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Sunday, May 17, 2009 ♥

today is marking day.. so no school ! ^-^
ku happy tau ... hahaaa !
anyways, YESTERDAY! ,
had outing with azura bestie,amirah,dee,nadiyah&amalina !
so after siap2 , went to the bus stop and waited for the bus.
took bus 228 . and when i got on the bus ....

mat: ehh knape lambat? kiter dah tunggu lame tau! call2 tk angkat..
me: * give the what the hell face and sat at the front2 of the bus * -.-
mat: adek ... adek .... adek... * tk tau brape ribu kali dier nk panggil ! *
me: * literally ignore and put earpiece *
* mat went to a place near my seat *
mat: adek... adek..
* got totally pissed off and finally pulled out my earpiece *
mat: asal lambat ah ? dah pukol brape ni ?
me: * giving him a straightface and was mad. *
mat: nak gi maner ni ?
me: haizzzz.. nk gi marina dengan my BOYFRIEND . * padahal tkder boyfriend eh ;D *
mat: ohh.. gi marina jalan2 ehh?
me: hmmm.. tak lahh ! gi sanerr buat kerje ! * roll eyes *
mat: haizzz.. hmmmm.. boleh kasi number tk?
me: tak boleh.
mat: * shouts at his friend that i already have bf *
mat: serious eh tk boleh kasi number?
me: seriouss. * giving him face again *

* mat walked back to his friends *

and i thought that was over !
the guys went down the bus. obviously i dont know cuz i was sitting infront.
then the mat knocked on my window and his friends smiled.
and i was like giving him the whatever face!
and a girl who was sitting at the 3 person seating saw! haiyaa. paisehh.
kalau mat tu handsome tkper jugak eh. memalukan aku jerrrr...
haizzz. i was freakin pissed and irritated like hell lah ehh.
i really dont like these kind of people.
at least dont do it on the bus lahh ehh !!
i got reputation okay??
anyways! reached bedok inter and amirah was the first one to arrive! lol!
achievement ehhs ? hahaa.
after that went to ehub and went bowling! only scored 40+ points -.-
haha. after that head to mac to eat.
otw saw this big moving robot ! took pic with it. hahaa.
the pic is currently with nadiyah.
anyways, at mac , ate double cheeseburger & apple pie :D
after eating , head to tampines 1 & tampines mall and walked around.
saw many many interesting shops ! :D
went to the arcade too! i didnt play though.
and got one game where the thing is like a mini-rollercoaster?
nadiyah & amirah paid 3 bucks for it. hahaaa !
but it was really really cool lahhhh !
the seat like vibrated and moving sideways and stuff.
and amirah kept laughing and shouting ! haha. funnehh ~
after that searched for azura's clothes.
i didnt bring much money on that day. how dumb. didnt bought anything :'(
so i just helped out azura pick up some clothes and forced her to try. LOL.
azura , you really look good in feminine clothes :D
nyehahahahaaaaa... after that homed ! (:

today.. not gonna do much i think. i'm just gonna relax and chill. hahas.
take care people!
enjoy the pics ;D

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