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Monday, August 31, 2009 ♥


Alyph - I Used To Live In The Dark
( go to my music box on the right side of the page. second track. nice melody ) ^-^

I used to live in the dark, girl
In a faraway land,
And the place just gets darker and darker,
You tried, you tried to go in and help me,
But the more you went in it got harder to set yourself free,
And i stayed, where i was at,
took that time to look back,

But you, you know my ways,
And all you had to do was wait for today

When i find my light,
I used to live in the dark,
But i found my light,
Now i can see in the dark

So i'm on a journey, but the roads goin down,
so if you are with me, with me
You need to know it sucks to be falling,
But that's after you've crossed the line,
So the race yeah you won it,
We used to live in the dark, girl
Both you and i,
But you made it out and baby i stayed inside,

But you, you know my ways,
And all you had to do is
wait for today

When i find my light,
I used to live in the dark,
But i found my light,
Now i can see in the dark

I should call you my hero,
I should call you my love,
I should call you the one
i'm living this life for,
But now i can see you,
Coz it's gettin brighter,
I think that i am just gonna stay right here,

Stay right here..


i don't know why i put up those lyrics. hahaa.


yesterday i buka-ed at nenek's house.
finally get to meet ayuni cuzzin!
had a good talk & laughed like crazy as usual..
so yesterday i didnt study. prelims in 2 days. -.-

so anyways, today was teachers day!
ermmm. had Skipathon for aces. whatever. HAHA.
skip skip.
hurried back to class and had a brief planning to surprise ms syarifah!
sooon ms syarifah came in.
as her eyes were covered with tie by hui yim,
she cant see lah. so we like " boo2 " her.
idk whats the point ah. to make her scared i think.
but its actually nothing lah ! HAHA.
then when the tie was removed,
we sang her teachers day song and make noises like crazy animals. lol!
after that sang a special song composed by the class committee?
the song very funny lahh !! xD
and the tune is the nobody wondergirls song. hahaa.
have yet to get the lyrics from jojo. haizz. priceless man.

so anyways, ms syarifah was touched as this was the first time a class sang for her for teachers day in 7 years of teaching in damai. nyehah!
so yeahh. its a nice feeling when u see ur teacher happy. aye ? :D
after that people gave presents and stuff.
then she made her very inspirational "speech". haha.
i think she's a very wise person. i look up to her. good role model. at times. LOL.

so yeahh, went to the hall for teachers day concert.
hmmmm... ?? quite boring lah. only some performances gerek. :)
saw many many many ex-damaians. hahaaaa.
banyak semakin cute! =p
k tk perlu !! stop it sia nurul. wth.

HAHA. k bye lahh. gonna study later. :)

listened to the sweet sound @ 9:38 PM

Friday, August 28, 2009 ♥

im so happy the weekends are here again to meet me. haha!
i just love the feeling that theres no school tomorrow. ^-^

anyways, today right, i WALKED to school. haha.
did i mention that my school is like soooo far away from my house?
tapi saya sanggop pasal tadi pagi cuaca dingin! best best!
pastu dengar my music. combo lah ehh.
reached school and my hair messy cuz of the constant wind blowing in my face.
nyehahah !
so today, lessons was okayy.
i got 21.5/35 for physics test. okaylah. not bad la cuz mr sng said 60% of the class fail.
but to me stil not good lahh ! must work harder nurul! :D
recess time, did my maths homework since smalam tertido cepat. haiyaks.
olevel paper 2 2008 quite susah. but the paper 1 easy.
wonder whats up for us this year. tskk !

