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Wednesday, April 29, 2009 ♥

hello all !
alot of things happened these days but i seem to forget some parts of it. haha.

yesterday during mrs tjan's lesson, 4E4 got crazy. HAHA.
like seriously.. all were laughing and playing OUT LOUD !
its like tomorrows theres no exam. funny stuff larhh ~
yadaaaa yadaaa yadaaaaa yadaaaaaaa ~
had maths tuition. during work , mr zul said:

mr zul: amirah , u from damai sec right? ( she calls me amirah. )
me: ermmm. yahh. why?
mr zul: kenal tk cikgu.... syarifah is it?
nurul: haha. kenal ! she's my maths teacher. and FORM TEACHER !
mr zul: oh? really ahh? dierr yg ketot2 pakai tudong tu kan?
* DALAM HATI TENGAH KEKEK2 SIA ! tapi tetap maintain. haha )
me: hahah! a'ah. why ?
mr zul: oh tkde.. that time we went to china korek longkang.
(sambil semangatnyer tunjok action. lol)
nurul: huh? hahaaa. * tk tau ape nk comment *
mr zul: how is she?
the moment he said that , mcm nk ckp jer perangai ms syarifah. hahaa!
tapi tkperr. ku keep it in my heart. haha.
nurul: hmmmm.. okaylahh.
mr zul: and do u know ms hasnizan?
nurul: yahh. we call her ms zan for short.
mr zul: oh. how is she?
nurul: hmmm.. ntah eh. she teaches lower sec. but okaylah. sporting2.
mr zul: yahh ! she's the sporting kind.

yadaaaa yadaaaaaa... during yesterday's tuition. alot of sidetracks.
mr zul talked about career , life and stuff.
he also said that the tuition centre ( mercu @ ghutrie building )
was bigger before now.
he said that they had to share the other space for other company.
so the space was unoccupied for a few months.
and in the particular room we were at, there have been alot of incidents.
the other teacher actually heard rumbling sounds of chairs at the other room.
but when she went to see , theres no one. everybody had went back.
and i was like.. o.o
hahaaa. and the other company also said that their place have been experiencing alot of supernatural stuff . like seeing tall black figures.
scary or whatt ~
and during lesson , suddenly the air-con switched off by itself.
and everybody was like silence , including mr zul.
pastu aqilah basket gi shout " BOOH ! " hahaa.
and the room was unnaturally silent and felt heavy ?
then akif said : ehh mcm bisu sia tempat ni .
hahaaa. haizzzz.. kerenah budak2 skarang.

anyways , after tuition went to mac to study geography !
after i bought mcflurry , went to find a place to study.
then i heard this familiar laugh.
i looked at where the sound came from.
and there you go , john , shawn & ding jie.
hahaas. unexpected -.-
soon , surprisingly, arina came in. HAHA.
and i was like.. fuuyooo.. xD
arina was from her tuition and she accompanied me for awhile till her mum arrives.
oh yarh, she showed me this spongebob video.
ohmygod ! damn funny lah eh !
cannot concentrate sia. hahaaaa..
yadaaaa yadaaa.. continued to study.
saw many more familiar faces.
called abang to fetch me ( parents dont let me walk home -.- )
went home at 12am . and continued study.
but i cant really absorb much.
i dont understand whats happening to me lately.
i really cannot memorise much. it just cant seem to go inside the brain u know.
frustrating or what right ?

and guess what ? todays geography exam ,
i flunked it. i totally didnt study about coniferous forest !
and i cant really remember what i studied. haiyaaakkzz.
this is so depressing -.-
but english paper 1 was okay.
tomorrow is gonna be malay paper 1 & 2 .
hope i can get A .. bismillah ~
alrights. good luck for tomorrow's exam people ! :D


stay the way you are , CONFIDENT QUEEN ! hahaa.
tk lehh angxxzxxzz lahh sia kau.

hahaaa. gave her this really pretty handphone keychain !
forgot to take a picture of it. lol.
its like a little tube and has a pink flower & " be happy " stuff inside the gel thing. hehee. hope she likes it ^-^
i want to buy it for myself! hahaa. mcm phm.

