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Thursday, March 26, 2009 ♥

Look at the pic above ^^
basically our class is damn tired on that point of time. suddenly. hahah!
anyways , let me blog about yesterday's talentime.
the emcee sucks. no lighting. poor sound system.bad performances(only some quite ok)!
i really expected more from this year's talentime. haiz.
such a waste. since its our last year in damai & its only once in a year.
haizzzzz. -.-
after school , went to tampines mc to eat.
i only eat chocolate fudge sundae though. hahaa. sedapp oi ! =p
so anyways,while waiting for the band people to finish doing their band tee thingy,
me and diyana went to popular.
bought new earpiece which costs me $19.90 -.-
hahaa. so otw, dad called and scolded me for not calling him.
haiyakks. went tm for awhile also need to call.
tskk . i have no freedom.
anyways! bused home.
yada yada yada ..
did karangan of 926 words until 12.45am . wth !!!! hahaa.

TODAY is such a wonderful day.. NOT !
school as per normal. but somehow going to school is the one thing that made my day. not because of the studying , but because of my friends =]
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... HAHA.
ohkay so anyways, after school !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jacob De Haan came to my school for the band thingy.
OMG! i was so excited. I was frantically shouting to my friends every 1 min,
okayy wait, u guys would probably be asking, whose Jacob De Haan ?
well he's the composer of the popular piece " Ross Roy " & " Concerto De Amore "
i used to play the pieces when im in sec one with DamaiWindz !
ohmygod. this songs brings back memories man.
haizzz... * sheding tears * sob.. sob..
i miss playing together with them.
saddeningly,im forced to quit by sec 2 cuz my baby sister was born that time and out of all people i have to be the one who sacrifices.
oh , im not sacrificing. im sacrificed! tskkk .
haizzzzz... nevermind. I'll let u guys hear the songs.
must hear ! hahaa. okayy.. tadaaa ! :

^^ listen to the euphonium solo&parts. hah! its nice okay! eupho rocks :D
ohkay . so anyways! walking down the stairs and saw amirah like signaling me.
pointing to somewhere and reading her lips . says : jacob de haan !!
and i was like ohmygod running downstairs and walahh !!
jacob de haan ! hahaaa.
i was happy that i could meet him. but didnt take a picture with him though. shy ah.
mekkkkkkk... hehe.

okay so anyways, after that went to the art room with naqi & arina.
hafsah was there too.
accompanied arina do her art. art is so tedious man !
lucky didnt take art. f&n rocks! hah. yahh right.
so anyways, it was fun lah at the art room.
and mr saiful / greatspyexperiment vocalist was there too cuz he's the art teacher.
arina & hafsah kept giving him lame jokes and we cracked up like hell.
well actually mr saiful's laugh was damn sarcastic lah. hahaa !
so anyways, yeahh it was great hanging out with the art dudes. xD

after that went home and now im blogging :D
hmmm.. maybe i'll online again later to do f&n coursework.
alrighty. byebye! :)

oh yeahh , before i go .
May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments and shining dreams.
ps. thanks for the presents u gave me during my birthday last february.
love the present, and im wearing it now. haha !
thanks eh. it was sweet of you. appreciate it :)

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