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Saturday, June 20, 2009 ♥

Okayy, that was random. hahaaa. Im bored lahh~
perasan moviestar sikit :D

Let me now update about what happened today.
Had to go to school for F&N coursework. haiyerrrr ~
next week also must go. means no more holiday. arghhhh.
I want to wake up at 10am ! -.-
Now need to wake up at 7am+ ~

Today im quite zombiefied cuz i didnt get a good sleep.
yesterday i had the worst depression ever.
I think my brother thought that im a ghost yesterday.
cuz i was like crying and stoning. and murmuring stuff. hahaa !
got one moment i suddenly say..
abang hadi: " asal botek sedeh ? "
me: " abang hadi nak migrate. "
abang hadi : " huh? abang hadi tk migrate lah. "

HAHA ! see? im crazy ahh. i have lost my mind&soul. mcm phm -.-
but he was sweet though cuz abang hadi tried to comfort me.
dibuat mcm baby. hahaaaa. he tepuk2 me to sleep. awwwww ~ xD
but im still in depression eh! cried myself to sleep.
But now im okayy though. I think ?

hmmmmmm.. its already 1am in the morning.
shall i go to sleep now ? or later?
i really should like sleep around 11.30pm,after anugerah.
but i just love the silent night. its so calming.
If i were to be given permission, im already outside!
outside doing what? idk. hahaaa !
speaking of , BOTH my brothers are chilling with their friends. unfair lah.

oh yessss , today after school , met ALOT of people from different networks.
hahaa. cheyhhh step network maner ntah eh.
met many2 primary school friends.
met abang hadi's teman istimewa's friend. hahaa.
met 2 of abang ilham's friend yang tersengeh2 satu mcm !
stop it sia Izwan & Redzwan ! muke irritating sia. lol.
hmmm..somehow, i felt famous. HAHAH.
random !


ps. thanks Riduan for the jacket. although i dont know who u are.

listened to the sweet sound @ 1:18 AM

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And Im not your average girl, don't judge me.
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