okaylahhh.. take care people! :)

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 ♥


listened to the sweet sound @ 3:52 PM

Sunday, April 26, 2009 ♥

wahh dah besar seyhh dierr.. hahaa ! xD
well , all the best for ur future aites ? :)


okayy . this is going to be a short post.
just now went to Joo Chiat Complex to see kaz sing.
he entered this 60's competition organised by radio warna. i think.
anyways , besides the pouring rain , something cocked up.
but still cuzzin won 3rd prize ! hahaa.
CONGRATS LAH EH! * claps claps claps * :D
and thanks kaz for the ice-cream. heheh ! ^-^

oh yes , saw some familiar faces like aidil revalina , his bro akif , shafina , faizal and more. hahaaa.
after the event , me, abang , cuzzin , ema & atiqah went to changi airport while the parents head to kaz's house.
anyways,for the first time ,i ate at popeye ! hahas. sedaaappp ~ =p
then went to mac to test iqah's laptop.
yadaaaa yadaaaaaaaa. the story goes on ~

alrights. gotta go people. must study geog ! o.o
byebye ! :)

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Saturday, April 25, 2009 ♥

hello readerz!
sorry for not updating much lately.
mid-year is coming and im freaking out.
even worst , olevels are like SUPER NEAR ! gaaahhhh ~
helppppp meee ............ O.O

anyways! this week is pretty much a normal week.
maths test was quite easy. for the 2nd time in 3+years !
but im sure to make careless mistakes -.-
hmmm .. oh yes!
yesterday was napfa tests !
im utterly dissapointed in myself.
like seriously, my 2.4 was 16.22mins. wth ! i was expecting 15 at least! grrr.
shuttle run ? 11.8s ? o.o
sit&reach 34cm . darn it. i used to do 38-42cm at least.
standing broad jump 150cm ! 151cm to pass !
why do i have to be 16 years old ! for 15 , 147cm can pass. -.-
haiyaa. well at least i improved in my sit-ups & inclined pull-ups.
which is 31 & 17 respectively.
im aiming for silver but becuz of the stupid broadjump,
i always get bronze every year..
asalkan tengok report book jerr , BRONZE ! ~
fed-up sia. seriously.

~ depression for 1 minute ~


okayy im back people ! hahaha ! :D
today, going to study geography later.
i sacrificed going out with atiqah&abang u know ! lol.
and i hope the rest of my family will go out too.
i need my peace and quite. especially when that monster is around.
well , i just hope that im going to survive my mid-year,prelims&olevels.
better switch off the comp now. hahaas.
alright. bye u guys! :)

oh yarhh ! pak su dropped by and bought us breakfast. hahaa!
thanks pak su !! ^-^

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Sunday, April 19, 2009 ♥

yesterday, brother forced me again to follow him play badminton ! -.-
so got up and shower and got ready.
and guess what ? i had to go to the badminton court on abang's motorcycle!
at first , it was super scary lah but i got used to it after that.
not bad lah but i still prefer travelling by car. ^-^
so anyways, reached there and waited for ema,farah,ain&rizal.
played badminton until 12+ then had brunch at mukmin.
ate roti prata. hahaaa. dah lame tk makan.
rizal&ain went home so left me,bro,ema&farah.
chatted and then head back to the court and waited for kassim&atiqah to arrive.
played badminton again and ain came back too. haha.
yadaaaa yadaaaaa yadaaaaaaa ...
ain&farah went back and the rest went to bedok by foot cuz kazz wanted to buy flowers for her mum. oh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAK YAYAH! :)
except for bro , he road his bike to bedok & helped iqah buy polarpuffs along the way.
k anyways, after that bought his beautiful bouquet of flowers & went to L J.
had a great chat and head home.
and ema dearest, cheer up kayzz? :)
if u need me, i'll always be here for u.
i treat u as my own cuzzin and do talk to me if u feel down.
so.. after that went home and took a bath then went out again.
went to east coast to meet parents & adek.
god the night sky was marvelous.
millions of stars decorated the universe.
i was fascinated and practically gazed at the sky the wholetime.
chatted with family then head to tampines GIANT and bought some stuff b4 heading home.
oh and my legs & hands were aching and dearest mum " urut-ed " me !
HEHEH! thanks mum. i felt better today.

