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Tuesday, June 30, 2009 ♥

today, i got poked by a needle which transmit some kind of chemical into my blood!
arghhhhhhh ! ~
it was PAINFUL ! =(
didnt dare look at the moment the needle pricked into my skin. haha.
and why me & some other schoolmates need to be injected ?
hmmmmm.. i cant share u the story. HAHA.
those who know , will know. xD
but its nothing serious though. its just a TB test.

anyways ! today during mother tongue lesson, cikgu noh never come.
so this discipline committee teacher relieved us.
and then i raised up my hand and ask ,
" why this year no prom ah ?!!! "

HAHAHA. k that was so random.
then he himself dont know. LOL?!
then he was like all shocked like that.
but THANKS to ME ! he will appeal to Mr Raj bout our PROM !
still got hope for prom nite ! bismillah2 ~

atfer school, went to comp lab and did f&n coursework part B ! -.-
it was okay. finished and printed it out & put it at Mdm Soraya's pigeon hole.
hmmm.. why do they call it a pigeon hole?
its like, theres not even a hole ! its a cabinet? HAHA.
and whats with the pigeon thingy? lol.
maybe because students are like pigeons and must submit papers to teacher.
like in cartoons, pigeons have some kind of paper attached to their legs to be delivered. lol.
k out of topic already ! xD

today, i ate peanut butter and jelly sandwich ! :D
it was nice. for peanut butter lovers. haha.
i love peanut butter! but i'll become super thirsty after that. haha.
and and. Sweden Chocolates are SO NICE !
bought it at Ikea Tampines.
you guys should really try them.
buy the Milk Chocolate Tablet which cost only 2bucks.
its super WORTH IT ! :D

just now watched the movie " Histeria " . malaysia production.
borrowed the "dvd" from Arina ! haha.
mygawwwddd the show is so ... BLOODY ! haha.
the murdering thing was hell lah. so much blood.
but yeah the storyline&ending is quite interesting.
nak watch lagik besok ! haha! xD

alrights. till next time.


ps. something happened. comforted Kak Jihan. Dont sad sad k kak ? :D

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Monday, June 29, 2009 ♥


Today was first day of school of Term 2! haizzz -.-
greeeaaaattt ! ~
school has officially reopened huh.

I've started to hate doing F&N coursework.
its soooooo tedious. haizzz.
nevermind. I shall get this over and done with !
Malay Oral(Olevels) is on 7th July ! o.o
im soooooo scared. i hate orals. seriously. idk why.

anyways, today found out that my batch will not be having PROM NITE !
and instead, if we want, we can celebrate our graduation during Damai's 15th Anniversary ?!!!! ARGHH !
and we must book the tables ourself. which cost 55 bucks. wth right? -.-
aiyayayaaaai~ i hate damai lah. lol !
i want to have prom with everyone ! ~
i think our batch is special and we deserve the prom! hahaa.

okay whatever.
on top of the HORRIBLENESS ! ,
my parents finally gave up and allow me to go to Kolej56 The Musical with Iskandar.
nyeheheee.. about time lahh dorang.
they cant beat my sweet words of arguments. HAHA. padahal2.
but they're going to call kassim on that day and make sure im with him at all times.
HAHAA. yg part " at all times " tu..
mcm tk lehh angggggxzzxx lah kan. HAHA.
okay i cant wait for July the 11th! :)

oh yarhh, went bedok inter today.
bestie wanted to borrow photoshop CD from library.
so me , amirah & naqi accompanied her.
had much laughs and stuff. as usual.
alrights. i'll end here. HEHE.


listened to the sweet sound @ 9:02 PM

Saturday, June 27, 2009 ♥

somehow im happy.. for the moment. HAHA.

anyways, i've just returned home.
today, went to kenduri tahlil.
i gotta admit it, during the tahlil, my eyes NEARLY closed. haha.
slept at 2am yesterday. stakaaaat !~
but still ? hahaa !
i felt bad though. i didnt really concentrate and read the kitab.
my book was CLOSED. partly. hahaaa !
but i got bace2 the simple2 surah-s okayyyy !
yang complicated tu. aku ikot2 jerrrr ~ =p

soon after the thing, we ate ! (:
the food was okaylah.
cuzzin khairul's chocolate muffins SEDAP LAHHHH !
i fall in love with his baking. seriously.
i love his brownies especially.
kalau jual, boleh laku oi ~ HAHA !
kk.. ter-side track.
so soon after kassim arrived. like finally ehh you !
but he bawak donuts ! so kiter maafkan dier. HAHA. =p
JCO donuts sedappp ~ ^-^

had fun spending time with cuzzins ! :D
biler nk outing lagik uhhh ?! haha ~

yadaaaaaaa yadaaaaaaaa yadaaaaaaaaaaa !~
found out that kassim is going to Kolej56 The musical also !
begged mum if kassim can be my bodyguard for the night. xD
me and kassim debated with my parents. cheyhhh! mcm phm.
but end up dorang maseh tk kasi. haiyerrrr..

in the car, sufri msged !
he said that he had booked 1 tix for me from syirah !
when i read the msg, i was like.

