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Wednesday, July 29, 2009 ♥

♥ Love is like magic.But sometimes,magic can just be an illusion.♥

SleeQ taught me lots bout magic potions.
in this case, magic stands for love.
I feel that i've found the most amazing person to waste time with.
baby, u just know how to make me smile.
my heart flutters when u're with me.
i love how u talk it out. the lovely messages u sent.
i just love how u're being .. you.
but once again, magic can just be an illusion.

yes i believe im just living in this world of fantasy.
i love u. but do u really feel the same way,
despite all the things we've been through?
yes, u're such a darling to me. so manja.
but i just can't stop thinking bout ur true intentions.
do u feel that im just another girl u have to entertain?
do you think im not sincere enough for you?
i realised that i barely know you, but i just feel that u're actually really a good guy.

but i can't give away myself for u if im nt certain that u're serious.
and i hope to get an answer from u soon.

listened to the sweet sound @ 7:15 PM

Saturday, July 25, 2009 ♥















Heyyall ! ~

I had such a great saturday yesterday!

as amirah&naqi couldnt make it, only me & bestie azura went out.
firstly, went to TKC to see SleeQ!
nyehahaaa. the event was hilarious ahh.
ehh bestie? :D
had a blast at TKC.
the overwhelming feeling made both of us felt dizzy. HAHAH.

after that, went to woodlands mrt/interchange and got lost.
haizz.. felt miserable cuz we're confused on which bus to take uhh to republic poly.
board bus 903, as told by iskandar,budak woodlands la katerkan.
then we stopped 1 stop after the interchange. LOL.
searched for Republic Poly.
haha. funny stuff eh bestie? shall not elaborate.

Then we walked in to Republic Poly uhhh for Ignite Music Festival 2009! nice entrance.
when we reached, November Iris was playing.
MYGAWWDDD. they're awesome!!
and the lead singer, power larhh!
pastu tiba2 dier ckp melayu!
and i went : " EH DIE MELAYU?! "
HAHA. muke tk mcm melayu..
lamerr2 tgk , baru mcm melayu eh bestie? cute ahh ehh dier. hehe.

me&bestie sat at the lawn for awhile lah.
after many2 people came, then we standed up.
by the time, the sun has set. YES!
my favourite time of the day. hahaa.
The atmosphere was AWESOME. and The music, FUUHHHHH ~ tk lehhh angzzxzzz.
but bestie didnt enjoy it. the music was too loud for her. HAHA.
bestie kental lahh. =P
too bad amirah wasnt there,she'll love these kind of gigs as much as i do.
nyehahahaaaa... so anyways, i had a blast! :D
waited for GreatSpyExperiment to finish performing.
but they did an encore, didnt watch cuz it was already late.
haizz.. mr saiful kept cracking up lame jokes!
hahaa. it was funny lahh but sometimes, haizz.. no comments! xD
so it was already 9.45pm or so.. met dad&mum&aqilah at causewaypoint mall.
otw, me&bestie walked through this really nice path of palm trees!
best lahh smalam lahh kan bestie?? *sigh. i want to go back time*
oh and and! saper ehh involve in the event's lighting?
eherrrmmmm2 eh? hahaa. nice lights lah u =p

sent bestie home. bestie takot makcik/nenek keropok perrss?! =P
after that told dad i wanted to go to Changi Beach. HAHA.
sempat ehh budak ni.
so drove to changi ahh.. releks2 abit and layaned karenah my parents. haiz.
i tell u ah, perangai mcm budak-budak noh. hahaaa.
then reached home at 1.15am :D

today, woke up at 12pm. haiyerr. ape nyer anak dare ehh.
haahaaaa.. had breakfast with family.
asalkan tgh makan je, kene kutok. benci ah family! pffft!
kalau tk makan pon, kene kutok jugak. mepekkk ahh..
ANYWAYS, haha. talked bout stuff.. then here i am blogging!
hmmmm.. i dont know if my family will be going out today.
i've yet to complete my homewrk -.-
and mygawwd i didnt study this weekend. O.O
2 tests this coming week. arggghhh ~
better start studying soon.