after school, wanna top up my ez link.
from damai sec, walked to bedok interchange. HAHA !!
tak habes-habes walk eh? pffftt.
eh but this journey was longer u know !! o.o
nk katakan penat tu, okaylah.
somehow i feel that my body can now tahan with walking long distances.
provided tengah puasa! hahaa.
i think i can survive walking through sahara dessert now. chehh mcm paham! -.-

hmmmm... actually i just came back home.
*time check* 11.39pm. HAHA. lambat perrss.
went to buka at rasa-rasa thai restaurant near my house and it costed us $100 !
can die sia tengok bill. tapi tkperlah. bapak baru gaji ! nyehehee.. ^-^
after that went to Tampines Giant and met bibik sabah,paman & zuhaili ! lol!
adek zuhaili so cute lah ~ tu budak kecik suke smile at me. HAHA. xD
eherrmmm anyways, bought my facial stuffs and body lotion ! finally.
i've been waiting cuz my face is really getting on nerves. -.-
and my skin getting drier nowadays. double -.-
hope the body lotion can help with my dry skin. not mentioning that its getting darker!
saya stress tau nak pikir pasal ni sumerr? chehh! xD
tak lah. i more stress bout my prelims & olevels actually.
tomorrow must study !

happy sahuring laterrrr ! :)
now im entertaining iskandar! hahaa. wheeeeeeeee !
budak ni kan, have a great life tau.
i jealous. nk switch life dgn dier lah pls. k tk perlu!
sayang sama dia.

ps. i wanna go baybeats !!
and guess what?
friday(tonight) got west grand boulevard and I DONT KNOW?! now must miss it.
i dont know how many times miss west grand's performances -.-
saturday's & sunday's band tk kenal.

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:49 PM

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 ♥


semoga kaseh berjaya dalam hidop yerr?
takmo sedeh2 selalu tau. must live life to the fullest! ^-^
heheh. have a very happy birthday ahead :)
stay pretty k dear ! *winkwink*

alrights, so today was a pretty normal day lahh.
laugh here laugh there.
physics test was... hmmmmm.. idk what to say. hahaa!
oh yahh, yesterday skipped my maths tuition.
today mcm regret gitu pasal my tuition mahal gilerr beb !
haiyaaakkkkss. yesterday mcm penat la nk gi.
so at home, i studied for physics! but then today's test tk tau lah kalau boleh pass.
nyehahaaaa.. hmmm..
tomorrow got F&N test but im not sure what to study. lol? xD

nevermind, skarang saya mahu relek2 dahulu. probably after buka baru blaja. ^-^
tataaaa people!

xoxo !

* kau buat aku katakan ' i love you ' *

listened to the sweet sound @ 4:03 PM

Monday, August 24, 2009 ♥


because of you, i'll sleep well tonight.
thank u. and goodnight! ♥

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:18 PM

YAY ! kite da habes f&n coursework ! ^-^
mcm finally gitu loh. hahaaa.
time to start my revision !!

anyways, today is first day of puasa in school.
mygawwwd i talk alot today. HAHA. its suppose to be the other way round.
ni lahh. dudok sebelah bestie! tk boleh stop ketawa.
mentang2 budak tu tak.......... k tkper. aku tk nk reveal. eh azura?! xD
lagi satu plak, mat irritating!
asyik2 jerr nk kene kan orang! haha. but best ah gadoh dengan budak ni.
although mcm never ending, haiyaaa. tkperlah. ku maafkan.
so, perbualan kiter terpaksa ditunda kerna kamu mahu gi blaja..
hahahaa. idris idris... stop it siaaaa ! takmo batalkan puasa aku bleh tk? LOL.

so yeahh, today had a really fun day. :D



Me, OUT!!!! ^-^

listened to the sweet sound @ 4:26 PM

Sunday, August 23, 2009 ♥

hari ni kite buka ketam masak cili padi !
teehee ! suke ! suke ! ^-^
okayy. im off now. just a short post.

*ihave been missing out on the sembahyang jemaah-s this two days with family.
damn. damn. damn. damn.
im sorry. i dont know what came over me.
can't believe i priorities f&n coursework than beribadah.
im such a bad hamba. pls forgive me, Allah.
tomorrow,after sahur. i promise.

listened to the sweet sound @ 8:43 PM

im glad we had the talk yesterday night.
now everything's clear to me.
thanks for everything you've given me.
and now, lets just hold on and never leave each other.
k rockstar? u mean alot to me :)

listened to the sweet sound @ 2:49 PM

Friday, August 21, 2009 ♥


heheee. yay dah puasa ! ^-^
best lah bangon pagi2 sahur ... hehe.
brings back childhood memories. always.
haha. mcm phm best bangon sahur eh?
first day jerr, nanti da lamer2 liat nk bangon. hehe!

