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Friday, May 29, 2009 ♥

Today had " Use Your Hands Campaign " !!
had to clean tables,chairs & windows cuz June Hols coming!
but not for the first week for the sec 4&5s !
we have extended program .. -.-
ANYWAYS! today UYHC , i had much fun ! hahaaa.
biase ahhh.. 4E4 rawkks ehh ! =p
will miss u guys after graduation. will treasure whatever time we have left! (:
after UYHC , saw karthik&izzat at bus stop.
they invited us to mac. so we agreed. but naqi & azura didnt go though.
sads. only me & amirah followed.
soon idris & sufian arrived and we board the bus!
at mac , the guys were like funny as usual.
then when me&amirah had dramatic talks, they stared at us and then mimicked how we talked.
especially amirah's expression. priceless. cuz i was telling her a dramatic story.
hahaaaa. had a great time at mac! :D
after that, idris,izzat and sufian went Sembahyang Jumaat.
otw to the masjid, idris was asking me&amirah bout the stuff we talked about.
cuz he overheard us talk at mac!
haiyerrr... at first, i didnt want to tell him cuz it was super confidential.
in the end , told him only a glimpse of the story. lol.
at the bus stop , the bus came quite early.
head to bedok inter cuz i had to top up my ezlink.
today, me & amirah talked non stop lah ehh !
seriously , intensed conversation&intensed topics. hahaaa.
mcm phm. yadaaaa yadaaaaaa.
reached home at 3.45pm. missed aliff nyanyi mungkin kat anugerah2007.
haiyerrr.. but nevermind. can see at youtube.
hahaa. aliff cute sia dulu! mcm adek2 u know~
skarang dah besar lah die.. dah grow up ehh abang ? hahaa !
hmm.. ku masih ingat saat2 indah ku jatuh cinta dengan putera itu.
haizzz... sungguh bersemangat ku dudok depan televisyen.
tidak terhenti ku lihat wajahmu yg comel di dalam hp ku tiap2 saat.
sungguhnya aku tk boleh concentrate dalam class. HAHAA !
mepek sahh nurul.
ehh but that actually happened in 2007. tk perlu kan?! i know. xD
tapi skarang storynye dah berubah sikit.
nurul amirah bte wakiono dah boleh berfikir dengan minda yg luas.
dah tk maen lah cinta monyet ni kay. ku nk belajar dulu. hahaa.
pandai2 lah korang nk pikir ape. hahaaa..

alrights. i'll stop here k? take care! (:

Ni video yang aliff nyanyi " Mungkin " time anugerah2007.
just felt like posting it. hahaa.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009 ♥

urghh ! how am i gonna finish up my f&n coursework if my irritating sister keeps pestering me ?!
i have to complete the food order list in 2 days time and i havent even decided what i want to cook for the f&n practical exam. goshh.
like finally dad took her away from me! seriously, LIKE FINALLY!
i dont know why my sister likes to pester me alot.
even when im cleaning my room just now.
she keeps messing up my stuff when i already put them in place.
this is gonna be never ending if she keeps doing that.
then what? i have to clean my room every single day cuz no one wants to be responsible when im at school and just let her mess up my room?
dang it ! ~
so many stuff to do , so many obstacles!

* screams in silence *

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Thursday, May 21, 2009 ♥

wish you all the best for your future aites?
Love you BOTH ! take care ;D

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009 ♥

hello people !
im back with another post ! ;D

today wholeday had MindChamps in school. actually it started from yesterday.
learnt ALOT about study skills (:
i kept laughing at irene's&pauline's jokes. haahaaa.
really really entertaining people ... i like :D
hmmm.. basically today's activity is very fun lah.
and i LOVE MY GROUP! CLIPPERS! muahahaaa.
actually the name was an idea when we saw a clip around our area. hahaa!
ok anyways, my group consist of maishara,john,amalina,yanti,mariam,jj and... omg forgot 2 names -.- hahaa !
yeahhh.. really love those people! xoxo
anyways, todays activity was so much fun! lazy to elaborate.
theres so many things that happened today.
oh and during breaks, some people had grabbed centrestage and danced. haha!
it was really entertaining! and the music was so upbeat i wanna dance too xD
BOOM BOOM POW! hahaaaa. * nudge azura * LOL.
*sigh* ... i really miss MindChamps & the trainers! *sobs*
heheeee. anyways, as john were sitting beside me during the groupings,
he was singing this VERY familiar song ! *singing along with the background music*

me: EH! this is what boyband ahh ?
john: oh , westlife ! * then says the title of the song which i forgot *
john: haha.
me: i got the album !!
john: i also! the blue colour one right? hahaa !
me: yaa! yaa ! yaa !hahaaa...

