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Thursday, April 9, 2009 ♥

didnt manage to update some stuff for the past 2 days. hah.
anyways, yeahh so im here to update my blog! woohh.

last tuesday, went to david archuleta's autograph session !!!!
ohmygod he's like the cutest thing ever. haha !
seriously, his face is like " boy2 " kind. cute uhh cute uhh !
geram nyerr tengok muke dier tu. mcm nk pinch jekk. hahaks.
anyways, didnt get a clear picture of him cuz didnt bring my camera!
baekk uhhh nurul.. hahaa. and its very squeezy & cramped !
so yeahhh. hahaaa.
he performed quite some songs. great performance!
he really can sing live. i like i like. hahaakkz.
then its time for the autograph session !!
waited quite awhile cuz theres like so many people lining up.
asked cuzzin dino to go home first. so didnt get to meet him. heheh.
next time kayz ? :)
anyways, when its my turn, d.a signed my poster and looked up.
he smiled and seriously looked me in the eyes! haha.
awwwww... a moment of spark ! xD
i quickly hold out my hand and shook his!!
omg omg omg. i shook david's hand. HAH! so happy so happy !! xD
and i sempat say some magic words and he laughed and say thanks. HEHEH! =3
haiyaarr.. pening lahh ! cant take the over pouring of stardom. lol.
sigh.. i still can remember the way he looked at me. im missing him already.
nyehehehheheex. okaylah2.
so after all that , accompanied diyana to the toilet and bumped into cuzzin yanti.
talked for awhile and separated. lol.
hmmmm.. actually that day i've seen a lot of familiar faces. lol.
sumerr pasal david archuleta kan kan ? hahaa.
ooh yeah , i've actually skipped my tuition for d.a ! HAHA.
hmm.. okaylahh. quite worth it xD
hahaaa. wish to see him again whenever ! :)

yesterday night.
i actually ran away from home for 3 hours. wth ! xD
not exactly running away lahh.
but got lectured by dad. out of the blue lah kan.
tiba2 jekk terpekik-terpekau ! saket telinge tkper tau, SAKET HATI ! -.-
as usual ,i tried to reframe myself from blurting out words.
so end up tears start to roll down my cheeks and stress level is going up at a fast rate.
serious sia. orang tengah belajar for tests sempat nk membebel!
maner orang boleh concentrate ?! he seriously need to learn how to keep his mouth shut at times.
its not actually the words that he says that hurt me , but its his attitude that hurt me the most.
being the patient soul here, i still have limits and he has seriously pushed too far.
so i changed my clothes and bring all my study stuff and went to nearby mac to study.
and im still crying on the way. tried to control my anger by eating orea mcflurry.
mmmm.. it helps :)
continued to study and suddenly around 11pm , abang hadi appeared.
and i was like.. =_="

nurul: and what are u doing here..? -.-
abang hadi: teman botek(the weird name he gave me) ah! abang hadi kan botek nyer bestfriend!
nurul: rigghhhttt... not ...... ( kurang ajar eh. haha )
abang hadi: actually ibu yang suroh teman.
nurul: ohhh... ok..

hahaha ! so yeahh. after 2 hours then he came..
well actually i just need to be alone.
but dear brother somehow cheered me up with his lameness.
haahaaa. then abang sempat makan while i continue study :)
yadaaa yadaa yadaaa.. reached home at 12.10am. LOL.
balek teros tido! mate pedih . hahaa.

today, had 4 class tests !! o.o
POA , physics , malay & geography !
crazy right ? totally absurb man ...
well , i think i can pass all except for geog ! HAHA.
geog sure fail lahh . tak memories langsung..
stakat bace2. pastu end up bile test lupe byk bende. -.-
bagus.. bagus.. hahaaa.
well , not my fault right? 1 day 4 tests is unacceptable u know! =p
and u know i know what happened yesterday.
seriously tk perlu. lost my concentration for a moment.
but nevermind, took the tests already. what is done cannot be undone.
i'll just hope for the best ! :D
after school , straightaway went home and got ready cuz family eating out.
end up gi arnold ! haiyaarr.. sure gain weight one. HAHA.
hmmm. besok nk ikot abang , ema , atiqah and others maen badminton tk ah?
* thinks *
besok good friday kan. alahh malas lah nk bangon pagi2! hahaa.
ntahh lahh.. nanti tengok keadaan yerr.. lol.

alrights. shall stop blabbering now.
have a great holiday people! :)

ps. thanks to the people who comforted me yesterday night!
~ mum , abang hadi , bestie azura & sufri ! :)
thanks for caring. love u guys muchh. muackss !

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