* thank u dear. i love u. *

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:32 PM

Friday, July 24, 2009 ♥

Ladies Of The House! ~

Irritating Brotherrr Number 1~

Irritating Brotherrr Number 2~
But this one more irritating shittz. anyway, i dont why this picture VERY BIG ah.
i tried to edit. but failed -.-

Birthday Girl ! :D


Cake & Pizza ! :p

No comments !



Alrights, so the above picturess are from yesterday's Birthday Celebration !
I swear, i ate alot ! hahaa.
Yesterday, was damn full lahh. and the cake was nice! :D
Infact im actually eating it again right now. HAHA. leftovers from yesterday.
im also digging in the leftover pizza! takmo jealous kay. =P
hahaa. im like celebrating the same person's birthday TWICE! hah. mcm phm.
anyways, yesterday night, as i was really full, i cant concentrate on studying physics!
so... accidentally dozed off on the sofa until 1am. woke up and went inside my room to sleep. -.-
so the.... wth right? HAHA.
imagine if olevels mcm gini eh. mampos...

heh. so today was the test lah.
pretty much im dead. HAHA. yeahh whatever.
english test was okayy..
something happened during POA lesson.
it was funny lah but felt sorry for karthik though. haiz.
maths lesson was... okay.
ms syarifah was funny. but i dont like the topic on vectors. next friday test. -.-

After school !!
went to Tampines 1 & Tampines Mall with azura&amirah !
accompanied them to shop for clothes !
as i didnt have the money, i just looked around on amazing fashion. sad ah. HAHA.
and i still owe abang hadi 70bucks & bestie's belated bday present. LOL.
sorry bestie! hahaa. forgive me for this. xD
after all that, met up with Idris,Izzat & Zul at petalmac.
ate and laughed like hell ah. tk leh tahan lahh.
After eating, at traffic light, i said i was going home ahh.
Then suddenly Izzat asked the rest to send me home. HAHA.
I told them not to lah obviously.
But they insisted. degil benar. -.-
HAHA. but it was really sweet of them lahh.
came home safely. thx to them! :D

so yeah. now im at home. blogging. hahaaaa.
padahal blom tukar baju skolah tau. xD
perangai eh. haha. tkperlah, friday kan.
friday confirm kes mandi kul 7pm+ ! haha.
alamakk. secret dah bocor ah! xD

klah2. i mandi soooon.

* i should call u my hero,
i should call u my love.
but now i can't see you,
cuz u just keeps me waiting for too long * =(

listened to the sweet sound @ 6:45 PM

Thursday, July 23, 2009 ♥

i'll show ya guys some videos k? HAHA.
the above video is ermmm.. aliffaziz singing to rentak cilik's songs.
i especially love the piring hitam song(03:52 & 05:28 ). so yeahh. u guys sud watch this vid.
the song is really inspirational and cute.
and yahh aliff is cute too. HAHA. dah lamer tk ckp tu nyer sentence eh? ehh?
nyehahaaaa ~

Oh YES !
I'll like to wish my very very adorable yet irritating sister,
Nur 'Aqilah 'Adani a very HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY!


nyehahaa. okay. the picture above is an old photo. idk.
theres no recent photo that i took with her. hahaaa.
so yeahh, jangan naughty2 bile dah besar kay? xD
love yaaaa .. mwahhh !
gonna have a small celebration for this little baby.
haha. dad already bought birthday cake from prima deli.. YUMMY!
abang hadi gonna buy food and mum already cooked some small stuffs.
wooopiee.. confirm lepas ni gain weight. -_-

the video above was during Youth Extravaganza 2009 @ Bukit Panjang Plaza..
* i record u knw *
3 words. Still Youngz Rockz ! \m/
HAHA. k random.
and and and and.
sayang so cute maen guitar! :D
cheyh syg keperr nurul. haha!
hmm. tapi mcm dah biase ah eh iskandar? nyehahaha !
k random.
ehh u, u maen guitar left handed tk confuse ke?
mcm maner lah sehh. susah benar.