hmmmm ... okay first day puasa today.
feeling excited. idk why. hahaa.
im not sure if i'll be going out today. probably? :D
then buka kat luar ! woohh ! haha.

alrights, will update later k.
byebye! muackksss !

listened to the sweet sound @ 12:48 PM

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 ♥

stupid B3. dang it ~

tomorrow's english olevel oral. gaspp !

listened to the sweet sound @ 9:01 PM

Monday, August 17, 2009 ♥












hello readers!
so im just gonna update briefly. hahaa.

went to esplanade concourse with bestie azura on saturday!! :D
it was for the Local Motion: Sleeq ! ^-^
had a great day/night lah !!
rif & lyph so funny lah as usual.
and and. enjoyed their special attention during the performance!
* nudge nudge bestie * bestie takmo jealous !!! =p
also made alot alot alot of new friends! WOOH! best!

after the event at esplanade, went to geylang for the light up event thingy.
only concentrated on sleeq's performance and suci's actor&actress appearance.
lol. and people dont be jealous.
cuz me & bestie had a CLEAR view of Rizky & Dinda ! :D
they were only 1m away from us went they walked pass with all the securities.
nyehahahaaaaa.. best lah. handsome & lawa noh dorang.

then on sunday, went to bussorah street and watched FMA at Hajjah Esah Cafe :D
after that me & family go jalan2 :)
eat at east coast and saw someone very familiar. haha!
keep looking at him ! xD
then suddenly my mind snap and i now i know who's him.
HAHA. kept giggling at the way he promote his satay lorrr ~
but gerek lahh. best tgk dorang semangat ^-^
anyways, bought satay from haron nyer stall. i think thats the name.
sedap sedap sedap! hahaa.
then homed ~

today, masok class ajerr,
budak irritating, Idris bebual jepun ! -.-
k i cut my hair. mcm doll. hahaaa !
manyak-manyak orang panggil kiter cute & doll nohhh ~
happy happy ! hahaaaaaaa.
but the bangs ah. i tell u, hard to manage -.-
k nevermind. omg i havent do maths homework..
okaylahh. i'll stop here .

listened to the sweet sound @ 6:51 AM

Friday, August 14, 2009 ♥











today felt really tired.
went home late yesterday from singapore expo!
Mega Raya Sale ! haha.

went there with bestie and family.
bstie free ride again. hahaha !

okayy reached there soon lahh. around 7.45pm.
dam dam dam dam dam dam...
enjoyed SleeQ's & Aliff Aziz's Performance! ^-^
stuffs that happened today , i think i shall keep it personal.
hahaa. ehh bestie?!!
its only between u , me and THEM ! * kening naik2 *

oh yes. met kaseh yesterday.
approached her and talk2 a little bit. haha!
like soooo random lah. sorry kaseh eh! xD
anyways, will link u up soon dear! :)

ahhhhh !
had much FUN yesterday ! ;D

today. got to wear dressdown tee to school!
hmmm.. pretty comfortable lah. not bad eh.
oh yeah,got our maths test on vectors back!
i got 16/25 . hahahaa. yay i pass. xD

recess, ate nasi tomato. HAHA.
sounds disgusting huh? but nice hor! =p
after recess, chemistry pre prelim.
hmmmm... okaylah. the paper not that hard.
but i didnt study. HAHA.
after one sleepy hour, mr ahmad went through the paper together with the whole cohord of the graduating classes.
sat beside bestie and idris !
bestie gerek! idris irritating !
urgh. ade ke die patot panggil aku minah?!!
abehh tu tkper, salahkan budak ite plakk!
tk semestinye aku ade kawan ITE aku jadi perangai kan?!
i know la sometimes i say " sia/sial/siak "
but so? im still good inside taus! haha!
tengok ah saperr orang dulu eh.
geram lahhh ! iskk !
abehh pastu nk step pujok plakk lepas tu.
nyampah akuuu ! hahaaaa.