" AGGHHHHHHH !!! " ( screaming for joy )
hahahhaaaa... THANK YOU SUF !
later abang hadi bayar kau. HAHA ! basket ~
anyway ! this means that i can watch the musical with HIM since abang hadi is accompanying us ! ^-^
yayyieeeeee ~
well, at least something lah. daripada tk dpt kluar dgn dier langsung~
maner satu nak? HAHA.

okaylahh. i'll stop here.
cant believe school is opening on monday !


goodnight earthlings.

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:08 PM

Friday, June 26, 2009 ♥

urgh. everything. shattered.
why ? why ? why ? why? why?
cant i have a decent friendship with him?
mygaawwwdddddd. supp with my parents.

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:37 PM

hello people.

went to school today with bestie-AZURA-DARLING ! hahas.
did my F&N coursework. and layan-ing bestie with her craps. LOL.
seriously we're like smoking laughing gases.
and we always tried to silentlaugh cuz we're at the comp lab.
hahaa. i cant take it anymore !!! bestie is a crazy girl.
bestie never fails to make me laughhh ~ * cheyhh!! *
eherrrmmmmm2. hahaaaa.
after a few hours. bestie need to go for band. haizz. sad ahh.
then i walked home. hahaa !

today, i walked to school & walked back home ! :D
i cant believe i survived the heat mannx.
it was a loooooooooong journey i tell ya.
wonderin' why i walked instead of taking public transport ?
cuz i wanted to punish myself for losing my wallet! damn.
and i cant travel without my dear wallet.
shoooooooooooooo shaaaaaaaaaadd ~

today, did nothing much lah actually.
and i accidentally doze off while waiting for abang ilham to finish playing the comp!!
end up bangon dah maghrib. haiyooooo~
yadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa3 .. here i am. (:

hmmmmm.. i have alot to do actually.
like doing f&n coursework,finish holiday homewrk, clean my room, study for humanities pre-prelimanary exam and ermmmmm.. idk.
basically i need to do lotsa stuff..

tomorrow kenduri tahlil.
i hope cuzzin shasha comes. miss her ahh. cheyhh! (:

okayy. byebye! (:

listened to the sweet sound @ 10:13 PM

Thursday, June 25, 2009 ♥

Whenever i wake up , i ALWAYS think of my dear lost wallet.
* sigh *

i cant get over this. arghhhh ~

helped mum cook our food.
actually i did most of the work cuz my mum wanted to "test" me. hahaa.
hmmmm.. maybe after olevels, i'll cook for my family more often :D
yayyeeee ~

oh and recently, kept on listening to this track.
i dont know why. i used to hate rock music.
hmmmmmm... but anyways, STILL YOUNGZ ROCKS ! haha ! ;D
and my friend here looks hot. LOL!
iskandar takmo kembang eh sekiranyer kau tgk ni. xD

Okay i need to continue doing my F&N coursework. hehe.

listened to the sweet sound @ 5:18 PM

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 ♥

went swimming with azura&amirah.
had FUN!
lost phone.
found it!
check bag.
lost wallet.
searched high and low.
cant find.
police report.
dad fetched home.

arghhhh.. miss her so much. ( my wallet ) and im broke with not even coins.
dang it why am i so careless?!
now i have to make a new ic & ezlink.
need to fork out money.


went home and checked facebook.
this guy below asked me if i want to tag along with him to Kolej56 The Musical!

haha. u guys probably know this guy from the previous post.
yes his name is Iskandar from the local band Still Youngz.

and guess what ? it could be a date if my parents were to allow me to go with him alone.
BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! they had to be strict with me !
and the reason i asked for their permission is because i cant bare to lie to them bout this. ermm. and the thing is at night. so i cant lie. hahaa. good girl mah.
ANYWAYS. to make matters worst, abang hadi is tagging along.
great. just great !!!!
abang hadi wants to be friends with him too. DANG IT.
this is what you call : POTONG JALAN ORANG LAEN.
dier confirm bebual non stop tau.
buat darah up jer. hahaa. but i plan to shoooo him away for at least half-an-hour.
but i know its mission impossible cuz he'll be like :
" kalau nk ckp , ckp je ahh ! nk malu2 buat ape? "

he just dont get the equation huh. brothers.
like hello ?!!
we wouldnt be in the right atmosphere if theres a bodyguard beside us.
but nevermind. haiyaaa . no choice ah.


