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Sunday, March 22, 2009 ♥

pictures from yesterday's . hehee (:
shall blog bout what happened yesterday.
slacked in the morning after shower..
mum asked to accompany her to pay the bills but i refused. haha!
ape nyer anak ehh ... xD
hahaa. im just tired from the other day.
so aqilah accompanied my mum. hahaas.
dam di dam di dam di dam.
got ready to meet sufri & zul @ cityhall to collect the aafc tee :D
then when back home. HAHA. stakat ehh?
then lepaskan asar then kluar to collect abg hadi's bike..
when to bukit batok driving centre to meet my paman & cuzzins.
as usual , i looked out for the gorgeous rocks. hahaa !
u can see it from the picture i uploaded. but its not that clear cuz im in a moving vehicle. hahaaa ..
hmmmm ... one of the hot spots for dates. xD
its really nice :D
and i still dont know the name of that place. hahaaaa.
cuzzin ! whats the name of the place ah ? u live @ bukit batok right ??? xD
anyways ! abang tested the bike..
haha! seeing him testing was funny. he's really unstable. xD
i think its because of the stiff handle cuz its 2nd hand bike.
what do you expect? hahaaa..
then went around the estate there for test drive.
paman took the lead.. followed by abang hadi , khairul , dino & my family's car.
oh , loving khairul's bike. HAHA!
okayy back to story ! xD
then went cuzzin's block to fix&wash the bike.
the bike was pretty dirty. lol.
then me,qilah & my mum went up first.
wahhh..bik sulimah rebond rambot sehh .. xD
wakakaaaaa.. canggih ah.
hahaaa. hmmmmm.. but cuzzin nisa was sleeping. lol.
kesian dierrr.. penat ehh .. xD
dam di dam di dam di dam ..
azura called !
she asked me whether i got see th sky. cuz its like blue&orange. HAHA.
then i say.. only got orange cuz im at bukit batok while she's at bedok!
hahaaaa.. then she also asked me whether i can see RAINBOW!
i was like.. ohmygod! where?! dang it i cant see.
then soon after , the guys when up..
then suddenly cuzzin dino showed me this rainbow he snapped a while ago.
HAHAH ! coincidence or what ??!
yay... at last can see the rainbow xD
i think the whole singapore can see the rainbow. cuz abang ilham also can see the rainbow and he's at sentosa. HAHA.
oh! oh !

" magic.. SLEEQ... spy .. "
" nenekku superspy..spy..spy..spy.. "

HAHAAH ! then i straightaway look at the tv.
and there u go !

* SCREEEEEAAMMMSSS * ( in heart. haha )

then i ask my mum to see the tv. hahaaa !
then she goes all...
" eeeee.. tk minat lah ibu. muke sememeh " ( kurang ajar.. hahaa. )
" tengok si nurul ni. minat si budak muke sememeh ni.. "

HELLO??!! muke dierr tk sememeh okay?! sweet sehh dua2 xD
haha. by the way , i like sleeq for their talent ok..
im really in love with their music.
everytime they sing , i will go all fuzzy in the heart.
especially when syarif do the slurring thingy. hahaaa.
hah. he like to hold his tone&play with it. get what i mean?
hahaaa. go listen to their song and u'll know. haha.
they are superrr nice. great harmonization :D
anyways , enjoyed the spark when they appeared :)

oh yes, i like to kacau my mum .
i will always go " sleeq cute eh ? "
"bukan mcm * fill in the blank* ..."
hahaa. and she'll be irritated and defend her choice.
haiyooooo.. pls lah ehh mum. i dont like him. hahaaa xD
stop it sehh ibu ..

hmmm.. anyways , eat some kuihs then when back to my house.
is it me or yesterday night is reaaallyy a COLD night?
i was like... in antartica. HAHA. mcm phm.
so anyways, a long journey in the cold. i guess cuz its drizzling b4 this.
i wonder how the biker's resist the cold when riding. lol.
especially those without jackets! hahaaa.
so yeahh ,talked abit under the block and went back home.
oh yes , khairul bike's air-horn was nice. hahaa.
loud but nice. xD
so yeppp.. yesterday didnt eat the whole day.
eat some snacks before cleaning my room and sleep. hehee.

woke up and i looked at the time..
and i was like " shit !! "
then straightaway switched on the tv to okto!
ohmygod i missed 80% of schoolhouse rockz.
gahhhh! im looking for forward for an encore -.-
hmmm.. then had breakfast and here i am now.
ohmygod. i havent completed my homework yet.
greaattt .. tomorrow , theres school.
just great !!! haizzz.
i want another week of holiday can? hahaaa. mcm phm..
hmmm.. guess i shall start soon. lol.

ohkayy.. take care readers! :)

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