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Wednesday, December 3, 2008 ♥

Monday , 1Dec08

Went to Orchard Cineleisure to watch WILDCHILD!
So firstly , waited for amirah & azura to arrive @ bedok inter..
Had an interesting chat with amirah while waiting for azura..
although i already forgot half of the stuff we talked about. xD
So yeahh azura came by & we head off to the MRT !
i dunno why but bedok mrt is always crowded -.-
then the people just seems to go away by eunos mrt. HAHA !
then sooon got quite crowded also but not as crowded as bedok. lol.
so anyways , at one point , azura suddenly wanted to go out to dhoby ghaut station cuz i think she saw alot of people went out. LOL.
that was hilarious.
but another major part was , we are suppose to go down to sommerset but we didnt know. so amirah suddenly went out of the MRT @ sommerset.
thinking that she is pranking us ( like she always do ) , me & azura just stayed inside... HAHAA.
until amirah like stressing for us to come out & the door is about to be closed ! haha...
funny moments.. then me & azura was like paisey and laughing like crazy people.
haizzz.. u see , amirah ! u must stop pranking people. it affects the people living around you. HAHA xD
so we walked to the place and bought the tickets which is on the first floor.
but we aint sure on what floor is the cinema.
so we randomly pressed the buttons of the lift. hahaha !
and suddenly amirah saw the side guides saying that its on the fourth floor but we stopped at fifth floor and rush down the escalator cuz we were late.
hahaa.. so we rushed to the counter to buy popcorns & zasty zapple xD
so yerrpp , 1 min to WILDCHILD !
we ran to the hall 7 and were relieved that the movie havent start yet.
so yerpp , after some time the movie soon start.
and our seats is like so cool lah cuz the screen is like so big xD
we were at the front2 section xD
so ... yeahhh .. " who are we??! " !! hahaaa..
must see the movie to understand :D
anyways , the movie is like so cool ahh ! for teenage girls.
the storyline is pretty awesome and its funny. hahaaa..
but people at the cinema is like sooooo slowww..
some part they didnt laugh and i think only me , azura & amirah laughed.
haha.. and some part they laughed like soon after. HAHA. bozo-s !
so yerrpp , the movie is so cool.
After the movie , walked around the mall.. the shops are nice.
cuz i havent seen them b4 xD
and theres one part where theres 2 wannabe girls looked at me&amirah like a zillion times( ok exagerating ) and somewhat gossiping?
me and amirah was like , stared at them ahh sehh..
like seriously , why are they looking at us ? got prob keper sehh biatch!(wildchild)
haha. okay i shouldnt use that word cuz they arent worth it to be called that.
they're just some wannabe kids ... hahaaa..
but me & amirah was like laughing in our mind.
those two dorks are seriously childish.
moooving on ...
So i waited for them while they eat at LJS.
i wasnt hungry really.. and those two bozos said im obsessed about food !
well actually , i said theres carbs in there. HAHA. but i was joking !
i wanted to reanact(i dunno how to spell) poppy moore. hahaa.
but really i wasnt hungry cuz i ate popcorn & drank gasy water :D
so yahh talked alot and azura was seriously hungry. HAHA.
anyways , soon after , theres 2 guys seating across us.
so ermmm.. i said to azura " dorang mcm gay " . HAHA.
abehh azura ketawe tk perlu lah seh. then amirah lost! hahaa.. but nevermind.
when we wanted to go out of LJS , so i said to azura again .. " definitely gay " HAHA. and yerpp !! azura agreed then we burst out laughing like crazy people again.
and amirah lost again until we explained ... xD
and amirah said they lookind at us. hahaa.. skali drg terdengar. haha ! xD
but those 2 gays are cute ahh . well , maybe they're not gay. just seems like it.
i dunno why but some lembut people are quite cute. hahaa. must agree with me (:
anyways , went out of LJS and there goes PLANET HITAM !! hahas.
( inside joke ) AMIRAH&AZURA U GUYS SUD KNOW ! hahaaa..
klaaaaaaaakarrrrrr sio ~~ nevermind.
so next amirah told to go heeren but me&azura just walked to the traffic like cuz theres a green man. hahaa.
then amirah called out that heeren is the other side and theres a better route?
haha! so me & azura walked back half away through the traffic light ! xD
the car drivers must think we're lame. hahaa !
anyways , head down to heeren HMV cd shop.
its like sooo COOL ahh sehh. the biggest CD shop ever ! 3 storeys! hahaa..
oh and they sold calenders with celebrities pictures on them.
they got like HSM , Zac Efron&the boys , Camp Rock , Hannah Montana and lottts more!
I lurvvee the christiano ronaldo one. so freakin' hot . like seriously.. haha.
but its wayyyyyy expensive ! $17.50 ! -.-
oh yes , forgot to mention that " february " pictures of the celebrities are the awesomest ! hahaaaa.. its like february is so popular for main casts xD
niwaes, and the shirts of bands & hsm are like twice the sum ! -.-" -.-"
haizzz.. the hsm one is so cool cuz theres number 14 behind it.
and its troy's jersey number. hahaaa.. obsessed much. xD
and my register number is .... 14 !!!! hahaa xD
coool or whuatts. ok , nurul stop it .
After all that stuff , walked around the mall .
Im quite impressed cuz its like totally a great place for shopping.
well if u have the money of course ! xD
oh and one point , theres this auntie selling chocolates!
u know the small shops selling expensive ones. yerppp !
and they're halal. hahaaa.. so we liked to taste some of the chocolates. like duh!
so the auntie go and advertise the different types of chocolates and all were like so good ! if i were rich enough , i'd buy some of it.
but its wayyyyyy too expensive. 100g is $9.90 !! isnt that the craziest thing ever?
hahaaa. so amirah started the acting part. hahaaa..
so yahh , amirah said that we're in a rush & next time we'd buy them.
so me & amirah walked away but azura stood there like some kind of zombie!
HAHAHAH !! its like she's falling in love with the chocolates & lost her mind. LOL.
Soon after , theres this middle section of the mall where theres this LCD screen.
and they showed mtv trl : casts of hsm ! hahaa..
vanessa seems so tall . like me ! only once or twice a year !
* inside joke *
i'll be like tall for one day or two , then i'll be short again the next day.
like izzat said .. " nurul , kau dah pendek balek eh ? " HAHAHA !
and so does my other peeps. urgh. i know im short ! -.-
well , the shortest among all i mean. hahaaa...
ANYWAYS, stayed for awhile to watch them and azura doesnt want to leave.
hahaa. she's star-struck by zac efron. lol.
and me & amirah was like urging azura to move... hahaaa..
soon , we wanted to go down the escalator.. BUT ...
amirah was leading the wrong way and wanted to go to the one that goes up !
and i stupidly followed !!! hahaa !! bozo ..
and the uncle was like priceless face as said as azura..
and was putting his hand up to signal to amirah not to move further. haha!
kekek siaoww .. haizzz..
soon went to tampines mrt to buy sushi @ ramen ten. so nice :)
while on the mrt , talked bout some shitzz . hahaa.
i cant forget bout planet hitam ! hahaa !! xD
haizz.. niwaes , rested at macdonald awhile & amirah bought strawberry milkshake!
yummy.. its like half melted ice-cream. LOL.
soon after , we went our separate ways..
but azura went to amirah's house. haha. sempat~
and then .. accidentally met my father and we went home together. LOL.
home sweet home !

