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Wednesday, June 17, 2009 ♥

Hello People ! :D
just taken my late night bath cuz i just returned home.

* somehow , i cant upload the pics . error ~ * -_-

Today ~
had maths and ss extra lesson.
maths was okayy. own time own target revision kind of thing.
ss extra lesson, surprised mrs tjan with crown,cake,sashe and a song. haha.
it was fun looking at how she reacted.
anyways, saboed Joceline with water after school with some of the classmates cuz its her birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOJO ! xD

after school, went to TM to watch Hannah Montana The Movie.
but otw there, 2 damn humans interviewed us.
well , they said it wouldnt take long. * roll eyes *
so yeah we just answered some of their questions and "played" this mathemathics game or something like that.
blah blah black sheep , suddenly they ask this :
" who is the own who can help you ......... " * dunno what she said *
and they said it was " Jes*s Chr*st " ! F-U-C-K !
and the worst part is , they tried to persuade us to believe in him.
so called that they want us to pray to their " god " and hug their religion ?
step kiter bodoh sangat keper , babi nyerr sial ! pukimak kau lahh ehh !
pakai otak sikit lah sia bila nak approach orang.
freaking pissed lah sia. wasted precious time lagik.
bebual sikit nyer lamer, pastu tiba2 kluar bende bullshit ni.
alersmakk.. mcm nk sepak jer sia muke dorang.
eh mcm nk sue dorang ah sial. that was such a rude attempt.
but if i were to tell the law, boleh jadi gadoh besar.
so tk mau lahh ehh. haizzzzz ~
and we missed the 4+ movie. end up nk kene tgk 6+ nyer ! -.-
but nevermind. the movie was AWESOME !!!!
ohmygod so touchy. haha. and i cried. xD
i was practically wiping my tears with tissue ! hahaaa !
and AZURA saw !! hahaa. happy ahh nampak org nangis ?! xD

Abang fetched us and sent amirah&azura home too.
cheyhhh free ride nampak? hahaa.
laughed alot in the car. * nudge nudge azura&amirah * haha!

had F&N practical. freaking tired lah sehh.
shall upload pics of my dishes next time since theres error tonight.
and and , my muffins hangus ! hahaa.
but then sempat buat balek ahh. lol !
by the way , my dishes are :
1) French Toast with Eggs
2) Honey Chicken Kabobs with Rice
3) Pasta Delight
4) Creamy Soup
5) Strawberry Muffin
6) Strawberry Milkshake

tried the dishes and they tasted good.
except for my pasta cuz i think i forgot to add salt & more chilli paste.
hahaha ~
oh and we are suppose to cook for children in nursery .
so yahhh. will update again tomorrow. maybe. hehe.


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