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Monday, September 28, 2009 ♥

Stay my baby
Stay my baby
Stay my baby

Summer love isn't meant to be
And it's only a fantasy

That's what everyone's tellin' me
Stay my baby

Even though it's a little rushed
Let me know that you'll keep in touch
If you don't it'll hurt too much

Stay my baby

Tell me right now
How it's goin' down

Everything'll be okay!
Everything'll be alright!
I know that it'll go my way
If you stay my baby
I'm never gonne give you up!
I'm never gonna have enough!
So now 'till forever
Stay my baby!

Now that I've gone back to school
All I do is think of you
Sittin' up here in my room
Goin' crazy
But then you call
Gets me through it all
Every time i here you say
Stay my baby

Everything'll be okay!
Everything'll be alright!
I know that it'll go my way
If you stay my baby
I'm never gonne give you up!
I'm never gonna have enough!
So now 'till forever
Stay my baby!

Stay my baby, stay my baby, stay my baby, stay my baby
Tell me right now
How it's goin' down
Everything'll be okay!
Everything'll be alright!
I know that it'll go my way
If you stay my baby
I'm never gonne give you up!
I'm never gonna have enough!
So now 'till forever
Stay my baby!

Stay my baby, stay my baby, stay my baby, stay my baby
Stay my baby!
I'm never gonne give you up!
I'm never gonna have enough!
So now 'till forever
Stay my baby!
Stay my baby...

yesterday, fall upon this song while watching nickelodeon! (i dont watch nick often)
so its like magic for me to cross upon this song cuz this song reminds me of....
i remembered that i met you during the holidays. summer love? hmmmm. eh no! not love. hahaaaa.. sorry sorry sorry.
but i think its fate that i meet a person like you.
you filled my life with much happiness. and i just wanna thank you for that.
wanna dedicate this song to you, good friend :)
ahhhhh.. i miss yesterday night. TEEHEE! he makes me smile ^^
we shall meet again soon ! maybe 11oct kan kan kan ? hahaaa~

listened to the sweet sound @ 9:22 PM

Sunday, September 27, 2009 ♥


im tired. have been busy with hari raya stuff.
and this weekend didnt go jalan raya ! only went to relative's open house.
well thats quite fun lahh cuz dapat berborak dgn cuzzin ayuni. muahahaa.
but the rest of yesterday and today, spent half of my time helping mum at the kitchen. wah piang ! penat u know !
nk layan tetamu laen. haiyooo.. but at least got some duit raya lah.
sad part is, didnt get to study much. only on friday night. studied chemistry.
but im quite pissed cuz we didnt go jalan raya. so sad ah cuz i dont know if i can go jalan raya next 2 weeks cuz olevels coming mah.
so how? nk jalan raya next week or study? but i want get duit collection.
hahaahahaaaa.. okayy i dont know lahh.

actually theres tetamu right this minute. at the hall.
and here i am. blogging. hahaa!
tk betol. k lah. i stop here. nk layan tetamu. and i dont even know them.
hahaaaa.. okaylah. BYEBYE! :D

listened to the sweet sound @ 3:31 PM

Thursday, September 24, 2009 ♥


sorry i didnt post this yesterday! didnt have the time lahh..
hmmm... i wanna keep my wish personal.
and naqi , i've said everything yesterday midnight right?
arent u touched? haahaaaaaaa... love ya always ;D

hmmmm... i dont know what im feeling right now.
im devastated by my prelims results cuz it sucks big time.
except for english. i improved.
but the rest, i degraded. =(
maybe im not well prepared lah but the thought that i failed big time!
its just too heart breaking.
but i know i should think positive and work harder.
like seriously have to study study study to the max.
i just need some motivation and determination.
come on nurul. few weeks till olevels!!

listened to the sweet sound @ 9:46 PM

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 ♥

hello people!
just a quick update yeah?

^^ Me & Amirah , The birthday girl !

