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Friday, January 16, 2009 ♥

hello people!
i've not been online for quite sometime now.. hahaaa.
i have decided not to online on weekdays! only friday&saturday can online.
sunday also cannot.. must get ready for school tomorrow (:
anyway im quite busy also during weekdays. haizzz.
i really want to do well for my o's !
so now im trying to concentrate on my studies until the exam is over.
so yahhh . sorry if i reply ur tags & comments late. heeehee.

today, the whole class sang for him birthday song.
then he act shy ! haiyaaa . people nowadays.
and he's not that type of person sia. then shy for these kinds of things?
terharu kaperr boyy . xD
anyways , so nothing exciting happened these few days.
haizzz.. so boring lahh. then i always tired after school. babysit aqilah until mum takes over or brother takes over. then wash up then sleep.
wake up and do homework and eat and stuff..
then go back sleep? HAHAA!
yepp. currently living a boring life. haizzz..
omg next week got 3 tests. -.-
POA , SS , GEOG ! wth lahh .
im very tired to study now.. tomorrow lahh .. hahaha !

dotz.. dotz.. dotz..
byebye! i'll update this blog again next friday. LOL.
muackkss xoxo

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Monday, January 12, 2009 ♥

10 January 2009 , Saturday

Went to ite simei around 7pm+ to watch " Grease The Musical " !!
it is performed by the students there.
firstly, i went there to support my cuzzin kassim!
and he gave us free tickets. so i went lah.
actually i thought it was just a normal performance lah.
but i was like soooooooo wrong !
we went into the auditorium and waited for the musical to start.
somehow, nobody wanted to sit at the first row.
so me , my bro , kassim's family & ema and her mum sat at the first row.
HAHA.. yeahhh. we got a clear view of the stage. hahaa.
so soon the musical started. and oh my god !
those bunch of people are so talented lah sehh !
they sing & act & dance like so perfectly. hahaaa.
im so impressed by their performance :D
im willing to pay $20 to watch the musical again. xD
but i doubt they have another performance of the same musical.
hopefully they have the dvd of the musical performed by them. hehe..
after about 2 hours of awesomeness , the musical ended with sparks of fire..
hahaha. so called like mini fireworks. xD so cool ah.
but actually im so sad that the musical was over.
and everyone can feel the emotions going around the auditorium:
eg. happy,sad,excited,overwhelmed,enthusiastic,awed! :D
the musical is just so marvelous. hahaaaa.
i want to watch again. haizz.. hahaa ! xD
anyways, after that waited for kassim outside.
met him forawhile then me&brother went home.
haiz. me&bro were sad to leave the school. hahaaa.
but happy at the same time . dunno lah. mixed feelings xD
really enjoyed the performance ^ - ^

11 January 2009 , Sunday

Didnt do much at home basically.
just did some homeworks and went out at 8pm with family.
we went to century square , food culture to eat.
then we went to the pasar malam thingy. hahaaa..

12 January 2009 , Monday ( today )
school was normal. as usual.
english - slacked , talked to azura..
POA - boring !!! the teacher was like mumbling at his microphone. -.-
malay - okaylah. quite boring.
recess - the food was boring also. hahaa.
e maths - lectured by teacher -.-
geography - hmmmm.. okaylah.

moral of the story , BORING ! hahaa.
okayy lame i know.
after that , all the sec 4 express and 5 NAs need to go to the hall to see the people get their o level results. hehehehex !
so wait for the principals&teachers to finish talking.
then they gave out the top students's results first.
ohmygod im like so excited for them. hahaa.
some of them looked so happy. duhh ! obvious. hahaa.
then the rest of the them got their results back too.
from the gallery , me & naqi saw EVERYTHING. lol.
from happy faces , sadness , tears , hugs and screams !
yuppp.. me and naqi were pretty sad for those who cried and stuff but were happy for those who made it (:
oh and one of the students screamed all the way from the teacher back to her friends when she got back her results. haha. so funny ! xD
then i can hear she say " yess! i can go mass comm ! "
hahaaaa.. really happy for her lah.
and the atmosphere just made me want to study even harder.
i will try my very best to strive for my olevels :D


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Saturday, January 10, 2009 ♥

got miss me anot ??? hahahaa... it has been such a long time since i online !
like seriously long .... !! hahaaa.. no lah. actually its about 10 days or so.. lol.
hmmmm.. let me recap on what happened for the past days..

31th December 08
Went to johor and stayed at relative's house for the night.
basically, theres a jam ! -.-
around 8pm+ reached their house.
im so sad that i cannot be in singapore for countdown! =(
so yupp.
thats basically it.

1 January 09
woke up and bathed in the cold shower as i forgot to on the water heater !! -.-
then i eat breakfast and yada yada yada yada...
After all the peeps gathered , head off to putrajaya ! (:
it was a loooonngg journey !! like seriously. from johor to putrajaya! o.o
hahahaaa. but we stopped at one of the resthouse and bought A&W!!
i wonder why singapore stop having A&W. i used to love that place..
anyways , reached putrajaya then rested forawhile.
soon after , had to go to Putrajaya the masjid for Kak Izzati's pernikahan.
i swore the masjid was freakin nice !!! its like a holy palace.. hahaa.
oh and kak izzati so lawa lah ehh.. hahaa.
and the tok kadir mintak kene penampar sehh.. so lame lah his jokes. people dieing of boredom already.
after the loooooong talk , izzati is now mueiem's(3 rakaat.LOL) :)
awwwww.. they are meant for each other. hahaa.
A pilot & a stewardess ! seee ? told ya they're meant for each other. hahaa!
so after that , went back to their apartment.
slept quite late to hear what the orang tua2 tengah bebual.
pak long so funny lahh sehh... laughed like hell. hahaaa..
then after that , slept on the hard floor with only a comforter. o.o

