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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 ♥

hello readers!
just came back from tuition. phew ~
im pretty tired right now. but its okay.

anyways , i've survived 2 whole days without bestie azura by my side. HAH!
basically she wasnt feeling well on monday and today she went for syf for symphonic band.
so yeahh. its quite boring in class. cant laugh our brains out with her.
but she'll be coming tomorrow ! wooohoo ! ^-^ hahas.
anyways , today..F&N lesson was quite funny lah as usual. lazy to elaborate.
then malay lesson was... normal?
but at first , cikgu asked to take out this worksheet ah.
then who never bring must tell cuz she taking extra copies.
then confident2 carik worksheet tu kat bag.
pastu panic skejap pasal tkde after 3 mins of searching ! hahaa !
then i say to cikgu(from my seat) " cikgu! saye lupe nk bawak.. "
hahah! abehh cikgu ckp in a funny way " astagfirullahalazim....! "
abehh sume turn tengok me! mak aii .. paiseyy sia! lol !
then cikgu said:
" kenape dengan awk2 ni sume. maseh muda2 tapi asyik2 lupe nk bwk bende.."
well actually what she said was true. haha! oh well ~
moving on.. it was chemistry lesson.
then in the midst of lesson, izzat from behind, showed me this really cool ruler thingy that can measure whether u are stressed,tensed,calm or relaxed.
we have to press this thing ah. and the results show im calm. haha!
yearrpp. the thing is really cool ^-^
after chem was recess. hmmmmm..no comments.
then it was english lesson.
as the band people went for syf,
the seat beside me and both seats behind me were empty.
and it was soon occupied by idris who seats beside me,
and izzat & zul behind me.
and not to my surprise, dorang kecoh. hah!
dah lah idris mcm lebah! bising nyanyi2. pikir karaoke keper?
then bile aku suroh diam, abehh mimic voice aku!
kurang asam ehh . aku tau ah voice aku kecik -.-
but besides that , its actually quite fun sitting with them.
talked bout stuff and all .
and they have seen the other side of me. HAHA.
im violent & talkative. * peace * :D
alrights, after that had ss. it was okayy.
and mrs tjan told us that theres gonna be this cip project.
i forgot whats it called. something like 30hrs famine camp.
and we can get 30 hrs cip like instantly !
as im planning to get 100hours, im surely gonna go !
but must pay $13 i think. wth right?
theres not gonna be food. why must pay until 13 bucks?
oh yeah , the camp is like, to let us feel how poor ppl live?
something like that. and we must fast for 30hrs. but can drink lah.
i wonder how i'll survive -____-
nevermind , for the sake of the 30hours. go nurul! hahaas.

so yeahh . after that straightaway went home.
wash up.. then took a nap. haha. sleepy lahh..
then woke up at 4pm. then eat . then got ready for tuition!
reached ghutrie(dunno how to spell) builiding @ 7.35like that uh.
dad sent me by car. woohoo ! xD
and oh , im always the first person to arrive -.-
early bird. hahaa ! lame.
so yeah soon mr zul arrived.
he asked us whether to go through olevel last year paper or assesment book.
then i went to see my bag. oh shit. i didnt bring my assestment book. hah!
and i quickly say go through olevel last year paper. lol! =p
so he did. hahaa.
yadaaayadaaaa.. yadaaayadaa...
around 8.30pm. he storied bout people saying that people are nw saying that end of the world is during the year 2012?
im sure u guys have heard that too right?
but he said that its up to us to believe or not,
but its already stated in the Quran that one of the clues that end of the world is when the sun rises from the west.
as he is a science/maths teacher,
he said that the possibility of the sun rising from the west is when the earth stops rotating. and soon the sun will rise from the west?
i cant remember what he said. something bout changing position.
then he also said that research says that the earth is now rotating slower and slower.
and i was like.... o.o"
moving on.... yadaaayadaaaa...
around 9.20pm, he started storying bout this supernatural event that happened to one of his students during the camp at bintan. and he was quite terrified himself cuz he was at the event.
ohmygod. i got goosebumps man ! it was darn scary!
shall not talk bout it.
then soon we got carried away and its around 9.35.
we were supposed to be dismissed at 9.30pm.
and the story havent ended yet !!
tu pon one my classmate ask whether she can go home. lol !
i want to hear the more! hah. but end up sumer balek xD
i cant get rid the story out of my mind.
shit how am i going to sleep? hah!

alrights2. i think i shall stop blabbering now.
byebye! goodnight people!

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Monday, March 30, 2009 ♥

today had my oral examination !
while waiting for my turn, talked with the usuals and practised reading.
i guess my reading has improved a little. hah!
but i was nervous and my heart was beating damn fast during the actually thing!
hahaaa. but i guess i did okay for my oral.
but my picture discussion. die die ! hahaa.
anyways , straightaway went home after that.
had a chat with mum & second bro... haha. interesting~
then i switched on my ipod & played every single malay song that was sang by a girl.
im trying to choose a song for the audition u see..
hahaa ! but im really really stuck ! ARGHHH ! -__-
anyways , called 98.7 to participate in the david archuleta's contest.
and u wanna knw what i got ? a busy tone ! wth !! haiyaarrr ..
maybe tomorrow. or wednesday or thursday or friday or saturday or sunday.
hahahaa ! haizzz. i really want to win the backstage passes man!
i want to meet david archuleta up close pls? xD
anyways , a girl named ika won the first 2 passes.
ohmygod im so jealous. HAHA.
ok shut up nurul.
so anyways !! tomorrows school, again -.-
how surprising ! mekkkk ..
haizz. nevermind2. haha !

