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Saturday, February 28, 2009 ♥

hello! good morning people. haha.
okayy i should sleep soon. its already 2.27am in the morning!
but before that , i shall blog about today, 27feb09.
during homeroom, ms syarifah lectured us in a good way.
yeahh she was seriously devastated by what happened during maths lesson yesterday.
she apologised & advised us bout using vulgarities & stuff.
yeahh all of us were paying attention & felt her message.
haiz. from now onwards, i shall not use vulgarities anymore! xD
hahaaa. confident sehh aku .
anyways , pe lesson , ran 2 rounds around the school b4 we can play games.
hmmmm.. im not satisfied with myself. haha. i took 10.25mins -.-
and 10 mins is the target that was set. haiyaaaa.. but nvm.
shall try harder next time ! :)
after that mr cho gave us basketball to play.
i couldnt score . i was so depressed. mekk ! hahaaa.
then suddenly , idris asked who want to play soccer.
so some of the girls agreed. and we merge teams.
half girl half boy. so ermmm. i forgot whose in my team. hahaaa xD
but anyways, i suck at soccer seriously.
i dont even know how to stop the ball. i want to use my hand! hahaa.
and my passing was horrible ! hahaaaa.
maybe im not born to play soccer. lol. obviously.
so yeahh , after that recess!
went to see the sample class photo. hmmm. for me its kind of nice lah.
i shall buy all 4 since its my last year ! :)
but im not sure if i have the money. hahaa. shall save soon.
okayy anyways, as i was queieing up , noor muhammad(k tk perlu spell out name kau) was behind me.
and he said hi to me & naqi. naqi was beside me. then..

Noor: ade budak tu ade birthday party hari tu tk ajak ehh..
Nurul: kau tau pasal birthday party tu? mcm mane kau tau?
Noor: aku ade pasang spy. heheee.
Naqiyah: obviously sufian yang bilang die..
Nurul: oh. hahaa. sorry ah! mane aku tau kau nk pergi kan.. hehe ^-^"

so yahh. i apologise to those people who want to go to my bday party that time.
seriously ! i have no intention of hurting u guys whatsoever.
and for the aliffangels, sorry i forgot to msg my chalet no. !!!
i forgot ! sorry mamahani & excos..
haaizzz.. i hate myself. hahaaa. no lahh.
people make mistakes. forgive me people..

hahaaa. so let me see.. after recess 4 periods F&N !
i did my coursework u know! didnt go to other websites.
see i so good right? hahaa. mcm phm.
so anyways, after school ,went home & rested.
i dunno why , i tend to fall asleep when i get comfortable. hahaa!
then woke up at 4pm+ to babysit aqilah as my mum is still sleeping. haiyaa.
but its okayy. i knw she's tired from work :)
so yahhh. aqilah irritates me but sometimes she's fun. hahaaa.
after unbenificial hours of babysitting,
went to the kitchen to fix me some food. hahaa.
like finally ! ahaaaa. im hungry. lol.
as theres no food in the kitchen, i went to make margarine&sugar sandwich.
im addicted to that stuff seriously. hahaa. its so nice lahh .
so anyways, waited for abg&bapak to get home & they brough food also.
then we eat while watching pesta perdana 10. quite boring lah.
but got one part..
sleeq appeared on stage and i was like.. " SLEEQ!!!!! "
then my family was like looking at me with the " haiz " face.
aku tau lah ape yg korang tgh pikir.. confirm dalam otak tgh ckp:
" ape lahhh nk jadi dengan budak ni ..."
kan? kan? hahaaa.. yeahh & azura called soon after. lol.
anyways, yeahh. i lurve sleeq's performances. they're like so cool lah eh.
hahaa. but im still a trueblue aliffangels tau! hehee.
so yahhh . i just bathed actually. cuz i didnt have the chance to bath just now.
hahaaaa. im so refreshed !
now im blogging. lol.
hmmmm.. tomorrow is going to be a busy day.
gotta clean my room & study for science common test ! -.-
then sunday.. heard abg hadi is going to kluar with kassim&ema?
haiz. should i follow them or continue with my revision?
i miss those 2 sweeties like truckloads! padahal baru hari tu jumpe.hahaa.
maybe we'll have breakfast instead of outing? dunno lahh.
i just hope that can manage with my studies.
so yeppp. i think i gotta go now.
take care loved ones ! xoxo