listened to the sweet sound @ 11:07 PM

Monday, June 22, 2009 ♥

Alrights. I wanna wish my dad HAPPY BELATED FATHERS DAY! :D
although u lectured me like countless times, i still love u (:
i understand u have ur ups & downs.
but trust me , i appreciate ur presence as my father :D
u thought me alot of things & i appreciate that.
i think all of us should appreciate our dad.
i mean, without them , u wouldnt be here.
so lets all together make the world a better place aye?

Now i shall update bout the recent events. !!
Last Saturday, 20th June 2009,
went to Bukit Panjang Plaza for Youth Extravaganza !!
i sacrificed aliff for SLEEQ. hahaaa.
sekali sekala tukar angin jap. =p sorry aliff ~
yesterday i apologize to you already right? :D
anyways, bought the $3 entry tix. sanggop ~
waited for SLEEQ to appear!
then suddenly this band , Still Youngz , performed !
oh-my-god !!! superr powerr ! hahaaa.
and thats when i met iskandar. * kening naek2 *
haha. tk perlu ehh nurul.
niwaes, sleeq performed soon after.
they sang : Moviestar, Cun Saja & Aint about later ! (:
menusuk kalbu tau . HAHA.
see their videos at youtube. yours truly(me) recorded it.
nyahahaaa. after the end of the event, met SleeQ.
kk heres the story..

*passes them the booklet for them to sign*
aqilah(my baby sister), KPO2! hahaa.
then Alyph was being oh-so-cute and layan-ed aqilah. xD
hahaaa.. and aqilah wanted to take pix with them too. haha. cute kan?
then the four of us took a group pic! hahaa.
after that we thanked each other and i walked off.
suddenly ~
alyph: ehh ehh !
me: * turns around *
alyph: your album booklet !
me: ohh yahhh !!!
both: hahahaaaa....!! * hands booklet * :D

funnehh ~

^^ Alyph Loves Me ? HAHA ! cute ~

Yesterday, 21st June 2009,
went to TAMAN WARISAN for Bimbing event.
it was a last minute thing cuz i felt guilty for not going to aliff's event last saturday. hahaaa !
and i managed to get ready by half an hour. cool kan ?
but i didnt set my hair though. no time.
so reached there around 4.30pm and waited for aliff.
yadaaaa yadaaaa yadaaaaaa...
there u go ! bam ! aliff ! hahaaa.
he performed 2 songs. the first song was so cute ahh !
he sang&dance to rentak cilik's song. idk the title.
after that waited for him & took pictures.
there u go ! haha. credits to sufri/kikorafirefox for the pics. editted by me ! :D

listened to the sweet sound @ 8:43 PM

Saturday, June 20, 2009 ♥

Okayy, that was random. hahaaa. Im bored lahh~
perasan moviestar sikit :D

Let me now update about what happened today.
Had to go to school for F&N coursework. haiyerrrr ~
next week also must go. means no more holiday. arghhhh.
I want to wake up at 10am ! -.-
Now need to wake up at 7am+ ~

Today im quite zombiefied cuz i didnt get a good sleep.
yesterday i had the worst depression ever.
I think my brother thought that im a ghost yesterday.
cuz i was like crying and stoning. and murmuring stuff. hahaa !
got one moment i suddenly say..
abang hadi: " asal botek sedeh ? "
me: " abang hadi nak migrate. "
abang hadi : " huh? abang hadi tk migrate lah. "

HAHA ! see? im crazy ahh. i have lost my mind&soul. mcm phm -.-
but he was sweet though cuz abang hadi tried to comfort me.
dibuat mcm baby. hahaaaa. he tepuk2 me to sleep. awwwww ~ xD
but im still in depression eh! cried myself to sleep.
But now im okayy though. I think ?

hmmmmmm.. its already 1am in the morning.
shall i go to sleep now ? or later?
i really should like sleep around 11.30pm,after anugerah.
but i just love the silent night. its so calming.
If i were to be given permission, im already outside!
outside doing what? idk. hahaaa !
speaking of , BOTH my brothers are chilling with their friends. unfair lah.

