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Monday, November 30, 2009 ♥

finally i have the time to blog again! weeeee.
okayy i wanna wish ABANG ILHAM a HAPPY BELATED 20th BIRTHDAY!
his birthday falls on the 28th November btw. hahaa.
hmm.. although he has always been an irritating brother who likes to bully me!!
i forgive u abang. as always, im a good sister. haha.
i still love you kay abang. awwwww. so sweet =p

so saturday.
i had to choose whether to meet a friend(special one.HEHE), or to celeb abg's birthday.
HAHA. and obviously i follow family! ^^
family oriented mahh.. goodgirl. hahaa.
anyway, didnt really celebrate that much.
we went to causeway point to eat. then walk2 around there.
after that went to TAKA. bought some stuff there.
and i saw this staff working there, very cute! i think he's thai? his name is T-SYAHM or something?
hahahaaaaa. but i think he's already like 28? -.-
anyway, he has a cute smile. good service. always smile to the customer. ^^

after TAKA, went home i think? but then to send me&abg ilham home. tired mah.
the rest went to mustapha centre? on a saturday night?
I DONT THINK SO! hahaa. not for me. too cramp. ^^

yesterday, went to...... Marina Barrage? YES!
hahaaaa. sorry. im trying to recall all the stuff that happened xD
so ermm . it was a breezy night. but its all good. i love the atmosphere and all.
hmm. lazy elaborate ahh. after that go Bedok Corner eat. ( not me )
saw wak ina and family! eat together and talk2 laa.
wak bakar very funny lorrr.. hahahaaa.
and one part he said to me:
" nurul dabes o'levels kan? waaa. ape lagi. enjoy ahh! tunggu lama2 buat ape? haha"
HAHA. wahhh ! suroh enjoy sehh ! OKAYY! i'll do just that =D
soooon. HOMED!

today, the plan was actually to go job hunting.
BUT woke up with no spirit.
and mum said today we have guests coming to our house.
and i had to tidy the house and all that.
as a goodgirl and daughter. i cleaned the living room and kitchen!
how tiring. hahahaaaaa.

shafiq is my primary school friend. he's always the smart2 kind. still now. haha. long time never see him lei ~
miss him laa. and my other pri school friends too!
nadhirah.. karim.. syazana.. when want to meet?! lol!
primary school outing sooon!! hahaaaa. miss u guys lah. haiz. hahaa.

alrights. till the next post. TAKE CARE

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Friday, November 27, 2009 ♥

by the way, i dont know why the pics are abit blur when uploaded frm blogger.
but its okay. hahahaaa.
so........ hows ur day? enjoyable? boring? LOL.
mine was okay. though i didnt had the mood. i dont know why?
only went to meet with dad's side cuz mum's side gathered at malaysia and dad wasnt feeling too good. so didnt meet my mum's side. haiz.
but i definitely enjoyed watching " Labu dan Labi " @ Sensasi at Wak Yoh's House!
damn funny can ?? HAHAH.
their jokes was like instant laugh u knooowww.. hahaaaaa.
tk leh tahan. LOL.
anyways, i only ate a little. hehehe!
cannot eat alot already. must control ^^v
hmmm... i've been helping mum in the kitchen for 3 days straight!
hohohoo.. iskandar rockstar said i rajin. yupp! i am!
LOL! mcm phm. haha. but really i've been helping out alot. tired.
but its okayy =]

i cant reveal it here. only mum and azurabestie knws why. HEHEH ^^

BYEBYE READERS! take care! =]

listened to the sweet sound @ 9:42 PM

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 ♥

YESTERDAY, 24th November 2009 !!
enjoyed the time with classmates and the food!
i ate crayfish pasta and sticky chewy chocolate. sedaaaap!! heheh.
i lazy to elaborate laa actually. heheh.
after that, went to open plaza and took pictures! funny stuff~
after everything, we went our separate ways.
me and naqi went around tamp mall while azura&amirah went back to school for band thing. haizzz. but its okay. had a good time going around tamp and talk2 with naqi =]
soon,azura&amirah came back and we watched 2012!!!
GREAT AWESOME MOVIE !!! i want to watch again ah. LOL. right -.-
by then it already 8pm. so all of us went straight home.
amirah wanted to nightlife but i need to go home early. boring! xD
next time la nightlife k! after your brunei trip k amirah... ??? :D
anyways, so yeah. yesterday was great =]
seoul garden guy was cute. HAHA.