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009 ♥

weather: RAINING !!
hahaa.. i have been observing, it has been raining for the past 3 days!!
wooohooo ! i'll like this weather to continue until the rest of the week.
hahaa. mcm phm. anyways, i dunno why , i like the rain a little more than the sun.
but on certain events, i'll like the sun to stay up there, thank u. haha.
anyways ! i love the rain cuz its so cooling and the atmosphere seems so relaxed all of a sudden! xD
unlike sunny days ! so warm.makes my mood to go down sometimes.. hehee.
so yepppp. i admire the rain so much xD weird girl -.-

hmmmmm... today was a pretty normal day..
woke up at 5.15am but snoozed until 5.45am ! heheee.
dragged my body to the bathroom and..... bath obviously. haha.
so after that went to my room and did the necessities.
okayy why am i telling u all these stuff? hahaaa.
* fast forward *
todays maths lesson was kind of weird -.-
stupid karthik go and destroy ms syarifah's mood. haizzz.
so from 12.30-1.30 , we didnt learn anything new.
karthik was sent by ms syarifah to mr raj. haha. bozo karthik.
then ms syarifah gave us work to do..
as we havent learn some stuff from the topic ,
our helpful friend , ARINA was the teacher of the day. hahaa.
baekk ahh arina. gua caya sama lu ! xD
yeahh she can be a maths teacher. lol.
so yada3 ... nothing marvelous happened today..
hahaaa. i dont know what to blog about ! haiyaaaa.
so i'll stop here then ^ - ^
take care people of earth !!

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Monday, February 23, 2009 ♥

2nd post of the day!
anyways, i was just watching television in the hall when somebody knocked on the door. well at first i was scared of opening the door cuz i was ALONE. haiz.
but in the end i just opened it and saw 2 little girls around 9 & 6 like that.
they said their mum is having some tumour thingy and need money for the therapy.
and they're actually selling flower handcrafts that they made for 10 bucks!
at first i actually said that i didnt have the money.
(omg i didnt just say that -.- )
but then the older sister said that 5 dollars also can.
well , i actually have some money.. so i gave them 5 bucks & received this vase&flowers. it was quite nice.
they thank me and stuff and i closed the door.
when i sat down , suddenly it struck me.
how could i just gave them 5 bucks when i had some more money?
and their mum are in serious conditions & those 2 kids were sincere..
so i searched my wallet and took out 10 dollars & took my house key and ran after them!
at first , i was scared of leaving the house . and i didnt close the door. omg.
but then, i just go on and try and find the girls.
as i was staying on the 7th floor, i tried to find them on the 6 & 5 floor.
but they were no where to be found. and then i ran up to 8 floor. still no sign of the girls. i nearly gave up man..
then i hear some talkings on the lower floors.
and i took a pick at the railings , and there they are on the 5th floor!!
at first , i was like. OMG! how did they manage to get to the 5th floor????
but i just ran after them , then catched my breath.
i told them that i wanted to give them 10 bucks extra.
they wanted to give me this bouquet of flowers but i refused!
i seriously wanted to give the 10 bucks dengan seikhlasnyer tau !
but then they said that if i dont want it , i can give it to my teacher and my teacher would love it. hahaaaa.
i thought that was kinda cute so i just like.. gave in. hahaa.
so yeahh. they said thanks and all . and they continued to do their job.
i pity them. they're so young yet have big responsibilities.
if im free, i wanted to help them. but i have ss common test tmr.
and i cant go out at night. haizz.
so yeahhh. i went up to house again. looking at the very nice handcrafts.
and suddenly. i felt blissful & blessed. wow.
so i guess we can feel the satisfaction when we do something good (:
ermmmmm.. but what bothers me is that.
i have forgotten their faces!
now this is freaky -.-
well , nevermind that.
now i have to revise my SS.
goodnight people & good luck for tmr's ! :)

