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Friday, February 12, 2010 ♥

HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! :D (11th February)
i feel so kakak kakak! hahahaaa. crap.
anyways,yesterday went to this Dinosaur Exhibit at Jurong Bird Park cuz dad got tickets from his friend.
hmmmm... it was okay. quite boring ah actually.
must take alot of pics there. then tak boring =]
i've uploaded the pictures at facebook. do take a look if u guys want to. hee~
then head to ite simei to fetch abang ilham from school.
wanted to see whats going on at the atrium BUT abang already reached. so fast. haiyaaaa... -___-
anyways, went to eat then head to tampines to find my presents.
dearest pak su gave ibu around 50bucks to buy for me presents.
awwww... THANK YOU PAK SU! :D
bought alot of things. hee ~ mcm princess. k shut up. haha!
overall, had a great day. bought this really cute cake from polar.
sedap tau! but its small. but who cares? hahah!

today, around 3-4pm plus, finished my shower(so late i know) !
then bestie asked to call her.so i called. then then then. she asked me to open my house door. OH-EM-GEE !!
hahahaaaaaaaa.... when i open the door, saw azura bestie and kak ira !!!!!!!!
wahliaaooooooo ~ hahahaaa!!
i look so slekeh at that point of time btw! dgn baju2 rumah sumerr!
haha. but then its okaylah. cuz my lovelies gave me a really nice suprise.
i know you guys will be reading this post =p
so yeah, dengan selekehnyer went down with them and found a place to sit.
azura and kak ira bought this really nice cake from the royals.
super sweet i tell you! i mean literally, the cake is sweet!! hahaa.
i think its strawberry cheesecake. yuppyupp.
so hanged out and took pictures and all. as usual. hehehe.
really had a great time with them! im still so touched by the surprise.
tk pernah tau orang gi depan rumah nk surprise birthday!! hehehe!!

so yeahhhhh.. oh yeahh, SHOUTOUT!
To: Soo Young SNSD, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (10th February)
i love SNSD! hahahaaaa!

To: Nur Amalina , HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! (12th February)
now both of us are already Seventeen!! :D
da mature eh nana? haha. tk mcm kawan kawan-z kiter! hahaha! ;)
all the best for ur future endeavours. love u~ muacks!

To: Amir, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO! (12th February)
kayy its not like you'll read this post. but im just wishing u here.
haha. happy birthday! hope we'll see each other soon in the future ;)
i miss my primary school friendss =(

k daaaaa. signing off now. BYEBYE! ;)

listened to the sweet sound @ 8:31 PM

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 ♥

im so happy right now. u wanna know why?
cuz today is a great day! hahaha! pffttt~

woke up at 5am in the morning cuz i had to reach shaw towers at 8am.
and the reason why i woke up so early cuz i wanna have my breakfast before going for shooting.
oh yes, i forgot to update this.
well.. i got to be the main role's friend and a model.
but its only a short scene. so don't forget to catch this episode kay?
it should be next sunday at 9PM!

kaykay anyways, reached shaw towers starbucks.
radhiah wanted to treat me starbucks but ermm.. its okaylah. hee ~
had my make up done there. omgee make up punyerr la lawa!!
the make up artist very good seh. i wanna learn make up from her. mcm phm~
after everything, head down to this tempat which i can't say the name. HAHA.
had the shooting there. overall, i had fun laa.
but its abit tiring cuz i have to repeat the scenes cuz the cameraman wants to shoot at different angles and stuff.
and not mentioning i screwed some lines and had to rehearse again. LOL!
i can't really memorise stuff laa. HAHA. thats the problem.
i can't be an actress. hahaa. but anyways, i wonder how the episode will turn out like. and did i mention that AZURABESTIE will also be acting in the same episode as me?! :D this is so exciting laaa. hahahahaa.

after shooting, head to Snip Avenue!!!
i decided to colour my hair cuz i think my hair colour very boring. LOL.
then mum wanted to treat me as an advance birthday present!!
so yeahhh. the name of the person doing my hair is Jimmy.
he so cute lorrr!! im not saying physical wise. hahaa.
i feel like a princess. hahaaa! only mum and bestie know why. xD
i have to admit that my heart flustered when Jimmy was wiping away drops of cream on my face. =p
k whatever laaa. jimmy jimmy. jimmy neutron. hahaa! mepek luh.
anyways, im so satisfied with my hair now. heeee!

head home around maghrib. the head out again to Giant Tampines!
then theres this cute 44cm Bunny Plushy! OMGEE SO CUTE LOR!
then i asked dad if i can buy it then dierr a'ah kan jer. HAHA.
YAY! YAY! oh then after that bought my shampoo for coloured hair.
ni case betol2 nyer jaga eh. hahaa.
eh daa mahal2 buat kan. of course nk jaga ;D

eh but i dont know if im meeting them though =(
we'll seeeee ~ oh yah, bought this months's TEENS&TEENAGE cuz SHINee's in it. :D
TEENS is a 4 page spread article and TEENAGE has SHINee's giant poster!!
oh and justin bieber's poster too. HAHA.