BYEBYE! xoxo

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Sunday, March 29, 2009 ♥

how are you guys doing ?? :D

today.. went to TKC to support dear Aliff Aziz.
they're helding an aids/hiv event called "i terima,u bagaimana".
the event was dead funny !! i cant stop laughing. haha xD
then soon aliff came. haha ! aliff looked more matured. haha.
anyways, at first , i didnt want to take pic with him.
but then dad forced me. HAHA.
so my father said ..
" assalamualaikum ... ni anak saye nk ambik gambar dengan aliff .. "

HAHAHAA. bapak tk perlu seh ckp camtu.
muke aliff dah confuse skejap. then tengok saper yg nk ambik gambar baru ketawe sikit. ahah.

aliff: ehh hi..
me: hehe. hi.. :)
aliff: ni confirm nk rase my heartbeat lagi kan ??
me: hahah ! mmmmmmmm.. heh.
aliff: haha. manerr abang ?
me: oh. dierr gi dating xD
*looks at each other*
both: hahahahahas...

HAHA. so yeahh.stop it sia aliff with the heartbeat thingy!! seriously tk perlu ahh..kacau orang je ehh. naughty2! hahaas.
okay anyways, waited for aliff to perform !
enjoyed the performance when nek jah was on stage xD
then when aliff perform..
caught him stole glances at me and smiled. wakakaaa. happy nyerr. xD
padahal i was near the backstage. he sempat turn eh. haha.
then when tgh maen game.. while adi rahman asking the girl a question,
aliff sempat look at me and smile&laugh abit.
then he concentrate back on the girl on stage then muke serious.
HAHAHAA !! tk perlu sia aliff.
then after aliff perform , went to aliff's parents.
then salam and minta diri.. tak sempat nk ckp bye kat aliff. sedeh nyer.
aliff that time tengah kene serbu-ed by fans. HAHA.
then when to shop&save beli bende sikit. nyehehex.

when to the drop off outside tkc cuz it was raining.
then met aisyah&ayeen and their makcik. forgot her name. HAHA.
yeahh . so we waved at each other & smileed :)
but tk sempat bebual cuz kereta dah datang.. lol.
then straightaway went back home after that cuz dad tired.
then i something caught my eye at the HDB noticeboard.

" Aljunied GRC Idol 2009 "
and i was like .. OHMYGOD! ibu nk masok !!
HAHA. i cant believe i've just said that cuz my parents are willing to pay 10bucks for the registration fee. hahaa.
but im not sure if i really have the courage to join.
and i dont know what song to sing for the auditon! must be malay song.
hahaaaaa .. well , hope i can find the right song in time.
closing date for registration is 17th april. so near!
auditions is 26th april. HAHA !
butterflies are in my stomach -.-

anyways! ate rojak mamak. and went online ! :D
oh yesshh ! im really happy right now!
msned with zul .
zul said.. " dengar2 tadi aliff tanye , cherrydoll cepat tul dah balik . "
and i cant believe lah sehh . i asked zul whether he is serious like a zillion times.
haha. okayy . exageratting eh nurul.
cheyhh concern sehh alep . haha!
haizz. should have waited for him. haiyaaa.
nevermind lah . still got next time ! :D

ohmygod ! i missed the news5tonight!
i think got appear bout earth hour .
cuz that time our school , got media coverage.
so .. skali muke aku terkeluar keperr.. HAHA.
mcm phm -.-
hmmmm... ade homewrk ke tk ahh ?
ntah ehh . hahaaa..
selamber sia nurul ..
talks to self : go do homework now !!

hahaha ! alrights. byebye peeps! :D

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Saturday, March 28, 2009 ♥

vote the environment. vote the animals. vote earth hour!
meekkkkkkkkk nurul.. hahas.
ok so anways , today had earth hour cip.
we were divided into groups to go to different blocks to promote earth hour.
and my group was lucky to get a 1 storey shop block.
the block is like really small and we only took less than 10 minutes!
hahaas. but then we gave the remaining pampletes to random residents.
then we slacked.i bought grape iceblend & chocolate waffle @ bubble tea shop.
then talk talk talk until 5+ then went back to school.
waited until 6.30pm to go to the hall to continue with the program.
after the guest of honour came , we did this earth hour idea project thing.
we have to think of an idea to promote saving the earth.
our class wrote someting bout a fashion show using recycled materials.
and we got 2nd prize ! HAHA.
okay so the fun starts when the lights are off. well not exactly fun.
but we got this glow-stick thing when the lights are closed.
then its a very nice scenery when the sticks are being waved n stuff.
some of them even thrown it across the hall.
its like coloured shooting stars. HAHA. crap.
then we got to eat pizza & starbucks while watching a long video bout the environment until 10pm. from 8.30-10pm!
thats very long u know ! hahaaa. some more its like damn hot lahh. -.-
oh yar , hafsah did my hair today.
she did a bun using the light sticks. hahaa!
the turn out was nice! :D as what azura said , i look like japanese.
nyeheheeeeeex ... xD
so after all that went to the bus stop with amirah&omi.
then waited for the bus with hafsah and yuyu.
and now im home. hahaaa.
i just ate chicken rice. wth ! xD
hmmmmmmmm ... anyways, its just so scary thinking bout the earth dying.
haizzz. so people , please do your part & SAVE THE EARTH for the younger generations :)

ohyeah. met akim again today! * evil laugh *
oh! and the emcee from singapore poly was cute. HAHAH.

goodnight peeps!