today, bathed with my 3 year old sister, AQILAH ! hahahaa.
not my idea ! she FORCED me horrr.. haha.
she love to bath with me. i dont know why. -.-
k after that, helped mum cook mee goreng.
oh, i cutted my finger. OMGOSH. hahaaa. its just a small cut lah.
anyways, as usual, me & mum had a mother-daughter talk! best2! ^^
and i realised that my life has been mostly associated with guys that starts with the letter " I " . In , Iz , Is . wow. HAHA.
btw, when i say associated, its nt that any of them are my exs or bf eh.
just want to make it clear. im single with no ex ! * winkswinks *
anw,our cooking turned out great! yummy! see who help to cook lah kan? chehhh.
mum said next time i cook myself -.-

okayy. tonight Singapore Idol !
i hope charles will be voted out. SERIOUSLY! -.-
whose voting for him anyway????? siao. HAHAHA.

okayy. BYEBYE! =]

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Monday, November 23, 2009 ♥

This book was given to me as a birthday present in February by AzuraBestie! ;D
as i hadnt had the time to read the book and practically betrayed it due to exams, its now then i successfully finished reading the book! LOL !
OH MY GOD THE BOOK IS SO AWESOME LAAAA !! hahaaaa. thumbs up manzz !
i literally laughed,cried,felt frustrated then smiled back the whole time reading this book.
hahahahahahaa. oh my gosh i love the ending! so touching... =]
after reading the book, i was like " woahh " .
its really a nice book. really felt the impact.

hmmmm... it has been a long time since i last went to the library.
maybe gonna go soon and borrow some books! =]
or should i buy another cecelia ahern book? but so ex lah. just fr a book. LOL!
i dont think theres cecelia ahern's books at the library.
or anybody want to lend me? HAHAHA.

anyways, YESTERDAY was well spent.
woke up in the morning and got ready to go out with family and wak yoh and wak ana!
went to rasa2 thai restaurant for brunch/feast! HAHA.
wak yoh blanjer-ed us to seafood ! WOOOH ~ NICE !
totally hit the spot manzzzzz... but i ate guiltily.
baaaahh. i ate alot. damn. damn. damn!! hahahaa.
after that, went to fish farm around pasir ris area.
bought some small fishes to add on to our new aquarium! heheh!
actually im nt that into these fish hobby.
only my uncle and dad. hahaaaa. i want hamster? HAHA. mcm budak2 sehh nurul.
hmmm.. after fish farm, went to parkway parade!
did some shopping. HEHEHEH! i love using parents money. spoilt. i know.
after that, went to east coast.
what can i say... i love the beach. hahaaa.
and yesterday was soooooo cold !! so breezy.
abang hold my arm and his hand was hot. -.-
i think my body will absorb the cold very fast.
dah lah yesterday tk bawak jacket. but it was okay. i can tahan.
lied down on the mat in between abang hadi and abang ilham.
i love my brothers. NOT !! HAHA. no lah. i love them laa.
but sometimes mcm nk kene hiaakk dusshh i tell u! they like to bully me!
haha. talked to them about stuffs. it was nice =]
while the adult2 go talk about flats and house all that.
around 8+am , GO HOME ! =]

today, as usual mum woke me up! -.-
pagi2 jer confirm nk ckp pasal..... ehem2. tkper =]
saya tak sabar 1st week of december! ^^
adeeeekkk ! ~ hahahaa. nvm. inside thing. eh ibu? hahaa.

