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Friday, November 14, 2008 ♥

Yesterday , helped my mum cook & stuff. hehehe.
cleaned the fish, prawns , crabs and other essentials. lol.
it was a little bit disgusting but its kinda fun actually.. haha.
i got to see alot of the seafood's insides. pretty interesting yet gross.
hahaa. then , helped my mum cook CRAB ! yum .. yum.. hahaaa.
so halfway , the salt has finished and i have to go down and buy some -.-
okay whatever. hahaaa.. niwaes , i think i did a great job ^ - ^
the crab totally hit the spot man.. lols !
oh and night falls soon after and got frustrated with my dad. urghhh !
what is wrong with parents nowadays ?! nevermind.

So today , woke up with a horrible state.
I hate it when my mum lets my sister in the room ( when im still sleeping ) !
cuz no one will be taking care of her ?! and my mum expects me to wake up and take care of my sister.
its like , wth . and the room will always be in a mess(cuz of my sister) when i wake up.
and whose gonna be the one who cleans everything ? that'll be me !

HAIZZZ ... what to do ... NOTHING ! i cant do anything except to do whatever they want me to do.
they expect me to be the very responsible and perfect daughter !
its really frustrating sometimes . most of the times actually..
i mean , i have to bulk up on my OWN life . and they expect me to do a major part for the family and act as if im an adult. while my brothers ?! they didnt do anything ?
and my parents didnt care that they dont have to do all the chores..
but the most frustrating part is . my dad alwyas keep telling me that im lazy and just stares at the comp all day.
like HELLO????!! he's only at home at like 6.30pm !
and who else helps around the house if it wasnt for me ? NEWSFLASH ! -__-
urghhh. its like they didnt appreciate what i had done all along..
and when i did what they told me to do , then they'll go all sweet on me. OH PUH-LEASE .

urghhh . i dunno why im writing all this crap in my blog.
its just that i need to let these feelings out or i'll explode any second.
nevermind me .
byebye people ... enjoy ur holidays while u can ..

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