after.
then bath with aqilah , my 2+ year old sister! HAHAH!
so fun ahh xD
then the rest of the day, helped mum cook as usual.
then babysit aqilah for the rest of the day -.-
and and im finally finishing the book im reading :D
maybe thursday , i'll go to the library and lend some more books :D
and yay! pak su coming back from haji this 18th. heheh ^-^
miss him lahh . that funny guy ~
hmmm... omg! school is re-opening soon !
like damn soon siaowww !! i like holiday !!
i want it to stay like this forever. HAHA.
im really scared to face olevel next year..
someone help me !!! O.o
hahaaaa.. eh serious sehh..
i looked out of the window and realised that this holiday is very important to me right now. im not prepared for school ! i havent completed the homeworks!
and i dont know what will happen to my maths. horrible~~
haizzz. im really savouring the last 2 weeks of holiday.
well , its not the end of the world right ?
heeeeeeeeeeee ~

anyways , dad said if i sang one song on the karaoke ,
i'll get a hair straightener that i want !!
the greatest deal ever. hahaa.
but he said he want me to sing with emotion&all -.-
hmmm.. well , i will do whatever it takes for it :D

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Friday, December 12, 2008 ♥

hmmmm.. today , half of the day ,
watched DVDs .. hahahaa.. mcm orang tkde life eh? xD
lets see.. watched " ayat-ayat cinta " & " oh baby " etc2..
hahaaaa.. just bought the dvds yesterday. yerrpp.
anyways , so tadi chat with SUFRI ! hahaa.
kekek siollxx chat ngan kau ! xD
i know u know lah ehh suf.
quote of the day " we're not cocky , its the fact "
HAHA. gerek sio tadi .. chat lagik ehhzz ? xD
hmmmm.. brother showed me some russell peters stand ups at youtube.
hahaaa.. so farrrhneyyy ! ~
so i guess i'll stop here. wont elaborate more.
hahaa. toodlezz ! ;D

listened to the sweet sound @ 10:40 PM

Thursday, December 11, 2008 ♥

can't belive im still awake.. hahaa.
well , since i reached home at 1.35am xD
so yeahh. decided to online for awhile..

anyways , today.. woke up at 10am today but got out of bed at 1.35pm!
haha! wow thats incredible huh ?
well the first thing i did when i woke up , is to read a book i borrowed from the library yesterday without even washing up first! haha xD
but the good thing is , i did finished the book today! woohoo.
and now im on with another book. hahaa. i sound like a bookworm.
but i really like reading books.
especially when the book is interesting like it always do. hahaha.
niwaes2, got out of bed and brother when down to buy bread & milk ? xD
so i boiled 6 eggs while he's buying the stuffs.
well actually he wanted half-boiled but i forgot that i was boiling eggs -.-
so yah. the egg turned out full-boiled ! hahaa xD my bad~
so today's breakfast/lunch , i had eggs,bread&milk. haha !
a typical breakfast meal. so boring !!
i want to try eating ice-cream for breakfast.. :D
so after all that,babysit aqilah as usual. -.-"
i have no life manzz ... i wanna go out with my bfs lah!!
lol. im in desperate mode now.
seriously , life has been so plain..
i cant wait for the outing! and and..
go naqi's house! got binatang-s ! haha !!
(shoutout to bfs:katerr nk buat sleepover?!!)
heeeheeee :D
k moving on... went out after maghrib to have dinner.
but its only the 4 of us. brother-s tk ikot ! -.-"
so yerppp, after eating, jalan2 !
then parents bought a doll house for aqilah. LOL.
and i have to admit that i always wanted one since little.
mum says i used to have a small one. but aqilah got a big one!
HAHA. i love having a sister cuz u can share her toys. xD
im young at heart. this is the time when i can actually get to play with girl toys.
i never really got to buy so much toys when i was little.
so yahh ! im really really happy for me! LOL !!!
but anyways, im not totally into those things!! only some lahh.. xD
i really would appreciate if anybody wants to buy for me Braun's Satinliner?
hahaa. its a hair straightener that i always wanted.. which cost $129!
hahaa.. nvm. ignore the advertisement that i just gave u people.
After that , went to ECP . dunno why. always go there ambik angin?
yada yada , mum wants to go mac since its 24hrs.
not surprisingly, theres still bunch of people there. haha.
seriously, it would be fun to hang around during nigh/morning hours.
but i doubt my parents would allow unless with family members.
so mum bought mega mcspicy ! i told her to buy mcspicy but she refuses.
she always buy the mega one. dunno why again..
seriously people! mcspicy is more worth it. trust me.
so i just ate double cheeseburger,some fries&milo ice.. lol.
and mum ask me to buy the Chocolate Mcflurry.
so went to the cashier to buy one. haha. im fascinated on how they made it.
so many steps. well actually no that many . haha. nvm! CRAP!
came back with one. mum tasted it first as she's the one who wanted it.
she says its tak sedap. HAHA.
ohmygod. are u kidding? all ice-creams are nice! haha xD
okayy , im addicted to ice-creams i guess..
so i tasted it as well , at first, i thought it wss nice.
but after awhile, its quite irritating to eat that thing cuz of the chocolate chips&some crunchy thing they put inside. HAHA.
i prefer the chocolate fudge. my all time favourite :D
anyways , after eating at mac. felt that i've gain weight. HAHA.
i always feel that way after i eat. amirah&azura said im obsessed!
but sometimes it did came true.
my body is so sensitive to food -.-
and not including my skin which is SUPER sensitive to the sun.
seriouusss sehh ! it gets dark everytime im exposed to sun!
especially direct sun rayys , durin sports day or whatever..
ok back to the main topic!!
went back home then accompanied aqilah to play the Doll House thingy.
hahahaa. amusing but gets pretty boring soon after.
unless u could make up a good story from it.
so yup,i actually wanted to use the comp earlier,
but everytime i tried to go out of the room , aqilah wails for me! -.-
so i had to wait for her to sleep.. haizzz..
oh im such a good sister. HAHA.
and now its 4.55am !! nice one nurul... im gonna get eyebags. O.O
if i were to online a little bit longer ,
i will surely say high to my brother cuz he wakes up @ 5.30 like that xD
and my dad too as he'll do his prayers.
and hell yes ! im gonna get a serious scolding !!! hahaaa..
so yeahh , im gonna stop talking now. lol.
and i wonder who reads my blog anyways! hahaaa.
okayy , i think im gonna report strength.