k dah dah. nk kene blaja for physics test.
haha! mcm phm.
k bye!

ps. im really really disappointed that i loss half mark for miscalculation of SIMPLE addition for POA test. such stupidity! im really stressed. because of that, i didnt get my full marks. -.-

listened to the sweet sound @ 6:03 PM

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 ♥


anyways, today had my Malay Olevel Listening Comprehension !~
so dismissed at 1pm then me(nunu),zuzu,mimi and qiqi head to century sq's food culture for lunch!
i had a blast with my usual gfs. its always gonna be LOL. haha.
anyways, so yadaaaaa2 ~
went back to school at around 4pm or so..
waited for everything to settle down.
so it was like 4.30pm and we had until 5pm to wait for the exam to start ahh.
i tell you, it was the best exam everr. hahaa.
the radio was being played ah, cuz the exam was like broadcast from ria i think.
and b4 the exam started, the songs which was playing was all so damn nice ahh !! xD
mcm jiwang shiok sendiri dengar lagu siaow. * nudge nudge azura ! *
hahaaa. so there was songs like kepadanya,puspa,oh baby ... blablaaaaa ~
and eherrmmm2. ade rentak singapura nyer advertisement.
pastu namer siape eh kluar? SLEEQ eh?!
HAHA. abehh zaibaktian nyer name kluar, amirah tgk me. HAHA.
ade pape ke amirahhhhh..... ??? hahaaa. padahal i know why eh. step jer tanye.
anyways, the oral soon start ah.
hmmmm.. quite easy lahhh. lol.

so, bottom line, the best olevel examination ever. HAHA.
k tk perluuuu ~
oh yarh, today took SS test also. hmmmmm.. okaylah not bad.

alrights, i'll post a picture at the next update k. insyallah ~
haha. take care!

listened to the sweet sound @ 8:22 PM

Monday, July 20, 2009 ♥

hello readers!!
hmmmm.. my blogger is currently in "sot" mode.
lucky still can post ! hahaa.

anyways, today's lessons are such a bore. ughh. mondays huh?
and i feel so tired today. idk why. hahaa.
the only thing that keeps me awake are my friends :D
i think i cant survive without them. seriously.. hehe!
love my girlfriends ^-^ muackks muackks !

hahaa. k stop it.
hmmm... i realised that my blog has no pictures.
like , its ALL word. hahaa !
well , i didnt take a new picture mahhh ~
idk why. i have not been camwhoring much.

now.. im waiting for someone's text.
confirm skarang dier tgh mandi mcm pompuan. lame gilerr ahh.
dierr baru balek from work u see.
haiz.. siokk nyer budak. buat aku tunggu jerr. -.-
tgh in the middle of intense conver ni. hahaaaa.

k arhh. i stop my crap now.

listened to the sweet sound @ 9:16 PM

Sunday, July 19, 2009 ♥

haha. i almost slept. but tahan lah.. -.-
hmmmm.. today i really felt empty.
i dont know why. empty empty life with major exam coming up.
still im not concentrating and keep thinking bout unimportant stuffs.
why am i feeling this way?
can't i just be some angel and study?
why must i be like this.. haiyerrrr.

goodnight baby.

ok. me , OUT.

listened to the sweet sound @ 1:07 AM

Saturday, July 18, 2009 ♥

can't wait to get my hp & ipod back. HAHA.
the clock is ticking. few more hours. cheyhhh ~

tonight at suria, Anugerah Planet Muzik 2009 !!! :D
yayyiee yayyiee.. All the best to all nomineeeeees ~
and a special wish to SleeQ & Aliff too! ;D
hahahaaa ~ i hope they're doing fine at Jakarta.

hmmmm.. i dont think i'll be going out today.
uhhhhhh.. boreddddd..
probably will clean my room. then dunno do what. hahaa!

