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Friday, August 22, 2008 ♥

Wow its sure is dusty around here .. hahaa .
yeahh , u see ..this whole week , I'm just so busy lah okay ?
This week got tests and i have to entertain my family's demands !! urghh .
Ohkay , so its a friday night ! woohoo !! finally some peace & freedom ..
It has been a long week . I did my maths , physics & poa tests . wth ? all need calculations ? haha. Hmmmm .. it was ohkay lahh .. and maths test seems easy ? haha xD OHMYGOD ! did i just say that maths was easy ? haha. But i guess the teacher set it like that ? so ... okay lor ? xD
but this new chapter we're learning ( maths ) , is quite confusing . haizzz .... -.-"
hope I can manage ..
oh yess ! tuesday's study hour , malay lesson at the library .. GEREK SIAOOW !
It was so fun lah ehh . Ohkay before we went inside the library, me, amirah, azura,naqiyah,arina,zul,Idris & izzat hang out outside . Then izzat started to sit inside the lockers beside the library. As in , he stuck in his butt into that locker ? can u imagine that ?! It was so funny .. hahaaa .. then Idris carried him to sit inside the higher lockers. lol !! Omg . Izzat's body is so small ? xD it was funny lah . But didnt get to take pictures . Then zul also tried to sit inside the locker . Then he said his backbone pain and he just sat inside the locker for like .. 10seconds? haha. we burst out laughing to think that zul is so fragile. Then , Mdm Dini was in sight. Pastu Izzat gabra and jumped down from the locker ! ahaha.. tk leh angkat siaoow !! Mdm Dini is like on the 2nd floor and we were on the 3rd floor ? hahaa.. ohkay then we started the study hour ! Idris kept on making jokes and we kept laughing and laughing ! hahaaa.. Then Mdm Dini was abit frustrated with us . But the jokes were really funny sehh.. haiz.. Idris .. Idris .. xD yeahh . It was super cool !
Hmmm .. oh yeah , These few days , it rained !! OMG i so lurrvveee the rain !!
Its like COLD and u could feel the wind breeze . But sometimes its too freezing lah i gotta admit. hehe.. well i just dislike the sun abit cuz it damages my skin ! urghhh . But on second thought , i don't wanna live in the northpole like the polar bears . hahaaaa .
So i guess a little bit of sun is okay and a little bit of rain is fine too . Love singapore's weather (:
hey but it would be fun if we had 4 seasons .. haizz.. hahaaa .
anyways , the song " reach our for the skies " is lingering in my head. hahaha. But its nice though .. I miss the last time's national day songs .. Everytime sing at school hall ( primary school ) . It was so great then ^-^ ohkay , so random ! talking about national day and it just passed like 2 weeks ago ?! hahaaa..

oh yes ! Saleisha won America's Next Top Model ! Well , I was happy for her . Cuz she really have the potential and she's the cheerful2 type. So im kinda satiesfied ? But I pity Chantal cuz she works hard too . I think they both deserve to win ! Why don't they have 2 winners ?!
hahhaaaa .. ohkay i guess i'll stop now .
byebyebye ! (:

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