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Wednesday, April 29, 2009 ♥

hello all !
alot of things happened these days but i seem to forget some parts of it. haha.

yesterday during mrs tjan's lesson, 4E4 got crazy. HAHA.
like seriously.. all were laughing and playing OUT LOUD !
its like tomorrows theres no exam. funny stuff larhh ~
yadaaaa yadaaa yadaaaaa yadaaaaaaa ~
had maths tuition. during work , mr zul said:

mr zul: amirah , u from damai sec right? ( she calls me amirah. )
me: ermmm. yahh. why?
mr zul: kenal tk cikgu.... syarifah is it?
nurul: haha. kenal ! she's my maths teacher. and FORM TEACHER !
mr zul: oh? really ahh? dierr yg ketot2 pakai tudong tu kan?
* DALAM HATI TENGAH KEKEK2 SIA ! tapi tetap maintain. haha )
me: hahah! a'ah. why ?
mr zul: oh tkde.. that time we went to china korek longkang.
(sambil semangatnyer tunjok action. lol)
nurul: huh? hahaaa. * tk tau ape nk comment *
mr zul: how is she?
the moment he said that , mcm nk ckp jer perangai ms syarifah. hahaa!
tapi tkperr. ku keep it in my heart. haha.
nurul: hmmmm.. okaylahh.
mr zul: and do u know ms hasnizan?
nurul: yahh. we call her ms zan for short.
mr zul: oh. how is she?
nurul: hmmm.. ntah eh. she teaches lower sec. but okaylah. sporting2.
mr zul: yahh ! she's the sporting kind.

yadaaaa yadaaaaaa... during yesterday's tuition. alot of sidetracks.
mr zul talked about career , life and stuff.
he also said that the tuition centre ( mercu @ ghutrie building )
was bigger before now.
he said that they had to share the other space for other company.
so the space was unoccupied for a few months.
and in the particular room we were at, there have been alot of incidents.
the other teacher actually heard rumbling sounds of chairs at the other room.
but when she went to see , theres no one. everybody had went back.
and i was like.. o.o
hahaaa. and the other company also said that their place have been experiencing alot of supernatural stuff . like seeing tall black figures.
scary or whatt ~
and during lesson , suddenly the air-con switched off by itself.
and everybody was like silence , including mr zul.
pastu aqilah basket gi shout " BOOH ! " hahaa.
and the room was unnaturally silent and felt heavy ?
then akif said : ehh mcm bisu sia tempat ni .
hahaaa. haizzzz.. kerenah budak2 skarang.

anyways , after tuition went to mac to study geography !
after i bought mcflurry , went to find a place to study.
then i heard this familiar laugh.
i looked at where the sound came from.
and there you go , john , shawn & ding jie.
hahaas. unexpected -.-
soon , surprisingly, arina came in. HAHA.
and i was like.. fuuyooo.. xD
arina was from her tuition and she accompanied me for awhile till her mum arrives.
oh yarh, she showed me this spongebob video.
ohmygod ! damn funny lah eh !
cannot concentrate sia. hahaaaa..
yadaaaa yadaaa.. continued to study.
saw many more familiar faces.
called abang to fetch me ( parents dont let me walk home -.- )
went home at 12am . and continued study.
but i cant really absorb much.
i dont understand whats happening to me lately.
i really cannot memorise much. it just cant seem to go inside the brain u know.
frustrating or what right ?

and guess what ? todays geography exam ,
i flunked it. i totally didnt study about coniferous forest !
and i cant really remember what i studied. haiyaaakkzz.
this is so depressing -.-
but english paper 1 was okay.
tomorrow is gonna be malay paper 1 & 2 .
hope i can get A .. bismillah ~
alrights. good luck for tomorrow's exam people ! :D


stay the way you are , CONFIDENT QUEEN ! hahaa.
tk lehh angxxzxxzz lahh sia kau.

hahaaa. gave her this really pretty handphone keychain !
forgot to take a picture of it. lol.
its like a little tube and has a pink flower & " be happy " stuff inside the gel thing. hehee. hope she likes it ^-^
i want to buy it for myself! hahaa. mcm phm.

okaylahhh.. take care people! :)

listened to the sweet sound @ 8:55 PM

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