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Saturday, August 30, 2008 ♥


I'll like to thank teachers who have thought me from nursery , kindergraden , madrasah , primary school & now , secondary !! hahaa..
I really appreciate ur hard work . I'll try to be a successful person in the future (:

Anyways , yesterday , celebrated TEACHERS DAY !
Ohh , I missed to do the ACES DANCE ! URGHH !! I love dancing okay ? But i hate it when people are looking at me when im dancing . haha ! Cuz I know i look like a freak . haha !
so , I had to go for the Skipping Challenge thingy .
Breaking the World's Genuise Record ? haizz.. so yeahh .
Came back to school like about 9.10am ?
hahaa.. so I was sitting infront ? haha . cool siaow..
so yeahh , theres performances from the graduating classes .. 4E4's performance was the most entertaining !! :D
~ laughing gases ~
ohh yeahh , and there was the " Damai's Next Top Model "
So .. Mr Raj , our discipline master WON ! hahaaa.. Funny seyhh ..
Anyways , after the show . Met with Mdm Dini , Ms Jumilia & Mdm Soraya to give them presents. Didnt find Mrs. Wong . Because of her , I got 22/25 for maths test siaow ! but i should get 23 seyhh ( careless mistake -.-" ) but the point , all this while in my secondary life , im failing my maths ! but .. i know its just a test . but im HAPPY ! hahaaa. I guess i'll be giving her the present when school reopens ?
oh yes ! someone gave ms jumilia a hamster . haha !! its like.. omg so cute !
but at the same time .. what ? do u think ms. jumilia have time to take care of a hamster . and ms jumilia said to me & naqi , " hope i can take care of it properly " .. haha !

soo yeahhh .. planned to go back to damai pri .. but heard that everybody's gone !
all of civilisation in damai primary went home ! -.-"
so me , azura , nadiyah , amirah & arina hang out under the void deck . hahaha !
and soon . I went home (:

So today .. nothing interesting happen. Just that , I ate a chocolate .
And its ... the Cadbury Creme Brule' .. OMG ! Its so nice lah okayy . hahaa..
anyways , I IDOLISE Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato's Friendship & their lives ! haha
Its like .. They cant live without each other ? Such Sweet Bestfriends !

The quiz that Rafidah asked me to do . haha !

1. The person who tag you is.
Rafidah !

2. Your relationship with him/her is.
My great friend !

3. Your five impression of him/her.
Clever & Nice & Sweet & Cute & Likeable !

4. The most memorable thing he/she had done for you.
Talking to me ! hahaa.. I dunno . She's such a sweet person.

5. The most memorable thing he/she had said to you.
When she's supporting me during im running .

6.If he/she become your lover, you will...
OMG ! She's a girl , IM A GIRL ! hahaa..

7. If he/she become your lover, the thing he/she has to improve on will be...
Again , We're never going to be lovers.

8. If he/she become your enemy, you will...
That wouldnt possibly happen . but if it does , i dunno what to say .

9. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be..
I dunno ?

10. The most desired thing you want to do for him/her now is.
ermm ...... ? ermm .... ?

11. Your overall impression of him/her is.

12. How you think people around you will feel about you.
How should I know ..

13. The characters you love about yourself are.
Im not sure myself.

14. On the contrary, the characters you hate yourself are.
This is too personal . And why would i tell ? haha ! xD

15. The most ideal person you want to be is.
Im not sure. There's too many points to list down .

16. For people that care and like you, say something to them.
Thank you so much for the care ! Really appreciate it. And i wanna take this opportunity to say that I love my Bestfriends ! (:

17. Pass this quiz to 10 persons that you wished to know how they feel about you pass to people that have blog only.

1.Azura 2.Naqiyah 3.Amirah 4.Diyana 5.Kassim 6.Dino 7.Hafsah 8.Rafidah 9.Dian 10.Aliff
It's typed randomly, no preference whatsoever :D

18.Who is no.6 having relationship with? Someone .

19. Is no.9 a male or female? Female.

20. If no.7 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing?
Well , hard to say.. But i dont want it to happen though.