i suddenly have the urge to own a laptop. nyehaha ! giler nyer budak.
haizzz.. idk what to blog about.
im just wasting my time here. hahaaaaa..

k bye! (:

nurul loves MANGOSTEEN!
k random.

listened to the sweet sound @ 12:56 PM

Friday, July 17, 2009 ♥

3days 3 nights without Ipod in possession.
1day 1 night without handphone.

haizz.. mum is currently in hospital for operation.
so mum wanted to lend BOTH my most precious valuable. haiyerrrr.
boringnyer hari ni tkde handphone.
as what dad said " satu hari tkde handphone je mcm org saket. "
hahah! maner tau org msg , kan tk leh reply! xD
but im gonna get my handphone&ipod back tmr cuz mum's coming back tmr! :D
i miss ibu. awwww. hahaaa.
part ibu tkde, miss tau. part kene berleter, confirm perangai. haha.
well, theres so many things i wanna talk to her about.
well she prolly already read what i wanted to tell her,
since she has my handphone, confirm bace segale-galenyerrrr ~
hahaaaa. exposed much.
nevermind. anyways the weekend is here again! :D
i dont know what im gonna do.
i want to study.
but i dont know if i can. cheyhh ! boleh mcm gini eh? -.-

okaylah. update u guys laterrr..

listened to the sweet sound @ 10:20 PM

Thursday, July 16, 2009 ♥

hello readers !!
sorry for not been updating lately.
busy lahhh.. hahah.

mmmmm.. idk what to blog about actually. haha.
its just that, i've been sleeping very early nowadays.
i mean , VERY early. hah. i've just wasted my nights. nyehehee.
oh but not on one particular night. hehe. ehh u? =p mwahhh ! syg u. xD
ehh u , get ready to call my parents eh. HAHA.
u kate u berani kan? hahahaa... make sure u dapat pujok hati drg k?
dah green light , baru kiter have fun lah ehh ! =p
k tk perlu sungguh! ignore jerr yg kat atas tu.

hmmmm.. i havent complete my homework ahh..
skarang dah kul braper ni..
hmmmmmm... alamakkkk kul 10.43pm plak.
argh besok lah. hahaaa ! xD


listened to the sweet sound @ 10:49 PM

Monday, July 13, 2009 ♥

monday blues ~
boring subjects and 2 hours of f&n ! die die.
but i survived. *ur gd morning wish made me smile&it pulled me through the day* ;D
feeling a little bit drowsy. sorry idris for giving u the cold shoulders. HAHA.
tkde energy ah nk layan kau. =P
oh but but, ms syarifah baked brownies for us! :D
first time ms syarifah is being nice to us xD
nice brownies btw ! =p

anyways, after school was fun!
went outside school and there was SPARRING at michael's. -.-
kecoh gilerrr. and firdaus tk nk bilang the story !
i want to know badly. hahaa. evil evil evil.
menyampah lah tengok budak2 mat kentalans nk step gangster manerr.. * roll eyes *
yeah anyways, talked fr idk how long under azura's block.
actually we're sending her home lah.
end up end up , gi mac ! HAHA.
so took 228 with dearest girlfriends , azura,amirah,naqiyah ! ;D
had a really great time. so long never hang out together like this :)
im gonna keep them as my love ones for as long as my heart is still beating.
cheyhhwahh2.. touching ahh.. xD

soon, dad called. * roll eyes *
as expected, asked me to go home and buy food for mummy dearest.
went home asap. ibu tgk mac je , tk marah eh. HAHA.
as usual, ibu want to listen to ehermm2 songs/videos and talk bout ehermrm2 himself. LOL. tk perlu ehh.

okay ni gambar kat bawah is my StarKarat.
I like his dressing. hahaaa.
So the tip top gitu kan? xD
k tkperlu lahh..


