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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 ♥

hello readers!
just came back from tuition. phew ~
im pretty tired right now. but its okay.

anyways , i've survived 2 whole days without bestie azura by my side. HAH!
basically she wasnt feeling well on monday and today she went for syf for symphonic band.
so yeahh. its quite boring in class. cant laugh our brains out with her.
but she'll be coming tomorrow ! wooohoo ! ^-^ hahas.
anyways , today..F&N lesson was quite funny lah as usual. lazy to elaborate.
then malay lesson was... normal?
but at first , cikgu asked to take out this worksheet ah.
then who never bring must tell cuz she taking extra copies.
then confident2 carik worksheet tu kat bag.
pastu panic skejap pasal tkde after 3 mins of searching ! hahaa !
then i say to cikgu(from my seat) " cikgu! saye lupe nk bawak.. "
hahah! abehh cikgu ckp in a funny way " astagfirullahalazim....! "
abehh sume turn tengok me! mak aii .. paiseyy sia! lol !
then cikgu said:
" kenape dengan awk2 ni sume. maseh muda2 tapi asyik2 lupe nk bwk bende.."
well actually what she said was true. haha! oh well ~
moving on.. it was chemistry lesson.
then in the midst of lesson, izzat from behind, showed me this really cool ruler thingy that can measure whether u are stressed,tensed,calm or relaxed.
we have to press this thing ah. and the results show im calm. haha!
yearrpp. the thing is really cool ^-^
after chem was recess. hmmmmm..no comments.
then it was english lesson.
as the band people went for syf,
the seat beside me and both seats behind me were empty.
and it was soon occupied by idris who seats beside me,
and izzat & zul behind me.
and not to my surprise, dorang kecoh. hah!
dah lah idris mcm lebah! bising nyanyi2. pikir karaoke keper?
then bile aku suroh diam, abehh mimic voice aku!
kurang asam ehh . aku tau ah voice aku kecik -.-
but besides that , its actually quite fun sitting with them.
talked bout stuff and all .
and they have seen the other side of me. HAHA.
im violent & talkative. * peace * :D
alrights, after that had ss. it was okayy.
and mrs tjan told us that theres gonna be this cip project.
i forgot whats it called. something like 30hrs famine camp.
and we can get 30 hrs cip like instantly !
as im planning to get 100hours, im surely gonna go !
but must pay $13 i think. wth right?
theres not gonna be food. why must pay until 13 bucks?
oh yeah , the camp is like, to let us feel how poor ppl live?
something like that. and we must fast for 30hrs. but can drink lah.
i wonder how i'll survive -____-
nevermind , for the sake of the 30hours. go nurul! hahaas.

so yeahh . after that straightaway went home.
wash up.. then took a nap. haha. sleepy lahh..
then woke up at 4pm. then eat . then got ready for tuition!
reached ghutrie(dunno how to spell) builiding @ 7.35like that uh.
dad sent me by car. woohoo ! xD
and oh , im always the first person to arrive -.-
early bird. hahaa ! lame.
so yeah soon mr zul arrived.
he asked us whether to go through olevel last year paper or assesment book.
then i went to see my bag. oh shit. i didnt bring my assestment book. hah!
and i quickly say go through olevel last year paper. lol! =p
so he did. hahaa.
yadaaayadaaaa.. yadaaayadaa...
around 8.30pm. he storied bout people saying that people are nw saying that end of the world is during the year 2012?
im sure u guys have heard that too right?
but he said that its up to us to believe or not,
but its already stated in the Quran that one of the clues that end of the world is when the sun rises from the west.
as he is a science/maths teacher,
he said that the possibility of the sun rising from the west is when the earth stops rotating. and soon the sun will rise from the west?
i cant remember what he said. something bout changing position.
then he also said that research says that the earth is now rotating slower and slower.
and i was like.... o.o"
moving on.... yadaaayadaaaa...
around 9.20pm, he started storying bout this supernatural event that happened to one of his students during the camp at bintan. and he was quite terrified himself cuz he was at the event.
ohmygod. i got goosebumps man ! it was darn scary!
shall not talk bout it.
then soon we got carried away and its around 9.35.
we were supposed to be dismissed at 9.30pm.
and the story havent ended yet !!
tu pon one my classmate ask whether she can go home. lol !
i want to hear the more! hah. but end up sumer balek xD
i cant get rid the story out of my mind.
shit how am i going to sleep? hah!

alrights2. i think i shall stop blabbering now.
byebye! goodnight people!

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