Tuesday , 2Dec08

Woke up to help my mum babysit aqilah! haha. she's such a brat.
Sooon , naqi called and we chatted & chatted bout stuff which u dont need to know.. hahaaa.. and actually , i was helping my mum cook at that point of time.
and 10 mins later i had my lunch/breakfast ! (:
while munching on my delicious pasta , naqi had to put down cuz of some reasons which u dont need to know again. and probably didnt have the intention to knw. haha.
nevermind. so yerpp. after that , washed the piles of dishes waiting for me -.-
seriously , i dunno why theres so much of them.
it keeps piling up.. well , it wouldnt if people could wash it themselves! haiz!
so after that i rested awhile and started to winter-clean my room. hahaa..
and i turned on the music and practised my vocals. hahaa !
cheyhh practice vocals keperr.. xD
hmmmm .. i found out that i cannot sing low notes.
i'll sound like a horrible troll and go flat. hahaaa..
niwaes , i need to buy a new wardrobe !!! a big one !! xD
my wardrobe seems messy cuz of the lack of space. haha.
so yerrpp , my pinkish room looks great now :)
After that i bathed and followed my father&aqilah to Giant Tampines. haha.
I love going there at night. so cool ahh.
and the aircon is so cold when u enter . seriously ! hahaa..
So yahh after all the shopping and went back home.
So its 11pm at night , all tired and stuff ~
but i had to give service to my dad -.-
which is massaging him ! haiizzz..

Wednesday 3Dec08 ( today )

Woke up at 8.00am cuz that brat woke up.
so yahh , and who has to babysit her early in the morning ?
the award goes to ME ! -.-
sometimes , u feel disheartened when u little sister doesnt want to listen to you , and she listens to ur mum but we're asking for the same things?
its like so frustrating lah seh. and when she wants to play ,
she goes to me ! urghh .. nevermind.
so yahh , entertained her until about 2pm .
and now im blogging.. woopie.. lol.
and i dunno what else to write cuz this post is very lengthy already. hahaa.


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