^^ Alif Abdullah with his Birthday Cake. taken by me hor :D

actually im still lazy to upload all the recent pictures cuz theres like. TONS.
so... if u guys wanna see. then pls go my to facebook k?
already updated 3 albums.
1) Amirah's 16th Birthday!
2) Alyph's 20th Birthday!
3) Raya 2009!

happy looking people ! :D
for those who do not have my facebook, do add me if u want.
search for " Nurul Amirah Wakiono "
HAHA. i think theres only 1 account of that name. for sure. xD

and did u guys enjoy ur raya?
mine was okay. talked to cuzzins as usual. and ate alot. haiyaa.
im abit tired. slept throughout maths lesson today cuz ms syarifah didnt come.

after school, walked back home. as usual bestie azura accompanied until some point. lol! to be specific , at the overhead bridge at the end of bedok town park. LOL.
got a msg from kak yanti cuzzin.she asked me out cuz she's bored. haha.
but later i got tuition lah sayang. hahaa. next time k?
we all go out together with the other cuzzins ^^

hmmm. anyways, continued walking home indirectly with rockstar.
the genius of technology :D
so anyways, time tu die tgh masak. HAHA. tolong mak nyer ye die? =p
k not my point. he asked me whether i'll be attending his event.
ermm. i think its called " Gegaran Singapura Lebaran " ?
its at Republic Poly TRCC Theatre. 11 October.
the advertisement was aired at ria 89.7fm. but the tix quite ex ah to me.
then the date.not far from olevels. WAH PIANG. haiyaaaaaa. mcm maner ni eh.
maybe i cant go ahh. confirm my dad tk kasi. sungguh menyedihkan! -.-

^^ credit goes to StillYoungz's Blog.
from left: Efenddy, Ewin, Ikhsan, Iskandar, Hardy(i think?) = STILL YOUNGZ
okaylah. update ya guys soon. gotta get ready for tuition

listened to the sweet sound @ 6:14 PM

Friday, September 18, 2009 ♥

HELLO! i miss you guys. HAHA. im like talking to who sia? nevermind.
ANYWAYS, PRELIMS ARE OVER ! I have ALOT to talk about!
gosh im not sure how to start this post. but its gonna be a long one for sure.

17th September 2009!
Well, im not gonna say anything here since i already told everything during the midnight message and the outing. HAHA.
but just wanna say that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DARLINGGGZZ ! stay pretty! ;D

so yesterday, went to Marina Square to celebrate Amirah sayang's birthday. ^-^
so ermm. met the peeps at eunos mrt. the guys were late -.-
upon reaching, rushed to city hall and head to marina square's foodcourt yg kat atas tu. kite duduk kat luar ! best ! ~
so yeahh. waited for amirah and surprised her! HAHA.
she didnt know we were here. so yeah. she was touched. awww ~
okay yesterday had tons of laughs lah! lazy elaborate lah cuz theres like too much!
kan korangs?
then we buka-ed ! i ate sweet&sour fish fried rice. actually yesterday i never fast. eherrmm2. ada reason horr.
as what idris said : ABC : Allah Bagi Cuti. HAHA. kekek siaaa !
oh and the orea cheesecake that hafsah,izzat and idris made was NICE!
i tell u, me and nana was enjoying everybit of our cake. xD
oh plus, our piece of cake was the prettiest. cun cun sia amirah potong. thx eh (:
anw, semalam ada 3 orang suapkan this babygirl(me) ! HEHE.
azurabestie and nana suapkan me cheesecake! tak tau knape? xD
idris suapkan me nasi ayam penyet ! fuyooo. i tell u, very the pedas! tk leh angsx.
oh and azura ALMOST choked on a toothpick. it was inside the cake? -.-
and then i said " ABC !! " " Allah Bagi Chance "
HAHAHAAA.. yahhh. panjaaaang umur my bestie ni. hahaa. Alhamdullilah.
okayy so took ALOT of pictures lah. like ALOT.
then went to esplanade area. yang tepi laut tu.
then walk walk till merlion. yesterday night's weather was best lah! haiz.
some of us had to go back early.
Me,Azura,Amirah,Izzat,Idris & Sufian continued our journey to Starbucks.
by the time it was like 9.30 ? i knw da lambat lah.
but we had a goood time just chilling around. soon we headed back home.
looooooooooong walk but it was fun.
OH YES. yesterday, i kept singing and singing. im not sure why.
kan azura kan? kiter jadi duo ! eherrm2! ;D
ermm. i wonder if i missed any stuff?
cuz seriously ALOT of awesome things happened. idk lahh.
soon, HOMED at around 11pm !

