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Saturday, November 15, 2008 ♥

went out cycling with AMIRAH :)
First , went to bedok reservoir 1 round .. hahaaa. Admired TEMASEK POLY ! hahaa.
and the forest adventure thingy seems quite cool. got flying fox. lol!
hmmm .. oh and it was funny cuz some of the HILLS/SLOPES was v.difficult to climb. gagaaa..
i preservered some hills but only made halfway for most others. HAHA.
Then head on to Bedok Town park to cross over to bedok north! hahaa. cool uh whuaatss ? we cycled until bedok inter area and head for Mr.Bean ! heheee..
yummy yummy. i bought the ice cream cone & amirah bought the cheese pancake =p
anyways , then it was amirah's idea to go to the terraces's near bedok north/chai chee area. i think ?
so anyways , it was so cool looking at all the houses ! hahaaa.
went pass victoria sec & opera estate pri . O.O wow man. nevermind. lol.
oh , and the road names are like weird! . eg. Dido st. , Revienzi , Swan lake , etc .. forgot . hahaa.

niwaes , wish i could live there lah sehh ! its like major nice ! xD
hahaaa.. so next we head on to East Coast Park !
stayed at the W.boarding / Jet ski-lined area ?? i dont know whats the name. HAHA.
although theres not much sun , we were darkened -__-
niwaes ! the sports peeps were like so cool sia ! especially when they're doing stunts. hahaaa.
but some kept falling down. LOL!~ funny sia..
oh !! and we were sitting by the side , and got 2 ang mos ( totally hot stuff ! ) sat beside us !
its like so ... MELTS ! hahaaa.. nevermind.
and there were talking about girls always watching them do the W.boarding thing.. hahaa.
its like they are proud of being hot . okay who doesnt.
and i kept laughing cuz of their accent! hahaa. it was cool ahh but sometimes its kinda difficult to understand what they're trying to say .. lols.
then when they left , i think its purposely !!
one of them walked directly infront of us ( at the slanted curb ? ) , and the other walk directly behind us!
LIKE SO CLOSE ! like wth are they trying to do .. ?? hahaaa !!
i guess they're trying to attract us or something like that . its like really really wth . HAHA.
nevermind. so next we continued our journey and kept on cycling @ east coast park .
and i liked it when theres hills or slopes. the wind super nice lahh eh :D

hmmmm .. oh and we're not as tired as we should be cuz our journey is like super long. hahaa.. ^-^
so after awhile , we went back to bedok with the same route. and we didnt get LOST !
cuz the route is like kinda tricky ya know. thx to amirah . HAHA. she lead the way most of the time.
and her bike got this bell . VERY efficient as we got people walking everywhere. hahaaaa..
so yerrpp , grab a chocolate waffle otw and ate at azura's house (:
amirah & azura used the laptop and i had to go soon after . already 6.15pm ya know ! LOL.
oh yes ! we started cycling at 12.20pm around there. so long right ?! xD
niwaes , yerrpp so i rode my bike all the way home ...

* i'll post some pics soon *

listened to the sweet sound @ 6:11 AM

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