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Friday, March 27, 2009 ♥

today got english picture description test(written)
it was quite easy. hope can get 10/12 . haha. or at least 9.
hmm.. anyways, after that had p.e !
ran 1 round around school. and my timing... 4.40 ! haha.
if i can sustain that timing for 3 rounds. i can get 13-14mins for 2.4 run.
but obviously the 3rd round i fainting already. hahaa !
after recess, had 4 periods of f&n. as usual,talked more than work.
HAHA. haiyaa. f&n sure will get distracted one. xD
today after school.. did earth hour human formation for cip! hahas.
its gonna be published tomorrow in the newspaper. cool or whuatts.
heheeee. okayy so anyways.
the trip there was okayy. as usual the guys do stupid stuff to make us laugh.
soon we're the first school to reach the padang.
and its freakin' hot! urghh. luckily today i put lotion, so didnt get sunburnt.
hahaa. my skin is super sensitive okay! i cant be exposed to the sun for more than 15mins. lol. if not , yeahh im gonna be black. xD irritating right? xD
k so while waiting for the other schools to come.
laughed with naqi,arina&hafsah and chatted with idris. irritating ah idris. hahs.
then soon kacau izzat plak ! hahaa. tkde kerje ehh.
and talked bout some stuff. haizzz. izzat2. xD
then soon we begin the formation thingy under the scorching sun !
beats of sweat starts to trickle down my back . HAHA.
serious man tk perlu sia panas dierr.. xD
ohkay anyways, i found out this guy's name! its " akim enomoto " HAHA.
cool kan namerr ??
kk anyways, after we're done , got refreshments& took group pics.
very funny ahh . lazy to elaborate.
then went back to cityhall station to go to bedok :)
otw , laughters and such as usual.
and i didnt know dancers like to hang out at the area before citylink. lol!
seeing them dance was like so cool lah . hahaaaa.
anyways , yeahh . went back with naqi,arina & hafsah.
rested at mac and head off to interchange.
then right. 2 typical malay guys waved at us.
why do guys like to attract attention like that? tk perlu okayy. anyways,
while i was at my bus stop..
suddenly.. this little guy from bedok north sec asks me with sympathy voice.
he accidentally took the wrong bus lah. then not enough money.
then he asks me if i got extra coins. gave him 1 dollar cuz thats the only coin i have left. HAHA.
looking at him makes me very.. sad ! hahaa. serious sia.
his face expression so sedeh gitu. xD
i think he's sec 1 and lost his way. hahaaaaa.. weird.
oh yes , today , 2 people asked me , " are you malay ? " HAHA.
do i look like a non-malay ?? -.-
actually kinda think of it , im not malay! but javanese. hahas theres a dif xD
hmmmmmm.. tomorrow's earth hour !!
3pm-10pm cip. wow. hahaaa! actually im kinda excited though.
cant wait to be in the dark at school. nyehehex! :D

alrighty. until next time yeah ?
byebye! (:

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Thursday, March 26, 2009 ♥

i swear i hate my family especially my parents.
urghh. why cant they leave me alone?!
cant they do stuff on their own and just dont blame others for ur own fault?!
and when i do what im told , PLS KEEP UR BLOODY MOUTH SHUT CAN?!
not satisfied ah?! then just send me to some home ahh.
i dont care lahh . i hate u people. HATE!
urghhhh. if i could have a wish right now , i'd wish i could die.
i rather leave this world then living in misery&stress.
i want to die i want to die i want to die.
how am i gonna concentrate on my studies if they keep pressurising me?
what the fuck lah .


ps. im writing this while im crying.

its ok people. im gonna be fine.. after i live in my own house.
then i'll be in total peace.

byebye people..

listened to the sweet sound @ 10:47 PM

Look at the pic above ^^
basically our class is damn tired on that point of time. suddenly. hahah!
anyways , let me blog about yesterday's talentime.
the emcee sucks. no lighting. poor sound system.bad performances(only some quite ok)!
i really expected more from this year's talentime. haiz.
such a waste. since its our last year in damai & its only once in a year.
haizzzzz. -.-
after school , went to tampines mc to eat.
i only eat chocolate fudge sundae though. hahaa. sedapp oi ! =p
so anyways,while waiting for the band people to finish doing their band tee thingy,
me and diyana went to popular.
bought new earpiece which costs me $19.90 -.-
hahaa. so otw, dad called and scolded me for not calling him.
haiyakks. went tm for awhile also need to call.
tskk . i have no freedom.
anyways! bused home.
yada yada yada ..
did karangan of 926 words until 12.45am . wth !!!! hahaa.

TODAY is such a wonderful day.. NOT !
school as per normal. but somehow going to school is the one thing that made my day. not because of the studying , but because of my friends =]
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... HAHA.
ohkay so anyways, after school !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jacob De Haan came to my school for the band thingy.
OMG! i was so excited. I was frantically shouting to my friends every 1 min,
okayy wait, u guys would probably be asking, whose Jacob De Haan ?
well he's the composer of the popular piece " Ross Roy " & " Concerto De Amore "
i used to play the pieces when im in sec one with DamaiWindz !
ohmygod. this songs brings back memories man.
haizzz... * sheding tears * sob.. sob..
i miss playing together with them.
saddeningly,im forced to quit by sec 2 cuz my baby sister was born that time and out of all people i have to be the one who sacrifices.
oh , im not sacrificing. im sacrificed! tskkk .
haizzzzz... nevermind. I'll let u guys hear the songs.
must hear ! hahaa. okayy.. tadaaa ! :

^^ listen to the euphonium solo&parts. hah! its nice okay! eupho rocks :D
ohkay . so anyways! walking down the stairs and saw amirah like signaling me.
pointing to somewhere and reading her lips . says : jacob de haan !!
and i was like ohmygod running downstairs and walahh !!
jacob de haan ! hahaaa.
i was happy that i could meet him. but didnt take a picture with him though. shy ah.
mekkkkkkk... hehe.

