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Saturday, June 13, 2009 ♥

I just woke up from my short slumber. hahaa.

This morning, me & my family went swimming at Sengkang Sports&Recreation Centre.
hahaaa. sanggup eh travel jauh2. hmmm.. actually tk jauh sangat lah.
anyways, there were alot of people ! o.o
theres also big slides but only for kids. i think? and got the playground & jacuzzi.
quite cool ahhhh.. 2bucks entry i think. or was it 2.50? hmmmm..
but i prefer the one at jurong though.. hahaa.

Anyways, didnt get to finish 1 lap continuiously. damn.
Eh eh ! I can float on water ! haahaaa.. ^-^v
and swimming in deep waters was fun ! but tiring ahh. have to keep afloat on water.
which acquires alot of energy and stamina, which i think i dont have. (:
and i only can hold my breath for 45 seconds. which is such a loserific timing.
haiyerrr.. but the good thing is , im not sunburnt :D
ku happy giler.. hahaaa.

Ohh yeah ! Saw 2 hotties :D
And one of them was like super hot.
And i was actually frozed and stared at him and he saw me staring and gave a quick smile. makkkk paisey or whatt ?! hahaa. but it was nice no doubt.
So good to be single.. Tgk guys pon tk leh kene lecture by bf :)
Except for parents lah. Thats why parents i sometimes jek share.
I always lepaskan emosi to my brother. haahaa. then he'll layan my karenah and sometimes a'ah kan jer. hahaa!

After swimming , went to Compasspoint mall for Brunch ( breakfast + lunch ) !
Firstly i asked bro whether to eat fish&chips or mee.
then he say eat mee. then im persuaded -.-
So i bought kway teow goreng which i ate in guilt ! cuz u know. unhealthy giler.
baru lepas swimming makan mcm gini eh. tk gune aku swim penat2. hahaa.
but the kway teow goreng is like heaven lah.
then dad bought fish&chips !!!!!!!! and got mushroom soup also.
for the first time , the mushroom soup was heaven !! seriouss ahh.
and the fish , it was &^%$#%^&*$%&^ GOOD&JUICY&SOFT !
I think they use expensive fish. But it was worth the $6 !
The fish&Chips was like one of the best ever i've tried. I'll give it a 4.5/5 !
hahaaa. its just damn good kay? u guys should try.
Its at Banquet . Level 2 , sorok dalam2. Good luck finding it. hahaa.

Then homed , rilek2 , and dozed off out of exhaustion.
And soon woke up and here i am.
Then dad asked me to picit him?
And mum asked to jemur baju? alersmakkkkkk ~
Its always about my family. Tkde time untuk diri sendiri u know. Seriously. -.-
Pikir dorang je yang sakit pe. As if dorang tk tau daughter dorang gitu.
confirm lagik lenguh rabaks after intensive exercise.
Once i cant sleep at night cuz of SEVERE body aches.
I felt like dieing seriously. That was after i had Cycling Journey with amirah.
Idk how long and far we cycle. No doubt its fun.
But the aftermath , a killer for me. -.-

Alrights , I've uploaded the EastCoastPark/JuneBdayBabies Outing pics! :D
Had a great time . Some pictures were from Amirah,Arina & Hafsah ! :D

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:59 PM

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