oh yessss , today after school , met ALOT of people from different networks.
hahaa. cheyhhh step network maner ntah eh.
met many2 primary school friends.
met abang hadi's teman istimewa's friend. hahaa.
met 2 of abang ilham's friend yang tersengeh2 satu mcm !
stop it sia Izwan & Redzwan ! muke irritating sia. lol.
hmmm..somehow, i felt famous. HAHAH.
random !


ps. thanks Riduan for the jacket. although i dont know who u are.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009 ♥

Hello readersss !
Today was Mrs Tjan's last day in Damai ! :'(
im gonna miss her ~ sobs.
Had a small farewell party for Mrs Tjan !
it was pretty touchy when we read each and everyone of our msg to her.
and hilarious when Mrs Tjan wants to drive out of the school.
the guys were literally blocking the road and some people even lied down on the road so that Mrs Tjan will not be aloud to get out of the school. hahaaa !
but she escaped our traps and eventually the guys and runners of the class started to run after the car ! hahaaa. funny stuff.
Wouldnt elaborate more. It was such an enjoyable moment :)
* pictures will be uploaded soon. im lazy *

After school, hang out with my girls for awhile.
Chit chatted and laughed alot like we always do (:
Then took bus 228 with amirah. Suddenly Amirah said she doesnt want to go back early.
I had no choice but to accompany her. Im such a good friend. HAHA.
eventually she treated me to a $1.20 drink & $0.70 mac Ice-cream !
she always treats me when i do a "favor" for her. hahaa.
but i dont think its even a favor cuz its already my job as a friend. hahaa ~
I dont know how to repay her. seriously. she doesnt want my money.
I'll just be her great friend and will always stay by her side when she needs me!:)
awwwwww... shoooo shweettt ... hahaa. thats how she said " so sweet " xD
haha. irritating siaow.

Anyways, as Izzat's house was near, msged him if he wants to join us.
And he agreed and we met up awhile later.
Izzat was hungry so we went to Mac. again. hahaa !
Had a great time laughing and talking random.
After eating, went to one of the blocks and talked crap again. hahaa.
had a fun time with Amirah & Izzat :D

But but, dad called twice! and asked me to go home.
eventually as expected, got a small scolding.
haizzz... rushed home after that.

Im sadden by the fact that my parents always nags at me for the littlest things and eventually tears will start rolling down my cheeks.
Im sorry for not being the perfect child that you can be proud of.
Im sorry for being such an airhead and never listens to ur advices even though I've tried to change myself for you.
Im sorry for not doing chores faithfully.
Im sorry for not following my curfew to help mum babysit Aqilah.
Im sorry that not academically smart.
Im sorry that i couldnt sing properly infront of you guys.
Im sorry for not being independent.
Im sorry for making u guys mad.
Im sorry for wearing shorts at home.
Im sorry for not showing proper behaviour at home.
Im sorry for my irritating&high pitched voice.
Im sorry for being rebellious at times.
Im sorry for the expenses u had to pour on me.
Im sorry i used ur money for my daily needs.
Im sorry for using the comp for long periods.
Im sorry for using the air-condition.
Im sorry for not saying " thank you " and " excuse me " at times.
Im sorry for not looking at you guys when answering ur questions.
Im sorry for being a nuisance to u !!



IM SORRY ! ~ ='(


Here are the pictures for my F&N practical O'level exam :)

listened to the sweet sound @ 9:42 PM

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 ♥

Hello People ! :D
just taken my late night bath cuz i just returned home.

* somehow , i cant upload the pics . error ~ * -_-

Today ~
had maths and ss extra lesson.
maths was okayy. own time own target revision kind of thing.
ss extra lesson, surprised mrs tjan with crown,cake,sashe and a song. haha.
it was fun looking at how she reacted.
anyways, saboed Joceline with water after school with some of the classmates cuz its her birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOJO ! xD

after school, went to TM to watch Hannah Montana The Movie.
but otw there, 2 damn humans interviewed us.
well , they said it wouldnt take long. * roll eyes *
so yeah we just answered some of their questions and "played" this mathemathics game or something like that.
blah blah black sheep , suddenly they ask this :
" who is the own who can help you ......... " * dunno what she said *
and they said it was " Jes*s Chr*st " ! F-U-C-K !
and the worst part is , they tried to persuade us to believe in him.
so called that they want us to pray to their " god " and hug their religion ?
step kiter bodoh sangat keper , babi nyerr sial ! pukimak kau lahh ehh !
pakai otak sikit lah sia bila nak approach orang.
freaking pissed lah sia. wasted precious time lagik.
bebual sikit nyer lamer, pastu tiba2 kluar bende bullshit ni.
alersmakk.. mcm nk sepak jer sia muke dorang.
eh mcm nk sue dorang ah sial. that was such a rude attempt.
but if i were to tell the law, boleh jadi gadoh besar.
so tk mau lahh ehh. haizzzzz ~
and we missed the 4+ movie. end up nk kene tgk 6+ nyer ! -.-
but nevermind. the movie was AWESOME !!!!
ohmygod so touchy. haha. and i cried. xD
i was practically wiping my tears with tissue ! hahaaa !
and AZURA saw !! hahaa. happy ahh nampak org nangis ?! xD

