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Monday, March 9, 2009 ♥

today is a very fun day ... !! hahaa.
well actually the morning is quite boring =_=
moving on to after recess !! hahaas.
it was maths lesson..
we did this probability worksheet ahh.
then got one question ms syarifah explain2..
then right she asked us if we understand or not.

ms.syarifah: class , u understand me? ( with the usual stern voice! but funny )
4e4: YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ms.syarifah: okayy azura explain !!
* the class laughed *
ms.syarifah: whats so funny??? eh why everytime i call azura then u all laugh??
is she funnier than me?? huh! tell me! is she funnier than me??!

HAHA. very funny sia ms syarifah. sarcastic but funny. one of a kind. hahaa.
such an adorable teacher xD
then got alot more funny things happen ahh! too many that i cant recall. xD
hmmmm .. i think she's starting to like our class.. (:
i love her lessons, but im not sure if i can excel in maths.lol!
okayy anyways, then it was mrs tjan's geog lesson.
we all wanted to off all the lights for the powerpoint thing.
but mrs tjan insisted on opening the last 2 lights behind.
we all like ..... " huhhhh........!!! " ( with irritating voice )
then when irda & amalina came back from the toilet, amalina go off the lights!
then we all like... " YAYY!!!!! "
then mrs tjan go and on the lights again !!
so we go " HUHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
and we were like banging the tables&making noises like zoo animals!
then some of them make baby crys and all! veryy funny sia !!!
u guys should have looked at mrs tjan's expression! damn priceless sia..
then she say " u know, u guys are the reason why i dont want to have any children "
HAHAAAA. then we make noise again to irritate her! xD
then she say " ssshhh! keep quiet lah class. mrs chen is next door.. u guys dont want her to come here right?? heyy u guys know me right, if im not gonna finish what i want , u guys are going to stay back . "
then the whole class make those irritating noises again!!! HAHAA.
like small kids sia.. hahaa. mrs tjan lessons so fun. can tease her! lol.
she's also one of the adorable teachers we have :)
4e4 rawkss lahh ehh !
then after school ,met ema at my bus stop to pass her something.
then we had a chat while waiting for her bus :)
then , im homed !
yada yada yada yada yada yada...
hmmm... i shall study for my emaths common test now.
like seriously nurul . still got time play comp ah? ( talking to self )
okayy people byebye! :)

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