today.. is such a boring day for me.
the only exciting thing that happened was when i was watching the movie " bedtime stories " on DVD.
yeahh. the movie was pretty funny. heheee.
hmmm.. im pretty bored lah.
family went out and i didnt follow them cuz i was too tired.
alrights. i think i'll end here.

take care guys! :)

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Friday, April 17, 2009 ♥

hello guys! :D
havent been updating for quite some time now.
apparently this week was a busy week.
had chemistry & social studies test on thursday.
i've successfully stayed away from the computer. hahaa !
alrights. alrights. anyways.
yesterday went to watch 17 again with AZURA BESTIE! ♥
we were so excited lahh ehh. kan azura? hahax.
reached tampines mall at around 3.30pm.
went to GV to buy the tix which is only $6.50 :D
after that went to basement to buy snacks. hehee.
im quite broke so can't afford to buy popcorn or nachos :'(
so sedehh. lol.
anyways, walked around TM while waiting for the movie to start.
ps. i soooo hate statics ! i hate the instant shock. hahaaa.
why i always kena static by the one walking beside me? -.-
and azura wanted to feel the static again and purposely collided our hands.
bozo azura ! hahaaa.
anyways, went to mini toons with no intention on buying anything.
and guess what ?we're so tempted and bought sweets & lots of marshmallows! haha!
yarhh. scooped different and many types of marshmallows. hahaa.
verryy fun u know.. xD
weigh the bag and i had to pay $2.35 . hehee ^ - ^
after that sneaked all the snacks inside my bag and went to the cinema again!
went in and i settled at J-16 & azura at J-17 .
tkperr azura ! aku kasi kau chance ambek number 17. hahaa.
anyways, the movie was AWESOME ! can say ... on par with hsm.
only hsm menang props. duhhh . hahaaa.
hmmm.. actually the starting part was quite boring cuz zac efron havent appeared.
after the old man transformed to 17 years old,
there u go ! ZAC EFRON! haha.
i bet all the girls were like melting throughout the movie. xD
anyways, got one part where zac was like hungry for some reason.
and he made himself a sandwish which consist of nutella,mayonaise,pickles,crushed chips,cheese and dunno what else. disgusting sia. hahaa.
and with every ingredient he put, the theatre goes " eewww... "
hahaaa ! funny sia.. and some people cried so loud for some parts of the movie. LOL.
okok, shall not elaborate more lah cuz it'll spoil the surprise.
go watch it guys !! MUST !! hahaaa.
you guys wouldnt regret it. i'll rate a 4/5 for this one. hehee.
after the movie ended , me&azura was very sad lah!
actually everytime a movie ends, im sad. hahaa !
basically because the fun has ended. you cant feel the time passing by.
heheee. alrights. anyways, after that went home and reminisce on 17 again. xD
hmmmm.. shall watch it again ! :D

today not much happened. so shall not talk bout it lah. hehe.
alrights. take care guys!



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Monday, April 13, 2009 ♥

ohkay i know my face looks pathetic.
katerkan orang tengah belajar bersungguh-sungguh ! mcm phm -__-
haha. so anyways , after school went mac with azura,amirah,arina,hafsah&aliyah to study chemistry , maths and social studies. heeheee.
well the plan was to walk to mac , but end up we took the bus cuz of time constraint.
heheee. reached there and started studying straightaway.
oh! and saw primary school friend , karim ! hahas.

hmmm.. todays maths lesson was funny !
lazy to elaborate lahh kan.
alrights. byebye people!
take care ;D

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Sunday, April 12, 2009 ♥

hello.. :)
went to west coast plaza to see aliff ~
so theres this hip hop dance competition.
im very amazed by their energetic performance!
seriouss ahh. satu-satu tk leh angxzxz..
macam nk join dorang. hahaa. mcm phm -.-
anyways, saw my ex hip hop dance instructor, andy !
hahaaa. to be expected nurul.
yadaaaa yadaaaa yadaaaa !
aliff performed " more than words " & " with you "
haha. cool uhh. cool :)
after performance , met aliff for awhile before heading our separate ways.
really enjoyed today's event :)

I loved it when you took my hand and placed it on your chest.
You wanted me to feel your heart pounding. And i loved how heart-warming it was.
I loved it when you gave me those sweet smiles.
Your smile meant a lot to me.
I loved it when we had our small talks.
Your laugh makes me feel happy & you cheered me up.
I loved it how you could grab my attention from the many others.
I only saw you in the sea of people.
And i just loved how alluring you are.
Your cute face makes my soul wonder to the garden full of scented flowers.