22. What is no.2 studying about?
Studying about everything she has to study.

23. When was the last time you had a chat with no.3?
Yesterday night (:

24. What kind of music band does no.8 like?
Im not too sure. haha !

25. Does no.1 have any siblings?

26. Will you woo no.3?

27. How about no.7?
NOPE !!!!

28. Is no.4 single?
Currently yes .

29. What is the surname of no.5?
Surname ? ermmm .. Surname can be father's name eh?? If like that , I think its bari something.

30. What 's the hobby of no.10?
SINGING ! SINGING and anything related to music ?

31.Does no.5 and 9 get along well?
They don't know each other .

32. Where is no.2 studying at?
Damai Secondary !

33. Talk something casually about no.1.

34. Have you tried developing feelings for no.8?

35. Where does no.9 live at?
I dunno ? Somewhere in singapore :D

36. What colour does no.4 like?
37. Are no.5 and 1 best friend?

Nope. They barely know each other .

38. Does no.1 have any pets?
Used to . Cats & Hamsters.

39. Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world?
Not gonna answer that one.

40. What is no. 10 doing now?
I dunno .. Probably studying as he should be. Or singing ..



listened to the sweet sound @ 11:07 AM

Sunday, August 24, 2008 ♥

today .. woke up quite late .. hahah . i think its about 11.46am to be exact . not my fault okayy . yesterday slept late .. hmmm .. anyways , go to bath & had my lunch/breakfast . My dad brought back " Roti Prata " .. hahaaa .. yeahh its nice but too much calories ! O.O after that i online for awhile .. just looking around for any updates . So , dam di dam di dam .. its 3pm ! I got ready to the HARI RAYA @ THE CITY Show . Its an opening for the lighting decoration of Taman Warisan & that area .. But before heading there , followed my family to tampines mall to check out for new handphones & plan . Its a bore lah okay .. No need to story in detail . hahaa .. Here comes the main thing !! Went to Taman Warisan for the show .. And guess what ?! Its drizzling quite heavily .. And the show havent started . Me & my family went to ZAM ZAM restaurant to eat . I did not eat much cuz I didnt have the appetite . woaw . weird .. anyways , After eating we went down to taman warisan !! heheee .. So we went to find somewhere to stand . and guess what ? I got a clear view !! :D And halfway it rained ! omg . So the people infront was holding an umbrella and at the same time blocking the view !! -.-" ohh , i was in the shelter .. Anyways , a group of family and 1 soft-spoken / lembut guy were around my area . So they told the auntie to close the umbrella and share umbrella with the person beside her . But she didnt listen . And we were like quite frustrated lah . But in the end she closed the umbrella after awhile ... So yerppp ! SUPER clear view .. And there were malay dances performed . It was so nice .. Im loving malay dance ! xD hahaa.. So at last !!!!!!! Hady Mirza , ALIFF AZIZ & Sleeq Performed !!! Hady sang the song berserah , you give me wings & beautiful day .. Gotta admit that he sang so sweetly . hahaa. Very nice lahh ... Then up comes ALIFF !! hahaaa .. Sang Sayang2 , Nyala & Ini satu kisah ! Oh my god Aliff was extraordinarily handsome tonight ! and he spoke to us like so damn cute lah ehh . hehee (: but he forgot some of the lyrics of Ini satu kisah . HAHA !! no comments !! then Sleeq performed next .. Aww ... Cute uhhs . Yerpp so they know how to entertain us . very good very good ! xD hmmm .. But the " pilihlah aku " song , had some technical difficulties .. oopps ! so after the show ,they performed that song again .. Anyways , so me & my brother when to where Aliff's family & aliffangels were .. My mum , dad , sister and other brother didnt follow us . So yeahh .. Salam2 aliff's parents. Then talked to pakcik Aziz for awhile . hehheee.. Then waited and waited .. As usual , Ayeen & Aisyah kecohh . hahaa.. But they were kecoh in a cute way lah . They're forgiven . hahaaa.. But its quite nice to have them around. Mcm best gituk ahh ! (: ohh yeahh , after the show finished , Abang Hadi was interviewed by the Mediacorp people. hahaaa. funny sehh . then he excited cuz later masok tv -.-" Then after the mediacorp people came close to us , then all run away ! hahaaa .. But the cameraman ask us to wave at the camera. So we did ! hahaa.. Semangat nyerr ya allah .. But it was great lah . I mean the atmosphere (: anyways , waited for aliff ! And he came out finally . YAYY !! hahahaa .. Followed him to his family's car . We got out from the public people.. Being an Aliffangel has special priorities gitu ehh ! haaa.. So took pictures with ALIFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN THEN THEN !!! His hand/palm was one my back !! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So nice & warm !!!!!!! xD Then after that , he said to me that I smelled nice !! WAKAKAKAAKKAKAAKAKA !!! Unexpected sia ... .. hahaaaa.. Then i laughed tk perlu . Then we took group pictures .. Aliff HOT ! xD & his voice so cute siaooww as usual .. heheee.. Aliff is you're reading this , just wanna let you know that you're such a great guy . HAHA ! back to the story , then he's leaving us already . so soon right ? hahaa.. then he said thanks and shaked my hand !! And he bowed to me ! hahaa.. maybe he wanted to smell me .. HAHA. And yes ! He said that i smelled nice , AGAIN ! hahaa.. OMG ! IM SO HAPPY OKAYY ?!!!!!!!!! IM FELT LIKE THE LUCKIEST GIRL THAT DAY ! xD ALiff said I smelled NICE ! Let me repeat it once more. ALIFF SAID THAT I SMELLED NICE ! ARGHH !!! hahaaaa .. Then he got into the car .. So me & the aliffangels said bye and what not to Aliff and his families (: And we all headed home ! woww.. what a lengthy post. hahaaa.. OH MY GOODNESS !!!!!!!!!!!!! TMR SCHOOL ?! O.O
I guess I better sleep now .. Luckily tomorrow have no test ^-^

