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Friday, October 17, 2008 ♥

went to bedok library after school with naqiyah..
after i had pay the fines & borrowed some books , we headed to the cafe(inside the library)
naqi wanted me to taste this cookies&cream iceblend. haha ! but i admit it was superr nice! :)
so we talked & talked & talked & talked until like 5pm .. LOL. i know , so long right. haha!
we mostly talked about boys lah . and some other things.
then we head home !
went jalan rayer with my classmates !
it was quite fun lahh .. especially at mdm yani's house !
haha.. we karaoked together! and it was at night , about 10pm! haha xD
then mdm yani also like smile2 want to laugh , looking at us .. it was really really fun ahh.. ^-^
after mdm yani's house was mdm soraya's house.
by the time it was almost 11pm.. gaahhhhh ! so tired mann .. and my legs are hurting!
next year i dowan wear high heels lah ! hahaa.. its a pain if u had to walk & walk & walk -.-
niwaes , after that we separated as it was very late lahh .
but me , azura & amirah stayed to go to arina's house.. haha !
best sakk .. especially the chocolates we got ! and other sweetstuffs. hahaa..
it was funny when i thought back about the scenes. hehe.
so , berangkat dari rumah arina pukol 12.30am gitu. HAHA!
bus service dah tkde ! lols!
so her mum drove us home ! awwww .. so nice kan . lol.
and arina's sister also followed. lols.. cute sak dah ngantok2 gitu xD
then i was dropped at my block.
my brother fetched me downstairs as i was afraid to go up alone. HAHA!!
reached home about 1am O.O"
and guess what ?!
dah penat2 gitu ... my father which is not sleep yet , ask ME to put vicks on his back !
aleeeerrssmmakk ... ! haizzz.... -___-
terpakse lah aku dengan muke penat2 , try to collect energy to letak the damn vicks !
i hate putting vicks .. pasal nanti tangan aku berangin & oily , abehh susah nk wash off .. lols..
then i wash up and do the necessary stuffs and jump for the bed !
today , a school holiday. forgot the reason.. lol.
didnt do much lah at home..
babysit my sister the whole day and read a novel (:
im so engrossed sehh. hahaa .. well , i didnt open the comp until now. wow factor. haha.
but i hate it cuz my precious reading time has to be cutted off becuz of that baby ! haiyooo..
ohkay , tmr serang mamahani's house and meet the sweet aliffangels and dearest him ! (:

i'll upload the rayerr pics soon .

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