18th September 2009!
today was Science(phy/Chem) Paper 1. it was alright for the fact that i didnt study for it yesterday due to the awesome day yesterday! :D
oh and i gave Amirah's & Naqiyah's Birthday present today.
i gave both of them to choose a box which is of Purple & Blue colour.
so naqiyah chose the purple one and it was a bracelet which has butterfly charms.
and Amirah's reaction was like " EHH BUTTERFLY " !
then when she opened hers, she shouted " EHH SAMER " !
hahaa ! yahh it was the same present! HAHA. NICE BRACELET KAN KORANG? ^-^
i wish i could bought it for myself but it was too expensive -.-
September = My Bankrupt Month ! 3 September babies tauuu. heheh.

so anyways, skip skip skip.
Went to Alyph's Surprise Birthday Party !
Azura's dad sent us to the place. which is at Kallang KFC.
met many many Sleeqers and made new friends! haha!
ohh yeahh, now i can talk to Alyph & Syarif macam my member gitu.
seriously lahh. dulu malu2 kucing. skarang ehh.. haizzz..
oh yes! ade story ! ade story !
Syarif & Alyph went to our table to talk to us lahh.
Then then,

Me: Alyph ! Your specs tkde lense eh ?
Alyph: A'ah takde! Your finger boleh go through the specs! :D * Use his fingers to go through the specs in a really funny way* HAHA.
then kite ketawa rabak lahh.
Me: Hahah. Cool lah sehh.
Alyph: You want to see and wear? ( i think he asked that )

Then secepatnyer azura ckp nak ehh !
Lain orang Alyph tanye, lain orang yang jawabkan.
Azuraaaaa ehhhh.... =P

okay anyways, took videos , pictures and stuffs.
oh and the birthday brownie cake SEDAPP MAUUTZ LAH ! hahaa.
okay i lazy to elaborate lah on what happened. penat lahh.
I miss Alyph & Syarif & Sleeqers already !
arghh. it would be a long time till i will be meeting them again.
haizzz.. i want to concentrate on olevels now. not much time left. boo.

after everything was done, azura's dad fetched us.
but he sent me to Paya Lebar MRT cuz i had to meet my family at Geylang. THANK YOU! ^-^
K at geylang, sikit nyer panaaaass and crowded !
dah lah i wearing jacket ! tadi was raining okay -.-
oh yeahhhh, i became fashion adviser skejap for the guys. pfftt.
tu pon, dalam kereta kene kutok !
i lose my temper already sia. i had enough lah abangs?
can stop ur shit tak? i know lah i already f** lah kan?
tk perlu nk tambah tambah ah? suke per buat orang geram?
pastu terus i bad mood already. dont want to talk to them.
then abang hadi kept pestering me.

Abang Hadi: Eh colour ni lawa eh? Sepasang dengan nurul. Boleh couple couple ahh.
Me: Shuddup siaa. Abang Hadi jangan couple dengan nurul boleh tk? Slalu nk samer colour lah, ape lah. Stop it siaaaa.
Abang Hadi : Ape sehh..
Me: * buat muka marah *

you deserve it lah abang. Abang hadi then asked whether his baju raya was nice.
then i looked at him and closed the door. pfft. geram tau tk?
urghhhh. they made me hate them and hate MYSELF more.
okay i shall drop the topic cuz it has been some wonderful nights for the past 2 nights!


listened to the sweet sound @ 8:51 AM

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 ♥


Hello World ! :D
finally i have the time to update this bloggie.
today only had Physics Prelim paper which ended at 9.15am !
reached home about 10.30am then decided to on the comp ! hehee!

anyways, last sunday, finally went to Geylang !
actually i didnt want to lah cuz monday got POA 2 prelim exam.
but then i havent bought my baju raya and sunday is the only time my mum said she's free. so me & mother bought ourselves baju raya!
black colour ! pffft. i want silver. or pink ^-^
who says black is a boring colour say yeahh !
YEAHHH ~ haahhaaa.
but its okay lahh. whole family wear black mahh ~
so that night(sunday night,monday morning) studied POA until sahur time.
pffttt. and went i came to school, my head felt super heavy!
tired okayy. the poa paper was okaylah. but forgot some stuffs.