listened to the sweet sound @ 8:09 PM

Sunday, July 12, 2009 ♥

Hello Readers !! :D
haizzzz.. the weekend past by so fast. booringg ~
tomorrow's school -.-

yesterday went to Kolej56:The Musical.
someone makan kat lau pa sat lamerr ehh. siape ehh?
hahaaa.. budak tu kene marah dgn me. =p
iskandar called where i am. padahal dier yg lambat.
abehh nk step bebual caring plak kat sini. hmppphh ! haha!
asked me to go lau pa sat. but mcm jauh gitu.
so meet bro,kassim & ema at DBS building dulu..
yadaaaaaaaaaa2 ~
waited for him. and ~
someone: ehh rockstar dah datang ah !
rockstar: * said hi & salam2 his friends. *
someone: ehh wheres that girl ?

HAHA. apparently , im like behind him cuz his friends were nt far away.
i turned around and looked at his friends.
Iskandar then turned around and somehow looked into my eyes for 3secs until i said Hi . HAHA.
took the tix from him then he went to the toilet ?
came back and he hanged around with his friends abit.
and i was like. okay fine. star karat pehh dehni ? xD
oh and i found out that iskandar's friends is kassim&ema's friends too.
haha. such a small world..
then went into the the auditorium and waited for the musical to start.
starting2 , the musical was exciting ahhh..
oh yahhh ! i was freezing inside there. actually, im sick that day -.-
anyways continueing, the musical was damn funny lahh.
seriouss ahhh. tk leh tahan ahh.. haha.

yadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa2 ~
dad msged kassim & asked him to take care of me . -.-
after the thing dah habes, met Iskandar for awhile.
talked abit & said bye. tk leh hang around lame sangat ah. cuz its like already going to 12am !! need to catch the last train ah.
rushed to the mrt and kassim kept saying " eh maner my adek sedare? "
haha. takmo take ur job seriously lahh.. hahaaaa..
i know im nt independent, but i know how to walk with u guys! pfft. haha.
reached the mrt. felt worse than b4. -.-
so not the right time to get sick eh ? haizzz..
oh ! oh! kassim's friend said that i look cute & like indonesian. ^-^
abehh kassim goes : " tgk lah saper abg sedare dier "
HAHA. tk perlu eh ambek credit.
yadaaaaaaaaa2 ~ called dad to fetch me,kassim&ema at bedok.
sent them back home.
and that point of time, i felt like a sick zombie. tk leh angsxx..
had no energy . i think i didnt eat from morning. -.-
tu lahh.. saper suroh tk makan eh. budak ni. haizzz~
hahaaa. eat abit but cannot swallow.

dad&mum jaga me that night. awwwwwwwwww ~
but but , im so sorry to trouble u guys. really i am. =(
anyways, woke up at 3am cuz my temperature went to 40degrees. O.O
that is what mum said.
then i had to bath in the cold morning water !! suffering much.
then after that my temperature went down abit.
took medicine and slept.
was suppose to go to ChangiGeneralHospital at 4am ! -.-
but i told mum to go later2 pasal penat.

before going back to sleep, i checked my phone.
Iskandar msged me at 2+am .
said that maybe we can go out together again someday?
and he also said i look sweet. HAHA.
tk perlu ah puji2 orang eh.
step je ehh budak ni. menyampah ahh. gue tk tergoda ah. puh-lease ah starkarat =p
hmmm.. but i dont think i'll be going out with mr.handsome anytime now.
need to concentrate for olevels !! hehee..
after olevels k rockstar? =p

anyways, then i woke up at 8am. i think ?
then temperature dah turon to 37.4 ! :D
improvement or what? hahaaa..
dad bought breakfast ! :)
i was feeling okayy until late afternoon. my temp went up!
haiyooooooooo.... then i took a cold bath again.
and now im fine. hope my temperature doesnt increase again.
i want to go to school tomorrow !!
first time lah nk gi skolah sangat2. xD

okayylahh.. i shall stop here.


