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Sunday, February 15, 2009 ♥

okhayy so i guess i'll update about my pass events now. hahaa.

11th February !!

I'll like to THANK ALL those who wished me !!
It'll be a long list if i wrote all their names here. hahaaa.
and thanks to:
Azura,Amirah,Naqiyah,Arina,Raikha,Hafsah,Nana,Izzat,Idris,Irda&Mrs Tjan
for the warm and sweet wishes in the card !! :D
And thanks omairah for the sweet present&card! ;D
So after school , waited for amirah&izzat&yan for their talentime auditions.
hope they get into the finals ! (:
after that, azura,amirah,naqiyah,omairah&me went to Swensens to have a small celebration.
Ate ice-creams and had bundles of fun&laughter.
thanks guys ! ;D

12th February!!

its fun having u around for the past 1 year 2 months. hahaa.
mayy u lead a happy life (:
hmmm. im so happy that i got 25/25 for physics test. HAHA!
and i think i did well for poa test too. (:
ohmygod. next week is gonna be hell. common test O.O

13th February !!

After school , went home and rested for awhile.
then packed my stuff for the chalet ! :D
well , i arrived there about 6pm.
and im soooooooooo dead bored !! -.-
seriously, theres nothing to do.
did little stuffs until 11pm. and Zzzzzzzz...

14th February !!

spread the love people ! haaahaaa..
H.V.D ! :)
anyways , woke up at 8am cuz of my sister -.-
irritating ahh . didnt get to go back to sleep.
so i watched tv and entertained aqilah. hahaa..
After awhile , got ready for the big event ! hahaa.
My Sweet Sixteen Party ! :D
well its not actually a party -.- lol.
so anyways , got ready and waited for my parents to come back from i dunno where.
they bought the food and all those barbeque stuff ah.
then need to help carry the oh-so-heavy stuff !! -.-
kesiann birthday girl.
then arina called to fetch them at the entrance.
but i forgot to bring the admission pass for naqi,arina,hafsah&raikha!
then need to run back at the chalet -.-
naseb baek dekat! hahaaa.
after that then escorted them to my chalet. lol.
im like freaking hot at that point of time.
then kiterr relek2 kat chalet while waiting for the others.
opened their presents as requested by them. hahaaa.
lovely. (:
and hafsah wore for me the necklace that they give(raikha&hafsah)
awww.. sweet.. hahaa. aku pon tgh tkde necklace xD
so anyways, went down to the barbeque area with them.
and then azura called !
they FINALLY arrived xD
azura came with amirah,izzat&sufian.
so ate&chatted&laughed alot.. hahaaa.
so soon after more relatives have came , cut cake & photo taking time. lol.
oh , and they sang 3(i think) different types of birthday songs xD
yada yada yada yada ~
and raikha , aku akan balas kau time birthday kau.
kau tunngu jek RAIKHA! grrrrrr.. tgh marah ni. haha !
around 8pm+ , friends decided to go to arcade.
so i followed them for awhile. hahaaa.
upon reaching ehub , raikha suggested to go to Red House. haha!
but naqi , arina & hafsah had to go home. so yahhh.
then left me , azura, amirah, izzat & yan.
they decided to go red house. but i suddenly changed my mind.
i was thinking bout my cuzzins back at the chalet.
so i went back to the chalet ! :D
reached there&i found out that kassim&ema has arrived ! ^-^
talked&ate with them for awhile before watching grease!
kassim finally got copy of the cd. hehee.
but soon..
abang's friends also arrived and asked me to come down.
so came down and they sang birthday song and gave present!
hahaaa... funny guys.
didnt actually came up back to watch grease. im sorry kassim ! =(
so i chatted with my cuzzins from mum's side. lol.
soon after , they had to go back. so saddening !!!!
i love those sisters. hahaaa.
then said goodbye and stuff. (:
so kassim&ema went down. lol..
then chatted again. but only for awhile until they had to go home . haizz.
i dont like it when we have to end the day -.-
especially a memorable one ! haiyaaaa.
so yahh. byebye love ones !
then left abang's friends.
i want to join them out of boredom but i dont want to spoil the atmosphere.
HAHA. so helped to clear the stuffs abit.
then went up to the chalet with my hands full of PRESENTS!
seriously theres ALOT & ALOT & ALOT of presents man.. im so happy. hahaaa.
and also $135 in my pocket. haaa. money from wak-wak&bibik2&paksu&nenek&nyai :)
i shall spend those money wisely. lol. mcm phm !
then kat atas .. ape lagik , lepak ahh ! haha.
penat sehhh.. hahaaaa.
then bukak present satu2 , slowly2. lol !
oh my god im so LOVING ALL the presents! hahaha!
each and every one :D
seriously. sume present laen2.. hahaaa.
so as i was saying, HAHA .
abang hadi's friends help to clean up most of the stuff.. lol.
then we said goodbyes and stuff.
and fauzan had to say " bye birthday girl ! " lol.
im not surprised. hahaaa.
so soon after~ abang ilham's friends arrived at the chalet to say goodbye.
yahhh. so they sang birthday song for me !
and it was pretty loud -.-
so yeahh. said goodbye!
and there u have it. the end of the chalet.
im so sad its over. seriously. i want to go back time! =(
so i snooozed soon after..
today was a really memorable day for me to keep for the rest of my life (:

15th february !!
packed up and checked out and head for breakfast !
and then reached home and opened entirely the presents and cherish each of them.
i cant get over it that all the presents are sweet&nice ! hahah!
oh yess , izzat lupe nk bukak pricetag keperrr... !! xD
kau nyer wallet kosong pasal kau beli $19 nyer necklace utk aku kan? HAHA!
thanks ehh. xD


will post the pictures soon :)

do u knw that u're such a silly guy?
but sometimes ur jokes are pretty funny. lol.
anyways, all the best for the future! :)

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