kay anwyays, i took alot of pics today. =]

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Friday, February 5, 2010 ♥

heyyooo! here to update my bloggie again! ^^

today, went to bukit batok crescent for acting audition for screenbox production. the series name is Testimoni. heard of it people? heehee.
i got a call from them to come down today :)
went to auditions with azura and amirah. yepp! they came too!
so yadaa2. found the place and all.
apek so kind! he charged us $3 taxi fare. LOL!
cheapest fare ever.. hahahaa.
reached there around 3pm+ ?
had to wait for 2 people, then i had to go in.
wah i swear i was nervous. hahahaa!
but lama2 okaylaaa. had to do a script from fajar ramadan.
i think i did okay? but obviously theres others better than me. hahaa.
but oh well, lets just wait if they call. hee (:
while waiting for azura to finish her audition,
me and amirah made new friends there. hehee!
very friendly people there. i like i like.
kay after everything, off to woodlands banquet!
ate tom yam ban mian. it was okay.
but the most nicest ban mian has to be at eastpoint banquet!! :D
k whatever laaa. hahaha!
went home soon after and watched Suria Elektra.
hmmmm.. abit boring. hahaha!
kayy enjoyed my day today with my besties!!!

lets have a real outing soon babes! ;)

oh yeahh, just now had fun with abang ilham.
we danced to alot of korean songs. great exercise!
but obviously im the better dancer.
sorry abg ilham but its true! =p
abang nt flexible like me. HAHAHAA. ceh step eh.
kay then we tried to master Top's rapping part from Haru Haru.
this one super fun lorrrrrr.. hahaaa. but hard at the same time.
korean language can be a tongue twister at times.
especially when rapping parts.
but i pulled it off! oh what can i say?
im kinda good at languages. HAHAHAHA.
macam pahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.


listened to the sweet sound @ 11:30 PM

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 ♥

so anyways, those pictures above are from Fiesta Suria @ East Coast. (saturday)
had a great time laughing and enjoying the performances!
Fauzie and Suzairhe very funny!! xD
hahaaaaa. went home at around 7pm. didnt stay to catch papadom under the stars. =(
kayy anyways. reach home and played the comp and all till 12am?
12am, start to get ready to go to Lot1 for SHINee's fansign!!
went out at 2.30am and fetched fee and her bro by car. abang hadi drove of course. bt theres also fauzan(abang's friend) in the car. dunno why he wants to follow. haha.
reached there at 3am+ and theres already so many people there! -___-
i think around 800 people?
my queue number was 865. omgee. and the thing actually starts at 9.30am.
but shinee came at 1pm+.
so imagine, i didnt get my sleep, i didnt eat, and i had to wait and queue for endless hours!!!!!!!
MUCH SUFFERING I TELL YOU. and everybody was like pushing and all.
the security and staff was like shouting at us.
well i think the fans are too impatient though, really.
but in the first place, Lot1 isnt a good place to hold fansigns.
i think around 2000+ or maybe 3000 ppl came lorr!!
and they're only giving the first 1000fans a chance to meet SHINee and get their albums autographed.
oh yeahhh, the album and poster costs me $60!! -_____-
so expensive can?!! but its okay. at least got to see SHINee!!!! :D
SHINee came at 1pm+. OMGEE THEY'RE ALL SO GOOD LOOKING IN REAL LIFE!! JUST LIKE IN VIDEOS AND TVS! i want to kidnap them home can? hahah!! xD
kayy so my album was autographed by Jonghyun oppa darling!!
and and and his eyes when smiling was so round and cute. mcm puppy. LOL.
my heart was melting seriously. lol
hmmmmm.. what else? Taemin was pretty cute too! very bubbly. :D
kayy i think i shall stop talking about them here. heheh!

yesterday, i had monday blues and i didnt help mum with housework and cooking.
mum was upset and she didnt talk to me. and then she vent her anger at me!
omgee. then suddenly dad was angry at me also cuz he asked me whether i've eaten. but i didnt answer him due to the sadness inside of me. -__-
mum didnt fold my clothes bt fold the others.
how can i not be angry?! bt in the first place i knw its my fault for not being a good daughter la. BUT HELLO?! im very tired okayy after all the queueing at SHINee's fansign. 1 night of sleep didnt cover that.
kayy so as usual i locked myself in the room and cried like hell.
i can hear my parents talking about me from my room.
tears kept flowing and flowing. and i thought, " im going to hell" .
i've dissappoint them so many times already and i can't let this continue.
after around 2hrs in my room, i came out went mum was going to work.
i wanted to salam her and say sorry. but she was running away from me.
OMG. but then dad grabbed mum and forced her to face me.
and i did what i did. then she was like " lain kali buat lagi " o.O
bt i guess she's okay now cuz this morning, she talked to me.
but i dont know if she really has forgiven me or not. =(
i hope everything will be okay..

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