alrighty, tomorrow 4E4 Swensens Lunch with Ms Syarifah !! YAY! ^^

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Friday, November 20, 2009 ♥

it has been raining these few days.
just the way i like it. HAHAHA.but theres flood at bukit timah. haiz.
but still, i want the rain to continue can? :D
i've been staying at home this week. so bored. but its nice to stay at home.
cuz u can relax all u want and just play the comp like no one's business.
this week, my morning was filled with greetings.
every.single.day. the moment i looked at my phone. there's his name.
hmmm. its not that i dont appreciate it lah.
but it gets irritating by the day.
and my heart is still with someone, not u my dear.
why do u have to be so sweet to me? its a waste of ur time seriously.
why dont you get it? you're better off with someone else =)

hmmmm... i can't wait fr Swensens Lunch with 4E4 next tues! woohooo! :D
countdown beybehhh. i miss 4E4 and ms syarifah! hehehehehee.
i miss someone badly too. abang ilham took the same bus with him today!!
urgghhhh. i want to see him too =(
haiyaa. why do u have to be involved with the drama thingy. always go fr shooting.
give me ur scedule sooon lah u ! we walk2. as promised eh goodfriend? ^^

ohh yahh. hafiz said he's gonna buy me a private jet,sports car and the whole land in singapore if he were rich. and he said its no big deal to him. LOL!
macam paham jer budak ni! hahaa.
nevermind. later i find you! xD

lalalalaaaa. i love the rain.

listened to the sweet sound @ 4:37 PM

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 ♥

this sweetheart at the above pic very pretty kan people? haha.
well today, 18th November... she turns a year older!! yayyay!
Kaliesa, im glad that i met you 2-3 years ago through AliffAngels FC!
you are one sweet and funny girl u know that? hehehe!
You made my life more meaningful =)
chehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ ahahahaahaaa.
All the best for ur future endeavours & enjoy ur birthday kayyy!
muahhh muahhh ! love yaaa ;D

listened to the sweet sound @ 3:01 PM

Monday, November 16, 2009 ♥

PICTURE CREDITS TO: Amirah's Camera, Azura's Editting Skills, Khalisa & Aai =D

okayy like finally i wished him on the blog. hahaa!
by the way, his birthday falls on 9th November.
had an official celebration yesterday, 15th November @ Mayuni Omar Music Cafe!
im actually quite lazy to elaborate cuz theres like ALOT of things happened.
let the pictures do the talking eh?? haha.
oh but i just wanna say that i REALLY ENJOYED YESTERDAY!! yeah Sleeqers?? :D
totally love the energy, laughter and fun yesterday!!
and not forgetting the awesome performances by Syarif&Alyph themselves!!
totally loving yesterdayy !!!!!! :D
oh! oh! me,azura,amirah,aryna&khalisa had a great chat with Malaque!
malaque's an east sider. WOOOOOTS! ROCK ON BEYBEHH!! hahaaa.
anyways, malaque is superrr down-to-earth & pretty lah !!!!
haha. i love her personality. someone's so lucky. EHEM. haha.
oh i have an announcement to make.
HOHOHOHOHOHO. Aliffangels if u're reading this, IM STILL AN ALIFFANGEL EH! ;D
*sigh* starting to miss yesterday.
im surely looking forward for the next event! ^^
yesterday the lucky draw contest, I WON 2nd PRIZE!
kak izzah/joy? kecoh seh announce my name!!
then she go shout: nurul amirah seh!! nurul dengan iskandar sehh!!!
my heart stopped for awhile. * inside thing * LOL.
yeah so the person who gave the prize name is iskandar. the singapore idol blogger la. hahahahahahahaaaaa.
then bestie say syarif,alyph and his frens mcm grin2 and clap semangatly. eh bestie?
lol. mcm fishy giler siaoww. hahaaa.

anyway, today. im freaking pissed off.
got scolded by him in the morning while im asleep!!!!!!!!
tk bagi chance kepe. wait until i wake up or what ahh!
and the bonus thing is, he's scolding me because of A GUY!
that guy is not even my bf or someone special to me laaa!!
my family or should i say, my mum and dad has this tendency to think that if i make friends with a guy, that means im interested in the guy or the guy is interested in me. to me, NO !! like obviously NOT!
i just like to make friends? so thats a sin ahh ? -_-
tears rolled down my cheeks.
and suddenly my dad comes to me again and said sorry blablablablaaaa !!
irritating or whaaaat? always want to make people cry u know!
they know i can't take all of this nagging. cuz it hurts so bad.
i feel as if im not a good daughter to them and they expect me to perfect!
they expect me to please them always and follow what they say.
i know u guys just care about me laa.
but sometimes. ITS JUST TOO MUCH. and i wished mum wouldnt be so KPO. -.-

now, i feel so guilty cuz i made him sad. or more like heartbroken.
i told him not to contact me anymore. great.
i can't please everyone right?
so i've made a decision to not make any guy friends. for now.
i know its hard lah cuz the world is filled with guys. like duh.
and u can't possibly live without them anyway.
BUT i have no choice but to please my parents first, * roll eyes *
i just wished we didnt even meet in the car that night.
then you wouldnt knw me and wouldnt be caught up with me.
then things wouldnt be so messed up like this.