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22th FEBRUARY 2009

ohkay so thats the group picture during kpak bing bing's show at east coast
actually got one more photo of me&aliff but stupid bro go & delete !!!
WTH LAH KAN!! tk tau pakai camera jgn pakai ahh ehh. geram ahh !
haizzz.. k whatever ahh. -.-
so actually i didnt intend to go lahh.
suddenly at 2.30pm ibu say " ehh nk tgk aliff ngan taufik tk ?? "
then i was like looking at her with the stupid face.
as in.. aliff gonna perform like 3-4pm !!
so i was like. wth ?! nk pergi ckp siang2 lahh.
i didnt knw she wanted to go. cuz the weather it was raining a little.
so i rushed to get ready. hahaaa.
then reached east coast at about 3.40pm.
and i thought im gonna miss his performance but luckily he just reached. haha !
then me&family meet the other TRUEBLUE Aliffangels & aliff's family&relatives.
so yeahh. soon after aliff performed 2 numbers, cinta arjuna& ini satu kisah.
then got this 2 makcik semangat joget to lagu ini satu kisah!
hahaaa. funny stuff. xD
so anways, after that met aliff after his done.
then take picture all that ahh.
but when we're taking the group pic right ,
abg hadi want to stand beside aliff ahh.
so the story goes like this..

nurul: asl abg hadi stand beside aliff??!
abg hadi: abehh?? nk ambik brother photo ape..
nurul: alahhh ... =(
aliff: u want to rase my heartbeat lagik ehh? hahaaa.. ( inside thing :D )
nurul: ah? hahahaa !!
hadi: ahh .. macam smalam ahh tu ...
sufri: i also want to stand beside aliff ! ( i think he said that )
aliff: ahh .. nevermind2 . ladies first.. hehehee..

so yeahh thats the story xD
okayy why am i excited? -.-
so anyways, i was hanging around when umi say something like..
" thank you for the presents.... blah blah blah.. especially her one . "
and shes pointing at me?
and i was like.. " huh ? ape nyer ? "
then she said "the present smalam .. ade ur personalised photo lagik. hehehe."
then i was like.. " ohhh... hehehehe .. ( smiles ) "
after sume dah ambek gambar , we went our separate ways..
but me& my family stayed awhile to watch taufik.
hahaaa. so yearpp. it was quite funny when they interviewed taufik. haha.
i bet all the people enjoyed themselves :)
after that , when to tampines mall and bought abg's baju.
abg jealous ahh tu i buy for aliff. hahaaa =p
after that we ate at food culture.
but i didnt eat cuz it was already 6.40pm.
i know im being dramatic here but i think its for the better.
but at last, mum forced me to eat some of her food.
haiyyaaa.. so i ate a little in the end -.-
after that , went home ! :)


21st FEBRUARY 2009


wake up at 9.00 in the morning just to get myself ready by 12.30pm.
hahaa. i know i'll take a long time to get ready. so yahh.
after that went out and took public transport to tampines.
printed my photo & bought presents for aliff before heading to bugis to meet up with ayu. hmmmmm.. okayy so u guys might be wondering what i bought for aliff right?
well i bought him a shirt & perfume.. hope he likes it. hahaaa.
so anyways , reached bugis mrt. walked around abit cuz we had quite some time before 3.30pm which is the reporting time.
so i decided to write something on the back of my photo and packed the presents.
so yeahh . i did it with my own strength ! mekkk .
so ayu arrived soon after& we head to MAYUNI OMAR CAFE where the birthday bash is held.
reached there and only the excos & kaliesa has arrived.
yuppp. so we lingered around&talked crap until the event start & upon the arrival of Aliff !
i dunno why. i accidentally shouted when i first saw aliff.
HAHA . i dunno lahh. kinda miss him actually.
biase mahh .. dah lame tk jumpe kan. hahaaa.
so yeahhh. the event was pretty superb ! and the place&food too!! yumm2.
i wont elaborate on what happened lah. lazy to type. hahaa.
but it was great lah. aliff sang many songs. and played the guitar as well.
miss his voice man ! its so soothing to the ears. haha. mcm phm.
so yahh. picture taking time!
then one part right..
aliff was like kind of behind me lahh.
as im quite short !
he sort of put his chin on my head.then laugh2 . haha.
u knw aliff, i think ur saliva might still be on my hair. xD
mepek sakk nurul . so anyways !
he was behind me right, then i can feel his heartbeat ahh.
so i say..

