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Thursday, August 7, 2008 ♥

woke up early in the morning ~
to tapao my breakfast and went to azura's house . ( of course i took my shower before going out )
heheee.. soo .. went to azura's house to put my beg. cuz later , it'll be very troublesome ..
ate my breakfast at azura's house forawhile .. then headed off to bedok reservoir for our cross country ! woooo ~ felt excited ! hahaa.. but lazy to run at the same time..
so waited for everything to settle then we got to run ! hehehee..
to tell ya the truth , i was feeling thirsty before the race even started !!
and there was no water to be found. omg ! and i had the feeling i couldnt make it. -.-"
so i run and run .. and im almost reaching the finish point then i felt so tired and abit dizzy .
i really really really really really wanted to sprint sehh ! but my instint says , i can't.
so .. i run and stop and jog and run to the finish point. and guess what ?
i got 12th position for the cross country ( fitness programme catogery )
and you know what ? 1-10th postion got medal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i was like so dissapointed siaooww.. and im so frustrated with myself lah sehh ! urghhh ..
wth wth wth wth wth wth wth wth wth wth wth wth wth wth wth wth !!!!!!!>:(
anyways , yeahh .. it was okayy after awhile .. but im still feeling the pain .
nevermind. next year i'll make sure i get that medal ! " ganbatte!! "
oh yarhh ! to YUYU : im so sorry if i made u feel so guilty .. its not ur fault that i didnt win top 10 .. really .. im not angry at you lahh ! serious ... so dont worry kayy (: congrats for winning top 10 ...
continueing ... yeahhh .. so took my bag from azura's house and chill at 7-11 with the gang. haha !
nothing to do sehh .. hahaaa.. then go back home.
feeling kinda tired though. i thought i could find some PEACE .
then suddenly my mum wanted to cut my fringe cuz she say already long ?!!
its like ... what the hell ? i like my fringe the way it is siaaoow.
then she force me !!! then i was like " don't want lah !!! "
and she continued to force me saying that my fringe is ugly. ( whatever )
then she go cut my fringe SUPER SHORT & its freakin' ugly !!! i can puke just looking at it ! not mentioning that its not level !
and it made me feel worse than before.. started to blame my mum for the fringe !
well its true right ?! she made the cut ! urghh .. im like so fed up sehh ..
then i took a long shower to relieve myself from the tortures of the world ~
haizzzzzz ... now im feeling fine. but still the fringe is so ugly sia ! im disturbed.
how am i going to go to school ??!! maybe i'll clip it up or put a hair band or something ..
hope it grows back fast !
oh yarhh .. tomorrow got family gathering event sumore..
oh my god. im totally going to embarrass myself infront of everyone -.-"
THANKS TO SOMEONE !!!!! urghhh .
nevermind lahh ... i'll be patient ~
yearrrrpppppp ... haizzzz..

signing off PATIENTLY ~

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:28 PM

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