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Thursday, October 30, 2008 ♥

hmmmm .. havent been blogging for the past fevv days . heheee..
cuz my keyboard spoil a little so hard to type -_-

anyvvays , today's extended programme vvas interesting.
had 2hours15mins of malay drama session. hahaa .
it vvas really FUN AHH . i had a great time.. cik amir vvas funny xD
and the guys vvas super hilarious too . our acting i meant.. xD
oh yes , i can't stop laughing for no reason . HAHA.
so i spoilt the skid that I had to do vvith cik amir .. lol..
but nevermind. tomorrovv is the real thing.
hahaa.. cool or vvhat kan ?? i vvan to do better this time ^-^
i knovv i can do it somehovv.... hahaa.. mcm phm aku bebual.
nivvaes , after school at the bus stop.
collided vvith cik amir & also khairudin samsudin ( O.O )
HAHAA . then cik amir said to khairudin " arhh ni pelakon2 aku "
lol. then khairudin smile2 at us. hahaa.. i can sense the friendlyness in him ^-^

* going to vvatch hsm3 soon . hahaha. like. FINALLY . *

hehehe. PEACE v

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Sunday, October 26, 2008 ♥


yuppp .. i just watched oh baby at e!hub . this movie only have at cathay . hehe.
niwaes , the movie is GREAT ! I love how the story goes .. cuz theres conflicts here and there .. and theres also romantic parts that just makes ur spine tingles. haha...
oh yarhh ! this movie is also about dance ! the dance moves are really cool , just like step up.. but obviously step up is more mega . lol..
so basically , this movie is about LOVE , DANCE & SCHOOL !
suitable for teenagers . oh , forgot to mention that its in indonesian. but of course theres english subtitles for you people who don't understand indonesia language. hahaaa..
you guys should really watch it ! yuppp ^-^
go watch before the movie disappears ! hahaa ..
niwaes , bought new specs..
hmmmmmmmm... its a little bit nerdish but i like being a nerd . hahahaa !!

listened to the sweet sound @ 9:34 PM

Friday, October 24, 2008 ♥

yearrrpppp.. i have been longing to update my blog ! but due to time constrations , i only managed to upload pictures -.-" bummer.. alot of exciting things happened.
i want to talk about it now but i think its just too late -__-
but its okay . im just gonna briefly talk about it anyways. hahaa..

19th october.
went jalan rayerr with the people thats in the picture ! ( see previous post )
the funny part is , after we went jalan rayer at revalina's house(aidil's) , we wanted to go down the lift.
so we asked the 2 guys to just go in lah cuz theres still space. then izzat say something like ,
it will have the " tekkkk ! " sound , meaning overloaded. hahaa.. then when sufian went it , it really happened !! hahaa.. then we all laugh like hell. so yahh , at the bus stop, izzat said i look tall, haha,, then sufian said to izzat that he'll look tall if he wear heels . hahaa..
then izzat wanted to wear my shoe. lol ! then i wear his capal . lol !
its really hilarious cuz izzat walked like a model & stuff.. haizz xD
oh yarhh , forgot to mention momo's beloness ..
@ arina's lift , she couldnt find the open button.. cuz the lift was like closing and the others havent gone into the lift yet.. so yup. it closed and we went down ! hahaaa..
but we went up again to fetch the others and we burst out laughing. lol..

afew days ago , we had our post exams activities..
20th october was the motivational workshop thingy. hahaha !!
unforgetable man .. it was like superrduperr fun !!
oh yes , i had to do this forfit thingy .. must do the act cute pose ! paiseyy -.- LOL!
& i enjoyed playing the games ! like VERY VERY MUCH ! hahaa..
and the talk was so inspirational .. oh , it was by COACH ELGIN ! :)
theres lots more to talk about but its just too much. haha

the next day we had DRAGONBOAT @ KALLANG !!
it was quite hot at the beginning but the weather seems fine after awhile..
as our class had only 30 people who came , we were devided into 20 & 10 people each boat.
i was with the other 9 people & we took the smaller boat :)
my boat consist of : azura , hafsah , raikha , nana , irda , idris , izzat , john , jeff & myself.
damn fun sia.. i want to go dragonboat again with classmates !!! hahaa..
niwaes , sry eh idris kalau aku byk splash water kat kau .
sampai termasok mulot kau ! hahaa .. xD
accidental lahh.. aku kan tengah semangat nk paddle ! lol.
the lucky person behind gets it. and its u . haha ...
niwaes , i LOVE my group .. hehehe.
memories to remember (:
ps. izzat aku tau lah aku dah pendek balek ! grrrrr .. * inside joke . haha

ohkay the next day .. had this workshop .. errmmm .. it was okayy ..
quite useful for our future lahh ... haha. i dunno how to elaborate on this one.
but i had fun.. the part where we had to use35 items to make a story was FUNNEH !
only 3 groups are selected and all are from 3E4 ! woohoo ! 3E4 ROCKS ! xD
all was so funny especially idris's .. haizzz.. everybody laughed our assess off ! lol . damn funny.