never last minute study. hahaaa.
so today was physics as you all know.
ibu: nurul nanti tolong ibu habeskan buat kuih tart ni.
nurul: huhhhhhhhh ~ tak boleh lahh! besok ade physics prelims!
ibu: alah skejap jerr .. nanti ibu nk gi kerje..
nurul: * buat muka moncong *
bapak: takpelah. bapak buat ahh.
* few minutes after *
ibu: bapak buat kuih tak senonoh ahh!
bapak: bapak memang tk pandai buat kuih! kalau nk suroh bapak cat rumah boleh. buat kuih memang bapak tk boleh!
nurul: * looks at kuih * mangkok tk senonoh sia bapak buat! eeee.
ibu: nurul tolong ibu jap ahh. skejap je.
nurul: ah yelaaaarhhh...

oh and guess what? aqilah ate many of the kuihs made by me.
waste my effort only letak inti kuih cun cun.

anyways,tomorrow is erm.. maths 1 and poa 1 ! -__-
good luck to me. hate maths.
ohh and good luck to all my friends for the remaining papers k !! :D
chehh shout out kaperrr.. haha!
alrights. should study soon. oh yah, tonight got maths tuition. alah malas nk kluar lahhhhhh... nk study at home! haha.

okay nevermind. what rockstar said was true. i like to complain. HAHA. opps!
alrighty , have a good day people! :D


listened to the sweet sound @ 11:46 AM

Saturday, September 12, 2009 ♥


heyyooo guys!
just a quick update kayz.
actually i just came back from break-fast at rasa-rasa thai restaurant with family.
excluding my two brothers. abg hadi buka at Hans River with friends.
urghhh. tk fair sungguh. abang ilham dunno go where? -.-
k anyways, walked to the shop cuz its like so near.
but me, mother and aqilah went there first to "chop" place.
father belom siap and belom sembahyang asar. so yah, left him. xD
upon reaching, saw KazD. cuzzin and his dear friend.
nana looks sweet to me. hahaa! eherrm2!
k so talked for awhile then they had to join their group.
then me and mother ordered food and drinks first while waiting for dad.
i ordered nasi goreng seafood ! :D
mother ordered nasi ayam.
for dad, bought for him mee goreng seafood.
soon after, BUKA ! woooohh ~
yadaaaa yadaaaaaaaaa ~
dad had to fetch nyai from wak yoh's house to wak ina's house.
then after eating, me & mother walked home.
but we rested for awhile at the fitness area&playground around our house.
the wind was great. the night air was fresh. the sky was clear! :)
had a really really great mother-daughter talk.
she really understands me well. i love her! heheh :D
basically we talked about guys and love lahh.
she also shared with me her anak dara days story.
and how she met my father and all those kind.
had a really great chat !
and mother likes to talk about him. eherm2.. tsk!
its like everyday want to ask how is he doing. -.-
dah tersangkok ke ibu ... ? or should i say, terjebak! pfft.
oh i remember something!
that time i told Iskandar that ibu always want to talk about him.
then he say " your mum dah terjebak dengan i.. " LOL.
mentang2 title lagu krg terjebak eh. xD
hahaa. nevermind. cute kan die ibu ?
haha. only my mum. and yes, ONLY my mum support me being friends with him.
so sedehhhh ~ chehh no lahh !
okay terside track jauhhhh ~

so yeahh, walked home. then at home, teringin plak nk makan ice-cream.
then went to the kitchen fridge and pulled out the ice cream tub.
so i scooped out the vanilla&strawberry flavour! my favourite !
i didnt eat the chocolate flavour. not in the mood for chocolate -.-
k anyways, poured honeystars on the ice cream. HAHA.
BEST ~ wish i could share this with all of you! yes you!

alrights. gotta off now. BYEBYE SWEETHEARTS!

listened to the sweet sound @ 10:08 PM

okayy now its like ermm.. 2.33am !
since both my brothers are out, im awake! :D
can use the comp till morning. no one complain ^-^
(except if my dad wakes up any moment. hope not)
ANYWAYS, yes the video is of a rock band called Still Youngz. Performing their original " Terjebak " ! i like ! hahaa.
oh the vid is recorded by me. sry if abit blur.. cuz the lighting tk maintain beb.
HAHA. anyways,
mcm budak giler gitu ehh dengar lagu rock pagi2. hahaa.
well thats not the main reason why i watch the vid lah.
eherrm2. those who know, will know!
especially bestie. confirm nyampah tgk post ni. hahaa!
k nevermind !
i miss watching them perform live. haiyaaaa.