urghh. nevermind. i can handle this. i still have faith in myself.
take care readers.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009 ♥

HAPPY 200th POST !! ^^
alaaah. tapi baru 200 je kan? tu pon nk happy happy. -.-

anyways! today's a saturday!
and surprisingly enough, IM NOT GOING OUT!
parents and aqilah went to see nenek at her house.
didnt follow them laa cuz i wanna rest today. tak kan hari2 nk kluar kan.
then abang ilham as usual saturday working.
abang hadi gonna go watch bola tonight.
kirim salam alam shah eh !! hahahaa..
no i dont like him. its just that i like it when he act gangster. LOL.
actually abang asked me if i want to join him with his friends.
i went to watch bola with all of them before.
super fun laa !! banyak comment abang2. funny shitz siaaa.
but maybe next time laaaa. =)

so today, i guess im just gonna slack at home.
oh yahh, dad subcribed mio tv. WTH? waste moneyyy !
okaylahh the comp modemn works faster now.
but its unnecessary laa. i'll probably just watch astro at mio? pffft!!
im better off watching the hundreds of channels at the main tv at the living room :D
BUT. we got a free Xbox 360.
i used to be a gamer during my younger days.
but now, i just dont feel it anymore unless the game is very nice to play lah.
games like Sims or adventure games. or fighting2 game. lol !
but i personally just like to online during my free time laaa.
dah tak touch game consoles anymore.
but for the xbox 360, maybe i'll just buy 1 game and try it out anyway. pffft.
i dont knw about abang ilham. he's a gamer. siaoww guy!
i heard he's gonna buy Left4Dead 2 soon. The game was just released yesterday?
i saw the preview at youtube. i guess its kinda fun lah.
shoot shoot zombies ! LOL. efenddy confirm gonna buy. confirm.

okayy i think i shall stop here.
gonna offline for awhile.then grab some lunch and watch tv.
then at night play comp again! yeahh. thats life. HAHA.

(i wonder who reads my blog anyway. haha!)

listened to the sweet sound @ 2:58 PM

here i am agaaain ! hehehee.
i love updating my blog late at night/early in the morning?
cuz its just so peaceful lah. no one to disturb you.
or in my case, no one is looking at what u're typing at ur blog!
hahaa. kpo family... especially my mum. opppss!
mum i love u no matter what kayy ???! MUACKS MUACKS HUG HUG ! :D

anyways, today went to Temasek Poly for CCN day with azurabestie.
and i dont freaking know what that stands for !! HAHAHAH!
but its basically the whole student body, setting up stalls and selling stuff lahh.
or setting up game stalls. yadaaa yadaaaa.
i think they're collecting money for charity thing. not sure.
anyway anyway, oh my god so packed lah the place! LOL.
but the kecoh-ness very exciting ah no doubt. hohohohoooo.
and not forgetting the.... ermmmmm... uhhh.. guys. HAHAA. ^^v
k so walked around abit. walk walk walk. hahaa. no direction.
then sms cuzzin ayuni that im in tp. HAHA.
shock keper girl? terus call aku ehh? HAHA.
padahal gambar atas terang2 i wear pink -___-
hahaaaaaaaa...... but i saw her too lah.
im at the first floor and she's at the.. 2nd/3rd floor? LOL.
sempat kau nk stalk aku. mentang2 aku tgh kat business sch.
kau kat applied science. sebelah2 je ehh?? lol.
k da daaa. takmo ckp pasal kau :D

moving on... went to tampines mall with azurabestie to find riffy's pressie and i bought some hair accessories too. :D
then walk2. saw abang ilham with his friend!
then abang ilham said that the rest(my family) at food culture.
soooooo.. since me&azura da otw balek, i parted with her in between TM&CS.
sorry bestie never hantar you till tamp inter.
WELL U KNW ITS DAMN FAR ANYWAY! hahaaaa. i got blisters ah. =p
no seriously, my feet hurts -_-

