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Thursday, March 12, 2009 ♥

What do you think about my little new baby Baby?
MakeMeBabies.com - What will your baby look like?

What do you think about my little new baby Baby?
MakeMeBabies.com - What will your baby look like?

( u guys must click the cross to see the image -.- i dunno whats wrong. lol )

our two dearest BABIES we've worked hard for !! HAHAHAAA !! xD
JOKING2 ! hahaaa.
im actually pretty bored..
so i blog hoped to nurul aini's blog & found the website.
hahaaaa.. so i went to try it out out of fun! xD
u guys should try it out if u guys want to. hahaaaa.
yupp. so anyways , today.. very moody day at school.
pagi2 jekk kene called out by DM .. haiyyaaaa.
i didnt even knw why i was called out !
well , its either bout discipline which i dont think so?
late coming?? always early !
CCA? maybe?
academic results? nt bad what. HAHA. hmmmm... well i suspect its this one since theres no other possibility. haizz. okay fine.. i shall strive for better results. for my own gd.
whatever lah ehh.. kene lectured with the other bunch of students.
mr raj:

" im not here because i want to lecture u guys , but i've got something important to say. its either bout discipline, late coming or ur academic results. u guys are not gonna make it if u guys dont work hard. its either based on last year results or these year's tests, but ur performances are not up to standard! blahh..blahh..blahh.. "

HAHA. yahh so thats part of what mr raj says.
anyways, today.. POA test. was totally not prepared.. -_-
so thats the second thing that made me moody~
after that , got chemistry test back.
not satiesfied !!! so thats the third reason. haiyaaa.
and and .. idris didnt come to school today because of yesterday's accident.
oh yes ! i havent talked bout yesterday!
@ chem lab. when we all are doing experiments,
idris went to inhale the chlorine acid thingy. -.-
bengap per idris. HAHAA.
then he suddenly cough like so hard siaooww.
well at first i thought he'll be okaylah.
but suddenly i turn behind, he's gone!
then mdm yani said he was sent to the hospital. i think?
and the class was devastated when we saw the ambulance!
the whole class tried to see idris but we had to go to the next class.
we were all very worried and of cuz , sad.
and coincidentally, ms syrifah , our form teacher was teaching the period.
so got lectured ! haizz.

okay continuing !!
tomorrow idris will be coming to school & ms syarifah made this sarcastic plan.
ohmygod its gonna be hilarious ! hahaa xD
okay so the rest of the lessons was fine.
after school , ate blackpepper & curry pau and head home with naqi!
as usual , we cracked up xD
so now im blogging and babysitting aqilah at the same time.
haizzz. she keeps disturbing me!
manyaakk nyerr susah lahh .. =_=
what to do.. hahaha!
ohkayyy . im off people!


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