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Tuesday, December 9, 2008 ♥

hahaaa.. ohkayyz, i havent been blogging for the past few days.
so im gonna start from last saturday. LOL.

6 Dec , Saturday
Went out with brother & cuzzins !
so sad lah shasha couldnt make it.. =(
hahah !
so anyways , arrived at vivo about 2.10pm. 10 minutes late. HAHA.
so msged dino&fahmi to meet at cinema~
but i guess at that point of time , dino is still on his bike ! haha xD
so cannot reply msg or answer our calls xD
me&bro met with fahmi first~
as we were standing at the cinema for quite a long time,
a girl approached us to ask whether we wanted to join GV membership.
so i joined lah. HAHA..
soon after , dino came. HAHA.
bought BOLT movie tickets ^-^
went to banquet to eat first.
actually the guys ate but im still full. hahaaa.
ask brother to buy soya bean for me , as usual. xD
after that walked around skypark & headed back to the cinema to watch BOLT.
we got the GV max hall ! so cool or whuatts ~
AND AND , the movie is soo cool ah. i like.. haha !
maybe gonna watch it again at tampines mall cuz got 3D ! :D
so after that , head down to the fountain foyer eh ?
got band competition yada yada ~
kaz & ema reached vivo finally !! hahaaa..
went to starbucks and bought frappucino chocolate . lol.
i lurvvveee kaz's java chip. taste so dark like that. xD
anyways , talk talk then abg hadi & fahmi went home first.
left me , dino , kaz & ema ...
talked again then walked around vivo ! heeehee..
actually , only went to some shops then i had to go home -.-
ps. i want braun's hair straightener !!! haha.
but so ex ! $129 !! -.-
nevermind , i'll save up. hahaa. first few days of school , i'll starve :D
so yerpp , then they sent me to the harbourfront mrt.
goodbyes people ! but ema&kaz continued their journey. LOL.
had a great day.. hope we could go out again :)
we go somewhere fun kayyz..
i think i got ideas already. HAHA. so fast right? xD
so anyways , had to go from harbourfront mrt to bedok mrt !! wth sia.
so lonely u know.. bored ! so looong..
i need someone to talk to. hahaaa !
okayy , so reached at bedok inter to take bus 87 , but theres only like 1 or 2 people. so i thought of taking 228.
so walked all the way to the end of the interchange.
and guess what?
theres no one there ! -.-
more worst to wait for 228 cuz its longer than 87.
but i was tired to walk back to 87. hahaha !
so anyways , i didnt line up for the bus.
i sat somewhere lahh near there.
and theres a mat that sat beside me..
so he talked to his friends beside him. so he turned to his fren.
and i can see him from the back.
and ohmygosh , he's totally like alep siaow.
and his back hair is like him too.
kept staring at his back. HAHA. weird stuff.
soon my bus came lah and bapak called twice where am i !
then ask me to go to the car cuz going somewhere.
sempat -.- and its like nearly 10pm.
haha. so when i alight from the bus , rushed to the car.
AND ! when i wanted to go inside the car , ( mind my bad english )
i knew theres this guy who passed by me but i didnt look at him lah.
when i got into the car , mum said the guy looked like aliff. and is tall.
and my sister called out aliff's name when she saw him. WEIRD.
hahaaa. if it were him also , why didnt he tegor me or something right ?
and dad said its ridiculous to think thats aliff cuz its late and that guy was wearing slippers and was walking like somekind of wacko person. HAHA.
and and , he lives at the west2 side perrs ! hahaa.
so anyways , didnt expect it to come but parents ( especially dad ) ,
lectured me cuz i didnt come home with brother. WTH?!
im big enough to go home by myself sehh .. sheeshhh~
so protective sia. irritating u know..]
and and its not like i went out with them everyday or what right?
and all these while i followed ur curfew okay ?
well , except for the 3pm curfew. thats crazy . HAHA.
but i have to reach home at 3pm at times. if not they'll call me&nag -.-
r-e-s-p-o-n-s-i-b-i-l-i-t-y !! -.-"
anyways , i always reach home b4 7pm when im out with friends.
haizz.. parents nowadays!
lectured lamerr plakk tu. urghh.
then head to orchard cuz dad forgot something at work.
the christmas decorations are nice! :D
then head to beach road to eat. HAHA.
ate at king of sup tulang the place. lol.
i dont like the sup tulang there -.-
and people say its nice. HAHA.
so after eating , went back home and sleep =)
but b4 that , msged those 2 lovely classmates of mine. haha!


