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Sunday, March 15, 2009 ♥

today woke up and had to babysit aqilah as usual.. haizz.
im tired of this routine ! -_-
dad sent grandma to the doctor , mum was sleeping cuz she's just came back from work,
first brother go out , second brother sleep !
sheesshhh .
anyways , so yeahh . i made myself breakfast as usual !
im now enjoying breakfast! hahaa. it just makes my day! :D
crapp. hahaaaa.
so yeahh , wait until somebody's awake & at home so i can bath !
haha. like finally.
anyways , suddenly i love bathing in cold water.
usually i bath in hot water. hahaaaa. wth.
so yeah after that got ready to go to jemputan kahwin.
it was raining ! but its okay. luckily got umbrella (:
hmmm. reached there , and met wak yoh & wak ana first.
but then they're leaving already. lol !
then met wak yayah & find ourselves tables and set down.
blahh blahh blahhh .... we ate .... blahh blahh blahh.
to tell ya the truth , it was boring ! -.-
like..... SNOOOZE !! hahaaa.
cant find ANY of my cuzzins. wth wth wth !!
only found abg ilham's friends. lol.
so yahhh. we only stayed there for awhile then head home.
didnt do much at home.
yadaaa yadaa yadaaaaa ~
around 8.30pm , sent abang hadi to his camp @ sembawang.
pity him... he's pretty sad about this NS thingy.
haizzz. well , every guy have to go through it somehow..
so after that went to giant tampines!
bought alot of stuff. hahaa. spent $160 ! xD
haiyooo... bad habit hor..
must stop spending so much !! * sigh *
hahaa. so now im blogging.
actualyl i dont have mood to blog nowadays.
dunno why . but i guess i'll just blog for the sake of it.
byebye people!


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