But, i just realised that im just living in a world of fantasy.
I know all of this couldnt be real.
But for sure, I'll always remember the memories we had.
And i will always treasure your affections you poured on me.
For that , i want to say thank you.
But don't worry. I'll always be by your side when you need me.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009 ♥


hahaaa. like finally lahh ehh. xD

kk anyways ... today went out with parents & sis .
1st brother went to sentosa with friends & second brother went for work as usual.
so today.. checked out tampines one !
ohmygod. the place is like so big lahh eh. didnt get to explore the whole place.
shopped at some shops and almost spent 100 bucks. hahaha !
haiyarrr. shall not spend so much next time.
not good for our monetary assets. hah. mcm phm~
so yeahh. after that had dinner at food culture and head home !
abang hadi and his friends came to house to change their clothes and now they're out again ! -____-
nevermind lah. i understand that they're ageing.
go have fun while u guys can. hahahaaa.
padahal dorang baru early 20s ehh . step tua maner ntahh.

okayy okayy . i shall stop here ~
byebyee people! enjoy ur weekends yeah ? :)

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Friday, April 10, 2009 ♥

today , woken up by abang hadi !
kept pestering me to follow him play badminton ! -.-
so its about 9.15 ... finished getting ready by 9.45am.
abang then drove to bedok north court which we're gonna play at.
waited for the the peeps to arrive.
yadaaayadaaa.. listened to david archie's songs. hahaa.
soon ema, atiqah and their classmates , ain , farah & riduan arrived.
sume damaians sehhh ... jiwa lahhh ~
tapi walaupun semuanyer dah graduate except me ,
once a damaian , always a damaian. CHEYHWAH ! haha xD
so yeahhh. anyways,
played badminton until 12.30pm like that cuz the guys had to go S.J .
today had lots of laugh with them. hahaaks xD
shall hang out again soon yeah?
kk anyways,drove the girls to a nearby bus stop where they cud get a straight bus.
then sped off to our house cuz abang running late.
yadaaa yadaaa yadaaaaaa ~
today didnt do much larh basically.

shall update u guys again aites? byebye! :D

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Thursday, April 9, 2009 ♥

didnt manage to update some stuff for the past 2 days. hah.
anyways, yeahh so im here to update my blog! woohh.

last tuesday, went to david archuleta's autograph session !!!!
ohmygod he's like the cutest thing ever. haha !
seriously, his face is like " boy2 " kind. cute uhh cute uhh !
geram nyerr tengok muke dier tu. mcm nk pinch jekk. hahaks.
anyways, didnt get a clear picture of him cuz didnt bring my camera!
baekk uhhh nurul.. hahaa. and its very squeezy & cramped !
so yeahhh. hahaaa.
he performed quite some songs. great performance!
he really can sing live. i like i like. hahaakkz.
then its time for the autograph session !!
waited quite awhile cuz theres like so many people lining up.
asked cuzzin dino to go home first. so didnt get to meet him. heheh.
next time kayz ? :)
anyways, when its my turn, d.a signed my poster and looked up.
he smiled and seriously looked me in the eyes! haha.
awwwww... a moment of spark ! xD
i quickly hold out my hand and shook his!!
omg omg omg. i shook david's hand. HAH! so happy so happy !! xD
and i sempat say some magic words and he laughed and say thanks. HEHEH! =3
haiyaarr.. pening lahh ! cant take the over pouring of stardom. lol.
sigh.. i still can remember the way he looked at me. im missing him already.
nyehehehheheex. okaylah2.
so after all that , accompanied diyana to the toilet and bumped into cuzzin yanti.
talked for awhile and separated. lol.
hmmmm.. actually that day i've seen a lot of familiar faces. lol.
sumerr pasal david archuleta kan kan ? hahaa.
ooh yeah , i've actually skipped my tuition for d.a ! HAHA.
hmm.. okaylahh. quite worth it xD
hahaaa. wish to see him again whenever ! :)