listened to the sweet sound @ 7:36 PM

Friday, July 10, 2009 ♥

hello ! :)
today is suchha fun day. well i think it is ?
cuz its friday !! come on. everybody loves friday? hahaa.
anyways, today had maths pre-prelimanry exams.
hmmmmmmmmmmmm... idk what to say. hahaaa !

yadaaaaaa2 ~
skip skip to maths lesson ! damn fun lahh.
and ms syarifah story2 abit about Okto's show, Culture X . haha.
and also our class abit sleepy & quiet so she decided to make us lively. haha.
anyways, the show verrrrryyyyy interesting u know.. :)
then ms syarifah always wanted to guess bestie's index no. so she can ask her questions ( on the topic we're learning )
LOL. but then, tried and tried, ms syarifah didnt get bestie's index no.
hahaaaa.. so evil ms syarifah. but in a funny way. xD

after school, it rained. woopieee ~
i love the rain. :)
sent bestie to her block. but waited for her to finish her YamYam ! xD
and we talked , talked and laughed like nobody's business. ^-^
after that walked home. hahaa! didnt bring my ezlink today.
decided to walk in the drizzle after the rain subsided abit. HEHE.

reached home. family was talking about berpacaran & marriage.
so random. well , actually not so. to be expected for my mum to talk bout this.
then suddenly mum said that when she reads me&iskandar's msges,
she was like smiling2. HAHA.
she said she used to be young too and she totally understands our situation. xD
mcm paham lahhh motherrrrrrrr ~
but she also said that our friendship sudnt go overboard.
like duhhhhh . i know how to control myself :)

bathed then unintentionally dozed off. oppsie ~ hahaa.
woke up and washed up.
around 7.55pm , went out to MacD to meet bestie! :D
we planned to do our homework and study together.
saw kim at mac. hahaaa ! she was also doing her homework.
wahh so hardworking ah kim? =p
then me&bestie bought sundaes first.
did a little bit of brainstorming cuz the maths homewrk, ms syarifah havent teach us. she asked us to read the textbook and try to do -.-
me&azura successfully did 1 part of a quesiton only. HAHA.
we also tried out some maths question from my Revision Book.
kept referring to the answer behind. LOL.

OH! AND AND! me&bestie tried mac's Cinnamon Melts !
heaven muchhh ~ hahaaaa.

after that talked2 & laughed2 . hahaaaa.
i always loved bestie's company. CHEYHHH ~ hahaaa.
many many many MANY funny things happened just now. right azura?! xD
lazy to type it here. but we were laughing our ass off.

reached home at 11.15pm ! hahaa. so late. i know.
first time boleh kluar malam mcm gini.
best ahh kluar malam :)

besok juga saya kluar malam tau. HAHA.
k stop it sehh.

hmmmmss... currently chatting with iskandar,
si budak independent tu. HAHA. * inside thing *
dier ni kan, tk leh angxzzxx tau.
kan u dah kene lecture dgn i. HAHA.
anak mak kene lecture ehh??
alalaaaaa kesian dierr. NOT ! ~

k dah lah!

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:59 PM

Thursday, July 9, 2009 ♥

today, had geog mock exam. didnt study that much. will probably fail it. HAHA.
the teachers suddenly said that they will be marking it -.-
and everyone was like.... " what??!! "
cuz they say they will go through together and not mark it. oh well ~

after school, had f&n practical experiment.
mdm soraya lost her temper, as usual. * roll eyes *
but things became okay after we changed kitchen. cuz she's nt around in our kitchen.
nyehahaaaaa... we talked and laughed while doing the experiment :D
had a little fun just now. unexpectedly. haha.
after that, around 3pm+, went to the canteen's vending machine and went to buy yoghurt. hahaaa. i just looooooooooveee yoghurt. dont you? HAHA.

