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Wednesday, August 6, 2008 ♥

Have been busy for the past few days ..
so finally have time to update my blog ! :D
okayy . let me recall what happened ..
MONDAY blues ~
monday is seriously the most boring day of the week !
2 periods of maths , 2 periods of POA , 2 periods of english etc.
so tired sehh .. in class like want to sleep . haizz.
TUESDAY plakk .. we go comp lab to do our F&N decision making , evaluation and stuff ~
macam semangat seyhh aku buat for 3 periods ! tapi maseh tak habes .. hahaaa..
then ermm .. as usual we have assembly etc ..
SO ~ TODAY ! (:
mdm dini never come again . 2 periods free !! yesterday also 2 periods ..
total free time = 4 periods ! ( 2 hours ) w.o.w !
then geography lesson . ms jumilia kinda fed up with our class . whatever.
after recess was .. english . yeahh . some of the groups had to do class presentation . haha.
my classmates were very funny seyhh ! hahaaa ..
my group did our presentation on monday i think .
oh yarhh , me , azura , izzat , arina engrossed with this topic ah . hahaa..
abehh sume mcm paham . bising ah..
kesian izzat . tengah depress nampak !
ps. to izzat , relex ahh ! chill . jgn nk rosak kan benda2 kat sekeliling kau ! =P
ohh yeahh . i had to go to the dentist xD
skipped maths lesson ! hehe.
anyways , the doctor pulled one of my tooth =x
wakakakaka ! but im free from the ugly sight :D
well i thought it was painful but but but but ..
surprisingly it was not . woohoo ! xD
its a baby tooth ahh . hahaaa..
padahal dah secondary 3 siaoow !!
ahahaaaa ...

oh yess ! not forgetting . we had our geography test.
ahahahahaaaa.. okayylahh . hope i can pass.
this test alot of my classmates also study half2 lor.. heheh..
ms jumilia also don't want to postpone it . haiyoo ..
and now.. im going off to my soft bed ~
woooootttss ... ZZzzzzz (:

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