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Thursday, August 7, 2008 ♥

today . had our p.e lesson ! (:
yeahh . so mr cho let us choose our games ( but next week will be torturous ! dang it.)
actually i wanted to play captain's ball as usual ! hahaaa .. but there were not enough people.
so i played badminton ! its so fun ! i played against my BEST friend azura xD funny larh seh.
so typical of us..
anyways , the hours goes by and its POA .
mr tan cc as usual were like ... nagging . urgh puh-lease. and everybody was like ...
" yeahh2 ... whatever you say ... " totally can see it by their faces. hah ..
oh ! we got our poa test back . i got 21 ! haha. its over 25 you see ...
its such an accomplishment to me ! -.-" -.-" -.-"
but wait till the next test . omg ..
oh yes ! failed chemistry . 11/25 ... well almost everybody in our class failed ! haha. its a hard topic lahh .. oh yes . my social studies. only got 11/20 . so damn pathetic .. such a bad mark right? i know. hahaaa..
soo yeahh .. after school our study hour was canceled . hurayy !
hang out in the canteen forawhile .. then talk talk talk with my friends lahh .
which includes amirah , azura , naqiyah & izzat (:
after awhile .. went out of school . deciding where to go ...
and we have made a long decision to hang around under the void deck ! hahaaa..
it turned out great lah kan ... me , azura , amirah , naqiyah & nadiyah (:
talked about alot of stuff lahh .. hahaha !
and got tons of funny moments man . laugh like siaoow.
then suddenly talked about GHOSTS !
so scary sehhh .. now im like... looking left and my right. and of course the window.
ahaha. how scardy cat i am ? cheyh no lah . im only spooked today . gonna be fine tomorrow..
anyways , it was raining HEAVILY !! SUPER DUPER HEAVY !
and it made the atmosphere spooky ! of course its dark lah .. hahaaa..
not mentioning the COLD ! i can't take it sehh .. its like im in the northpole .. " brrrrr "
hehehh. OH YES ! nadiyah is like super scared lah kan .
then every person that walks pass her ( so called ) , seems like a shadow and eventually , a ghost ? hahaaa.. then she'll be like .. " jump " from a seat a little . her shocking reaction -.-"
yeah . so naqiyah called out that theres a person walking by us soon ( so nadiyah wouldnt be shocked )
and it was IDRIS !
he just came back from the mosque. lol. how religious .. hahaha ..
then talk again .. make videos and stuff .. and we went HOME ~
soooo .... tomorrow CROSS COUNTRY !
hope i can get top 10 and win a medal .hehehee.
and points for the house ! yerrpppsss ..
okayy . going to doze and restore my energy (:

:D :) :x :O

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