after that went to mac for awhile with amirah&azura.
i ate strawberry sundae ! nyehehee ~ =p
pastu kan pastu kan,
ade orang message !! xD
siape eh ? nk bilang tk?
tak nak larhhhhhh ~ HAHA. =P
then went home. bath. rest. went out again. bought contacts.
abang hadi lended me $74 for it. so ex -.-
and i have to pay back the full amount. double -.-
oh yahh ! i found out that my black eye is bigger than normal. O.O
wow huh? hahaaa !
so anyways, will take my contacts on saturday morning and have my 1hr consultation.
haiyaaa.. sikit nyer leceh ehh. hmmpph! cheyhh ~
then while going back to car, mum got lost !
i already told her not to go into any shops without telling us.
but noooooo... still as stubborn as before!
i tell u, my mum acts like a kid. seriously.
end up, carik punyer carik, dier dah sampai rumah.
tapi tkde kunci. dah lah tkde hp..
ntah dier pinjam saper nyer hp ntah contact kiter. haiyakkks.
manyak nyer susah lah my mother. lol ~

k dah sampai rumah, nk buat maths homework.
tapi tak tau buat. haha !
then nk blaja maths utk besok nyer mock exam, tapi tk leh focus.
end up maen comp ! HAHA. perangai ~

ohmygod. 2 more days to goooooooo ! ~
im feeling excited but nervous at the same time.
but surely, i cant wait ! :D
may that day last forever. nyahahaaa ~

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009 ♥

hello beloved readers! (:
just came back from tuition.
guess what? now tuition also need to take temperature. LOL ~

anyways, today had my Mother Tongue(malay) Olevel Oral !!
hmmmmmm... i was the first person. but not bad lahh.
go early , finish early. haha.. and the teachers should be fresh enough to grade me appropriately. hahahaa.
the reading was pretty easy. no dialog. how cool is that?
the conversation was about smoking.
hmmm.. not bad lahh. not that hard.
but some parts i was like..
" ahhh... uhmmmm.. ape ehh ? ahh.. "

HAHAA. kekek or whatt ?? xD
but soon some words popped out lah. phewww ~ hahaa.
im so glad thats over man ^-^

alrights. im gonna stop here.
idk what else to write. hahaa.


listened to the sweet sound @ 7:31 AM

Monday, July 6, 2009 ♥

Marigold Peach & Mango Yogurt Sedaappp ! =p
haha. random.

listened to the sweet sound @ 3:52 PM

sky is getting darker ! woohoo !
that means its gonna rain soon. nyehehee.
anyways, i just felt like updating my blog. haha.
this morning i only covered like afew pages of the Rise Of Venice notes -.-
gawwwwddd humanities is so boring. hahaha!
im not the political kind of person.
i think i rather study maths. O.O did i just say that? HAHA.
well i shall continue studying later.

tomorrow's my malay oral !
* GASP *
* SIGH *
good luck to me ! hahaa.
and of course all the other candidates ! all the best for tmr! xD

oh! oh !
my air-con is fixed !! :D
yahoooo ~
now im typing these few words in the cold ;D
hmmm.. but i sud probably off it.
cuz its like only 2.35pm and its gonna rain soon. haahaaa.

alrights ! shall stop here.

listened to the sweet sound @ 2:36 PM

Saturday, July 4, 2009 ♥

Selamat Maulud Nabi ! :D
did i spell it correctly? hahaa.

anyways, yesterday slept at 11.30am.
but at 4.30am, i woke up. -.-
like literally. cuz it was damn hot lah.
my air-conditioner spoil ah. and im spoilt. HAHA.
but a contractor coming down tmr to fix it. yayyie ! :D
as i was saying, felt really hot cuz bro took the fan from me ! lol.
then i decided to sleep outside, at the hall.
which was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy colder cuz my sofa was directly below the fan.
ahhhhhh... so nice man..
but i didnt went back to sleep though.
somehow i wanted listen to my iPod first.
and found out that theres wireless. HAHA.
so i decided to surf the internet abit b4 going back to sleep.
firstly went to youtube and watched tons of videos ! haha !
bookmarked some of them. heheeee..
then i went to bloghopped to people's blog.
and tears fell down abit.
idk why but somehow i felt sad of what happened yesterday.
i didnt mean to hurt her feelings though.
haiz. shouldnt have said a word. i should have kept it to myself.
im really sorry ! you'll knw who u are.
and i also did alot of reflection of myself & my life.
is my life meant to be like this ?
do i deserve what i have now?
should i be only standing at the foot of the mountain which is where i think i am now, or should i be at the peak of the mountain ?
i really thought of what i should do and what i want out of life.
i just need a little bit of motivation i guess.
and where should i get that from? idk.
i'll try my best to find my wings. no doubt.
all the best to me aye? hehehee.