okay so anyways, after that went to the art room with naqi & arina.
hafsah was there too.
accompanied arina do her art. art is so tedious man !
lucky didnt take art. f&n rocks! hah. yahh right.
so anyways, it was fun lah at the art room.
and mr saiful / greatspyexperiment vocalist was there too cuz he's the art teacher.
arina & hafsah kept giving him lame jokes and we cracked up like hell.
well actually mr saiful's laugh was damn sarcastic lah. hahaa !
so anyways, yeahh it was great hanging out with the art dudes. xD

after that went home and now im blogging :D
hmmm.. maybe i'll online again later to do f&n coursework.
alrighty. byebye! :)

oh yeahh , before i go .
May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments and shining dreams.
ps. thanks for the presents u gave me during my birthday last february.
love the present, and im wearing it now. haha !
thanks eh. it was sweet of you. appreciate it :)

listened to the sweet sound @ 7:05 PM

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 ♥

hello readers!
just came back from maths tuition!
and now its like 10.15pm. HAHA.
i know , so late right ?
bused home and stopped at one bus stop before the actually stop.
i just wanted to walk a longer distance and breath the fresh air!hahaaa.
hmmm. i just love walking at night. but i only get to do it once in awhile cuz usually my curfew is like 7pm or so and dad usually fetches me after tuition.
yep. so im really glad that i could went home by bus today :)
nyeheheex. oh yes , accidentally met raikha & nana at the bus stop. lol ! xD
hmmmm.. today is such a short day..
but tomorrows gonna be... mmmm.. draggy ?
wednesdays & thursday are my worst days. hahaaa.
alrights. i better go off now.

byebye! =3

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:33 PM

Monday, March 23, 2009 ♥

I've just recorded sleeq's performance on Live'n'Loaded.
sorry if the quality is not that good. Best viewed in HQ .
alrights. HAPPY WATCHING ! xD


listened to the sweet sound @ 9:39 PM

I told my first brother that those peeps above are my friends.
and the other night that i came back home late, i hang out with them.
AND HE BELIEVED ! hahaaa ! wth.
but i told him that its a lie after that. hahaa.
he's sooo vulnerable -.-
anyways! those dudes are so cool with their hip hop thingy. haha!
and syarif tk perlu ehh part 1:14-1:17!
hahaaa. CUTE ! xD
okaylahh.. happy watching guys!
today , shall record sleeq's performance @ livenloaded :)


ps. havent do homework -.-

listened to the sweet sound @ 6:24 PM

Sunday, March 22, 2009 ♥

pictures from yesterday's . hehee (:
shall blog bout what happened yesterday.
slacked in the morning after shower..
mum asked to accompany her to pay the bills but i refused. haha!
ape nyer anak ehh ... xD
hahaa. im just tired from the other day.
so aqilah accompanied my mum. hahaas.
dam di dam di dam di dam.
got ready to meet sufri & zul @ cityhall to collect the aafc tee :D
then when back home. HAHA. stakat ehh?
then lepaskan asar then kluar to collect abg hadi's bike..
when to bukit batok driving centre to meet my paman & cuzzins.
as usual , i looked out for the gorgeous rocks. hahaa !
u can see it from the picture i uploaded. but its not that clear cuz im in a moving vehicle. hahaaa ..
hmmmm ... one of the hot spots for dates. xD
its really nice :D
and i still dont know the name of that place. hahaaaa.
cuzzin ! whats the name of the place ah ? u live @ bukit batok right ??? xD
anyways ! abang tested the bike..
haha! seeing him testing was funny. he's really unstable. xD
i think its because of the stiff handle cuz its 2nd hand bike.
what do you expect? hahaaa..
then went around the estate there for test drive.
paman took the lead.. followed by abang hadi , khairul , dino & my family's car.
oh , loving khairul's bike. HAHA!
okayy back to story ! xD
then went cuzzin's block to fix&wash the bike.
the bike was pretty dirty. lol.
then me,qilah & my mum went up first.
wahhh..bik sulimah rebond rambot sehh .. xD
wakakaaaaa.. canggih ah.
hahaaa. hmmmmm.. but cuzzin nisa was sleeping. lol.
kesian dierrr.. penat ehh .. xD
dam di dam di dam di dam ..
azura called !
she asked me whether i got see th sky. cuz its like blue&orange. HAHA.
then i say.. only got orange cuz im at bukit batok while she's at bedok!
hahaaaa.. then she also asked me whether i can see RAINBOW!
i was like.. ohmygod! where?! dang it i cant see.
then soon after , the guys when up..
then suddenly cuzzin dino showed me this rainbow he snapped a while ago.
HAHAH ! coincidence or what ??!
yay... at last can see the rainbow xD
i think the whole singapore can see the rainbow. cuz abang ilham also can see the rainbow and he's at sentosa. HAHA.
oh! oh !

" magic.. SLEEQ... spy .. "
" nenekku superspy..spy..spy..spy.. "

HAHAAH ! then i straightaway look at the tv.
and there u go !