nurul: aliff , tadi i can feel ur heartbeat tau. hahaa.
aliff: huh? really??
nurul: a'ah ! a'ah ..
aliff: wow. u're the only one who can feel my heartbeat. heheee.
nurul: heheeeee..* giggles *
ayu: ehh i also can feel ur heartbeat tau ! nurul bukan kau sorang lah.
nurul: ehh kau jgn menyebok boleh tk?

yahhh . so ayu menyebok lah kan !! * dedicated to ayu * HAHAA.
kau suke ehh masok campor hal aku ngan dier? hahaaa. mcm phm jek..
so yerpppp. so i think its around 8.30pm like that.
so we all went our separate ways .. haizzz.. so saddening.
i want to turn back time lah. heheee! :D
i really had a good time !
thanks for the excos who organise the event ehh ! :)

23th FEBRUARY 2009
haizzz.. early in the morning need to run. WTH.
i hate running . hahaaa. i prefer swimming seriously.
but swimming later sunburn. -.-
did i ever tell u guys that my skin is sensitive to the sun? HAHA. mcm phm.
so yeahhh . todayy... was a normal day at school.
life was normal . but fun in some ways..
im just tired of learning about stuff thats not quite relevant to our lifes!
hahaaaa.. so yeahh.. but i'll try to hang out.
o'levels lah nurul !! wake up lah girl!!
so yeahhhh.. after school , ate cheese tofu and talked for awhile with the usuals.
then me&naqiyah went home while azura&amirah went back to school to discuss about the debate with the other guys.
heeee.. so now im blogging. hahaaaa.
okayy this post is getting lengthy. omg.
i'll end here lah okayy .
haizz.. tmr SS common test -.-
good luck to me. hahaaa..

ps. AYU aku tau kau nk grab photos aku.. hahaa. so kau dipersilakan ehh. welcome2! hahaa.

oh and the videos i've taken are on youtube.
just click channels. and type my username : NurulCherrydoll
to see the videos :) they're good quality videos tau ! hahaa.
so go watch it..
some are still uploading though. hehee.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009 ♥

hello people! (:
yerpp , i've changed my blogskin ! like finally right? haha.
im sick of the old one. lol.
hmmmm.. although this one is quite simple, but it should do for now.
okayy anyways,
today had maths test ahh. i have no comments. hahaaa.
basically i just dont like maths ah. but i have no choice but to live with it everday. haaa. for the sake of my olevels.

haha. whatever.
okay so anyways , today i didnt do much ah.
just rest around and lazy-ing cuz finally dont have homewrk ! :D
but then the horror will start soon cuz next tues SS common test.
haizzz. these things just popped & dropped & popped again !
hahaa. hmmmm. i think i have to go. its getting late.
i need my beauty sleep ! hahaa.
mepek ahh nurul.
okaylah. BYEBYE ! (:

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Monday, February 16, 2009 ♥

Pictures from my birthday party that i owe u guys. hahaaa.
enjoy (:


mayy u lead a happy life and all the best for ur future ! (:
MISS YOU ALIFF ! hahaaa xD
can't wait for this saturday yeahh ? (:

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