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Sunday, December 28, 2008 ♥

Above are some of the very random pics yesterday when azura came over to my house.
HAHAA... yeahhh .. we were bored. so there u go. hahaa xD
anyways,if u're thinking im wearing nail polish or something, its henna :D
so yesterday, azura camed over and we played ps2 . hahaa.
then we eat sume and talked and LAUGHED ! heheee..
then we went online and webcammed with AMIRAH!
actually she was the one who has webcam. lol.
it was pretty entertaining.
then i straightened azura's hair with my hair straightener!
she was amazed with the results! hahaaa..
see i told u the hair straightener is good ;D
azura stayed until 9.10pm like that. from 1pm !!
hahaa.. so long right? xD
hahaaaa.. had fun lah basically...
cant wait to meet her again.
u know i know azura ! ;D
hahaa.. cheyhh mcm secret mane gitu ehh xD
tk lahh .. its nothing.

Today !
woke up then found out tkde breakfast ! urghhh..
then dad said we're going out later.
so i showered then siap2.
sent abang to work then head to kampong melayu!
actually, my makciks&pakciks ade jualan kat sanerr..
so we were just dropping by to see how it goes. hahaa.
anyways , went jalan2 around there.
then got this persembahan kuda kepang !
oh my god . its amazing ! hahaa.
i thought it was quite boring at first.
then suddenly the guys was rasok-ed by the setans !
hahaa. then the guys were behaving like crazy animals!
serious sia. some of them were spinning around like mad ,
and others were running around the area with that freakin face.
hahaa. quite scary but interesting.
then the setan controlled their body sumerr. haizz.
the guys got canned cuz they were like out of control like that.
its a good experience lah cuz i never seened this kuda kepang b4.
hahaaaa.. the pity thing is , after the guys sedar diri ,
they were like in pain because of the canning. HAHA.
kesian eh korangs. nk sangat masok kuda kepang ni kan ...
hahahaaa.. the performance was entertaining :)
after that , walked around again.
then send some of my makciks&pakciks home and help to pack up stuff.
then went to eat at banquet sebelah city plaza tu. hahaa.
after that went to east coast park but didnt stayed long.
went home and on the comp ! hahaaa..
actually b4 that , tried on my new baju kebaye!
so nice lahh . its pink colour. hahaa. mcm tkde colour laen gitu eh xD
im wearing it to KL . hahaa. cuzzin's wedding soon.
anyways!!! hahaa. my brother just came back from his holiday with friends!
he showed us the stuff that he bought. mostly HIS stuff..
so unfair lah. nevermind, i'll wait for my turn. sooooon.. xD
so yapp, now im blogging. already 2.04AM.
hahaaa.. klah. goodnight !! :D

listened to the sweet sound @ 2:04 AM

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