23october , thursday
we had our use your hands campaign thingy ..
i had breathing difficulty after i had done my sweeping job. lol ! alot of dust -.-
so mdm dini ask me to rest for awhile..
thank u naqi for accompanying me ! hahaa..
we rest at 3E5's classroom . lol ..and its just the 2 of us ..
at that scene , naqi was holding both of my shoulders as she wanted to see if im fine.
then akid & ...... i forgot who .. was saying stuff bout us being lesbians ?
helloooooo?! excuse me lahh .. these kind of lame jokes.. i dont play okay . lol !
typical them .. we didnt bothered.. and i have other stuff to think about lah kayy ! hahaa..
sooon , my dear dear friends , azura , amirah , arina & hafsah came to see if im alright.
lol.. actually im totally fine by the time they came. hahaha !!
oh yes , we had to keep an eye on our pizzas and other foods for the class..
and hafsah was like jumping and doing this hand movements and smelling the pizzas & stuff !
funny... xD
so after we got our report books , we went down to the canteen and had a 3E4 gathering!
mdm dini top up the same amount of our current funds. $180 !! omg.
we are so thankful ! Mdm Dini i so kind. a trillion cheers for her ! hehe.
the food was great .. we had pizzas , chicken , nuggets & other small stuffs like biscuits. lol ..
oh yeah , amirah baked this blueberry cake . hahaha !
the appearence might be deceiving but it taste great (:
so , the malay peeps chilled a litle bit longer with mdm dini ..
and the extra cake was given to some of the canteen stall holders ( kopitiam&malaystall ) .
oh yeahh , some of the sec 4 and 5 students that are close also got the cakes & biscuits.
enjoyable day i must say ... (:

hope it turned out alright .. hahaa...
if not , i'll be like a total goof O.O

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Sunday, October 19, 2008 ♥



open house/rayer with aliffangels at mamahani's crib (:


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Friday, October 17, 2008 ♥

went to bedok library after school with naqiyah..
after i had pay the fines & borrowed some books , we headed to the cafe(inside the library)
naqi wanted me to taste this cookies&cream iceblend. haha ! but i admit it was superr nice! :)
so we talked & talked & talked & talked until like 5pm .. LOL. i know , so long right. haha!
we mostly talked about boys lah . and some other things.
then we head home !
went jalan rayer with my classmates !
it was quite fun lahh .. especially at mdm yani's house !
haha.. we karaoked together! and it was at night , about 10pm! haha xD
then mdm yani also like smile2 want to laugh , looking at us .. it was really really fun ahh.. ^-^
after mdm yani's house was mdm soraya's house.
by the time it was almost 11pm.. gaahhhhh ! so tired mann .. and my legs are hurting!
next year i dowan wear high heels lah ! hahaa.. its a pain if u had to walk & walk & walk -.-
niwaes , after that we separated as it was very late lahh .
but me , azura & amirah stayed to go to arina's house.. haha !
best sakk .. especially the chocolates we got ! and other sweetstuffs. hahaa..
it was funny when i thought back about the scenes. hehe.
so , berangkat dari rumah arina pukol 12.30am gitu. HAHA!
bus service dah tkde ! lols!
so her mum drove us home ! awwww .. so nice kan . lol.
and arina's sister also followed. lols.. cute sak dah ngantok2 gitu xD
then i was dropped at my block.
my brother fetched me downstairs as i was afraid to go up alone. HAHA!!
reached home about 1am O.O"
and guess what ?!
dah penat2 gitu ... my father which is not sleep yet , ask ME to put vicks on his back !
aleeeerrssmmakk ... ! haizzz.... -___-
terpakse lah aku dengan muke penat2 , try to collect energy to letak the damn vicks !
i hate putting vicks .. pasal nanti tangan aku berangin & oily , abehh susah nk wash off .. lols..
then i wash up and do the necessary stuffs and jump for the bed !
today , a school holiday. forgot the reason.. lol.
didnt do much lah at home..
babysit my sister the whole day and read a novel (:
im so engrossed sehh. hahaa .. well , i didnt open the comp until now. wow factor. haha.
but i hate it cuz my precious reading time has to be cutted off becuz of that baby ! haiyooo..
ohkay , tmr serang mamahani's house and meet the sweet aliffangels and dearest him ! (:

i'll upload the rayerr pics soon .