but its okay, having rockstar now is enough lorr~
jangan salah sangka people. kite hanya kawan baik :)
now im layaning him at msn. tk perlu siaa conver.
skali aku lempang die. hahaaaaa. baru nk stop act cute die.
eeeeee. benci . hahaah!

alrights, i think i should go now.
nk tido skejap before sahur. woohoooo !
ciaoz !

listened to the sweet sound @ 2:33 AM

Friday, September 11, 2009 ♥



COOOOLIOSS ~ hahaha!
Me & Bestie Azura just came back from BugisJunction.
bought ourselves a pair of friendship ring!
Azura's one says " Best " & mine says " Friends " !
and that makes BEST FRIENDS. haha. awwwww.
oh yahhh. my finger and her finger are of the same size. ^-^
anyways,bought watches too. the pictures aint that clear.
but its damn nice in real life. really really.
its like pretty glamourous. the jewel very shiny lor. i like. HAHAH.

so anyways, after that,bought some stuffs. $33.50 BURNT.
haha. but its kinda worth it lah.
not gonna tell what i bought. secret secret. ;D
ok anyways, our journey is full of laughters lah as usual.
especially in the mrt otw home!
there was someone whistling to a very lame tune!
then 2 tudongs said " sape siol ? "
HAHA. then me and bestie looked at each other and burst out laughing!
as in... bulan bulan puasa. tudongs nk maki? HAHA.
never judge a book by its cover.
ok that was not the main joke,
the whistling goes for every 30seconds!
the tune was like damn lame but funny at the same time!
then me and bestie laughed like hell in the mrt !
but we managed to contained them, except that out stomach,heart,cheeks, throat were in pain trying to maintain our laughs!
haizzzzzz... and some more we dont know where it came from.
haha. it was priceless cuz me&bestie were the only one who were laughing.
haizz...great minds think alike.
i dont get why some people have a very low sense of humour. xD
oh but having too much humour is not good too!
suffering.. suffering.. laugh 24hours.
can go mental hospital. lol.

k why am i talking crap here? hahaaaaaa.
so basically , had a blast today with BESTIE AZURA! ^-^

before i went home, ibu kirim bawang putih.
so terpaksa beli kat kedai apek.
so now tengah maen comp for awhile! heheh! :D

gonna off soon and bath!
then cant wait for BUKA !
teeeeeheeeeee ~

listened to the sweet sound @ 5:20 PM

Thursday, September 10, 2009 ♥

okayy. second post of the day! lol!
actually i just wanna talk about kuih raya !
just now helped my mum baked suji. simple simple kuih only.
chicken mac doodle lah. HAHA. confident ehh !
and just now after buka, tasted the suji ahh.
thankfully, it turned out great. but its abit crunchy.
which me&brother like lah! hohohooo.. saper yg suke soft suji, may not favour this one.
but oh wellllllll... so just now didnt study cuz help mum buat kuih. -.-
always like this tau, asalkan nk blaja, ade jer benda laen nk buat. HAHA.
bad habit bad habit.
im feeling kinda happy tonight. im not sure why.
but its good lorrr.. no more depression. HAHA.
back to my old cheerful me. ^-^

hohohohoooooooooooo ~
raya nak dekat...


listened to the sweet sound @ 9:09 PM

^^ I found this old photo in my friendster account. HAHA.
I look like some chinese opera actress. xD

already thursday??!
how time flies -.-
next week prelim starts again . alamakkk ~
after prelim then ade ape? hmmmmmm...
hahaaa. step pikir eh? -.-
ah yer yerr.. o levels.
talk to self: ehh budak. gi blajar skarang la. takmo melekat kat comp ajer!
nurul to self: ah yer yerr ~ nk blaja ah ni.