listened to the sweet sound @ 4:55 AM

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 ♥

hahaaa.. ohkayyz, i havent been blogging for the past few days.
so im gonna start from last saturday. LOL.

6 Dec , Saturday
Went out with brother & cuzzins !
so sad lah shasha couldnt make it.. =(
hahah !
so anyways , arrived at vivo about 2.10pm. 10 minutes late. HAHA.
so msged dino&fahmi to meet at cinema~
but i guess at that point of time , dino is still on his bike ! haha xD
so cannot reply msg or answer our calls xD
me&bro met with fahmi first~
as we were standing at the cinema for quite a long time,
a girl approached us to ask whether we wanted to join GV membership.
so i joined lah. HAHA..
soon after , dino came. HAHA.
bought BOLT movie tickets ^-^
went to banquet to eat first.
actually the guys ate but im still full. hahaaa.
ask brother to buy soya bean for me , as usual. xD
after that walked around skypark & headed back to the cinema to watch BOLT.
we got the GV max hall ! so cool or whuatts ~
AND AND , the movie is soo cool ah. i like.. haha !
maybe gonna watch it again at tampines mall cuz got 3D ! :D
so after that , head down to the fountain foyer eh ?
got band competition yada yada ~
kaz & ema reached vivo finally !! hahaaa..
went to starbucks and bought frappucino chocolate . lol.
i lurvvveee kaz's java chip. taste so dark like that. xD
anyways , talk talk then abg hadi & fahmi went home first.
left me , dino , kaz & ema ...
talked again then walked around vivo ! heeehee..
actually , only went to some shops then i had to go home -.-
ps. i want braun's hair straightener !!! haha.
but so ex ! $129 !! -.-
nevermind , i'll save up. hahaa. first few days of school , i'll starve :D
so yerpp , then they sent me to the harbourfront mrt.
goodbyes people ! but ema&kaz continued their journey. LOL.
had a great day.. hope we could go out again :)
we go somewhere fun kayyz..
i think i got ideas already. HAHA. so fast right? xD
so anyways , had to go from harbourfront mrt to bedok mrt !! wth sia.
so lonely u know.. bored ! so looong..
i need someone to talk to. hahaaa !
okayy , so reached at bedok inter to take bus 87 , but theres only like 1 or 2 people. so i thought of taking 228.
so walked all the way to the end of the interchange.
and guess what?
theres no one there ! -.-
more worst to wait for 228 cuz its longer than 87.
but i was tired to walk back to 87. hahaha !
so anyways , i didnt line up for the bus.
i sat somewhere lahh near there.
and theres a mat that sat beside me..
so he talked to his friends beside him. so he turned to his fren.
and i can see him from the back.
and ohmygosh , he's totally like alep siaow.
and his back hair is like him too.
kept staring at his back. HAHA. weird stuff.
soon my bus came lah and bapak called twice where am i !
then ask me to go to the car cuz going somewhere.
sempat -.- and its like nearly 10pm.
haha. so when i alight from the bus , rushed to the car.
AND ! when i wanted to go inside the car , ( mind my bad english )
i knew theres this guy who passed by me but i didnt look at him lah.
when i got into the car , mum said the guy looked like aliff. and is tall.
and my sister called out aliff's name when she saw him. WEIRD.
hahaaa. if it were him also , why didnt he tegor me or something right ?
and dad said its ridiculous to think thats aliff cuz its late and that guy was wearing slippers and was walking like somekind of wacko person. HAHA.
and and , he lives at the west2 side perrs ! hahaa.
so anyways , didnt expect it to come but parents ( especially dad ) ,
lectured me cuz i didnt come home with brother. WTH?!
im big enough to go home by myself sehh .. sheeshhh~
so protective sia. irritating u know..]
and and its not like i went out with them everyday or what right?
and all these while i followed ur curfew okay ?
well , except for the 3pm curfew. thats crazy . HAHA.
but i have to reach home at 3pm at times. if not they'll call me&nag -.-
r-e-s-p-o-n-s-i-b-i-l-i-t-y !! -.-"
anyways , i always reach home b4 7pm when im out with friends.
haizz.. parents nowadays!
lectured lamerr plakk tu. urghh.
then head to orchard cuz dad forgot something at work.
the christmas decorations are nice! :D
then head to beach road to eat. HAHA.
ate at king of sup tulang the place. lol.
i dont like the sup tulang there -.-
and people say its nice. HAHA.
so after eating , went back home and sleep =)
but b4 that , msged those 2 lovely classmates of mine. haha!


7 Dec , Sunday
woke up at 12.30pm !!!!!
i dunno why , but i realized that i always wake up late on sundays. xD
so yupp , just chilled around and eat. hahaa..
soon after , had to help mummy cook. AS USUAL -.-
i hated when the oil keep jumping out of the pan.
irritating sehh . and sometimes the oil just got on my skin.
and i'll always get frustrated when that happens and scream. HAHA.
it does help. hahaa.. xD
but not for so long , i give the stirring job to my mum. xD
so yup , cooked 2 dishes for hari raya haji.
then i dunno what happens after that. xD

8 Dec , Monday
okayy i wished u guys twice now.. hahaaaa..
omi is my very very very special friend.
she's my twin and we got another twin who's schooling at KC.
well , that made us triplets. HAHA.
nevermind. they're very good people. love them to the max.
i'll post some fansigns that they did for me during sec1 !! hahaa.
so cute lah Siti Omairah Bte Amrhan & Vanessa Josephine Tan Shu Fen ! =P
I cant forget the memorise we shared together in sec 1 =)
for ur info , its still fresh in my head, like it happened just yesterday.
eg,the birth drawings is funny , the punishments that Mrs Ong gave the class was fun!
hahaha. and we enjoyed it. especially that vanessa .
hahaa... greattttttttttt times lahh babes!
i wanna go back !!! miss u guys man !!!
we should hang out soon. the 3 of us. xD