okay so that was the snippet of some of our conversations. hahaa.
anyways, that westlife album is like so last century ahh !
its like when i was in lower primary u know.. hahaaa..
didnt know john liked westlife too.
cool ahh cool ahh..
anyways, CLIPPERS won the Hoop Race ! * CHEERS LOUDLY! * WOOOOOO !! hahaa.
really happy lahh ehh.. there was like so many groups ^-^
yay Clippers ! :D
oh yarhh! today, i've learnt something about myself.
im good in solving puzzles ! hahaa. well , at least i think?
this was proven by one of the games during MindChamps
and during the Sudoku Challenge last year. nyehehes. ^-^
nevermind. hmmmm.. i dunno what else to write.
so basically, really had fun today!
im still sad bout leaving MindChamps. im so attached to it. hahaa. mcm phm -.-
got this really cool book ! ^-^

alrights. i think i'll stop here.
take care !


oh and and ! congratz Kamsani for making it to Top 20 in Anugerah ! :D
i know u can go far.. just go for it k ?

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Sunday, May 17, 2009 ♥

today is marking day.. so no school ! ^-^
ku happy tau ... hahaaa !
anyways, YESTERDAY! ,
had outing with azura bestie,amirah,dee,nadiyah&amalina !
so after siap2 , went to the bus stop and waited for the bus.
took bus 228 . and when i got on the bus ....

mat: ehh knape lambat? kiter dah tunggu lame tau! call2 tk angkat..
me: * give the what the hell face and sat at the front2 of the bus * -.-
mat: adek ... adek .... adek... * tk tau brape ribu kali dier nk panggil ! *
me: * literally ignore and put earpiece *
* mat went to a place near my seat *
mat: adek... adek..
* got totally pissed off and finally pulled out my earpiece *
mat: asal lambat ah ? dah pukol brape ni ?
me: * giving him a straightface and was mad. *
mat: nak gi maner ni ?
me: haizzzz.. nk gi marina dengan my BOYFRIEND . * padahal tkder boyfriend eh ;D *
mat: ohh.. gi marina jalan2 ehh?
me: hmmm.. tak lahh ! gi sanerr buat kerje ! * roll eyes *
mat: haizzz.. hmmmm.. boleh kasi number tk?
me: tak boleh.
mat: * shouts at his friend that i already have bf *
mat: serious eh tk boleh kasi number?
me: seriouss. * giving him face again *

* mat walked back to his friends *

and i thought that was over !
the guys went down the bus. obviously i dont know cuz i was sitting infront.
then the mat knocked on my window and his friends smiled.
and i was like giving him the whatever face!
and a girl who was sitting at the 3 person seating saw! haiyaa. paisehh.
kalau mat tu handsome tkper jugak eh. memalukan aku jerrrr...
haizzz. i was freakin pissed and irritated like hell lah ehh.
i really dont like these kind of people.
at least dont do it on the bus lahh ehh !!
i got reputation okay??
anyways! reached bedok inter and amirah was the first one to arrive! lol!
achievement ehhs ? hahaa.
after that went to ehub and went bowling! only scored 40+ points -.-
haha. after that head to mac to eat.
otw saw this big moving robot ! took pic with it. hahaa.
the pic is currently with nadiyah.
anyways, at mac , ate double cheeseburger & apple pie :D
after eating , head to tampines 1 & tampines mall and walked around.
saw many many interesting shops ! :D
went to the arcade too! i didnt play though.
and got one game where the thing is like a mini-rollercoaster?
nadiyah & amirah paid 3 bucks for it. hahaaa !
but it was really really cool lahhhh !
the seat like vibrated and moving sideways and stuff.
and amirah kept laughing and shouting ! haha. funnehh ~
after that searched for azura's clothes.
i didnt bring much money on that day. how dumb. didnt bought anything :'(
so i just helped out azura pick up some clothes and forced her to try. LOL.
azura , you really look good in feminine clothes :D
nyehahahahaaaaa... after that homed ! (:

today.. not gonna do much i think. i'm just gonna relax and chill. hahas.
take care people!
enjoy the pics ;D

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Saturday, May 16, 2009 ♥


finally exams are over !! for the moment -.-
anyways, im extremely happy lah ehh. somehow mid-year exams felt so long.
but its finally over :D
hmmmm.. but im gonna miss exam period though.
i mean, u come to school for only a few hours and then u can go home.
and at home , u study until late at night.
sometimes, it feels great when u're actually studying in the silent night.
hahaa ! bebual mcm paham. padahal otak nk explode sia. xD
ANYWAYS! i've just came back from family outing.
actually nothing much happened lah.
when to changi airport and walked around.
then went to tampines and ate nasi ayam penyek !
mygawdd it was really really hot&spicy !
i wanted to cry eating that thing. hahaaa. serioussss.. xD
after that , went to tampines 1 . bought new earpiece! (:
hmmmm.. cant wait to go out tmr! nyehehes.
alrights. byebye! :D

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