2nd Janury 09
woke up to see most of my relatives all gone.
haahaa. i think they went out or something.
as my adek havent wake up yet, i have to accompany her. then my brother sumerr gi breakfast. baek perrs ! -.-
but luckily got my dear cuzzin ayuni! hahaa.
then talked&talked as usual..
soon after,dad asked to go breakfast and the below apartment. ermm. dunno how to explain.
so yada yada yada, then nk kene rewang after that ... alerrsmakkk... so tiring u know ! i dont like . seriously. hahaaa.
after that, went to check in at Palm Garden's Hotel which is located next to Marriot Hotel & IOI Resort. HAHA.
only some stayed at the hotel btw. 2-3 families :)
anyways, i love the hotel ahh sehh. its like so comfortable & nice. hahaa.
oh im talking about the apartment we rented. hahaaa.
then got bath tub ! hahaa. but didnt get the chance to use it cuz i was tired after a long day and wanted to go to sleep, and i was in a rush in the morning. see the dilema ? hahaa.
hmmm.. didnt manage to swim at the pool either. i guess there was no time cuz of the busy scedule.
so rested there and we had to go out again.
we went to alamanda.. (:
went there to eat at Kenny Rogers. omg so freakin nice lah ehh. hahaa.
then after that , bought ice-cream. heaven i tell you.
and its cheap for an ex one.
and and , im fed up that singapore dont have the halal restaurants&food places like malaysia do.
so unfair lah. -.-
after that went to carrefoure to buy sushi. HAHA.
cuzzins tried to eat sushi for the first time and they didnt like it that much.
hahaaaa.. but for me , i could eat sushi like everyday ! hahaaa..
then went back to the hotel and rested.
and we watched this show at tv9 i think.
i forgot what the title is. so funny seh the show. and the little girl so evil but cute. hahaha. dang it i want to watch again at youtube but forgot the title. SHEESH!
after that, went to sleep (:
oh yar, im suppose to be in school today. LOL.

3rd January 09
Woke up and got ready for the big day !
Kak Izzati&Mueim's Wedding Celebration !
Kak Diyana&Haidir's Wedding too.
So dorang2 naek pelamin together.
niwaes, went to one of the dewan at putrajaya.
unluckily, the anak daras as usual had to be the kendarat yg letak berkat -.-
and unfortunately, me&ayuni was incharged of the side with more people!
things couldnt get any worse! the people are so perangai.
very like the... choosy gitu ! -.-
and some more got some mat kentals trying to be funny!
irritating ahhh.. but its okaylah.
cuz the place was grand and air-conditioned :)
but then , got 5ringgit ONLY?!! wth wth.
after moments of tiring hours, pengantin pon datang!
they so cute ahh . yada yada yada yada..
slacked abit after that. hahaaaa. freakin tired okay?
dah lah pakai highheels. haiyyooo.
oh yes , me&ayuni was like kendarat gilerr lah cuz kept laughing&gossiping. xD
then got performance by pak ngah productions.
then karaoke session and all that.
after that , my job officially over. cik nora took over us. HAHA.
cuz the people are getting fewer by then.
and and .. we can eat again. yay!
then took pictures and all that.
slacked and talked to cuzzins while waiting for things to end (:
hmmmm.. after that , went back to umi's house i think?
after awhile , went back to hotel and go petaling street.
bought adidas jacket & LV bag (:
they look so real. HAHAA.
we got back to our carparks and found ourselves locked out! hahaa.
so scary sia. fortunately, we found the security guy! phewww..
then went back to umi's house like 11pm+ xD
collected some eggs and said goodbye to umi cuz they going perak.
went back to hotel and sleep (:

4th January 09
packed up our stuff cuz we had to leave the hotel.
SO SAD! i wanted to stay at the hotel like forever lah sehh. lol.
so anyways, went to meet up with the peeps and went to Shah Alam Pasar Tani.
bought lots of stuff.. quite? seems like it. hahaaa.
then after that , went to Melaka to eat at the Ikan Bakar place. haha.
so far i've eaten at that place like 3 times. LOL.
well , its nice lah :)
after that we went our separate ways.. so sad..!!
got home a few hours later and got ready for school tomorrow.. o.o

5 January-9 January09
went to school. i miss my friends&teachers. lol.
i tried to change my mindset to back-to-school mode. heheee.
hmmmmm,nothing special happened this week.
except that i when to temasek poly's open house on thursday.
looked around the school with naqi&dee .. saw some damaians & ex-damaians :)
i've decided that i wanna go temasek poly. if i can.
must study hard ! maybe going to take courses like :
- Communications & Media Management
- Retail Management
- Resort & Leisure Management

hahaahaa.. i havent thought of other courses though. YET! xD
im like a girl with big dreams & hope.. at the same time.
i feel that im quite slow in maths&science -.-
must bulk up ! nurul ! you need to pass maths&science !!
okay im crazy. hahaaa.
okay. i think i shall not elaborate anymore.
my post is already so long.
i wonder who reads this post until here.
well , to you people, thank you & congrats ! haha xD

ps. i miss putrajaya. i miss palm gardens hotel. i miss my cuzzins&relatives.
REALLY BADLY ! ~ theres too much memories. hahaaa.
will post the pictures soon. :)

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