ahahaha. helped mum cook another dish. haizzzzz...
so after that , got ready to go to cuzzins's house.
b4 that , dad gave each of us $10!
but could swore i left it in my cabinet.
but abour 8 mins later , its LOST ! wth !!!!!!!!!
i must find tomorrow. i think that brat took it and dropped somewhere in the house.
so anyways , reached cuzzins house and only nenek in the house.
and nenek dunno how to open the door cuz its locked. i think?
but we figured out how to open the door at last.
as my cuzzin and family werent at home , we self service. HAHA.
watched the soccer match between malaysia & vietnam.
malaysia ! i got no comments lah ehh ... HAHA xD
so soon cuzzins & family got back home..
i only got to talk to my DEAR CUZZIN , AYUNI! , like for a short while.
SO SAD . hahaa.. she got a cute voice. HAHA xD ( ayuni i know u'll be reading this and saying why u have a cute voice & accent )
and i know i havent answered the question tadi. ahaa...
anyways , i lurve talking to her... cuz she's just one year older than me.
hahaaa.. my kakak sedare ?? xD
but i really look at her like she's my age. really2.
cuz she's cute ! hahaaa..
ayuni ... i know u'll ask me again why i say u cute. HAHA.
so after the short conversations , had to go to my dad's side -.-"
said goodbyes and headed to bibik's house.
paman mali & wak yoh family already reach.
oh and abg udin and kak wati also. NEWLY WED. lol.
eat eat eat eat then listen to bibik sabah's story and stuff. LOL.
very interesting. she talks about her holiday to genting =)
and other stuffs.. hahaaaa..
so yupp , sooon people go back one by one.
and we were the last family.
while waiting for abg hadi to get the car ,
suddenly paman saleemi went down to give us the umbrella we left. HAHA.
then said goodbye and stuff ..
soon abg hadi came and headed home.
yupp . and now im updating my blog.
woopiee ! like finally i finish this long post. HAHA.
hmmmm .. i sud post some photos the next time.
this blog is very plain. lol.
but the thing is.. im lazy ! =P

ohkay , its nearly 4am and im still awake. HAHA.
I think i better sleep now.

listened to the sweet sound @ 3:42 AM

Friday, December 5, 2008 ♥

haiizzz.. i knew this is gonna happen sooner or later.
but im not surprised at all lah cuz i knew -.-
well , for the people who are affected ,
dont cry okayyz ? i know he dont wanna hurt our feelings.
so he didnt tell us. haizzz.
but i say , if u're really his true supporters ,
then do keep supporting him.
i bet he is really dissapointed to those who think negatively.
life is all about choices and we have to respect his choice.
it is his life anyways , and he have chosen that way & it is supported by his family.
so it is destined.
i know he really cares for us but theres other important people too.
so he cannot please everyone..
so .. u can just leave him and may never see him again ,
or you could always be behind his back and see him perform his heart out.
guys , think carefully ~

listened to the sweet sound @ 12:11 PM

Thursday, December 4, 2008 ♥


Midnight Message :

Cheyhh dah 15 ahs... ade grow taller tk? HAHA.
ohkay im just kidding.. hehe. hmmm.. i still can remember
the frist time i met u. which is kat BPP! haha.
and got tis part where kite both tgh raising our hands to
go on stage with aliff! haha. funny stuff! haizzz..
and and the part kat harbourfront! umi fiza said sumting
like die ade byk menantu? LOL. u remember? xD haha.
greatt times... u're the first aliffangel that i get to
know & that made U special to me girl ;D
may we be great frens for eternity & i'll treasure this
friendship 4ever. hehe. ok this is getting way too
cheesy. HAHA. but really2 , although i dont show it
that much , just remember that i care for u aites !
Hope u'll have a very happy birthday , full of
surprises tomorrow! ;D hehe.
Lurrve u MUACKS! haha. my msg very long xD

Shafeeqa/Fee: HAHAHAHAHA! Be proud that yrs is th longest, haha.
Awwwh , thats so sweet! I rmber those moments too!
Haha , ty so much! ily ( muacks emoticon)

HAHAHA ! so thats the story . LOL.
This is my longest birthday message i've given. HAHA.
consider urself lucky fee ! hahaaa...