* SCREEEEEAAMMMSSS * ( in heart. haha )

then i ask my mum to see the tv. hahaaa !
then she goes all...
" eeeee.. tk minat lah ibu. muke sememeh " ( kurang ajar.. hahaa. )
" tengok si nurul ni. minat si budak muke sememeh ni.. "

HELLO??!! muke dierr tk sememeh okay?! sweet sehh dua2 xD
haha. by the way , i like sleeq for their talent ok..
im really in love with their music.
everytime they sing , i will go all fuzzy in the heart.
especially when syarif do the slurring thingy. hahaaa.
hah. he like to hold his tone&play with it. get what i mean?
hahaaa. go listen to their song and u'll know. haha.
they are superrr nice. great harmonization :D
anyways , enjoyed the spark when they appeared :)

oh yes, i like to kacau my mum .
i will always go " sleeq cute eh ? "
"bukan mcm * fill in the blank* ..."
hahaa. and she'll be irritated and defend her choice.
haiyooooo.. pls lah ehh mum. i dont like him. hahaaa xD
stop it sehh ibu ..

hmmm.. anyways , eat some kuihs then when back to my house.
is it me or yesterday night is reaaallyy a COLD night?
i was like... in antartica. HAHA. mcm phm.
so anyways, a long journey in the cold. i guess cuz its drizzling b4 this.
i wonder how the biker's resist the cold when riding. lol.
especially those without jackets! hahaaa.
so yeahh ,talked abit under the block and went back home.
oh yes , khairul bike's air-horn was nice. hahaa.
loud but nice. xD
so yeppp.. yesterday didnt eat the whole day.
eat some snacks before cleaning my room and sleep. hehee.

woke up and i looked at the time..
and i was like " shit !! "
then straightaway switched on the tv to okto!
ohmygod i missed 80% of schoolhouse rockz.
gahhhh! im looking for forward for an encore -.-
hmmm.. then had breakfast and here i am now.
ohmygod. i havent completed my homework yet.
greaattt .. tomorrow , theres school.
just great !!! haizzz.
i want another week of holiday can? hahaaa. mcm phm..
hmmm.. guess i shall start soon. lol.

ohkayy.. take care readers! :)

listened to the sweet sound @ 1:43 PM

Friday, March 20, 2009 ♥

^^ VERY NICE RIGHT? cloudless sky.

YO! hahax.
just came back home.
haiz.. tired ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. =_=

anyways ! as usual i have to babysit aqilah in the morning.
dum di dum di dum di dum di dum di dum di dum ...
met up with azura in the bus and went to bedok interchange.
met amirah & naqiyah..
then went to kfc to meet up with idris & izzat.
haizz. kekek sia tengok dorang makan . guyyssss.. lol.
so after that head to bedok library to study.
had alot of laughs along the way.
oh yeahh , see the picture above. got this baby right?
hahaa.basically this baby went to us. VERY CUTE SIA!
then idris did this " magic " thingy to this baby. hahaaaa.
funny sia.. then idris entertain2 this baby&stuff. so cute =p
yeahh . had a great time when the baby came xD
haizzz.. kinda distracted at times. lol.
then we watched this particular video on youtube using naqi's vaio laptop!
hahaa. funny sehh. its an inside thing. shall nt talk bout it here xD
study .... laugh.... do homework.... laugh... laugh.. talk.. HAHA.
yeahh after that idris&izzat went to masjid.
then we met them again at LJS .
didnt eat cuz .... personal2 ! ssshhh . hahaa.
after that hang around outside LJS. dunno where to go..
and its already 7.45pm like that. haha.
then walk again. then the guys had to go to masjid again.
then meet them again at mac !
but only the guys eat . lol.
then chill abit. after that went back to bedok inter and saw naqi!
oh , she left earlier . surprisingly me&azura got on the bus first!
hahaaa! =P
yeahhh . so everybody went home. i think ? hmmm.
lol. so chatted with azura as usual.
discussed bout stuff.. i know u know AZURA! =p
hahaa. and homed at 9pm!
oh yahhh. whats with mat2 bawah block staring at people sia.
tk pernah nampak orang pe.
hahahaa ! serious ah . irritating -.-

idris was asking me whether i have cun saja in my phone at the library just nw.
but i only have it in my ipod & comp.
so i send him in msn ...

[[ * Nurul * ]] says:
idris ! kau nk lagu cun saja tk ?
Gonzales // says:
Gonzales // says:
[[ * Nurul * ]] sends:

[[ * Nurul * ]] says:
tapi ni bukan the original soundtrack tau . pasal album dorang blom kluar .
[[ * Nurul * ]] says:
ni orang record. tapi quality still okay ahh .
Gonzales // says:
oke thanks nurul =)
Gonzales // says:
baek uh dier
[[ * Nurul * ]] says:
hahaa . ahh . samerr2.
[[ * Nurul * ]] says:
aku kan sentiase baek .
[[ * Nurul * ]] says:
kau tk tau ? hahaa.
Gonzales // says:
e'eh. puji sket melebih plk

Transfer of "Sleeq - Cun Saja.MP3" is complete.

[[ * Nurul * ]] says:
hahahaa. klahh2.. aku takmo prasan -.-
Gonzales // says:
Gonzales // says:
Gonzales // says:
prasan lbh2 aku tk kisah
[[ * Nurul * ]] says:
haha. pasal kau pon slalu prasan kan ... aku tau .
[[ * Nurul * ]] says:
nyehehehex ..
Gonzales // says:
Gonzales // says:
aku kadang2 je
[[ * Nurul * ]] says:
ahhh yelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr ....
Gonzales // says:

* idris mepek ah . hahaa. *

okayy anyways , im pretty tired to talk bout other stuff.
i'll just continue watching videos at youtube. hahaaa.
byebye !! (:

listened to the sweet sound @ 10:40 PM

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 ♥

hows your day ? :D

my day was such a slack ! haha !
didnt do much in the morning.
talked to naqi until afternoon. haha. dahsyat..
then i dunno what happen .
* thinks hard *
ohmygod. memory loss !!!
then i had my nap for awhile..
haiyooooo .... see? slack right ???
cant believe i've wasted my whole day on nothing!!
still got homewrk to do , dont want to do. nurul.. nurul..
* fast forward *
watched ninja warrior while on the phone with azura,amirah,naqi&izzat.
me&amirah was damn excited and kept shrilling on the phone. HAHA.
then we all disscuss bout stuff and all .
after awhile naqi had to put down the phone,
so left with me,azura,amirah&izzat.
found out something very shocking! hahaaa.
* to ...... and ....... .. u guys better dont do it hor !
not good for ur health lah .. so DONT ! hahaa.
advise from the adult here !
mekkkk !!
but seriously , not worth it lah guys. hahaaaaa..
anyways, while on the phone, chatted with azura on msn. HAHA.
multi-tasking see ? hahaa..
our conversation very funny sia xD
lazy to post it here.
then after everyone letak phone, me& azura continued chatting bout STUFF !
kan2 azura ?? its between u and me.. muahahha !! * evil laugh *
oh ah , kau tk perlu sak ketawe sorang2 tgk video dorang !!
confirm mak kau comment asal kau ketawe. HAHA.
tapi aku have to admit , aku pon that time keep repeating the vid.
CUTE AHH DORANG!! tk lehh angggxzzxx u know !! ahaa.
im in la-la land. mekkk xD
okayy . thats all folks.


listened to the sweet sound @ 11:48 PM

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 ♥

today , I was awoken by the loud thumping noise of the raindrops.
mekkkk ! step english maner ehh xD
haha. anyways , MORNING READERS! (:
isnt it such a wonderful day today ??
well , not exactly cuz the sun just appeared.
i want the rain to continue !! hahaaa.
niwaes2 , washed up & made myself breakfast again !
the most important meal of the day tau !
ate milo cereal with milk & cadbury hot chocolate :)
yummm yummmmmm ....
actually mum bought prata .. but uhhhh. i pass. hehehee ^-^
so after that , had to babysit aqilah..
meanwhile, did some filing of geography notes & papers.
used rabia's hole-puncher !
forgot to return her that day -.-
lol.. sorry hor rabia !! shall return to u when we meet again xD
hmmm.. continuing !
actually i wanted to do my geography homework but aqilah asked me to blow bubbles.
WTH! hahahaha xD
haiyaaaaa.. this budakk ahh .. manyak nyerr susah lahh..
well , at least i almost complete my maths homewrk (:
burned midnight oil yesterday! haaahaaa.
but i left out quite a bunch of questions though -.-
so anyway, maybe will do geog homework later after someone can take my shift.

oh i forgot !
today got maths tuition ! -__-
malaaaasss nk gii ~
* slap cheek *
talking to self : NURUL WAKE UP! O LEVEL NURUL !


hahaaa. ehh but this maths tuition ahh .. spoil my plan tau !
why is this maths tuition at night ?
now cannot meet those 2 lovely guys !
haiiyoo haiiyooo ..
well , i'll just give them my blessing from the tuition centre. lol.
studies more important hor. hahaaa.

alrighty. shall update soon !
TATAZ ! (:

listened to the sweet sound @ 10:30 AM

Sunday, March 15, 2009 ♥

today woke up and had to babysit aqilah as usual.. haizz.
im tired of this routine ! -_-
dad sent grandma to the doctor , mum was sleeping cuz she's just came back from work,
first brother go out , second brother sleep !
sheesshhh .
anyways , so yeahh . i made myself breakfast as usual !
im now enjoying breakfast! hahaa. it just makes my day! :D
crapp. hahaaaa.
so yeahh , wait until somebody's awake & at home so i can bath !
haha. like finally.
anyways , suddenly i love bathing in cold water.
usually i bath in hot water. hahaaaa. wth.
so yeah after that got ready to go to jemputan kahwin.
it was raining ! but its okay. luckily got umbrella (:
hmmm. reached there , and met wak yoh & wak ana first.
but then they're leaving already. lol !
then met wak yayah & find ourselves tables and set down.
blahh blahh blahhh .... we ate .... blahh blahh blahh.
to tell ya the truth , it was boring ! -.-
like..... SNOOOZE !! hahaaa.
cant find ANY of my cuzzins. wth wth wth !!
only found abg ilham's friends. lol.
so yahhh. we only stayed there for awhile then head home.
didnt do much at home.
yadaaa yadaa yadaaaaa ~
around 8.30pm , sent abang hadi to his camp @ sembawang.
pity him... he's pretty sad about this NS thingy.
haizzz. well , every guy have to go through it somehow..
so after that went to giant tampines!
bought alot of stuff. hahaa. spent $160 ! xD
haiyooo... bad habit hor..
must stop spending so much !! * sigh *
hahaa. so now im blogging.
actualyl i dont have mood to blog nowadays.
dunno why . but i guess i'll just blog for the sake of it.
byebye people!


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Saturday, March 14, 2009 ♥

woke up early in the morning to clean my room. HAHA.
as usual , i took my time xD
woke up at 9.30am .. then wash up and have breakfast.
started to clean my room at 10.30am and ended at 12.30pm. HAHA.
yeppp. im really slow. xD
but at least my room is now clean&tidy ! wooohoo !!


haha. anyways, today when out to check my bro's motor.
he's planning to buy one from my uncle's friend.
so we met my uncle&his friend at the bukit batok driving centre. ( i think so )
then we drove pass this area.. i dunno whats the name.
theres like this reservoir or something. and got this giant rocks!!!
its so beautiful. i think the name is bukit batok town park.
i dont know. its near bukit gombak mrt.
i wanna go there someday ! heeeheee! xD
who want to teman me ??? haha. mcm phm .
so anyways, after that went to kelantan road area to see helmets.
abang bought his helmet there.
after that went to eat at banquet simei & head home!
so after i habes lipat baju , here i am!
heheeeeee..... (:
im so happy that the holidays are here.
but theres TONS of homework to do -___-
nevermind. its for my own good. heheeee..


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Thursday, March 12, 2009 ♥

What do you think about my little new baby Baby?
MakeMeBabies.com - What will your baby look like?

