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Monday, June 29, 2009 ♥


Today was first day of school of Term 2! haizzz -.-
greeeaaaattt ! ~
school has officially reopened huh.

I've started to hate doing F&N coursework.
its soooooo tedious. haizzz.
nevermind. I shall get this over and done with !
Malay Oral(Olevels) is on 7th July ! o.o
im soooooo scared. i hate orals. seriously. idk why.

anyways, today found out that my batch will not be having PROM NITE !
and instead, if we want, we can celebrate our graduation during Damai's 15th Anniversary ?!!!! ARGHH !
and we must book the tables ourself. which cost 55 bucks. wth right? -.-
aiyayayaaaai~ i hate damai lah. lol !
i want to have prom with everyone ! ~
i think our batch is special and we deserve the prom! hahaa.

okay whatever.
on top of the HORRIBLENESS ! ,
my parents finally gave up and allow me to go to Kolej56 The Musical with Iskandar.
nyeheheee.. about time lahh dorang.
they cant beat my sweet words of arguments. HAHA. padahal2.
but they're going to call kassim on that day and make sure im with him at all times.
HAHAA. yg part " at all times " tu..
mcm tk lehh angggggxzzxx lah kan. HAHA.
okay i cant wait for July the 11th! :)

oh yarhh, went bedok inter today.
bestie wanted to borrow photoshop CD from library.
so me , amirah & naqi accompanied her.
had much laughs and stuff. as usual.
alrights. i'll end here. HEHE.


listened to the sweet sound @ 9:02 PM

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Remember 11th February 1993 , Sweet Seventeen
And Im not your average girl, don't judge me.
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