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Friday, August 22, 2008 ♥

Wow its sure is dusty around here .. hahaa .
yeahh , u see ..this whole week , I'm just so busy lah okay ?
This week got tests and i have to entertain my family's demands !! urghh .
Ohkay , so its a friday night ! woohoo !! finally some peace & freedom ..
It has been a long week . I did my maths , physics & poa tests . wth ? all need calculations ? haha. Hmmmm .. it was ohkay lahh .. and maths test seems easy ? haha xD OHMYGOD ! did i just say that maths was easy ? haha. But i guess the teacher set it like that ? so ... okay lor ? xD
but this new chapter we're learning ( maths ) , is quite confusing . haizzz .... -.-"
hope I can manage ..
oh yess ! tuesday's study hour , malay lesson at the library .. GEREK SIAOOW !
It was so fun lah ehh . Ohkay before we went inside the library, me, amirah, azura,naqiyah,arina,zul,Idris & izzat hang out outside . Then izzat started to sit inside the lockers beside the library. As in , he stuck in his butt into that locker ? can u imagine that ?! It was so funny .. hahaaa .. then Idris carried him to sit inside the higher lockers. lol !! Omg . Izzat's body is so small ? xD it was funny lah . But didnt get to take pictures . Then zul also tried to sit inside the locker . Then he said his backbone pain and he just sat inside the locker for like .. 10seconds? haha. we burst out laughing to think that zul is so fragile. Then , Mdm Dini was in sight. Pastu Izzat gabra and jumped down from the locker ! ahaha.. tk leh angkat siaoow !! Mdm Dini is like on the 2nd floor and we were on the 3rd floor ? hahaa.. ohkay then we started the study hour ! Idris kept on making jokes and we kept laughing and laughing ! hahaaa.. Then Mdm Dini was abit frustrated with us . But the jokes were really funny sehh.. haiz.. Idris .. Idris .. xD yeahh . It was super cool !
Hmmm .. oh yeah , These few days , it rained !! OMG i so lurrvveee the rain !!
Its like COLD and u could feel the wind breeze . But sometimes its too freezing lah i gotta admit. hehe.. well i just dislike the sun abit cuz it damages my skin ! urghhh . But on second thought , i don't wanna live in the northpole like the polar bears . hahaaaa .
So i guess a little bit of sun is okay and a little bit of rain is fine too . Love singapore's weather (:
hey but it would be fun if we had 4 seasons .. haizz.. hahaaa .
anyways , the song " reach our for the skies " is lingering in my head. hahaha. But its nice though .. I miss the last time's national day songs .. Everytime sing at school hall ( primary school ) . It was so great then ^-^ ohkay , so random ! talking about national day and it just passed like 2 weeks ago ?! hahaaa..

