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Saturday, August 1, 2009 ♥

Good Morning People !! :D
now its like ermmms... 2.47am in the morning !
just came back from simpang bedok & changi beach actually. o.o
decided to update bloggie for awhile ~

okay so wanna give a shoutout to dearest classmate, Rafidah !
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY !! hehe. sorry for updating this today. it sud be yesterday, i know.
hahaa. anyways, im sorry if i did anything wrong to you. seriously, i didnt mean to.
and have a very happy sweet sixteen aites?
stay sweet always :D

i feel so happy today.
after school, last minute plan. eherrmmm2.*nudge nudge bestie* , when to bestie's house!
watch tons of sleeq videos and other videos. HAHA.
its always fun when u're watching vids with ur love ones. awwww.. HAHA.
but seriously ahh, just now was hell of a fun time. ehh bestie? :D

went home. walking far distance. again. HAHA.
somehow i like walking home. but i hate the pespiring part. tk best.
thats why i always walk home on thursday, cuz have PE , and on friday cuz its the last day!
hahahaa. so yeahhh. got home and bath and all that.

after maghrib, went to simpang bedok to eat !
i ate fish and chips ! yum yum! sedapp lahh. haiz. mcm mane nk lose weight gini?
and and , the ice milo so sedap lah. im a fan of simpang. HAHA. random.
but i went to simpang like only around 10 times in my life. LOL.
aperr nyerr fan eh? xD

after eating, went to Changi Beach to chill with family.
as usual, dad was behaving like small kid and mum kept asking bout someone. haha!
tkperlahh ehh.. terpakse layankan. -.-
yadaaa yadaaaaaa... went home ! :D

washed up and here i am ! hahaaa.
im going to bed soon. nanti ade org tu marah. ehermm2.
anyways! i very happy lah. just chatted with someone.
*sigh* best lahh u. why do i have to meet u b4 olevels? -.-
kan nanti tkleh concentrate. HAHA. mcm phm.

no lahh.. i knw olevels very important. must study hard! :D



ps. maths & poa test was okay.. so glad thats over.

listened to the sweet sound @ 2:44 AM

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