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Sunday, May 10, 2009 ♥

thank you for all ur sacrifices u did for me & the family !
i will pray for ur well-being and i love u so much from the bottom of my heart.
im sorry for all my wrong-doings and my rebellious-ness . hehee.
forgive me ibu ... :')

anyways! hahah.
yesterday went to west coast plaza !
went to Nike Factory. brudderr bought nike shoes !
unfair ahh.. i just bought a nike bottle. haha !
tkder duit mahh .. xD
then head to popular and bought my Maths & Science assessment book recommended by AMIRAH. hahaa. the book is published by redspot. yupp. had to cash out 7 bucks while dad paid the rest of the amount. hahaaa.
anyways, after that went to eat rojak at ayer rajar there.
dah kenyang , head to nenek's house.
bought nenek and pak su food also.
watched " I'm Not Single " .
hmmmm.. okaylah. some parts funny. but the plot could be improved.
and the sales person nyer part mcm.. no link gitu eh. hahaa.
but overall , okay (:
oh oh ! and suddenly we talked about suria artists?

pak su: hyrul ngan geng dier slalu lepak kat *********
abang hadi: oh.. yg dekat2 *********
pak su: a'ah.. pak su slalu nampak dorang.
ibu: ade aliff tak ? * random ehh *
pak su: tak prasan plakk..
me: aderr sleeq tak ? * lagik random ! *
pak su: oh! sleeq yg ader dua orang tu kan.. yang satu pendek satu tinggi.
* comment baek ehh.. haha. *
me: a'ah (:
pak su: yang tinggi tu handsome jugak ehh .. * pak su gerek ah! ade taste :D *
abang hadi: haha. yang lagi satu muke monyet! * kurang ajar *
yadaaaa yadaaaaa yadaaaa...
hahaaa. so yeahh. after that went home.

today. went to eastpoint to watch anugerah.
and then saw kassim ! hahaa.
me& family went to eat at banquet first.
after that went down to watch anugerah again.
ema then suddenly popped out of no where. hahaa !
talked with kaz & ema while watching anugerah.
yadaaa2.. had to go already. sad eh.
oh yeshh , to kamsani , all the best aites! hope u get to top 20 :)
* i take back my words. this year's anugerah bagos2. nyehehs *
after that me&family went to Arnold to eat & celeb mothers day. haha.
well , abang hadi cashed out 20 bucks.
abang ilham 5 bucks. me 4 bucks! -.-
last last dad gave back the money to us and he paid the full amount. lol !
saw wak jo also. hahaaa..
oh yeah, throughout the journey , i kept saying " nurul nk kluar dgn syarif! "
HAHA. giler nyer budakk ... xD
yadaaa yadaaaa.. head to PP.
bought Scoopz ice-cream !! sedappppppppp ~
i bought choc-chic while abg ilham bought chocolate & ibu durian.
walked around and head home !

hmmmm.. it had been raining in the middle of the night for the past 2 days.
and being a light-sleeper, i was awoken by the loud thunder&fierce lighting.
plus the sound of the rain.. lol.
i didnt really sleep back. decided to watch the rain. haha. tkde keje.
hmmm. at some points, i was quite " scared " of the lighting+thunder.
so random of me. hahaaa ! seriously sia. the most scariest storm experienced.
hugged my bantal pelok kuat2 . hahaa.
just wished that the bantal pelok was * eherrmm2 * . mcm phm!

HAHA. k lahh. byebye people!
thx for reading till here (:

ps. danish ! where did u go ??

pics will be uploaded soon ! :)

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:58 PM

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