oh yes ! Saleisha won America's Next Top Model ! Well , I was happy for her . Cuz she really have the potential and she's the cheerful2 type. So im kinda satiesfied ? But I pity Chantal cuz she works hard too . I think they both deserve to win ! Why don't they have 2 winners ?!
hahhaaaa .. ohkay i guess i'll stop now .
byebyebye ! (:

listened to the sweet sound @ 9:53 PM

Saturday, August 16, 2008 ♥

After school , quickly went back home and got ready for SINAR LEBARAN !
I got 2 VIP tickets from webmaster zul !! hehe. thanks zul !
ohkay , so the show is awesome ! hahaa.. alot of funny parts (:
not mentioning that theres ALIFF AZIZ , HADY MIRZA , TAUFIK BATISAH and lots more (:
ps. Aliff act MAJOR cute ! hehehe.
yeahh , so after the show , went to the artists's eating place thingy .. haha. ( vip tix ) .
Saw lots of artists ( duhh ) hahaha. I wanna take pictures with RANCOUR !
arghhh .. but im too shy to ask them . haha.
so while waiting for aliff , me & my mum ate . hahaa.. The foods are really good u know ..
and anyways , POP goes Aliff ! haha. so ate faster .. hahaa..
So i walked quickly but theres already crowds surrounding him .
and finally i got a chance to take a pic with him . and i go .. and he go ..
me : Aliff !! * smiley face *
aliff : ehh !! Hi !! ( excited sehh .. awwww.. sweet )
me : eheheh . hi .. ibu , sini sikit .
aliff : huh ? ohh ! dua2 skalik ? hehehe.. okayy.
* camera woman got ready to take pic *
aliff : ni nk senyum cute atau senyum ape ? hehehee !
me : ape2 ahh . * giggles * :D
yerrp. so after that . he said thanks and all . and i gotta go back home.
salam2 semuaorg ( aliffangels * aliff's mum ) (:
~ went to mustapha centre & reached home at 3am o.o"

Went to McDonalds Downtown east to meet with the Aliffangels ! (:
so yeahh , we went to RENTAK SINGAPURA !!
The show was SUPERB ROCKING ! hahaaa..
There was Aliff Aziz , Sleeq , Didi Cazli , Nurun Nuwarah , Maiya Rahman , Elfie Ismail , Spellbound , Maleks , Aqmal , Art Fazil and got others ah I forgot.
They did a great job ! And aliff is such a great guy as usual ^-^
Didi Cazli & Sleeq were awesome ..
ohh yeahh , got a chance to meet Revalina ! cuz they took part in this Projek Rentak .
So their group won ! hehee. But it was Ross's fame lah . Naza and the other guy just supported him (: and Naza is such a sweet little kid. haha . Kid ? He's way older than me xD
anyways , after the show , met up with Aliff again !! (:
He looks incredibly hawt in is black pants , white shirt & a skinny tie :D
ohkay , nurul stop it . hahaaa..
yerrpp . So me & all the other Aliffangels had a great time ^-^
and SHAFEEQA !! If you're reading this , I miss you !! eheheee .
So does the other Aliffangels .. Hope to see u soon kayy (:
~ ohkay , now .. I think i gotta go soon .
Okie BYE ! (:

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Thursday, August 14, 2008 ♥

today .. had our P.E lesson .
first we sprinted back and forth in the field. tired seh ! i rather do house chores. haha.
anyways , so as usual Mr.Cho is telling us sarcastic jokes ! haizzz.. that funny guy ! xD
then @ malay lesson . some of the malay girls arrive early at class.
then suddenly we off the lights sume and close the door. haha.
then people cannot go in . haizzz.. typical seh ! xD
abehh cikgu datang jek sume gabra bukak balek pintu ! hahaa..
anyways , maths lesson . hahaa. gotta admit its quite fun .. ms. sharifah .. haizz.. lol.
yeahh . so POA .. as usual mr.tan was blaberring to us. well , i feel kinda bad for him.. He has given up on our class. oh well. hope he can get his mind back soon.
oh yes ! to the exciting part !!
the sec 4 & sec 5 pementasan @ bomb shelter. LOL !
The opening was so funny & cool ! One of the sec 5 guy ( dunno his name ) make a pantun thing.
hahaaa.. and we burst out laughing .. cuz he was claiming that he is malaysian and so perfect-.-"
oh yes , the the first group performed..
it was okayy .. hehee !
but i prefer the second group . 4E4 ..
hahaha !! they were super funny sehh ! and their acting was great !
there was widad who made us laugh like hell ! and this cute girl . dunno her name.. yerpp.
this girl acted as a ghost . haha.. so cute sehh .. a cute ghost ! hahaa..
but she was scary at the same time . its like a real ghost xD
anyways . yerrpp.. had a great time during the pementasan.
some of the sec 3,4&5s malay students gathered. and there were teachers too.
it was great lah .. mcm cool ahh kalau ade skolah sumer budak melayu ! haha.
anyways , i had to leave halfway cuz i need to go to bedok inter to handle some stuff.
yeahh . i got myself into a bad mood. urghh . im so frustrated with my family sometimes !
they seem to not understand the situation im at ..
okayy . whatever. i'll be fine soon ..
now .. i have to study for my F&N test tmr . and my maths homewrk ! omgosh .
so much things to do yet so little time ...

adioss !!

listened to the sweet sound @ 9:19 PM

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 ♥

YESTERDAY ! hehee.
went to Azura's house after study hour ! bought food along the way.
so first , we ate and rested for awhile.
then ~ amirah think she kinda saw ghosts in azura's room. ( we're outside )
I thought she's just pulling my leg but she seemed honest .
we heard different kind of noises after that ! it was so spooky okay ?!
anyways , we went online together .
watched alot of videos sehhh ..
like japanese pranks & rejected singers. haha !
ohh yes !! not forgeting " Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato " & Joe Jonas's videos !!
hahaa.. and today we're like re-anecting the skid that selena and demi did. the whole day !! haha.
oh yes ! we did a video of me , azura & amirah singing " this is me " hahahaa..
funny sehh .. but our voices are not so clear though.
sheeesh. i came back home @7.15pm and got a good scolding -.-"
you see , i have responsibilities towards my family.
sometimes , its just unfair for me . they expect so much from me .. haizz..

Today !
nothing really happened . we went to computer lab for our physics thing.
and after dismissal , amirah & naqiyah are still doing their work .
Theres only us in the comp lab . haha ! And Mrs.Chan waited for us.. Awww so sweet xD
we had a short chat together. lol. Her stories are funny.
During study hour , we had this Sexuality Education thingy . haha..
As usual , everybody got excited. Its really interesting & a bunch of laughters ! heh.
ohkayy .. guess i got to go (:



I shall give you a belated birthday present. hahahaa..
meet up again soon alrights ?! we'll have a blast (:
love you cuzzin ! haha. sounds weird ?

listened to the sweet sound @ 5:45 PM

Monday, August 11, 2008 ♥

yesterday went to my cousin's chalet @ downtown east !!
my cousin's birthday was on 8th August & my mum was on 10 August.
So when we reached to their chalet , my aunt opened the door.
it was all dark o.o haha.
the first thing that came up to my mind that they were all sleeping ! lol ~
then my mum asked her why was it all dark ..
and out of the sudden , " surprise !! " hahaa..
then my cousins blow the party stuff .. ermm .. im not sure what its called.
then my cousin ( birthday girl ) was holding the lighted cake and everybody started to sing " happy birthday " song ! hahaa. and my mum & cousin exchanged presents. lol.
* recalling *
im not sure what happens next . then we sat down together and rest .
after awhile , the barbeque starts ! heheee..
me and my dear dear dear dearest cousin ( shasha ) was the walking washing machine of the day . hahahaa.. funny seh . haiz.
anyways , yeahh we ate the barbequed stuff lah .
and the birthday cake was super duper uber NICE !
especially the chocolate part.
yeahhh ~ so the hours passed and it was about 7.45pm .
we ( my cousins and I .. and my brothers ) went to the arcade @ e!hub ..
my favourites are the " Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ " & " Percussion Freaks " !!
hahaa . I had a great time lahh ..
Then we went back to the chalet and chilled until late at night ^-^
Headed home after that .