anyways, around 6.25am, dad found out that i was awake. -.-
and he scolded me of not sleeping yet. haiyerrr.
somehow i love the night more than the sun.
the silent night just lets you think better. yeah thats my opinion.
but i know sleeping late & being awake in the middle of the night is bad. haha!
such a dilema.
so soon , at around 6.45am, went back to sleep.
and woke up at 10am. LOL.

hmmmmm... i wonder if today i'll be going out with family.
friday didnt go out. whole saturday wasted cuz of speech day.
today? i hope we'll be going out. tk leh tahan ah.
haha. i wanna go for Beats & Breaks 2 !
but its an hip hop event though at esplanade outside theatre.
idk if my parents want to come down too. hahaaa.
there will be talented dudes like :
lefttool , kay swisha & richard j .
all of them are syarif & alyph's friends. HAHA.
tk salah syarif gonna come down and support them. lol ~
asal lah SleeQ tk perform skalik. kan bagos. hahaaa.
jadi mcm Friends Concert sehh. cool lahh ~

alrights. update u guys later k ?
daaa ~

listened to the sweet sound @ 8:45 PM

Friday, July 3, 2009 ♥

Hello readers !
heard the topics for the malay olevel oral exam for yesterday and today was difficult ! O.O
im soooo scared for mine next tuesday ! arghhh ~
and im the first person in the list ! greaaaaaattt ~
haizzz.. oh well, shouldnt be demoralized now.
must have positive attitude ! i can do it ! :D
insyallah ~ hehe.

the whole of next week gonna have pre-prelimary exams.
but not gonna be recorded though. pheww ~
i should start studying now. hahaaaa.
but i want to finish my coursework first.
the whole class had to redo cuz mdm soraya made a mistake in explaining the stuff.
urghhhh. wasted our hours of comp lab sessions.
but what to do kan. haiyaaaa.

eyhh ! want to see my alim picture ? HAHA.


sooo the good girl gitu kan? hahaha ! xD
okay this was when im going for kenduri tahlil.
hahah ~

anyways, now chatting with azura & izzat. ahahaa.
izzat gilerr ahh ! ~
haizzz.. mcm2 lah budak ni. terpakse layankan. xD


you asked me whether i miss you.
and i think i do.


okayy. sungguhnye tk perlu.
see you soon, FRIEND :)

listened to the sweet sound @ 6:23 AM

Thursday, July 2, 2009 ♥

hello readers !
just came back from cuzzin's house.
me & cuzzin got only a short period of time to talk crap. hahaa.
anyways, today also did my IC & update passport @ ICA building.
could only collect my IC during august. sheeesh.
that means my mother tongue oral, had to bring my police report letter & passport.
lol ~ mcm budak sesat siaaa nanti. xD

anyways, today's pe lesson was fun. hahaaa.
the whole class played 1 game together.
so we're divided into 2 groups & played at the field !
hahaaa. so besssttt ! ~

hmmmm.. i dont think the rest of the day was that fun except for the 2 free periods.
hahaaaaa. free periods are always fun.
especially when u're surrounded with gerek peoplez. aye? aye ? :D


msged Iskandar yesterday night. hehe :D
he's so the manja and adorable gitu lah kan.. hahaa !
can't wait for Kolej56 The Musical !


listened to the sweet sound @ 5:56 AM

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