Abang fetched us and sent amirah&azura home too.
cheyhhh free ride nampak? hahaa.
laughed alot in the car. * nudge nudge azura&amirah * haha!

had F&N practical. freaking tired lah sehh.
shall upload pics of my dishes next time since theres error tonight.
and and , my muffins hangus ! hahaa.
but then sempat buat balek ahh. lol !
by the way , my dishes are :
1) French Toast with Eggs
2) Honey Chicken Kabobs with Rice
3) Pasta Delight
4) Creamy Soup
5) Strawberry Muffin
6) Strawberry Milkshake

tried the dishes and they tasted good.
except for my pasta cuz i think i forgot to add salt & more chilli paste.
hahaha ~
oh and we are suppose to cook for children in nursery .
so yahhh. will update again tomorrow. maybe. hehe.


listened to the sweet sound @ 11:15 PM

Saturday, June 13, 2009 ♥

I just woke up from my short slumber. hahaa.

This morning, me & my family went swimming at Sengkang Sports&Recreation Centre.
hahaaa. sanggup eh travel jauh2. hmmm.. actually tk jauh sangat lah.
anyways, there were alot of people ! o.o
theres also big slides but only for kids. i think? and got the playground & jacuzzi.
quite cool ahhhh.. 2bucks entry i think. or was it 2.50? hmmmm..
but i prefer the one at jurong though.. hahaa.

Anyways, didnt get to finish 1 lap continuiously. damn.
Eh eh ! I can float on water ! haahaaa.. ^-^v
and swimming in deep waters was fun ! but tiring ahh. have to keep afloat on water.
which acquires alot of energy and stamina, which i think i dont have. (:
and i only can hold my breath for 45 seconds. which is such a loserific timing.
haiyerrr.. but the good thing is , im not sunburnt :D
ku happy giler.. hahaaa.

Ohh yeah ! Saw 2 hotties :D
And one of them was like super hot.
And i was actually frozed and stared at him and he saw me staring and gave a quick smile. makkkk paisey or whatt ?! hahaa. but it was nice no doubt.
So good to be single.. Tgk guys pon tk leh kene lecture by bf :)
Except for parents lah. Thats why parents i sometimes jek share.
I always lepaskan emosi to my brother. haahaa. then he'll layan my karenah and sometimes a'ah kan jer. hahaa!

After swimming , went to Compasspoint mall for Brunch ( breakfast + lunch ) !
Firstly i asked bro whether to eat fish&chips or mee.
then he say eat mee. then im persuaded -.-
So i bought kway teow goreng which i ate in guilt ! cuz u know. unhealthy giler.
baru lepas swimming makan mcm gini eh. tk gune aku swim penat2. hahaa.
but the kway teow goreng is like heaven lah.
then dad bought fish&chips !!!!!!!! and got mushroom soup also.
for the first time , the mushroom soup was heaven !! seriouss ahh.
and the fish , it was &^%$#%^&*$%&^ GOOD&JUICY&SOFT !
I think they use expensive fish. But it was worth the $6 !
The fish&Chips was like one of the best ever i've tried. I'll give it a 4.5/5 !
hahaaa. its just damn good kay? u guys should try.
Its at Banquet . Level 2 , sorok dalam2. Good luck finding it. hahaa.

Then homed , rilek2 , and dozed off out of exhaustion.
And soon woke up and here i am.
Then dad asked me to picit him?
And mum asked to jemur baju? alersmakkkkkk ~
Its always about my family. Tkde time untuk diri sendiri u know. Seriously. -.-
Pikir dorang je yang sakit pe. As if dorang tk tau daughter dorang gitu.
confirm lagik lenguh rabaks after intensive exercise.
Once i cant sleep at night cuz of SEVERE body aches.
I felt like dieing seriously. That was after i had Cycling Journey with amirah.
Idk how long and far we cycle. No doubt its fun.
But the aftermath , a killer for me. -.-

Alrights , I've uploaded the EastCoastPark/JuneBdayBabies Outing pics! :D
Had a great time . Some pictures were from Amirah,Arina & Hafsah ! :D

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