Today is a holiday !! wooots !!
first time .. no monday blues ~
cuz my time table for monday's lesson is sooo boring.
okayy . now i have to go !!

* homeworks & houseworks *
pfffttt.. -.-"

listened to the sweet sound @ 3:50 PM

Saturday, August 9, 2008 ♥

ohkayy .. today , woke up in the morning and got ready to go to " kenduri tahlil " ...
so we reached there then wait for everybody to arrive . yerrpps.
so the event started after awhile ..
im kinda fed up cuz ,when wind blows into my uncle's house ( although its kinda nice ) ,
my hair will be like flying .. lol . i think the people behind me and surround me were irritated seeing my hair flying in the mids of the doa2 .. haha ! or im just too self-concious ? xD
anyways , after the doa2 , we got to eat !! hurrayyy ..
then talk2 with my cousins .. hehe. talk talk talk talk talk talk eat eat eat eat .
around 5.30pm , my cousin(kassim) said he'll be going out and invited me and my bro also ..
so we went out together lahh .. and meet up with ema ..
we went to changi airport's coffee bean . then talk talk talk talk again .
but it was super fun lahh .. talked about funny stuff.. haiyoo .. hahaha..
after that , headed down to ..... i forgot the road's name ..
anyways , yeahh .. wanted to see the fireworks !!! then my bro had a wrong turn ..
then waste time ~ haha.. we rushed back to the road but then it was already jammed and we were like waaaaaaayyy behind. the trees are blocking the view also.
then cannot see fireworks.. -.-" only can see a little b4 bro took a wrong turn. lols.
but its okayy .. then we drove into town and turned back and headed to east coast.
oh yes ! im like wearing high heels & my clothes are so in the wrong era ~ hahaha !!
then parked the car at f2 and walked to the JETI . bought some snacks & drinks along the way.
sat somewhere and talked again .. it was sooooooooooo fun lahh ehh ..
we SHOULD do it again .. lols..
so , it was already 9.50 ? then forgot to fetch my father at uncle's house ! hehee..
but i dont want to go back home sehh .. haizzzzz.. i want to stay until morning.
cheyhh mcm paham !
anyways , sent kassim & ema at this bus stop near their houses.
then me & my bro head our way to my uncle's house ..
along the way , me and my bro sang & sang while we have the chance xD hahaa.
after fetching my father , went home ...
and now im writing this entry (:
will meet you tomorrow again if i come to ur chalet kay ! hehehee..