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008 ♥

Monday , 1Dec08

Went to Orchard Cineleisure to watch WILDCHILD!
So firstly , waited for amirah & azura to arrive @ bedok inter..
Had an interesting chat with amirah while waiting for azura..
although i already forgot half of the stuff we talked about. xD
So yeahh azura came by & we head off to the MRT !
i dunno why but bedok mrt is always crowded -.-
then the people just seems to go away by eunos mrt. HAHA !
then sooon got quite crowded also but not as crowded as bedok. lol.
so anyways , at one point , azura suddenly wanted to go out to dhoby ghaut station cuz i think she saw alot of people went out. LOL.
that was hilarious.
but another major part was , we are suppose to go down to sommerset but we didnt know. so amirah suddenly went out of the MRT @ sommerset.
thinking that she is pranking us ( like she always do ) , me & azura just stayed inside... HAHAA.
until amirah like stressing for us to come out & the door is about to be closed ! haha...
funny moments.. then me & azura was like paisey and laughing like crazy people.
haizzz.. u see , amirah ! u must stop pranking people. it affects the people living around you. HAHA xD
so we walked to the place and bought the tickets which is on the first floor.
but we aint sure on what floor is the cinema.
so we randomly pressed the buttons of the lift. hahaha !
and suddenly amirah saw the side guides saying that its on the fourth floor but we stopped at fifth floor and rush down the escalator cuz we were late.
hahaa.. so we rushed to the counter to buy popcorns & zasty zapple xD
so yerrpp , 1 min to WILDCHILD !
we ran to the hall 7 and were relieved that the movie havent start yet.
so yerpp , after some time the movie soon start.
and our seats is like so cool lah cuz the screen is like so big xD
we were at the front2 section xD
so ... yeahhh .. " who are we??! " !! hahaaa..
must see the movie to understand :D
anyways , the movie is like so cool ahh ! for teenage girls.
the storyline is pretty awesome and its funny. hahaaa..
but people at the cinema is like sooooo slowww..
some part they didnt laugh and i think only me , azura & amirah laughed.
haha.. and some part they laughed like soon after. HAHA. bozo-s !
so yerrpp , the movie is so cool.
After the movie , walked around the mall.. the shops are nice.
cuz i havent seen them b4 xD
and theres one part where theres 2 wannabe girls looked at me&amirah like a zillion times( ok exagerating ) and somewhat gossiping?
me and amirah was like , stared at them ahh sehh..
like seriously , why are they looking at us ? got prob keper sehh biatch!(wildchild)
haha. okay i shouldnt use that word cuz they arent worth it to be called that.
they're just some wannabe kids ... hahaaa..
but me & amirah was like laughing in our mind.
those two dorks are seriously childish.
moooving on ...
So i waited for them while they eat at LJS.
i wasnt hungry really.. and those two bozos said im obsessed about food !
well actually , i said theres carbs in there. HAHA. but i was joking !
i wanted to reanact(i dunno how to spell) poppy moore. hahaa.
but really i wasnt hungry cuz i ate popcorn & drank gasy water :D
so yahh talked alot and azura was seriously hungry. HAHA.
anyways , soon after , theres 2 guys seating across us.
so ermmm.. i said to azura " dorang mcm gay " . HAHA.
abehh azura ketawe tk perlu lah seh. then amirah lost! hahaa.. but nevermind.
when we wanted to go out of LJS , so i said to azura again .. " definitely gay " HAHA. and yerpp !! azura agreed then we burst out laughing like crazy people again.
and amirah lost again until we explained ... xD
and amirah said they lookind at us. hahaa.. skali drg terdengar. haha ! xD