7 Dec , Sunday
woke up at 12.30pm !!!!!
i dunno why , but i realized that i always wake up late on sundays. xD
so yupp , just chilled around and eat. hahaa..
soon after , had to help mummy cook. AS USUAL -.-
i hated when the oil keep jumping out of the pan.
irritating sehh . and sometimes the oil just got on my skin.
and i'll always get frustrated when that happens and scream. HAHA.
it does help. hahaa.. xD
but not for so long , i give the stirring job to my mum. xD
so yup , cooked 2 dishes for hari raya haji.
then i dunno what happens after that. xD

8 Dec , Monday
okayy i wished u guys twice now.. hahaaaa..
omi is my very very very special friend.
she's my twin and we got another twin who's schooling at KC.
well , that made us triplets. HAHA.
nevermind. they're very good people. love them to the max.
i'll post some fansigns that they did for me during sec1 !! hahaa.
so cute lah Siti Omairah Bte Amrhan & Vanessa Josephine Tan Shu Fen ! =P
I cant forget the memorise we shared together in sec 1 =)
for ur info , its still fresh in my head, like it happened just yesterday.
eg,the birth drawings is funny , the punishments that Mrs Ong gave the class was fun!
hahaha. and we enjoyed it. especially that vanessa .
hahaa... greattttttttttt times lahh babes!
i wanna go back !!! miss u guys man !!!
we should hang out soon. the 3 of us. xD

ahahaha. helped mum cook another dish. haizzzzz...
so after that , got ready to go to cuzzins's house.
b4 that , dad gave each of us $10!
but could swore i left it in my cabinet.
but abour 8 mins later , its LOST ! wth !!!!!!!!!
i must find tomorrow. i think that brat took it and dropped somewhere in the house.
so anyways , reached cuzzins house and only nenek in the house.
and nenek dunno how to open the door cuz its locked. i think?
but we figured out how to open the door at last.
as my cuzzin and family werent at home , we self service. HAHA.
watched the soccer match between malaysia & vietnam.
malaysia ! i got no comments lah ehh ... HAHA xD
so soon cuzzins & family got back home..
i only got to talk to my DEAR CUZZIN , AYUNI! , like for a short while.
SO SAD . hahaa.. she got a cute voice. HAHA xD ( ayuni i know u'll be reading this and saying why u have a cute voice & accent )
and i know i havent answered the question tadi. ahaa...
anyways , i lurve talking to her... cuz she's just one year older than me.
hahaaa.. my kakak sedare ?? xD
but i really look at her like she's my age. really2.
cuz she's cute ! hahaaa..
ayuni ... i know u'll ask me again why i say u cute. HAHA.
so after the short conversations , had to go to my dad's side -.-"
said goodbyes and headed to bibik's house.
paman mali & wak yoh family already reach.
oh and abg udin and kak wati also. NEWLY WED. lol.
eat eat eat eat then listen to bibik sabah's story and stuff. LOL.
very interesting. she talks about her holiday to genting =)
and other stuffs.. hahaaaa..
so yupp , sooon people go back one by one.
and we were the last family.
while waiting for abg hadi to get the car ,
suddenly paman saleemi went down to give us the umbrella we left. HAHA.
then said goodbye and stuff ..
soon abg hadi came and headed home.
yupp . and now im updating my blog.
woopiee ! like finally i finish this long post. HAHA.
hmmmm .. i sud post some photos the next time.
this blog is very plain. lol.
but the thing is.. im lazy ! =P

ohkay , its nearly 4am and im still awake. HAHA.
I think i better sleep now.

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