listened to the sweet sound @ 12:09 AM

Thursday, August 7, 2008 ♥

woke up early in the morning ~
to tapao my breakfast and went to azura's house . ( of course i took my shower before going out )
heheee.. soo .. went to azura's house to put my beg. cuz later , it'll be very troublesome ..
ate my breakfast at azura's house forawhile .. then headed off to bedok reservoir for our cross country ! woooo ~ felt excited ! hahaa.. but lazy to run at the same time..
so waited for everything to settle then we got to run ! hehehee..
to tell ya the truth , i was feeling thirsty before the race even started !!
and there was no water to be found. omg ! and i had the feeling i couldnt make it. -.-"
so i run and run .. and im almost reaching the finish point then i felt so tired and abit dizzy .
i really really really really really wanted to sprint sehh ! but my instint says , i can't.
so .. i run and stop and jog and run to the finish point. and guess what ?
i got 12th position for the cross country ( fitness programme catogery )
and you know what ? 1-10th postion got medal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i was like so dissapointed siaooww.. and im so frustrated with myself lah sehh ! urghhh ..
wth wth wth wth wth wth wth wth wth wth wth wth wth wth wth wth !!!!!!!>:(
anyways , yeahh .. it was okayy after awhile .. but im still feeling the pain .
nevermind. next year i'll make sure i get that medal ! " ganbatte!! "
oh yarhh ! to YUYU : im so sorry if i made u feel so guilty .. its not ur fault that i didnt win top 10 .. really .. im not angry at you lahh ! serious ... so dont worry kayy (: congrats for winning top 10 ...
continueing ... yeahhh .. so took my bag from azura's house and chill at 7-11 with the gang. haha !
nothing to do sehh .. hahaaa.. then go back home.
feeling kinda tired though. i thought i could find some PEACE .
then suddenly my mum wanted to cut my fringe cuz she say already long ?!!
its like ... what the hell ? i like my fringe the way it is siaaoow.
then she force me !!! then i was like " don't want lah !!! "
and she continued to force me saying that my fringe is ugly. ( whatever )
then she go cut my fringe SUPER SHORT & its freakin' ugly !!! i can puke just looking at it ! not mentioning that its not level !
and it made me feel worse than before.. started to blame my mum for the fringe !
well its true right ?! she made the cut ! urghh .. im like so fed up sehh ..
then i took a long shower to relieve myself from the tortures of the world ~
haizzzzzz ... now im feeling fine. but still the fringe is so ugly sia ! im disturbed.
how am i going to go to school ??!! maybe i'll clip it up or put a hair band or something ..
hope it grows back fast !
oh yarhh .. tomorrow got family gathering event sumore..
oh my god. im totally going to embarrass myself infront of everyone -.-"
THANKS TO SOMEONE !!!!! urghhh .
nevermind lahh ... i'll be patient ~
yearrrrpppppp ... haizzzz..

signing off PATIENTLY ~

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:28 PM

today . had our p.e lesson ! (:
yeahh . so mr cho let us choose our games ( but next week will be torturous ! dang it.)
actually i wanted to play captain's ball as usual ! hahaaa .. but there were not enough people.
so i played badminton ! its so fun ! i played against my BEST friend azura xD funny larh seh.
so typical of us..
anyways , the hours goes by and its POA .
mr tan cc as usual were like ... nagging . urgh puh-lease. and everybody was like ...
" yeahh2 ... whatever you say ... " totally can see it by their faces. hah ..
oh ! we got our poa test back . i got 21 ! haha. its over 25 you see ...
its such an accomplishment to me ! -.-" -.-" -.-"
but wait till the next test . omg ..
oh yes ! failed chemistry . 11/25 ... well almost everybody in our class failed ! haha. its a hard topic lahh .. oh yes . my social studies. only got 11/20 . so damn pathetic .. such a bad mark right? i know. hahaaa..
soo yeahh .. after school our study hour was canceled . hurayy !
hang out in the canteen forawhile .. then talk talk talk with my friends lahh .
which includes amirah , azura , naqiyah & izzat (:
after awhile .. went out of school . deciding where to go ...
and we have made a long decision to hang around under the void deck ! hahaaa..
it turned out great lah kan ... me , azura , amirah , naqiyah & nadiyah (:
talked about alot of stuff lahh .. hahaha !
and got tons of funny moments man . laugh like siaoow.
then suddenly talked about GHOSTS !
so scary sehhh .. now im like... looking left and my right. and of course the window.
ahaha. how scardy cat i am ? cheyh no lah . im only spooked today . gonna be fine tomorrow..
anyways , it was raining HEAVILY !! SUPER DUPER HEAVY !
and it made the atmosphere spooky ! of course its dark lah .. hahaaa..
not mentioning the COLD ! i can't take it sehh .. its like im in the northpole .. " brrrrr "
hehehh. OH YES ! nadiyah is like super scared lah kan .
then every person that walks pass her ( so called ) , seems like a shadow and eventually , a ghost ? hahaaa.. then she'll be like .. " jump " from a seat a little . her shocking reaction -.-"
yeah . so naqiyah called out that theres a person walking by us soon ( so nadiyah wouldnt be shocked )
and it was IDRIS !
he just came back from the mosque. lol. how religious .. hahaha ..
then talk again .. make videos and stuff .. and we went HOME ~
soooo .... tomorrow CROSS COUNTRY !
hope i can get top 10 and win a medal .hehehee.
and points for the house ! yerrpppsss ..
okayy . going to doze and restore my energy (:

:D :) :x :O

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:04 AM

Wednesday, August 6, 2008 ♥

Have been busy for the past few days ..
so finally have time to update my blog ! :D
okayy . let me recall what happened ..
MONDAY blues ~
monday is seriously the most boring day of the week !
2 periods of maths , 2 periods of POA , 2 periods of english etc.
so tired sehh .. in class like want to sleep . haizz.
TUESDAY plakk .. we go comp lab to do our F&N decision making , evaluation and stuff ~
macam semangat seyhh aku buat for 3 periods ! tapi maseh tak habes .. hahaaa..
then ermm .. as usual we have assembly etc ..
SO ~ TODAY ! (:
mdm dini never come again . 2 periods free !! yesterday also 2 periods ..
total free time = 4 periods ! ( 2 hours ) w.o.w !
then geography lesson . ms jumilia kinda fed up with our class . whatever.
after recess was .. english . yeahh . some of the groups had to do class presentation . haha.
my classmates were very funny seyhh ! hahaaa ..
my group did our presentation on monday i think .
oh yarhh , me , azura , izzat , arina engrossed with this topic ah . hahaa..
abehh sume mcm paham . bising ah..
kesian izzat . tengah depress nampak !
ps. to izzat , relex ahh ! chill . jgn nk rosak kan benda2 kat sekeliling kau ! =P
ohh yeahh . i had to go to the dentist xD
skipped maths lesson ! hehe.
anyways , the doctor pulled one of my tooth =x
wakakakaka ! but im free from the ugly sight :D
well i thought it was painful but but but but ..
surprisingly it was not . woohoo ! xD
its a baby tooth ahh . hahaaa..
padahal dah secondary 3 siaoow !!
ahahaaaa ...

oh yess ! not forgetting . we had our geography test.
ahahahahaaaa.. okayylahh . hope i can pass.
this test alot of my classmates also study half2 lor.. heheh..
ms jumilia also don't want to postpone it . haiyoo ..
and now.. im going off to my soft bed ~
woooootttss ... ZZzzzzz (:

listened to the sweet sound @ 10:38 PM

Saturday, August 2, 2008 ♥

Today had to be the boring-est day of the week ! hahaa.
well , not exactly. haha. During my free time , went online and pooof to youtube !
i watched alot of jonas brothers videos !
the videos are actually made by them .. its like , their daily life or something like that.
ohh god they're totally hilarious ! haha. im laughing my brains out .
theres lots of the videos by jonas brothers. yeahhh .
so you guys check it out okay . just simply type in jonas brothers. and you'll find the videos.
just gotta search it a little. hehehe !
okayy . i have nothing else to say about today.
oh yeahh , today played a bunch of ps2 games like sims 2 and doa : hardcore.
and my brother's psp . i played puzzle bobble ( haha. cute right? ) & crazy taxi.
I've been lazy-ing around the whole day ..


listened to the sweet sound @ 7:44 AM

Friday, August 1, 2008 ♥

* sigh *
these few days are so boring !
yesterday was our maths test ! haizz.. typical me ! got brain freeze.
( i suffer from a disease called maths phobia ) yeah.
anyways , nothing really happened yesterday. oh yes !
after chemistry study hour ( dead bored ) ,
accompanied my dear friend diyana to top up her ez-link card @ 7-eleven .
after that we sat down somewhere. talked alot of stuff lah.
like guys , love , friends , sing & other stuffs. hehe. enjoyed hanging out with her.
thanks DEEYANA (:
oh. something happened during i hang with her. shall not tell ah. hehe.
okay , today ! ~
we got our physics test back . hmm . okay lah . i got 18/25 .
looking back on my other tests , geography got 16/25 .. then english quiz/test ( i think ) 13/20.
hahahaaa .. the english test was complicated okay ! and im not a genius. hehe.
now waiting for my SS , F&N , chemistry , maths , POA & malay tests to be returned !
~ chemistry lab was fun ! hehehe. but seriously , dislike chemistry -.-
hahaaa... alrights. i think thats about it .

bybyebyebyebyebyebyebyebyebyebyebyebye (:

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:48 AM

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