but had a great time lah just now.
idris kept asking mr sng whether his answers are correct.
haha. dah salah tu salah lah eh budakk ! =p

after school, went for TB injection again.
PAIN! mygawddd. the bump is getting bigger.

alright. i better go now!

listened to the sweet sound @ 7:12 PM

Monday, August 10, 2009 ♥

ok i should post this yesterday but no time lah. haha.

anyways, yesterday went out with family.
was suppose to meet relatives at barrage to see fireworks !
but the road to barrage already closed. haiyerrrr.. -.-
then me&family went to eat instead. blablablaaaa ~
went to buy swensens ice-cream cake for motherr.
straightaway went home after that to put the cake in the fridge.
waited till midnight and then... 10 August !! :D
HAPPY BIRTHDAY IBU! hahaa. love u love u love ! xoxo
went out again and fetched abang ilham from work.
then head to changi village to buy drinks and stuff.
then went to changi beach !! and theres alot of ppl there. haha.
k whatever. cut birthday cake and sang happy birthday song! :D
and the best part is when we got to eat the ice-cream cake! wooohh ! best! =p
yadaaaaaaaaaa yadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~
homed! :D

I also wanna thank AzuraBestie & IskandarRockstar for wishing my mum Happy Birthday. lol!


today not going out. need to study for pre-prelim.
and yet im blogging right now. HAHA. k lahh.
byebyeee !

listened to the sweet sound @ 4:24 PM

Friday, August 7, 2009 ♥

yoyoyo !!
i dont know why im so excited in the morning.
which is ermmm... 3.13am ! haha.

but the truth is, im very tired and lazy right now.
im just gonna get this done and over with. ( updating blog ) lol!
actually i forgot to add some major stuffs to the previous posts.

wednesday, bestie went to my house after school ! :D
it was damn fun lahh as usual !!!
laugh like hell 24/7 !
and guess what? mum said she can hear us laugh like crazy people from next door.
pfffttt ! must be hard to live with us if me&bestie were twins. xD
1 minute and there will be some screeching sounds of laughter. lol!
but seriously, i dont think i can live with bestie.
boleh pergi mental hospital sia. ketawa ketawa.. hahaaa.
oh yahh! bestie azura blanja me hello panda in exchange for something which i shall not tell it here lahh.. lol.. personal2.

we had to create our own games lah.
then john asked me,azura,naqi and arina to join their group.
so we agreed lah. so we played captain's ball but change it to frisbee.
my team was me,azura,john,robin and yong peng.
the other team consists of naqi,arina,chia chern,shawn woo and jefferson.
so uneven lahh ehh ! we lost to them 2-5 ! haha.
but it was really fun lahh!!! like the most fun pe lesson ever! xD
kept screaming and "urghing" !
so many funny incidents. and damn jeff was blocking frisbees all the way.
which prevents us from scoring obviously! lol!
ok i'll be saying this for the last time....

after pe was f&n. okay test. easy.
then Mother Tongue, watched Histeria !!
i watched already lah so was not scared because of the " boohs "
and like , it was the guys who screamed -.-
especially idris and taufiq!
pastu dua2 pelok bag plak tuu.. astaghfirullahalazim..
it was a funny scene..
then Cikgu Noh paused at the very very interesting part. eh naqi?! xD
but nevermind lah.

after school.
walked home with bestie. showed her my "route" home. hahaa.
and bestie accidentally splatted bandung on my uniform!! -.-
i dont know how it happened serious. it was too sudden. HAHA.
reached my house like a few centuries later. cuz our walking rate was slow. HAHA.
but it was fun lah. everytime fun lah eh with bestie.
i dont know how many time i used that word. xD

today, NDP celebration 2009. "WOOPIE"
k nevermind. tk perlu eh sarcasm.
the singing was okay. actually i almost cried thinking of my primary school days.
haizzz.. miss damai pri. eh azura,idris ? :D

after school , went to eat & hang out with bestie,amirah,naqi,arina,nana,hafsah,raikha and aliyah.
me&bestie went to bubbletea shop first then meet them back.
it was okayy lahh. listened to music and emo-ed.
did some fun talks then homed with bestie again!
bought maltesers!!!!!! :D

homed. accidentally dozed off.
woke up. bathed. went out. shopped. eat. chilled @ changi beach.