yesterday night.
i actually ran away from home for 3 hours. wth ! xD
not exactly running away lahh.
but got lectured by dad. out of the blue lah kan.
tiba2 jekk terpekik-terpekau ! saket telinge tkper tau, SAKET HATI ! -.-
as usual ,i tried to reframe myself from blurting out words.
so end up tears start to roll down my cheeks and stress level is going up at a fast rate.
serious sia. orang tengah belajar for tests sempat nk membebel!
maner orang boleh concentrate ?! he seriously need to learn how to keep his mouth shut at times.
its not actually the words that he says that hurt me , but its his attitude that hurt me the most.
being the patient soul here, i still have limits and he has seriously pushed too far.
so i changed my clothes and bring all my study stuff and went to nearby mac to study.
and im still crying on the way. tried to control my anger by eating orea mcflurry.
mmmm.. it helps :)
continued to study and suddenly around 11pm , abang hadi appeared.
and i was like.. =_="

nurul: and what are u doing here..? -.-
abang hadi: teman botek(the weird name he gave me) ah! abang hadi kan botek nyer bestfriend!
nurul: rigghhhttt... not ...... ( kurang ajar eh. haha )
abang hadi: actually ibu yang suroh teman.
nurul: ohhh... ok..

hahaha ! so yeahh. after 2 hours then he came..
well actually i just need to be alone.
but dear brother somehow cheered me up with his lameness.
haahaaa. then abang sempat makan while i continue study :)
yadaaa yadaa yadaaa.. reached home at 12.10am. LOL.
balek teros tido! mate pedih . hahaa.

today, had 4 class tests !! o.o
POA , physics , malay & geography !
crazy right ? totally absurb man ...
well , i think i can pass all except for geog ! HAHA.
geog sure fail lahh . tak memories langsung..
stakat bace2. pastu end up bile test lupe byk bende. -.-
bagus.. bagus.. hahaaa.
well , not my fault right? 1 day 4 tests is unacceptable u know! =p
and u know i know what happened yesterday.
seriously tk perlu. lost my concentration for a moment.
but nevermind, took the tests already. what is done cannot be undone.
i'll just hope for the best ! :D
after school , straightaway went home and got ready cuz family eating out.
end up gi arnold ! haiyaarr.. sure gain weight one. HAHA.
hmmm. besok nk ikot abang , ema , atiqah and others maen badminton tk ah?
* thinks *
besok good friday kan. alahh malas lah nk bangon pagi2! hahaa.
ntahh lahh.. nanti tengok keadaan yerr.. lol.

alrights. shall stop blabbering now.
have a great holiday people! :)

ps. thanks to the people who comforted me yesterday night!
~ mum , abang hadi , bestie azura & sufri ! :)
thanks for caring. love u guys muchh. muackss !

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Sunday, April 5, 2009 ♥

2nd post of the day ! nyehehex.
went to takashimaya with parents&sister.
* evil laugh * hohohoho ~
as dad got $300 gift voucher, i bought myself an everlast shoe !
muahahahahhaaaa.. at long last ! xD
the shoe is made of denim. cool or whuats. new model ! ^-^
lucky me.. hahaa. anyways !
then went to the centre of taka cuz got this " men's bazaar " .
seriously not interested. hahaa !
helped dad choose seiko watch which cost him like $278 like that.
luckily got voucher. muahahaa..
then decided to go to the perfume section.
actually i wanted to buy the kylie minogue's or esprit's but the bottle is quite small and expensive. so decided to buy the adidas fruity rhythm perfume&shower gel!
oh and and. the sale's assistant was cute. HAHA.
actually got 2 lah . the other not bad lah ehh.
oh yarhh ! got 1 funny part. throughout my time standing there, the two guys took turn to advertise the products.. and so...