anyway anyway, went to food culture.
met my family. eat the handmade seafood noodle. sedapp =)
then then abang ilham and friends joined in. not literally.
as in another table luhhh.
then got one friend ni. his name is Jazdin.
muke mcm Enrique Iglesias!! HAHA!! serious.
but his features are softer lah. gotta admit his cute.
HAHAA. as in CUTE like david archuleta cute tau! =D
then u know what, at home, abang ilham told me that Jazdin said that i looked pretty.
WAAAAAAHHH! hahaaa. k stop it sia.
i know its like not appropriate to blog bout this. but but.. cannot ah.
must let go ahhh. :D

k anyways, after eat. went to this shop luhh.
bought this really2 pretty dress. cost me $29. but mum kindly pay half of it. yay!
the dress is like prom2 material abit. eh. alah dowan talk bout prom luh -.-
then HOMED.

u know what? im starting to feel the boredomness of holidays.
WTH its just the 2nd day of the hols. family asked me to find a job.
hmmmmmm.. should i? or should i just enjoy the holiday?
just now played PS2. so old school eh? HAHAHA.
damn bored uhhh. urghhhhh.
nevermind nevermind. sunday sunday sunday!!! HEHEHEHEEHEH!! :D

okayy goodnight people! ^^v


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Wednesday, November 11, 2009 ♥

so cute laaaaaa... =p

now can do whatever i want.
and time to catch up with my life.
i guess im gonna do some soul searching..
then gonna do some self upgrading..
gonna learn how to cook.
gonna run like hell.
gonna be a better Muslim.
gonna change to be a goodgirl.
gonna groove to music.
gonna sing like no one's business.
and to enjoy...
gonna go SHOPPING!!
gonna go out for outings&dates! =p
gonna stay up till late night!
gonna online for hours!
gonna pamper myself with......... hmmmmmm...? LOL.

alright2. i shall stop. oh my god.
i still cant believe o's are over. like so fast!!
i still can remember the times i sat for the first paper. HAHA.
and now. no more stress! yet.
i just hope i did okay for my olevels =x

okayy drop the topic lah kay?
Michael Jackson is so amazing lahh.
such a warm and soft spoken person. hahaa.
and he's actually kinda cute lah. his personality i mean. lol!
but its such a waste that he had to leave us.
much effort was putted into the concert. and now.
haizzzzzzz~ =(
the concert would have been THE BOMB i tell you.
i think i would pay hundreds for the tix.
okay maybe not. i dont have the money.
but if i were rich, i'd definitely pay hundreds for the tix.
its just so..... haizz.. cannot be described through words lah.

after the movie, went to buy FOX JACKET ! ;D
i like i like.. hahahaaaaaaaaaa. but got limited colours. so sad!
but i bought the light grey and purple one. hmmmmm. lol.
after that, me&naqi separated with azura&amirah!
me and naqi continued walking around the mall then went home.
azura and amirah went to changi airport to meet THE GUYS ;D
i didnt follow lah cuz.. wearing uniform mah. dont like.
sooooooooo.. then gonna meet them this sunday je lah kan? HEHEH.

till then yeahhhh. now im sleepy already.
and its only 2.14am. lol.

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Friday, November 6, 2009 ♥

hello lovely readers! :)
i just feel like updating my blog since i have the time. heheh!

ok so anyway, this whole week had my science , humanities and poa exams.
everything was okayy lahh.
but i think i screwed my physics abit. i dont know why. feel so fcuked up.
but on the brighter note, now left with f&n , malay and science 1 !
can't wait for olevels to end lahh.
then i can do whatever i want !! hehehe.
im planning to find a job. got any recommendations? :)

anyway, abang hadi just came back from his holiday a few days ago.
yeah he went to sunway and KL with his friends.
he almost bought for me pink nike shoes but his money dabess. =(
hahaah! anw, abang had alot of fun. i so jealous.
i want to go holiday alsooo..
ibu !! nk gi holiday??

alrighty, i guess i better sleep now.
goodnight people! =)

ps. love has faded away from my life. time to move on? :)

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