What do you think about my little new baby Baby?
MakeMeBabies.com - What will your baby look like?

( u guys must click the cross to see the image -.- i dunno whats wrong. lol )

our two dearest BABIES we've worked hard for !! HAHAHAAA !! xD
JOKING2 ! hahaaa.
im actually pretty bored..
so i blog hoped to nurul aini's blog & found the website.
hahaaaa.. so i went to try it out out of fun! xD
u guys should try it out if u guys want to. hahaaaa.
yupp. so anyways , today.. very moody day at school.
pagi2 jekk kene called out by DM .. haiyyaaaa.
i didnt even knw why i was called out !
well , its either bout discipline which i dont think so?
late coming?? always early !
CCA? maybe?
academic results? nt bad what. HAHA. hmmmm... well i suspect its this one since theres no other possibility. haizz. okay fine.. i shall strive for better results. for my own gd.
whatever lah ehh.. kene lectured with the other bunch of students.
mr raj:

" im not here because i want to lecture u guys , but i've got something important to say. its either bout discipline, late coming or ur academic results. u guys are not gonna make it if u guys dont work hard. its either based on last year results or these year's tests, but ur performances are not up to standard! blahh..blahh..blahh.. "

HAHA. yahh so thats part of what mr raj says.
anyways, today.. POA test. was totally not prepared.. -_-
so thats the second thing that made me moody~
after that , got chemistry test back.
not satiesfied !!! so thats the third reason. haiyaaa.
and and .. idris didnt come to school today because of yesterday's accident.
oh yes ! i havent talked bout yesterday!
@ chem lab. when we all are doing experiments,
idris went to inhale the chlorine acid thingy. -.-
bengap per idris. HAHAA.
then he suddenly cough like so hard siaooww.
well at first i thought he'll be okaylah.
but suddenly i turn behind, he's gone!
then mdm yani said he was sent to the hospital. i think?
and the class was devastated when we saw the ambulance!
the whole class tried to see idris but we had to go to the next class.
we were all very worried and of cuz , sad.
and coincidentally, ms syrifah , our form teacher was teaching the period.
so got lectured ! haizz.

okay continuing !!
tomorrow idris will be coming to school & ms syarifah made this sarcastic plan.
ohmygod its gonna be hilarious ! hahaa xD
okay so the rest of the lessons was fine.
after school , ate blackpepper & curry pau and head home with naqi!
as usual , we cracked up xD
so now im blogging and babysitting aqilah at the same time.
haizzz. she keeps disturbing me!
manyaakk nyerr susah lahh .. =_=
what to do.. hahaha!
ohkayyy . im off people!


listened to the sweet sound @ 6:29 PM

Monday, March 9, 2009 ♥

today is a very fun day ... !! hahaa.
well actually the morning is quite boring =_=
moving on to after recess !! hahaas.
it was maths lesson..
we did this probability worksheet ahh.
then got one question ms syarifah explain2..
then right she asked us if we understand or not.

ms.syarifah: class , u understand me? ( with the usual stern voice! but funny )
4e4: YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ms.syarifah: okayy azura explain !!
* the class laughed *
ms.syarifah: whats so funny??? eh why everytime i call azura then u all laugh??
is she funnier than me?? huh! tell me! is she funnier than me??!

HAHA. very funny sia ms syarifah. sarcastic but funny. one of a kind. hahaa.
such an adorable teacher xD
then got alot more funny things happen ahh! too many that i cant recall. xD
hmmmm .. i think she's starting to like our class.. (:
i love her lessons, but im not sure if i can excel in maths.lol!
okayy anyways, then it was mrs tjan's geog lesson.
we all wanted to off all the lights for the powerpoint thing.
but mrs tjan insisted on opening the last 2 lights behind.
we all like ..... " huhhhh........!!! " ( with irritating voice )
then when irda & amalina came back from the toilet, amalina go off the lights!
then we all like... " YAYY!!!!! "
then mrs tjan go and on the lights again !!
so we go " HUHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
and we were like banging the tables&making noises like zoo animals!
then some of them make baby crys and all! veryy funny sia !!!
u guys should have looked at mrs tjan's expression! damn priceless sia..
then she say " u know, u guys are the reason why i dont want to have any children "
HAHAAAA. then we make noise again to irritate her! xD
then she say " ssshhh! keep quiet lah class. mrs chen is next door.. u guys dont want her to come here right?? heyy u guys know me right, if im not gonna finish what i want , u guys are going to stay back . "
then the whole class make those irritating noises again!!! HAHAA.
like small kids sia.. hahaa. mrs tjan lessons so fun. can tease her! lol.
she's also one of the adorable teachers we have :)
4e4 rawkss lahh ehh !
then after school ,met ema at my bus stop to pass her something.
then we had a chat while waiting for her bus :)
then , im homed !
yada yada yada yada yada yada...
hmmm... i shall study for my emaths common test now.
like seriously nurul . still got time play comp ah? ( talking to self )
okayy people byebye! :)

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Sunday, March 8, 2009 ♥

i just came back from jalan-jalan. hahaaa.
k i will update u guys bout my weekend ok?

7 march 2009 , saturday
woke up at 6.30am to get ready for CIP =_=
ok so it was raining. but i like ! hahaaaa.
so after i got ready , which is like around 7.50am,
went to the bus stop and bought the same bus with naqi. hee.
yada yada yada yada yada ...
reached macdonald parkway parade for flag day..
haizzz.. one of the worst cips everr. hahaaa.
i just dont like it ok ? lol.
so yahhh. spoiled my mood u knw.
anyways,went to east coast forawhile. hahaaaa .
as we were walking, suddenly..

