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Sunday, March 29, 2009 ♥

how are you guys doing ?? :D

today.. went to TKC to support dear Aliff Aziz.
they're helding an aids/hiv event called "i terima,u bagaimana".
the event was dead funny !! i cant stop laughing. haha xD
then soon aliff came. haha ! aliff looked more matured. haha.
anyways, at first , i didnt want to take pic with him.
but then dad forced me. HAHA.
so my father said ..
" assalamualaikum ... ni anak saye nk ambik gambar dengan aliff .. "

HAHAHAA. bapak tk perlu seh ckp camtu.
muke aliff dah confuse skejap. then tengok saper yg nk ambik gambar baru ketawe sikit. ahah.

aliff: ehh hi..
me: hehe. hi.. :)
aliff: ni confirm nk rase my heartbeat lagi kan ??
me: hahah ! mmmmmmmm.. heh.
aliff: haha. manerr abang ?
me: oh. dierr gi dating xD
*looks at each other*
both: hahahahahas...

HAHA. so yeahh.stop it sia aliff with the heartbeat thingy!! seriously tk perlu ahh..kacau orang je ehh. naughty2! hahaas.
okay anyways, waited for aliff to perform !
enjoyed the performance when nek jah was on stage xD
then when aliff perform..
caught him stole glances at me and smiled. wakakaaa. happy nyerr. xD
padahal i was near the backstage. he sempat turn eh. haha.
then when tgh maen game.. while adi rahman asking the girl a question,
aliff sempat look at me and smile&laugh abit.
then he concentrate back on the girl on stage then muke serious.
HAHAHAA !! tk perlu sia aliff.
then after aliff perform , went to aliff's parents.
then salam and minta diri.. tak sempat nk ckp bye kat aliff. sedeh nyer.
aliff that time tengah kene serbu-ed by fans. HAHA.
then when to shop&save beli bende sikit. nyehehex.

when to the drop off outside tkc cuz it was raining.
then met aisyah&ayeen and their makcik. forgot her name. HAHA.
yeahh . so we waved at each other & smileed :)
but tk sempat bebual cuz kereta dah datang.. lol.
then straightaway went back home after that cuz dad tired.
then i something caught my eye at the HDB noticeboard.

" Aljunied GRC Idol 2009 "
and i was like .. OHMYGOD! ibu nk masok !!
HAHA. i cant believe i've just said that cuz my parents are willing to pay 10bucks for the registration fee. hahaa.
but im not sure if i really have the courage to join.
and i dont know what song to sing for the auditon! must be malay song.
hahaaaaa .. well , hope i can find the right song in time.
closing date for registration is 17th april. so near!
auditions is 26th april. HAHA !
butterflies are in my stomach -.-

anyways! ate rojak mamak. and went online ! :D
oh yesshh ! im really happy right now!
msned with zul .
zul said.. " dengar2 tadi aliff tanye , cherrydoll cepat tul dah balik . "
and i cant believe lah sehh . i asked zul whether he is serious like a zillion times.
haha. okayy . exageratting eh nurul.
cheyhh concern sehh alep . haha!
haizz. should have waited for him. haiyaaa.
nevermind lah . still got next time ! :D

ohmygod ! i missed the news5tonight!
i think got appear bout earth hour .
cuz that time our school , got media coverage.
so .. skali muke aku terkeluar keperr.. HAHA.
mcm phm -.-
hmmmm... ade homewrk ke tk ahh ?
ntah ehh . hahaaa..
selamber sia nurul ..
talks to self : go do homework now !!

hahaha ! alrights. byebye peeps! :D

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