but those 2 gays are cute ahh . well , maybe they're not gay. just seems like it.
i dunno why but some lembut people are quite cute. hahaa. must agree with me (:
anyways , went out of LJS and there goes PLANET HITAM !! hahas.
( inside joke ) AMIRAH&AZURA U GUYS SUD KNOW ! hahaaa..
klaaaaaaaakarrrrrr sio ~~ nevermind.
so next amirah told to go heeren but me&azura just walked to the traffic like cuz theres a green man. hahaa.
then amirah called out that heeren is the other side and theres a better route?
haha! so me & azura walked back half away through the traffic light ! xD
the car drivers must think we're lame. hahaa !
anyways , head down to heeren HMV cd shop.
its like sooo COOL ahh sehh. the biggest CD shop ever ! 3 storeys! hahaa..
oh and they sold calenders with celebrities pictures on them.
they got like HSM , Zac Efron&the boys , Camp Rock , Hannah Montana and lottts more!
I lurvvee the christiano ronaldo one. so freakin' hot . like seriously.. haha.
but its wayyyyyy expensive ! $17.50 ! -.-
oh yes , forgot to mention that " february " pictures of the celebrities are the awesomest ! hahaaaa.. its like february is so popular for main casts xD
niwaes, and the shirts of bands & hsm are like twice the sum ! -.-" -.-"
haizzz.. the hsm one is so cool cuz theres number 14 behind it.
and its troy's jersey number. hahaaa.. obsessed much. xD
and my register number is .... 14 !!!! hahaa xD
coool or whuatts. ok , nurul stop it .
After all that stuff , walked around the mall .
Im quite impressed cuz its like totally a great place for shopping.
well if u have the money of course ! xD
oh and one point , theres this auntie selling chocolates!
u know the small shops selling expensive ones. yerppp !
and they're halal. hahaaa.. so we liked to taste some of the chocolates. like duh!
so the auntie go and advertise the different types of chocolates and all were like so good ! if i were rich enough , i'd buy some of it.
but its wayyyyyy too expensive. 100g is $9.90 !! isnt that the craziest thing ever?
hahaaa. so amirah started the acting part. hahaaa..
so yahh , amirah said that we're in a rush & next time we'd buy them.
so me & amirah walked away but azura stood there like some kind of zombie!
HAHAHAH !! its like she's falling in love with the chocolates & lost her mind. LOL.
Soon after , theres this middle section of the mall where theres this LCD screen.
and they showed mtv trl : casts of hsm ! hahaa..
vanessa seems so tall . like me ! only once or twice a year !
* inside joke *
i'll be like tall for one day or two , then i'll be short again the next day.
like izzat said .. " nurul , kau dah pendek balek eh ? " HAHAHA !
and so does my other peeps. urgh. i know im short ! -.-
well , the shortest among all i mean. hahaaa...
ANYWAYS, stayed for awhile to watch them and azura doesnt want to leave.
hahaa. she's star-struck by zac efron. lol.
and me & amirah was like urging azura to move... hahaaa..
soon , we wanted to go down the escalator.. BUT ...
amirah was leading the wrong way and wanted to go to the one that goes up !
and i stupidly followed !!! hahaa !! bozo ..
and the uncle was like priceless face as said as azura..
and was putting his hand up to signal to amirah not to move further. haha!
kekek siaoww .. haizzz..
soon went to tampines mrt to buy sushi @ ramen ten. so nice :)
while on the mrt , talked bout some shitzz . hahaa.
i cant forget bout planet hitam ! hahaa !! xD
haizz.. niwaes , rested at macdonald awhile & amirah bought strawberry milkshake!
yummy.. its like half melted ice-cream. LOL.
soon after , we went our separate ways..
but azura went to amirah's house. haha. sempat~
and then .. accidentally met my father and we went home together. LOL.
home sweet home !