Naqi: kau dengar something tk?
Nurul: tk. ape?
Naqi: aku mcm dengar suare monyet2.
Nurul: huh? hahaa. saperr sehh..
Voice: " Nurul !! Naqiyah !! "
* Turns *
Idris&Zul at the other side of the pavement.
hahaaa. tk sangka blehh terserempak eh?
okayy so we continued with our journey and found groups of irritating students.
they literally avoided us and went to the other side of the road. wth !!
but got one group very farneyy.
some of them donated..
then one of them asked this while putting his money :
" can u tell me more bout the society? "
* laughhhsss *
hahaaa. sporting bunch of students :)
so anyways, after enjoying the beach ,
went back to parkway to continue with the cip.
as i was not in my best mood, i didnt collect much. LOL.
and william said " i expected more from u nurul ! "
hahaaa. ur wrong ppl , flag day is not my thing ehh..
i rather go to the old folks home. seriously !!
hahaaaa. i just hate standing up for 4 hours and asking ppl to donate xD
okayy so after all that , went to banquet @ parkway parade to eat.
chatted with naqi, syah , william & lisa.
surprisingly, im not with my clique o.o except for naqi.
nevermind lah. quite fun talking to them.. heheee.
so after eating , went home straight :)

8 March 2009 , Sunday
okayy so the plan was to go WildWildWet & Escape Themepark cuz it was SMMWU carnival thingy. its her birthday. so yahh.
reached downtowneast and went to D'Marquee first to put the lucky draw coupons.
it was around 11am at that time.
family want to go inside D'Marquee first. dunno for what !
then suddenly the host ask for volunteers that was born in the month of march!
so abang hadi go up the stage lah.
they had to team up with someone. 1 boy 1 girl.
after that they had to do the hand jive from grease the musical.
lol. so yada yada yada yada..
with the help of my screaming(lol) , my bro & his partner won!
woopieee.. he won a small massager thing -.-
so after that was like 12+
family decided to eat then went for the lucky draw.
this is the exciting part,
my father won 14th prize out of 50 prizes.
cool or whuatttsss !!!
he won $300 shopping vouchers @ takashimaya.
my first thought was.. " omg! pls let me buy a shoe!! "
hahaaaaa... but i think they're using it for abang hadi's birthday present.
so... fat hope nurul...... -______-
sad or what.
okayy so anyways, went to escape & found out that many rides are closed !!
and the weather is freakin hot !!
so after my little sister had some kiddy rides, we went out of escape.
well , the plan was to go WWW but the queue was waaaaaayyyyy too long !!
haiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!


but nevermind.
head down to coffee bean ehub to rest.
bought ourselves Belgium Chocolate(my fav ^-^) & banana chocolate.
swear im in heaven. hahaaaa..
someone treat me to coffee bean someday can??
hahaa. tk tau malu nyerr budak..
ok so after that .... went home. pffttt. borinngg..
luckily " cun saja " was on air .. hahaaa !

hmmmmmmm.... do i have any homewrk to do.. ??
* thinks hard *
wow ... i dont know. -.-
i should be in panic mode right now.
hahaaa. but its ok. i'll manage somehow.

okayy. byebye people!

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Friday, March 6, 2009 ♥

ohkay i seriously cant stop repeating this video. xD
actually i watched it before like long time ago. but decided to watch again.
me & naqi got the computer lab for ourselves from 1pm-1.40pm.
so i decided to let her watch it.
and we were laughing like hell in the comp lab. HAHA.
serious ahh .. tk lehh angxxsxx !!! xD

okayy so anyway , today got CIP .
me&my classmates went to the old folks activity centre(kaki bukit) at bedok north there by FOOT!
hahaaaa. it was tiring lahh ehh and all of us were like sweating profusely. haha.
but the journey there was quite hilarious lahh.
kept laughing & laughing with naqiyah,arina,hafsah and irda. lol. lol.
so yeahh arrived there soon after.
put our bags at the conference room then we started with our first activity.
the game is called " haha " . LOL.
yeahh so its kind of a stupid game lahh. but quite funny at times. xD
after that we proceeded to the chicken dance!!
this one , VERY FUN !! hahaaaa. perangai budak kecik eh nurul.
but i bet all of us enjoyed ourselves. and izzat tk perlu sak.
mcm orang mabok. hahaaaa .. xD
hmmm.. then what we do ehh .. i think we played bingo.
yahh so it was quite fun lahh ! but we were more enthu than the old folks! HAHA.
and my aunty won 3 prizes lah sehh ! hahaa. lucky her..
okayy so after that, had our meal !
we served the old folks.. and after that we can eat!
the food was not bad actually. kind of nice :)
so after that.. hang around with the old folks & had karaoke session.
im sure all of us enjoyed ourselves right? hahaa.
im lazy to elaborate lah. those who are there, good for u. hahaa.
basically, i had a REALLY AWESOME TIME !!! xD
i want to go back there again lahh. but i doubt we could -.-
im guilty for one of the auntie that i sat beside with.
she ask me .. " when will u all come back here again? "
and i was like.. speechless and i dunno what to say at that moment.
but i just say that maybe we'll come back. haizzzzz.
then at 5pm , we're going back already lah.
then she say .. " aiyaa.. go back at 6 lahh .. "
but i just smiled at her. haiyaaaa.
i dont like being in these kind of situations.
but at least , i know they enjoyed themselves & so do we :)
then we salam all the makciks & said goodbye to all the aunties.
and we also took a group photo and thank the managers for having us..
haizzz.. i miss those old folks already... =(
okayy so anyway , tomorrow got CIP again !!! wth.
im so tired ahhh ! my leg also pain. heheee..
but what to do ehh ...
just one thing..
I HATE FLAG DAY !! urgghhhh. -____-

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