cute guy: ermm. this perfume blahh blahh blahh blahh ...
me: oh. mmm.. okayy.
other guy: hah! aku dah bilang dierr lahh .

haha. then we all looked at each other and laughed. hahaa.
hmmmm.. very likeable people~

kk so anyways ! after that went home. hahaa !
ate dinner.. ironed my uniforms.. packed my bag.
and now im here updating u guys! hahaaa.
hmmmm... i dont know what else to talk about.
hahaha. take care people! :)

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Saturday, April 4, 2009 ♥

today.. had principal's talk & parents meeting.
as usual the principal talk was boring. hahaha !
after that, went out to eat first before meeting ms syarifah.
ate at " vary nice " and saw next door neighbour! haha !
then auntie bought for my sister soya bean. lol ! so sweet lahh.
hmmmm.. yadaa yadaaa.. met ms syarifah.
my results.. not that good lah. disappointing. haha !
then after me&my mum walked out of the classroom, mum suddenly said she left her specs.. so had to go back class..
* finding *

zul: ape kau carik ? specs eh ?
nurul: a'ah. maner specs dier?
zul: hah. kat idris !
*looks at idris which is talking to ms syarifah.
zul: idris! tu specs nurul lah !

hahaha ! idris was actually wearing my mum's specs! lol !
then got back the specs from him and as usual he give the cheeky look & said sorry.
hahaaaa. kekek sia.
yadaaa yadaaaa yadaaaa...

rested awhile then got ready to meet kassim&ema. a last minute thing. lol.
i was in rush and had to get ready twice the speed. xD
then went out with abang hadi to eunos mrt to go to somerset.
the plan was actually to meet at youth park but it was raining. haha.
so met at heeren and had our lunch at BK.
talked alot of stuffs then head to city hall and went to suntec city.
walked around abit and drooled on many stuff which we couldnt afford. haha!
then went to Gelare' to eat ice-cream as kaz is craving for some.
me&brother bought this ice-cream waffle which costs us $13.90 like that.
paid abang hadi only $4 =p hahah. thx eh thx eh.
the ice-cream waffle was damn nice lah eh. i swear. hahaha !
then kassim bought his chocolate ice-cream & this latte.
his ice-cream was nice too . nyehehex !
but one thing , gelare is way expensive. lol !
koyak sia pocket kalau gi sane regularly.. -.-
then talked and laughed. as usual. hahaa !
waited for kamsani , his mum & abang to arrive.
after that me,abang hadi & ema went off cuz abg meeting his friends later and ema need to balek cepat.
haizz. so sad ahh. i dont like when we have to separate.
its already like 8.30pm like that so i guess i gotta go too.
reached home and head for the couch. hahah ! penat ahh ..
today had a walkathon. mcm phm -.-
haha. no lah. today walked alot cuz the place is like big & long distanced.
nvm. paham2 kan je lah ehh.. haha !
hmmmm.. and now im blogging. haiyaaa.
i cant believe its already saturday night ! -.-"
how time flies.. oh well..
goodnight people !
enjoy looking at the pics i've uploaded ! xD
i had a really fun day! ^ - ^

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AdiSutrisno Aiishah AliffAziz AmirahBestie AnaFarhana Aryna Ayeen AyuSaffee AyuniZafirah Azza AzuraBestie Azwandi DavidArchuleta Deeyana Dian Ema Efenddy Fana FarahAmira FarrahLasrin Farhan GimChen Hafsah HuiYim Ida Izwan Johnson Joceline Kaliesa Kaseh KassimDanial Khair Khalisa Kimberlyn Mirah Myra Nadhirah Nana NaqiyahBestie Norfasarie NurFarhana NurulAini NurulJannah Omairah Pan PeiYan Rafidah Raikha Roxane Roxaz RP Shafeeqa SingaporeIdolSeason3 SleeQ SleeqOfficialBlog Sofiah StillYoungz Sufri Suriah Syafiqah Syazana TabithaNauser Vivian Wardah Yanah YantiCuzzin YantiCuzzinBlogshop ZhenXin Zul

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