Tuesday , 2Dec08

Woke up to help my mum babysit aqilah! haha. she's such a brat.
Sooon , naqi called and we chatted & chatted bout stuff which u dont need to know.. hahaaa.. and actually , i was helping my mum cook at that point of time.
and 10 mins later i had my lunch/breakfast ! (:
while munching on my delicious pasta , naqi had to put down cuz of some reasons which u dont need to know again. and probably didnt have the intention to knw. haha.
nevermind. so yerpp. after that , washed the piles of dishes waiting for me -.-
seriously , i dunno why theres so much of them.
it keeps piling up.. well , it wouldnt if people could wash it themselves! haiz!
so after that i rested awhile and started to winter-clean my room. hahaa..
and i turned on the music and practised my vocals. hahaa !
cheyhh practice vocals keperr.. xD
hmmmm .. i found out that i cannot sing low notes.
i'll sound like a horrible troll and go flat. hahaaa..
niwaes , i need to buy a new wardrobe !!! a big one !! xD
my wardrobe seems messy cuz of the lack of space. haha.
so yerrpp , my pinkish room looks great now :)
After that i bathed and followed my father&aqilah to Giant Tampines. haha.
I love going there at night. so cool ahh.
and the aircon is so cold when u enter . seriously ! hahaa..
So yahh after all the shopping and went back home.
So its 11pm at night , all tired and stuff ~
but i had to give service to my dad -.-
which is massaging him ! haiizzz..

Wednesday 3Dec08 ( today )

Woke up at 8.00am cuz that brat woke up.
so yahh , and who has to babysit her early in the morning ?
the award goes to ME ! -.-
sometimes , u feel disheartened when u little sister doesnt want to listen to you , and she listens to ur mum but we're asking for the same things?
its like so frustrating lah seh. and when she wants to play ,
she goes to me ! urghh .. nevermind.
so yahh , entertained her until about 2pm .
and now im blogging.. woopie.. lol.
and i dunno what else to write cuz this post is very lengthy already. hahaa.


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