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Monday, September 15, 2008 ♥

12sept, friday
After school , went to Naqi's house ! (:
First , we watched Wujud 2 CD ! hahaa .. hmmm .. not bad lahh ehh .
We can see the ghost very clearly ! hehe. abit scary .. But not to the extend.
& i kept laughing cuz the contestants kept tripping over .. hahaa..
Then we looked at naqi's brother's engagement album . So cool .. ^-^
So the times passed by .. We played PS2 ! XD
Dead Or Alive & Bomberman ! hahahaa .. The Dead Or Alive part was very fun lah !! Hahah.. We were very very very very engrossed ! xD then the bomberman was very lame but funny ! The sudden death was hilarious . heheh. Anyways , yeahh i went home around 6pm & the bus is packed as usual -.-"
So went to my uncle's house to break fast .. ^-^ Then head off to bazaar !
and oh , my friend saw aliff @ bazaar geylang that day ! & i didnt?! wth !!!

Woke up & cleared my room for a painting session ! lol.. Actually , my dad painted my room ! (:
Its pink & spectrum red .. hahaha .. Turned out to be so cool ! xD
~ dam di dam di dam di dam di dam di dam ~
Went to another uncle's house to break fast ! ^-^
Went to bazaar again after that. Bought curtains for my room ! yippie (:

Oh yeahh , I got my term 3 progress report back .
I must say i did very well ! muahahaha ... xD
Happy ! Happy ! Happy ! :D
Hope i could do the same for EOY

Ohkay , so my class didnt know that the POA test will be counted in the CA ! -.-"
But the tests was okay lah.. not that difficult. But i didnt get to balance some things . grrr !
Went home strait after school .. tried to study abit.. But i decided to catch with some sleep!
Havent been sleeping well these days.. haizzz ...
Woke up a few hours later and went to Eastpoint Mall Banquet to break fast ! yummy ! (:
And now .. here I am .. blogging ..
haizzz... Im so nervous siaooww.. Hope i can do the exams well . So near ~
Must study hard !!!! o.o
And i think , today will be the last day i'll be onlining ..
I'll be back after the exams are over ! maybe? haha.
omg. malay homewrk !! ~

tataz !

listened to the sweet sound @ 9:55 PM

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Remember 11th February 1993 , Sweet Seventeen
And Im not your average girl, don't judge me.
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