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Tuesday, June 30, 2009 ♥

today, i got poked by a needle which transmit some kind of chemical into my blood!
arghhhhhhh ! ~
it was PAINFUL ! =(
didnt dare look at the moment the needle pricked into my skin. haha.
and why me & some other schoolmates need to be injected ?
hmmmmm.. i cant share u the story. HAHA.
those who know , will know. xD
but its nothing serious though. its just a TB test.

anyways ! today during mother tongue lesson, cikgu noh never come.
so this discipline committee teacher relieved us.
and then i raised up my hand and ask ,
" why this year no prom ah ?!!! "

HAHAHA. k that was so random.
then he himself dont know. LOL?!
then he was like all shocked like that.
but THANKS to ME ! he will appeal to Mr Raj bout our PROM !
still got hope for prom nite ! bismillah2 ~

atfer school, went to comp lab and did f&n coursework part B ! -.-
it was okay. finished and printed it out & put it at Mdm Soraya's pigeon hole.
hmmm.. why do they call it a pigeon hole?
its like, theres not even a hole ! its a cabinet? HAHA.
and whats with the pigeon thingy? lol.
maybe because students are like pigeons and must submit papers to teacher.
like in cartoons, pigeons have some kind of paper attached to their legs to be delivered. lol.
k out of topic already ! xD

today, i ate peanut butter and jelly sandwich ! :D
it was nice. for peanut butter lovers. haha.
i love peanut butter! but i'll become super thirsty after that. haha.
and and. Sweden Chocolates are SO NICE !
bought it at Ikea Tampines.
you guys should really try them.
buy the Milk Chocolate Tablet which cost only 2bucks.
its super WORTH IT ! :D

just now watched the movie " Histeria " . malaysia production.
borrowed the "dvd" from Arina ! haha.
mygawwwddd the show is so ... BLOODY ! haha.
the murdering thing was hell lah. so much blood.
but yeah the storyline&ending is quite interesting.
nak watch lagik besok ! haha! xD

alrights. till next time.


ps. something happened. comforted Kak Jihan. Dont sad sad k kak ? :D

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