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:38 PM

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 ♥

yo .. yo .. yo ..
today has been just a typical day .. but we got some of our eoy results back.. * gasp *
lol. well actually i think i did pretty well lahh .. except for chemistry & ss .. sheeesh.
well 3/4 of the class got F9 for our chemistry! haha.. my class.. haizz.. dunno what to say.. but i think the other classes also did badly for chem. thats what i heard. and many fail social studies also.
i just passed social studies ! pheww ~ hahaha!
let me see .. im satiesfied with my malay and f&n results.. heheh!
oh yahh , one more paper we got back . POA ! well , i think i could score more but no........
because of this stupid mistake , my marks go down sehh !!! -_-"
oh! oh! oh!
* drumroll *
we got geography back also. hahaha.
let me tell u the story ..
i was flipping through my papers lahh .. halfway to dreamland. lol.
then ms jumilia call out names.. who got 1st & 2nd ..
then ohkaylah.. congrats to them .. suddenly right.. ms jumilia ask ,
who is "nurul amirah " ? hahaha !
then i was like... what?? ( to myself) ..
then i raise my hand lah.. but i was CLUELESS on whats going on at that point of time. lol !
then hafsah ask me how much i get ? then i say ... ************ ( dont wanna brag)
then i ask her why my name is called out ? lol.
so she say that i got top3 in class for geography !! hahahaa..
cool or what ?! i TOTALLY didnt expect it man ..
like .. theres so many smart people in my class ! hahaaa..
im quite happy lah of course ! lol.
seems like the late night studies until 3am just worked & paid off.. ^-^
heheheheheheheeeee ...... but oh wait . theres more results coming up !
dont be too happy nurul .. O.O

and and .. ms carol said that our english is better than 3E1 ! YAY ! xD

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Monday, October 13, 2008 ♥

hmmm .. today morning .. rain is pouring .. and im feeling moody for no reason ..
haizzz..monday blues.. something is really playing in my mind.
i've been asking to myself.. whether this is all worth it ..
well i cant stop myself from living this life..
you sang those words to me. but do you really mean it ?
nevermind .. i guess i'll just wait for something to happen. its just a matter of time. *sigh*
niwaes , can't wait to watch " oh baby " & " hsm3 : senior year " @ the cinemas (:
yearrrpp.. and results will be coming out soon ! OMG. hahaha .. relex.. chill2 xD
haizzz.. well actually , today is a holiday for me. marking day lahh .. hehe.
so i guess i'll be spending the time at home doing nothing. hahaa..
wait2 .. correction. i will be using the comp and playing the ps2 all day !!
wakakakaa.. no lahh .. i have to babysit my sister -.-" urghh .
ohkayy .. i guess i'll just stop here..

~ confused , sad , bored ~

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Friday, October 10, 2008 ♥

like finally seyhh ! hahaa .. now im stress free !! can't wait for the holidays .. hahaaa..
mcm phm .. still have extended program -.-"
ohkay nevermind.. today was combined science(phy&chem) paper 1 !
hmmm .. it was quite easy for the physics part but chemistry part was ohkaylah ..
hahaaa. and surprisingly , the paper is only 1 hour ! lol.
and guess what ? i finished the whole thing ( doing & checking ) right on the dot .. hahaa ..
cuz i took my time doing the paper.. ^-^ heheh.
anyways , the past few days , had a really good time hanging around with my friends !
haha.. lots of laughs happening here and there ... lol. shall not talk much.
the whole thing is just too hilarious to be posted here.hahaa..
but got scolded sometimes for not going home straight ! wth sehh .. -.-"
okayy .. nevermind.
shall stop here.. hahahaa... i know .. like so short right ?
~ ciaoz people !