hehee. kk my post is getting so lengthy.
thanks for those who read until here eh. HAHA.

k i'll keep my bday wish personal. check ya phone. haha.

k byeee !

listened to the sweet sound @ 3:13 AM

Thursday, August 6, 2009 ♥


i didnt realise that i forgot to post the picture above me in the previous post until bestie told me.
HAHA. so yeahh thats syarif. asked him to pose for me during the album launch.
rif cheeky ehhhh?? hahaa. tk perlu. but CUTE (: *winkwink*

so anyways!
the week has been okay but always felt sleepy.
yesterday was chemistry test. it was okay. idk. haha.
today got F&N and Geography test.
F&N test quite easy lah as usual. can pass.
Geography was doable. the test was quite easy. but idk if the points that i wrote was relevant. haha. i didnt study for it. xD
then POA got surprise test! -.- basket sia cikgu.
but its okay lah. quite simple. but i made some mistakes. haiyerrr.

EH! i havent do CME journal. not planning to do though.
cant possibly complete 7 entries in 1 night kan? gilerr.
haizzz.. kene marah pon kene marah lah eh nurul. ape nk buat.
hmmmm... next week shall be a very busy week.
f&n coursework , pre-prelim exams. so many things to study.
and i'll be celebrating mum's birthday during the weekends.
how eh ? i'll call my manager to do my time scedule later.
cehhh mcm paham jekk ! step artist plak kat sini..
"menyampah aku" NUDGE NUDGE BESTIE! haha.

alrights. i think berok , eh i mean bro nk use the comp. haha.

k bye ! :D

listened to the sweet sound @ 9:58 PM

Monday, August 3, 2009 ♥

finally i have the time to update this bloggy.
haiz.. i have so many things to talk about !! arghh.. hahaa.
anyways, last saturday,
me & family went to VivoCity cuz mum wanted to buy Bonia bag so badly @ Tangs. -.-
so expensive lah okay. mummy waste money ajerr. ahahaaa.
not like me eh. i only bought a $17.90 shades! reasonable price for some damn gorgeous thangg ~
then my family say my face looks "kerek" when i wear those shades. HAHA. mcm phm..
anyways, as i was saying lah kan. went to vivo jalan2 and eat.
after that, at night, went to Henderson Waves !! LIKE FINALLY :D
damn that place is nice lah at night. can baring at the papan & sleep.
hahaaa. the air was so cool. i like :D
and got this group of teenagers playing with somekind of light sticks thingy.
so cool to watch them swing the light sticks around.. hahaa.
oh yes yes, iskandar was suppose to follow us go jalan2 but he work !
so sad ahh. next time next time! henderson waves a must go together hor ! xD
reached home at about 12+ i think.

next day, which is a sunday, which is yesterday, LOL.
went to SleeQ ClassiQ's Album Launch !!!!! WOOHHH ~ :D
abang hadi sent me&bestie to taman warisan.

abang hadi: eh syarif ah!
nurul: huh? serious perr. * looks outside the window *
nurul: eh siokk ahh! azura !!! syarif !!

* syarif looks inside the car with the " mcm kenal jek budak ni " face !! * < CUTE BTW EH

AND I WAS WEARING SHADES SIA ! he can't have x-ray vision right? haha.
but OH WELL ! hahaa.
THEN SYARIF SMILE AT ME !! :D awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ~ sweet ahh ehhh..
then syarif smile at bestie pon cuz bestie sitting behind.
then he went into the car with his friend and he drove of. cehh ade license seh.

haizzzzz... such memories i wouldnt forget forever and forever. CEHH !
haha. kk maintain nurul maintain.

ANYWAYS, me&bestie the first 2 people to arrive -.-
i think syarif pon mcm .... " eh siol ah budak ni datang cepat perrs. "
HAHA. manyakk nyer paiseyhh..
so we went around arab street. then eat ice-cream. then went back to taman warisan.
went to the toilet and took lotsaa pictures. :D
went to the Istana Hall , to wait for the event to start ah. we're still early though.
naseb baik tu hall ade air-con eh. nyehehehehe.
many many many funny things happen lurhh. but lazy to elaborate.