HAHA. k nevermind.
today after sahur, didnt go back to sleep.
didnt have the mood to sleep. although im tired.
but nevermind. stayed up till the day breaks.
then sleep back till 10am+ when aqilah disturb me -.-
tk habes habes disturb. curik hp lah. curik ipod lah.
then need to wake up and entertain her b4 she destroys my property. xD

today.. shall study my poa . or physics? hmmmm.
i dont like studying for poa. i just dont like. haaa.
believe it or not, i rather study physics. ^-^
k this post shall be a short one.
brother want to use the comp now.
tomorrow must go back school. haiyaaaa..

alrights. BYEBYE! :D

listened to the sweet sound @ 1:34 PM

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 ♥

i just feel like expressing my feelings here.
sorry people. dont continue reading this if u dont want to.

urghh. why do u have to appear in my life?
i prefer to have not met u at that stupid gig!
why do u have to be so perfect?
okay so the next few months after we met was pure blissful i have to say.
u made me feel like nothing i have ever felt before.
no guy pamper me like the way you do.
i admit, i love u then. and im still loving u now.
but i have thought carefully, and i think i should end this shit.
and why am i doing this?
because i can't bear the pain and suffering.
not when my olevels are nearing!
you might not feel at the wrong, cuz u think u're some big superstar??
i made a BIG mistake of giving u a second chance.
where are you now? its not fair to me ok?
you poured all the love to me,
and now u disappeared just like that?
busy shooting stuff? busy jamming? busy recording? busy working?
ok maybe im over reacting.
but cant u just send me a simple msg just like u used too?
u used to msg me DURING UR WORKTIME. now what?
or maybe theres a new girl that pops into ur life?

damn im so stressed out.
you are not worth my tears.
i hate that i love you too much.

i hate you.

listened to the sweet sound @ 2:58 PM

Sunday, September 6, 2009 ♥





ahhhhhh.... nice fresh rainy air. hahaaa.
hmm. im suppose to be at johor/ayer hitam today.
but no tomorrow i have school. will be pretty tired then.
sorry ayuuuniii !! tk dapat lah kite nk berborak-borak kan? haha.

anyways, shall update bout what i did these few days.
actually theres nothing much lah.
yesterday, couldnt follow azurabestie to gempak@woodlands ?
yeahh our babies performed yesterday. rif and lyph. haha.
but ITS OKAY. hahaaa.
i had to go to kenduri tahlil at paman's house @ bukit batok.
after the tahlil ended,buka and had great fun with cuzzins lah. talked & laughed.
then ibu always ask kassim about him. haha. wth?
see i told you kassim & kak siti, ibu is more excited than me! xD

ok anyways, i think the weather is nice now.
so cold. the drizzle also gives a calm feeling ya knowww.
nice nice nice ~ can i like go to east coast now and listen to music while daydreaming? hahaaaa ~
alrighty, today shall do something productive. but im nt sure what.
probably gonna go POA homework since tmr got extra class. pfft.

k shall stop here then.
good day people! ciao!

* love at first sight. yupp love is blind *

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:00 AM

Thursday, September 3, 2009 ♥


i know i shouldnt be here right now. but im just gonna online for awhile..
then... must go study geography and chemistry for tomorrow's prelims! ^-^
wahhh action happy eh nk kene blaja. haha. no lah.
this is what u can say , positive attitude! :D
im gonna change for the better. insyallah.
see azura?! im gonna get focussed for this 2 months! wooohh! ~

k anyways, taken my english 1&2 , social studies and maths 2 prelims!
english was okay. social studies as usual, not enough time. maths no comments. HAHA.
anyways, why they dont want to extend the timing for social studies?
obviously the time given was NOT enough seriously.
everybody chiong SEQ sia. confirm only left about 20 mins or less for SEQ. haha.
nevermind lahhh ehh.. must learn how to think & write faster. xD
*my hand cramp during the exam. write like hell*

these few days was fine for me.
sings : "semuanya cun saja... "
okayy tk perlu ! xD
stop it ehh nurul. hmmmm.. im lacking of sleep -.-
ok that information tk perlu eh.

hmmm... he has been contacting me these few days. happy ! :D
hahah. i guess he doesnt want me to merajok again. =p
awwwww.. sweet lah. so thoughtful.
cheyhhh macam paham.

okaylah. gotta go guys!

listened to the sweet sound @ 2:51 AM

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Remember 11th February 1993 , Sweet Seventeen
And Im not your average girl, don't judge me.
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