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Sunday, October 5, 2008 ♥

Yesterday ,
Jalan-ed rayerr with my father's side :)
Actually , i had a choice of studying at home or to follow my family , but i chose to jalan rayerr !!
hahaha .. i don't want to miss the chance man .. this only comes once a year ^-^
Had a really great time .. getting to meet all my cousins and stuff .. hehehe.
But they kept bullying me & my other cousin ! urgh .
since we're so called " anak dara " , we always had to do the cleaning up !
Its more suitable if we were called " anak dere " to me.. lol.
and the abangs-abangs are so going to get their asses kicked by me . kept teasing us u know !
haiyooo .. these kind of people.. -.-"
well .. i guess its just our jobs until the rest of our lives huh ..
niwaes , yerrpp .. the night before, studied until 3am !! lol.
Im so tired sehh .. haizzz.. well , it was worth it i guess. I managed to do my POA2 exam .
but im not really sure if i score extremely high marks.. hahahaaa .. typical me .
anyways , as i was studying that night, i dunno why but i kept feeling this strange thing that somebody keeps walking behind me . It was so scary lahh seyhh .. But i perservered the night. yay .. haha.
And i think i better go now .. Need to study for my F&N exam ..
ciaozz ~

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Friday, October 3, 2008 ♥

I know its kinda late talking about Hari Raya ... but ..
1st October 2008
So woke up ... help out with some house issues.. and got ready to go to uncle's house !! (:
when we reached there , most of them already reached. lol !
hmm .. then paman mali & family gave a big photo frame with my family's picture inside..
SO SWEET KAN ?! and they gave some pictures of us during the chalet gathering also.. hehe.
thank you thank you thank you !!
anyways , talked to some of my cousins , listened to adults talking & EAT ! :D
then then .. some of them need to go already .. so sad ! haizzz..
had a great time though .. hehehe.
soon after . went to my mum's side .. hmmmm .. not much to say..
watched sinar lebaran 2nd telecast .. heh . funny larh sehhh . xD
then went home & count my duit rayerr ... hahaha !

2nd October
oh my god ... !! i felt like not going to school ... !!
so tired lahh ... in slumberland you know ~
haizzz.. but anyways , rafidah , dian & rabia brought kuihs ! lol . cool or what ..
then ate some of the kuih-s.. yummy yummy ! boost my day .. hahaha ..
mdm dini didnt come to school ( maseh rayerr ehh ? )
so during SR(silent reading) , talked with muaii dear dear friends (:

after that , can say , one of my favourite lessons .. P.E !!
Since we're late , Mr Ng's class already took the shuttlecocks ! only left 1 ?
so we have no choice but to play captain's ball ! it was okay cuz i love that game :D
BUT ! theres no space for us to play -.-"
so we asked the sec 1s if we could play with them .. If im not wrong .. it was 1E1 !
hahaha.. enjoyed playing with them .. quite fun lah unexpectedly ! haha..
I was like super enthusiastic as always.. haha..
I dunno .. i think sports is in my blood. hahaa.
Developed the thing when i was small .. when i played soccer with my brothers&cousins xD
then moving on with primary 3's " catching game " .. hahaaa..
and yerrrpp... my primary school's CCA is NETBALL ! SUPERR FUN OHKAY?! xD
hahaha .. and now .. still having this sports fever .. xD
anyways !! went in for malay class late ... like.. halfway.. lol..
so as mdm dini didnt come today , we discussed bout 3E4 jalan raya !
kecoh sehh .. haizzz.. haha. but it was funny..
the relief teacher kept " sshhhing " ... hahaa..
so after that , recess lah . i think im still in the fasting mood. I didnt eat .. lol.
Hang with Azura , Naqiyah , Arina , Raikha & Hafsah .
then something funny happened sioo .. We kept saying " SERIOUS ?!! " !
haha.. it all started when azura kept saying that .. so we kinda teased her.
gagagagaa !! then we use it for whatever sentence .. haizz..
mcm budak2 kecik ! haha.. but it was fun ! :D
Anyways , the rest of the day .. talked alot with Azura, Naqiyah , Hafsah & Raikha again (:

The night , my mum's side family came to our house ..
I only see them once or twice a year.. cuz most of them are from malaysia..
Got busy in the kitchen at first .. then chilled with the gang . lol..
watched " ayat-ayat cinta " at SCTV halfway..
then one of my untie want to watch Wujud 1 as we didnt have Wujud 2 ..
Wujud 2 is like wayyyyyyy more better !! haizzz..
yeahhh ~ so averall .. had a really great day (:
but i only started studying at 11.30pm & dozed off at 12.15am -.-"
my eyes can't take it anymore.. poor me ..

3rd October 2008
oh my god !!! maths 2 is like wth ?! for me lah .. guess i didnt really study for it.
serves me right.. boohooo .. chemistry was ohkayy .. hope i can pass or something.
or at least borderline fail .. hahha ! i didnt really have high hopes for maths&chemistry.
cuz im not really good at it .. haizz.. wish i could be a genius !
then i'll get to pass all my subjects with colours flying over the moon ! pffftt..
so now .. i dont really know what to say ..
i will try my best for the rest of the papers !
ganbatte !! ( japanese word for you/i can do it ) :D

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