SOON . the album launch starts ! LIKE FINALLY!
haiyahhh.. where to start ehh ?
lets just say that the event was AWESOME & HILARIOUS.
Syarif & Alyph was obviously very cute. HAHA.
yadaaaaaa yadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. lazy elaborate.
after the thing end, got to eat some cakes & kuihs. SEDAP GILER. (:
met syarif&alyph and took pictures and all that.
after that, send zuzu home and picked abg ilham.
whole family then went to changi beach(once again) then to simei banquet to eat.
hahaaaa. end of the awesome day. HOMED.

lessons was monotonous. for me lahh. i think i didnt get enuf sleep!
but i had a great weekend. no doubt. EH BESTIE?! :D
so today didnt really study that much luhhh. idk lah.
k i shall stop blabbing.
i've uploaded some of the videos on YOUTUBE.
pls search : NurulCherrydoll
go watch the videos. rate and comment ! thank you! :D
























listened to the sweet sound @ 8:18 PM

Saturday, August 1, 2009 ♥

Good Morning People !! :D
now its like ermmms... 2.47am in the morning !
just came back from simpang bedok & changi beach actually. o.o
decided to update bloggie for awhile ~

okay so wanna give a shoutout to dearest classmate, Rafidah !
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY !! hehe. sorry for updating this today. it sud be yesterday, i know.
hahaa. anyways, im sorry if i did anything wrong to you. seriously, i didnt mean to.
and have a very happy sweet sixteen aites?
stay sweet always :D

i feel so happy today.
after school, last minute plan. eherrmmm2.*nudge nudge bestie* , when to bestie's house!
watch tons of sleeq videos and other videos. HAHA.
its always fun when u're watching vids with ur love ones. awwww.. HAHA.
but seriously ahh, just now was hell of a fun time. ehh bestie? :D

went home. walking far distance. again. HAHA.
somehow i like walking home. but i hate the pespiring part. tk best.
thats why i always walk home on thursday, cuz have PE , and on friday cuz its the last day!
hahahaa. so yeahhh. got home and bath and all that.

after maghrib, went to simpang bedok to eat !
i ate fish and chips ! yum yum! sedapp lahh. haiz. mcm mane nk lose weight gini?
and and , the ice milo so sedap lah. im a fan of simpang. HAHA. random.
but i went to simpang like only around 10 times in my life. LOL.
aperr nyerr fan eh? xD

after eating, went to Changi Beach to chill with family.
as usual, dad was behaving like small kid and mum kept asking bout someone. haha!
tkperlahh ehh.. terpakse layankan. -.-
yadaaa yadaaaaaa... went home ! :D

washed up and here i am ! hahaaa.
im going to bed soon. nanti ade org tu marah. ehermm2.
anyways! i very happy lah. just chatted with someone.
*sigh* best lahh u. why do i have to meet u b4 olevels? -.-
kan nanti tkleh concentrate. HAHA. mcm phm.

no lahh.. i knw olevels very important. must study hard! :D



ps. maths & poa test was okay.. so glad thats over.

listened to the sweet sound @ 2:44 AM

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AdiSutrisno Aiishah AliffAziz AmirahBestie AnaFarhana Aryna Ayeen AyuSaffee AyuniZafirah Azza AzuraBestie Azwandi DavidArchuleta Deeyana Dian Ema Efenddy Fana FarahAmira FarrahLasrin Farhan GimChen Hafsah HuiYim Ida Izwan Johnson Joceline Kaliesa Kaseh KassimDanial Khair Khalisa Kimberlyn Mirah Myra Nadhirah Nana NaqiyahBestie Norfasarie NurFarhana NurulAini NurulJannah Omairah Pan PeiYan Rafidah Raikha Roxane Roxaz RP Shafeeqa SingaporeIdolSeason3 SleeQ SleeqOfficialBlog Sofiah StillYoungz Sufri Suriah Syafiqah Syazana TabithaNauser Vivian Wardah Yanah YantiCuzzin YantiCuzzinBlogshop ZhenXin Zul

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