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Thursday, August 14, 2008 ♥

today .. had our P.E lesson .
first we sprinted back and forth in the field. tired seh ! i rather do house chores. haha.
anyways , so as usual Mr.Cho is telling us sarcastic jokes ! haizzz.. that funny guy ! xD
then @ malay lesson . some of the malay girls arrive early at class.
then suddenly we off the lights sume and close the door. haha.
then people cannot go in . haizzz.. typical seh ! xD
abehh cikgu datang jek sume gabra bukak balek pintu ! hahaa..
anyways , maths lesson . hahaa. gotta admit its quite fun .. ms. sharifah .. haizz.. lol.
yeahh . so POA .. as usual mr.tan was blaberring to us. well , i feel kinda bad for him.. He has given up on our class. oh well. hope he can get his mind back soon.
oh yes ! to the exciting part !!
the sec 4 & sec 5 pementasan @ bomb shelter. LOL !
The opening was so funny & cool ! One of the sec 5 guy ( dunno his name ) make a pantun thing.
hahaaa.. and we burst out laughing .. cuz he was claiming that he is malaysian and so perfect-.-"
oh yes , the the first group performed..
it was okayy .. hehee !
but i prefer the second group . 4E4 ..
hahaha !! they were super funny sehh ! and their acting was great !
there was widad who made us laugh like hell ! and this cute girl . dunno her name.. yerpp.
this girl acted as a ghost . haha.. so cute sehh .. a cute ghost ! hahaa..
but she was scary at the same time . its like a real ghost xD
anyways . yerrpp.. had a great time during the pementasan.
some of the sec 3,4&5s malay students gathered. and there were teachers too.
it was great lah .. mcm cool ahh kalau ade skolah sumer budak melayu ! haha.
anyways , i had to leave halfway cuz i need to go to bedok inter to handle some stuff.
yeahh . i got myself into a bad mood. urghh . im so frustrated with my family sometimes !
they seem to not understand the situation im at ..
okayy . whatever. i'll be fine soon ..
now .. i have to study for my F&N test tmr . and my maths homewrk ! omgosh .
so much things to do yet so little time ...

adioss !!

listened to the sweet sound @ 9:19 PM

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